10 Best Zip & Rar Extractor Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Zip & Rar Extractor Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Zip & Rar Extractor Apps For Android & iOS

1. WinZip – Zip UnZip Tool

Get the world’s #1 zip file opener on Android! Create Zip and Zipx files, extract files, encrypt, open Zip, Zipx, 7z, RAR or LHA files, send large files by email, share to Dropbox and Google Drive. WinZip makes it easy to handle major compressed types of files on your Android device! Whether you receive a Zip, Zipx, 7z, RAR or LHA file as an email attachment, or want to extract and view the contents of a Zip, Zipx, 7z, RAR or LHA file from the web, just “Open with WinZip”. Sharing files is safe and simple too, with direct integration with Dropbox and Google Drive. Now you can: • Connect directly to your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts to zip, unzip and share files • Zip your cloud storage files, unzip files to your accounts, and create and save .zip and .zipx files to your accounts • Send or copy links to your files in your cloud storage accounts • Copy files from your cloud storage accounts and save them on your device • Unzip major compressed file types, including .ZIP, .Zipx, .RAR, .7z and LHA with just a tap • Choose Zip or Zipx format to compress and email large files, photos and videos with ease • Zip and share photos and videos from your device • Use WinZip to access music files on your device and save them to your cloud accounts • Protect your files before you save and share with powerful 128- or 256-bit AES encryption • Open and save email attachments to your connected cloud storage accounts • Easily view all images in a Zip file with the enhanced image viewer • Browse your Photo Album and easily multi-select, zip and share photo collections • Unzip and view most common file types, including: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx,.pdf, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tif, and more Notes: These features are Premium only: • Create and protect Zip and Zipx files with 128- and 256-bit AES encryption • Immediate access to ‘Zip & email’ feature • Direct integration of Google Drive and Dropbox cloud storage WinZip for Android lets you view: – Photos and images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif) – Text files (.rtf, .csv, .txt, .ini, .inf, .bat, .js, .log, .xml,.css, .java, .cs, .h, .m,.cpp,.c,.sql,. properties) – Web files (htm, .html,.jsp,.asp) – Apk files (.apk) – Comic book files (.cbz) WinZip for Android lets you open other popular file types in third party apps: – Word documents (.doc, .docx) – Excel spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx) – PowerPoint presentations (.ppt, .pptx) – PDF files (.pdf) The world’s most popular Zip utility, WinZip offers apps for all of the industry’s most popular platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Compatible with Android operating systems 4.0, 4.1-4.3(Jelly Bean), 4.4 (KitKat), 5.0 (Lollipop), 6.0 (Marshmallow), 7.0 (Nougat), 8.0 (Oreo), 9.0 (Pie). WinZip for Android is available now as a free English app. FAQ Q1: I am using WinZip to compress JPEGs, but the size didn’t change much. Why? A1: In order to compress your photos as much as possible, without any loss of photo quality, in the app Settings, choose Zipx (Best Method). This compression method examines each file and selects the compression option most likely to supply the best compression results. Q2: I used WinZip to protect a folder of files with a password, but the list of files can still be viewed. Why? A2: Even though the files or folder is encrypted, the file names can still be viewed (but not the file content). For this reason, we recommend that you avoid using confidential information in file or folder names. For example, avoid using account numbers or ID numbers (such as a social insurance number) in file or folder names.

2. Zip & RAR File Extractor

3. RAR

4. RAR File Extractor And ZIP Opener, File Compressor

5. ALZip – File Manager & Unzip & Archive

[Overview] File manager app with file compress & file extract features! ALZip on the Android is not only a tool to zip or unzip files, but also a file manager to open, copy, move, delete or rename files. ALZip includes every function of file managing app and file compression app. [Features] 1. Zip & Unzip ALZip can compress files into zip, egg and alz formats, and extract zip, rar, 7z, egg, alz, tar, tbz, tbz2, tgz, lzh, jar, gz, bz, bz2, lha files and split archive of alz, egg and rar. You can also decompress files larger than 4GB. 2. File Manager ALZip can create folder, delete/copy/ move/rename files and use the properties function just like the PC. 3. Convenient File Explorer ALZip has a convenient file explorer interface to find local files without any difficulties. 4. Archive Image Viewer Image files inside the archive can be viewed without being extracted. 5. Searching Files With ALZip file explorer, files or folders can be searched including which in subfolders. File manager function is available after searching. 6. Drag&Drop Functions When drag & dropped file or folder to: – another folder in file explorer will move or copy it. – a file will compress them to an archive. – a compressed archive will add it to the archive. Use the drag&drop function of ALZip for convenient file management! 7. Customize Background Customize your ALZip background to your favorite picture! 8. Archive As An Explorer Open compressed archive like a folder and add files to Favorites, just like a file explorer. In addition, folders can be attached to email or uploaded to the cloud. [FAQ] 1. Cannot compress because the file size is too large. > Now you can unzip files larger than 4GB. However, decompressing a file that is too large can put a strain on the system environment and cause a release error. Please note that files larger than 4GB can not be released on external memory of 32GB or less using FAT32 format. 2. Cannot access the external memory in the explorer. > Please check if you are using the KitKat version (4.4). KitKat limits the previledge to write to the external memory. If the problem happens in other versions, please contact us at m_altools@estsoft.com. 3. Characters in archive are broken. Change the language by pressing the Encode button on the top-right. [System Requirements] Android Version 5.0~

6. Unzip Tool – Zip File Extractor For Android

Compressing and decompressing Zip files on your phone is not an occasional job, but sometimes, without a computer or a PC, unpacking software is required. Unzip Tool – Zip File Extractor For Android is a great unzipper for you in some emergency situations that you need. With the Windows operating system in particular or the computer in general, there are many options of unzipper for us to use. However, there are not many mobile phones. So the Unzip Tool – Zip File Extractor For Android is one of the most efficient and effective compression and decompression files on a mobile. Unzip Tool – Zip File Extractor For Android will extract the RAR ZIP file and compressed files in a simple and quick way, allowing you to read archived documents or images. With a nice and easy-to-use interface, you can easily and quickly unpack a ZIP RAR file. In addition, Unzip Tool – Zip File Extractor For Android allows you to easily compress your files for sharing on social networks or emailing them. Main features of Unzip Tool – Zip File Extractor For Android: ★ Helps to compress files easily: unzip video files, music files,… ★ Helps manage files for your phone ★ Support: extract zip file, rar file ★ RAR file size and open ZIP file size but powerful features ★ It is a software to extract ZIP file and open the best RAR file ★ The ZIP file extractor utility and RAR file extraction support most popular formats ★ Open software ZIP file interface and open RAR file, simple to uncompress ZIP and RAR docs ★ Is a free RAR file viewer Thank you for your trust and use Unzip Tool – Zip File Extractor For Android. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email to the developer. Do not forget to rate this 5-star for Unzip Tool – Zip File Extractor For Android if it’s useful! We will update more functions in the future to improve your experience.

7. iZip – Zip Unzip Unrar

8. Solid Explorer File Manager

This is Solid Explorer File and Cloud Manager Please note that this is a 14 day trial version If you own the Solid Explorer Unlocker you can use the premium version for free! New feature! Now you can protect your files and folders with a password. If your device has a fingerprint sensor you can use it to open encrypted files without a need to provide the password. The same applies for cloud storages, which can now be accessed with the fingerprint as well. Useful links: Reddit Community: https://www.reddit.com/r/NeatBytes/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/NeatBytes/1516789311908389 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Neat_Bytes Translation: http://neatbytes.oneskyapp.com Features: – Material Design! – Two independent panels serving as file browsers – Rich customization options: icons sets, color schemes, themes – Drag and Drop inside and between panels – FTP, SFTP, WebDav, SMB/CIFS clients – Ability to read and extract ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR and TAR archives, even encrypted – Ability to create password protected ZIP and 7ZIP archives – Cloud file manager: Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, Sugarsync, Copy, Mediafire, Owncloud, Yandex – Root access makes Solid Explorer a fully functional root explorer – Extensibility: more features in separate plugins available in Google Play – Indexed search finds your files in a couple of seconds – Detailed file information with storage usage statistics – Batch rename: change names of multiple files at once using regular expressions and variables – Useful tools: hiding unwanted folders, FTP Server (plugin), bookmarks, Chromecast support, media browser Looking for a good file explorer with a sleek, modern look and many features? Good to see you here! Solid Explorer is the best looking file and cloud manager with two independent panels, which brings to you a new file browsing experience. This is the only fully featured file manager with Material Design you can find in the Play Store. It’s better, faster and solid when compared to the competition. Apart from the ability to manage files in almost every location, it also gives you many customization options, such as themes, icon sets and color schemes. You can freely adjust the interface to match your taste. Dual pane file browsing with drag and drop greatly increases your productivity. Solid Explorer is a great cloud file manager, because it provides you a wide support for cloud storages including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega and Owncloud. This file manager can also connect to your Windows PC and many remote servers working with FTP, SFTP and WebDav. By the way, you will appreciate the ability to create or extract most commonly used archive formats, such as ZIP, RAR and 7ZIP. Maybe you’re tired of ugly looking root explorer apps? This file manager will meet your needs. It features a root explorer with ability to change system level file properties. You don’t need to remember about mounting file systems as read/write. Solid Explorer will do it for you automatically. Solid Explorer is also a great file manager for viewing your media. It can arrange your photos, videos and music in one place for easy and quick access. It has a built in music player and image viewer, which even allow you to play remote content stored for example on your PC, Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. The most cool thing is that the content can be casted to your Chromecast. Just give it a try! You will not be disappointed.

9. ZArchiver

ZArchiver – is a program for archive management. It has a simple and functional interface. ZArchiver lets you: – Create the following archive types: 7z (7zip), zip, bzip2 (bz2), gzip (gz), XZ, lz4, tar, zst (zstd); – Decompres the following archive types: 7z (7zip), zip, rar, rar5, bzip2, gzip, XZ, iso, tar, arj, cab, lzh, lha, lzma, xar, tgz, tbz, Z, deb, rpm, zipx, mtz, chm, dmg, cpio, cramfs, img (fat, ntfs, ubf), wim, ecm, lzip, zst (zstd), egg, alz; – View archive contents: 7z (7zip), zip, rar, rar5, bzip2, gzip, XZ, iso, tar, arj, cab, lzh, lha, lzma, xar, tgz, tbz, Z, deb, rpm, zipx, mtz, chm, dmg, cpio, cramfs, img (fat, ntfs, ubf), wim, ecm, lzip, zst (zstd), egg, alz; – Create and decompress password-protected archives; – Edit archives: add/remove files to/from the archive (zip, 7zip, tar, apk, mtz); – Create and decompress multi-part archives: 7z, rar(decompress only); – Partial archive decompression; – Open compressed files; – Open an archive file from mail applications; – Extract splited archives: 7z, zip and rar (7z.001, zip.001, part1.rar, z01); Key features: – Multithreading support (useful for multicore processors); – UTF-8/UTF-16 supporting in filenames. Allows you to use national symbols in filenames; – No need for enabling multiselect mode. You can select files by clicking on the icon from the left of the filename; ATTENTION! Any useful ideas and wishes are welcome. You can send them by email or just leave a comment here. Mini FAQ: Q: What password? A: The contents of some archives may be encrypted and the archive can only be opened with the password (don’t use the phone password!). Q: The program is not working correctly? A: Send me an email with detailed description of the problem. Q: How to compress files? A: Select all files, you want to compress, by clicking on icons (from the left of filenames). Click on the one of selected files and choose “Compress” from menu. Set desired options and press OK button. Q: How to extract files? A: Click on archive name and select suitable options (“Extract Here” or other).

10. FastZip – ZIP, unZIP and unRAR