10 Best Wifi Signal Strength Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Wifi Signal Strength Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Wifi Signal Strength Apps For Android & iOS

1. Wifi Analyzer

Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer!! Shows the Wi-Fi channels around you. Helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router. http://wifianalyzer.mobi ########## For the USB read/write permission: This permission is used to save and load snapshots(see menu in my app). ##########

2. Scany – Network Scanner

3. Fing

Fing has helped 35 million user worldwide to understand: • Who’s on my WiFi • Is someone stealing my WiFi and broadband? • Have I’ve been hacked? Is my network secure? • Are there hidden cameras in the B&B I’m staying in? • Why Netflix has started buffering? • Is my internet provider giving me the speed I pay for? Fing is the #1 Network Scanner: discovers all the devices connected to your WiFi and identifies them, with our patented technology used also by router manufacturers and antivirus companies worldwide. With Fing App’s free tools and utilities help you: • Run WiFi and Cellular internet speed tests, download speed and upload speed analysis and latency • Scan networks with Fing’s Wi-Fi & LAN network scanner and discover all devices connected to any network • Get the most accurate device recognition of IP address, MAC address, device name, model, vendor and manufacturer • Advanced device analysis of NetBIOS, UPnP, SNMP and Bonjour names, properties and device types • Includes port scanning, device ping, traceroute and DNS lookup • Receive network security and device alerts to your phone and email Add Fingbox to unlock advanced network protection and smart home troubleshooting features: • Know who’s home while you’re not there with Digital Presence • See devices near your home with Digital Fence • Block intruders and unknown devices automatically before they join your network • Set parental control features to schedule screen time and pause internet access • Analyze bandwidth usage by device • Find Wi-Fi sweet spots • Automate network speed tests and get reports for benchmarking ISP performance • Secure your home network with opened port detection and network vulnerability analysis Have a question? Get in touch at support@fing.com or learn more about Fing App and Fingbox at fing.com.

4. Wifi Manager

Find, connect, manage WiFi networks. Improve connection quality with a channel radar. Discover open networks around you. Set the app to scan for and switch to best network. If you are feeling the internet on your phone is slow, or your wifi is full, but the download speed is extremely slow, it may be because the applications on your phone are using the internet to take over. bandwidth as well as network speed of the application you are using using internet or wifi. Wifi manager 2018 is an application that help find applications that are occupying most of the internet or running underground to optimize them by cleaning them. Super WiFi Manager is a professional WiFi tool for you to analyze your networks and help you to connect to the best available signals! If you are looking for the Best WiFi Optimizer, Manager, & Analyzer then this network tool must be your first choice! WiFi Manager is a professional WiFi tool for you to analyze your WiFi connections and help you to connect to the best available signals! If you are looking for the Best WiFi Optimizer, Manager, & Analyzer then this network tool must be your first choice! The current version of the app has following features: 1. WiFi Priority: Manages all the available WiFi Connections in the most effective manner. You can choose from 2 versatile modes – 1.1 Auto Booster: No more manual fiddling – Get Auto connected to the best available network that is in range. It allows you to switch easily between the available connections. 1.2 Priority Order: The features help you in easy handling of multiple WiFi connections. Connects to the WiFi as per the set sequence! 2. Data Usage: Maintains a log of your daily, weekly & monthly data usage in both list/graphical format. 3. Check Speed: Equipped with a modern Speed-O-Meter you can monitor actual Download, Upload & Ping speed of your WiFi. It also maintains the history of all ‘Speed Checks’. 4. Scheduler: Manage & Schedule the timings to Switch on/off your WiFi. Specify timings when you want your WiFi connection to start & stop, which will help to save your data. 5. Hotspots: It lists all the available Open WiFi connections & allows you to set the priority for auto connect. Also, it finds free hotspots around you, & auto connects to them every time you’re nearby. 6. Track My IP: Track your connection’s Public & Private IP addresses, MAC address, DNS-1, DNS-2, Gateway IP, Proxy IP, Proxy Post & Country Code. 7. Radar: The position of the WiFi connection changes as per the signal strength. Use the Radar feature to check the access point (physical location) of your WiFi connection. 8. Who is: Using this feature you can easily get detailed info about any website which includes domain, registrar, server, creation time, update time and more! 9. Data Analytics: This feature shows the data consumed by all devices that are using your device as the hotspot connection! 10. Network Spy: You can view the MAC address of devices which are connected to your wifi hotspot. 11. Widget: Quickly enable/disable your WiFi directly from the Home screen. Also, you can conveniently keep a check on connected WiFi, data usage, IP & speed of com. Note: This network signal speed booster is for wifi signal only. Not for 3g & 4g wireless signals. Thank you

5. WiFi Manager – Scan Wi-Fi

6. Wifi Analyzer- Home & Office Wifi Security

Wifi Analyzer- Home & Office Wifi Security has been called one of the most impressive router network utilities on the Google Play Store. This FREE app is a must-have for users of all skill levels, from beginners to IT specialists and skilled network administrators. With Wifi Analyzer, you can check signal info, block unwanted connections, diagnose your wireless speed and strength, as well as map your network on a professional graphic display that is easy to understand! Key Functions: • Network Discovery – Displays public IP addresses, MAC addresses, Vendor Names, Wireless Access Points (WAP, AP) and more. • Wifi Strength – Displays Wifi signal strength and Wifi speed, tests internet connections, provides encryption, frequency, MAC address, DHCP, and DHCP lease. • Access Point Scan – Displays all router Access Points in range, including MAC addresses, channels, and dBm signal strength. • Access Point Graphs – Displays the current channel your router is operating on and how many neighbors share the same channel. • Connections – Displays ALL current connections routed through your device, including established foreign connections, listening IP interfaces, and closed connections. Each established IP is checked against 35 blacklist databases to determine if the IPs are trusted or known threats! • Device Blocking on Network – Block will bring you to your devices web interface so you can log in and blacklist unwanted MAC address to the router’s MAC address filter list to block devices from using the network. • IP Tools Options 1) DNS lookup 2) Whois data 3) Ping 4) Port scan 5) Blacklist IP checker 6) Traceroute 7) MAC address lookup 8) Wifi passwords

7. IT Tools – Network Analyzer

8. WiFi Data – Signal Analyzer

WiFi Data – essential application for all WiFi users. Network manager and analyzer. Analyze WiFi networks around you! Presentation of all data from your WiFi device. Wireless network analyze Diagnose connection status and signal strength Wifi signal quality check Scanning wifi networks Wifi connection manager Splendid UI consistent with Android Holo theme You will never need other WiFi manager app! App is divided into four tabs: 1) Connection tab – info about current connection, net and access point you are conected to. All important informations like SSID, BSSID, MAC, speed or lease duration are available, Your IP address, netmask and net gateway with dns adresses. 2) Acces points list tab – list of all visible network access points to your device. Every row describes one network with its name, channel, security and signal strength. You can sort this list by every attribute and discover networks around you! 3) Channels tab – graph presentation of visible networks with parabola shape depending on signal strength and channel on which network is working. 4) Signal tab – graph of time-dependent net signal strength. Small list showing every visible net. You can select most important network from list and watch how it’s signal strength is changing in time. Application offers also: – analyzing networks around you – sharing every tab and every info with your friends! – copying connection info to clipboard – turning WiFi on/off – turning WiFi on application start – turning WiFi on application stop – and much more…!

9. Network Signal Info

“Network Signal Info” provides detailed information over the currently used network with accurate signal strength output, whether WiFi (WLAN) or cellular (mobile) connection and is easy to use. Do you know ? Network Signal Info / Pro are UNIQUE This type of software is ONLY available on Android smartphones – neither iOS nor Window Phones. Main Features: – detailed MOBILE network informations – accurate signal strength indication – detailed WiFi informations – detailed ANDROID System informations – Widgets for MOBILE- and Wi-Fi network (PRO version with six widgets) – mobile cell tower location (PRO version with much better online cell tower database) – Mobile SIGNAL TRACKER (only PRO version with KML-file export for e.g. Google Earth) – WI-FI SIGNAL record function (only PRO version) The app has two widgets, one for mobile- and one for WiFi-Signalstrength (free version), Six widgets in the PRO version,,three for mobile- and three for WiFi-Signalstrength. (If you can’t find widgets, please copy the app to phone memory) I have put special value on the visualization of the WiFi and mobile signal strength. They are normally only divided in weakly, good and excellent. Graphically in the form of mostly “only” three to five bars on the Mobile Radio and three to five “waves” by a WiFi connection. In my app I differentiate the signal strength in more bars. This will give you a quick visualized and detailed information about how good the signal strength is really. In addition to the much more sophisticated graphical representation of the signal strength you will see some more interesting information. In “Mobile Signal”: Network operators, Sim operator, phone type, network type, network strength in dbm and ASU, data state, data activity, country code of the mobile phone, device ID, IP address, roaming state … In “Wi-Fi signal”: Wi-Fi-Name (SSID), BSSID, MAC address, maximum Wi-Fi speed, IP address, external IP address, net capability, net channel, subnet mask, Gateway IP address, DHCP server address, DNS1 and DNS2 address. … If you like the app, please give me a positive rating in the market. The PRO version (compared to the free version) has no ads, a NEW cell tower database with over 80 millions more entries, a NEW MOBILE SIGNAL TRACKER function that generates a KML file for use with Google Earth, more widgets, a MOBILE SIGNAL LOST SERVICE and much more.

10. WiFi Router Master

WiFi Router Master – WiFi Analyzer & Speed Test is a handy and free WiFi Manager and WiFi Analyzer tool (WiFi Analyzer, WiFi Speed Test, WiFi Signal Strength Meter, WiFi Security, Who Use my WiFi, WiFi Channel Assessment etc.). WiFi Router Master – WiFi Analyzer & Speed Test is Powerful WiFi Protector and WiFi blocker / WiFi thief blocker to Detect Who use my WiFi and Protect my WiFi security. WiFi Router Master – WiFi Analyzer & Speed Test is a advanced Speed Test tool which helps you test Internet Speed and WiFi Speed. WiFi Router Master – WiFi Analyzer & Speed Test key Features: ★★Detect Who is On My WiFi (Who Use My WiFi)★★ WiFi Router Master – WiFi Analyzer & Speed Test can easily scan my WiFi and see how many devices connected to your WiFi router such as tplink/tp-link router, dlink router, netgear router etc. Using WiFi Router Master – WiFi Analyzer & Speed Test, in seconds you know how many and which device is connected to your wireless router with IP, MAC and vendor listing. ★★Internet Speed Test★★ With just one tap, WiFi Router Master – WiFi Analyzer & Speed Test will test internet speed and show accurate broadband speed test results quickly including WiFi hotspot, LTE, 4G, 3G networks. ★★WiFi Analyzer★★ WiFi Router Master – WiFi Analyzer & Speed Test shows the WiFi channels around you. Helps you to find a less crowded channel for your WiFi router. WiFi Router Master – WiFi Analyzer & Speed Test can tell you WiFi signal strength and see witch wifi signal is better. ★★WiFi Signal Strength Meter★★ WiFi Router Master – WiFi Analyzer & Speed Test can Quickly check your WiFi strength to help you find the best location. WiFi Router Master – WiFi Analyzer & Speed Test can View your current WiFi connection signal strength and detect WiFi Signal Strength around you in real time. ★★Router Settings★★ With WiFi Router Master – WiFi Analyzer & Speed Test, You can easily access your admin page and make changes to your router settings. WiFi Router Master – WiFi Analyzer & Speed Test helps you to access modem router page of any Router modems( or etc.). ★★Router Passwords★★ If You forgot your router passwords and now can not access it, with WiFi Router Master – WiFi Analyzer & Speed Test, now you can get it easy and in a fast way. WiFi Router Master – WiFi Analyzer & Speed Test helps you discover default keys and passwords of the best selling WiFi Routers in the world. ★★More Tools★★ • WiFi List – Easily access WiFi list • Ping – test internet speed • Whois – provides information about a website and its owner • And much more… Do you want to boost your WiFi and manage your WiFi easily? You just need to start WiFi Router Master – WiFi Analyzer & Speed Test and it will help you!