5 Best Whisky apps for Android & iOS

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Here are the 5 Best Whisky apps for Android & iOS.

5 Best Whisky apps for Android & iOS

1. Whisky App

Are you a Whisky fan? Do you like to drink a good glass of whisky? Then this is the app for you! With the Official Whisky App you can: ✓ Rate whiskies ✓ Write tasting, nosing and finish notes ✓ Read others notes ✓ Keep and Share a wish list ✓ Get advice ✓ Share whiskys with your friends ✓ Browse all whiskies ✓ Find a map and location of whiskys on the International Whisky Festival in The Hague Download now and check it out yourself! We store your ratings, notes and wishlist in relation to your email address to make sure your data stays synchronised. We do not use your data for any other purpose than to store your info for you. We appreciate all feedback. If you would like to see a feature that is not there yet contact us at: info@vansteinengroentjes.nl. The app can also be used online at: www.whiskyapp.nl Contact us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VanSteinEnGroentjes Twitter: @SteinGroentjes

2. Distiller – Your Personal Liquor Expert

Learn about spirits before you ever spend a cent, so you know you’re making the right purchase. With a panel of alcohol industry experts writing reviews, and a growing community of spirits fans sharing their own ratings and tasting notes, you’ll never have to guess which whiskey to buy, which mezcal to try, which rum would be good for your cocktail, what bottle of gin to pick up, or which brandy you should give as a gift. – Thousands of expert reviews of all types of liquor, with new reviews added daily – Scan barcodes on bottles to quickly get information about the spirit inside – The Distiller flavor profile on every reviewed spirit shows you what tastes to expect – Keep track of what you’ve tried by creating Tastes – Track what you’ve paid and where you’ve purchased something – Get recommendations for what to try next – Find information on everything from rare bottles to every day staples – Build your collection and wishlist to keep track of what you’ve tried, and what to try next – Create your own custom lists of spirits, like playlists of what you love, or what you want to try next – Easily search, sort, and filter through thousands of original reviews – Discuss your favorite spirits with other Distiller users, and follow them to see what they’re saying – Share your tasting notes, recommendations, lists, and favorite spirits to your social networks With thousands of reviews or whiskey, bourbon, scotch, rye, mezcal, tequila, rum, cachaça, brandy, cognac, pisco, gin, vodka, and everything in between, Distiller is the best app for liquor consumers! “With expert ratings and thousands of data points, it’s like a well-curated music feed, but for booze.” — Gizmodo.com “It’s like having one of those snooty liquor connoisseurs on call, in your pocket. Except no annoying mustache. ” — Yahoo! Tech “It feels almost like a throwback startup. Booze Google.” — Business Insider “Distiller is the best app on earth for liquor fans, and probably everyone else too.” — Abraham Lincoln OK that last one wasn’t real. Lincoln couldn’t be reached for comment so we made it up. The rest are 100% real though! Say hi or get support at hello@distiller.com!

3. Whisky Suggest

Scan a bottle, see the flavours. Discover the world’s most accurate whisky flavour profiles. Use the barcode scanner to easily find out what a whisky tastes like and get personalized whisky recommendations. By analysing well over 75,000 whisky reviews and tasting notes, WhiskySuggest has created unique and highly detailed Flavour Profiles. Use these flavour profiles to: – Find whiskies by flavour. We have over 250 flavours to choose from. – Find whisky that is similar to whiskies you like. – Browse through our inventory of 30,000+ whiskies. – Scan a whisky barcode and get flavour information instantly. WhiskySuggest allows you to easily find a salty and smoky whisky. Or perhaps you prefer a rye-spicy bourbon? Find whisky that is similar to both Glenfiddich 12 Year Old and The Glenlivet 12 Year Old within seconds. And use the barcode scanner to find out what a whisky tastes like (and what others think about it) when you’re in a liquor store, or anywhere else. But that’s not all: – Create your own personal whisky collection. Make it public or keep it private. – Rate, review and save tasting notes of whiskies you have enjoyed (or hated!) – Discover new whiskies and add them to your whisky wishlist. – Follow other users and browse through their collections. – Get recommendations based on your personal preferences and whisky history. – Find whisky retailers that ship to your location very easily. This is the very first version of the WhiskySuggest app. Questions, feedback and feature requests are always welcome. You can contact us here: http://www.whiskysuggest.com/contact/

4. Flaviar

5. Whisky Whisky Scanner

Scan whisky bottle labels with your phone’s camera and get relevant information in seconds. Save your favourite whiskies, rate them, share your ratings and new finds on social media and create public or private tasting notes. Read about what’s new in the world of whisky on Whizzky Features and watch Tutorial Videos. Belong to a whisky club? Use Whizzky to start one on your mobile! Invite your friends and collectively share and rate whiskies, save tasting notes and know that only club members have access.