Top 16 Vine Editor Apps For Android and iOS

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The creme de la creme (that’s French for the best of the best) app for creating and sharing brief videos is Vine. Since Vine’s debut back in mid 2012, users have been able to be the talent,producer and editor of their 6 second video.You probably have not given much thought to editing your Vine, why should you?

It’s only 6 seconds anyway, right? Wrong. You never know who may view your Vine, it could be your crush or a talent scout with clout. Post your favorite footage and nix the rest with an easy to use free video editing app.

These apps are available for android and iOS.Check out the top 16 Vine editor apps for android and iOS users. Read on.

Top 16 Vine Editor Apps For Android & iOS

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is an outstanding free video editing app. This app allows you to seamlessly edit and export short video clips; and collages. The app is easy to maneuver, so you can add text or comments over video, adjust the color or toy with the special effects very easily. If you are editing for the first time of the hundredth time this app is for you.Pressing a few buttons on your smartphone(you do that all day anyway), is all you have to do to upload your video to Vine or the social media platform of your choice.

2.Vigo Video

Vigo Video is free video editing app that is wonderful for trimming videos to post to Vine. Vigo Video also hosts a community platform for users to broadcast 15 second videos, and compete in contests for cash prizes. Vigo Video has all of the capability of a professional editing app without the hefty price tag. Vigo Video has fantastic filters and superb makeup effects to ensure you are putting the best version of yourself on display. Users can also use the live mode to broadcast content publicly and connect to other Vigo Video users.

3. VideoShow

VideoShow is a free professional video editing app for Android and iOS. Adding music to your video with VideoShow is a breeze, there is a vast music catalog for you to choose from; or you can upload music directly from your device. This app allows users to have fun using the available vocal special effects without skipping out on the technical editing tools. Users can also add animation, alter opacity,add or remove layers, dub, split, compress, flip & reverse footage.

4. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is an excellent free video editing app with fantastic features: speed control,catchy themes, phenomenal filters, a music library & lip-syncing and much more.You are able to use the fun lip-syncing feature to mimic your favorite singer and sound great while you are doing it. One of the best features of FilmoraGo, is the app does not have time constraints, so you can create clips as long or as short in length as you want. FilmoraGo is a great choice for editing videos for Vine because you do not have to worry about pesky watermarks!

5. Animoto

Animato is the perfect video app for making and trimming awesome videos in no time at all. The Animoto app has too many features to list. One of the best features is that Animoto is always accessible. Animoto allows you to play your videos, even if you are not connected to the internet and create slideshows. You can add your favorite tunes and add heartfelt words,to impress all of your friends and followers on social media.

6. KineMaster

KineMaster is a free video editing app that is very user friendly and you can add vibrant animation, edit your video, or film a new one with a few taps. There are eons of special effects and features that you can adjust to suit your style:frame by frame editing, transition effects, text, overlays, stickers, and speed control. One of the best features is the blurring effect. The blurring effect allows you to minimize the background, your best friend’s horrible hair cut, the zit on your chin that is almost the size of Mount Rushmore, or anything else that you do not want to be the captured on camera.

7. Quik

The Quik free video app is mind blowing!The Quik app is super smart and intuitive.If you have never edited a video before this in the app for you; and if you have edited too many videos to count, this is the app for you. Quik is so easy to use and navigate because the app is very straightforward.Simply upload the video or images that you want to edit,and then kick back and relax. The Quik app edits and automatically enhances your videos for you. The Quik app is absolutely amazing! The Quik app takes the guess work out of editing,so you can get back to binge watching your favorite TV series.

8. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is a great app for creating cool custom videos and has all the features you need. This app is ideal for experienced and beginner video editors to quickly post fully edited Vine videos.All you have to do is download the app, tap a few buttons and you are on the way to making the most awesome content. You can merge two videos to create one awesome video clip,adjust the frames, trim, select a theme,add animation or text and add trending music to your video, without breaking a sweat.

9. Pixgram

Pixgram is a the go-to app on the block for video editing and it will not disappoint. A few short steps is all it takes and you can create a memorable video, collage or one of a kind slideshow with cool clear filters, special effects & music. This app is so easy to use you could probably do so with your eyes closed, but that is not recommended.One of the best features of the app is the sizing option. You can decide if you want to upload your video in 1:1,16:9 or 9:16!

10. Lomotif

Lomotif is a free video editing app that makes adding the vocals of your favorite music artists to your videos easier than ever. You can use the app to create superb slideshows to celebrate your pet’s birthday, your favorite holiday, or commemorate a career milestone or anniversary. The Lomotif app has tons of features but one of the best features is music preview.The Lomotif app lets you preview the music clip of your choice with your video. This is amazing because the music preview saves you time. You know if the music adds or detracts from your video, before you have edited the video the way you wanted to, and added transitions and special effects.

11. Vizmato

Vizmato is a free video editing app that is simple to use. Users are able to add cinematic touches to prerecorded footage and add themes or filters in live mode. Users have the option to record high definition videos in 780p or 1080p resolution. The Vizmato app has built-in themes,mood music that can be easily customized,sophisticated voice altering software, and excellent editing tools. The Vizmato app editing tools, are featured at the top and bottom of your screen for convenience.

12. InShot

The InShot app is a free one stop shop for all of your video editing needs. InShot allows users to quickly edit images, compile images to create a cool collage, merge old videos;or make brand new videos without leaving the home page. This extraordinary app allows you to rotate & flip video footage and increase(up to 4 times) or decrease(up to 2 times) the speed of the video also. After taking advantage of the endless editing tools, cool captions, brilliant backgrounds, beautiful blur effects,voice-over or other fun features, users have the option of exporting high resolution videos in 1080p to Vine, family or friends, easily.

13. Magisto

Magisto, seems like something a magician would exclaim after pulling a rabbit out of his top hat. Magisto is not a magician catch phrase but it is a trending free video editing app. Magisto is available to android and iOS users. The Magisto app differs from other editing apps because the final edited result is not selected by the user, but by the app itself. Very hi-tech! Magisto users upload their video footage and theme music if they wish; then the app edits the footage and produces the final product. VoilĂ !

14. Funimate

Funimate is the ultimate video editing app for iOS and Android users.This app is a great choice for seasoned video editors and newbies too. This app is so amazing you will want to tell everyone who will listen about the awesome features.The Funimate app allows you to design & edit exclusive videos, apply real-time effects, choose from terrific transitions,special effects, cool filters, one of a kind backgrounds, list layers and incorporate your favorite images, emjois, captions or music. One of the best things about the Funimate app is that it is incredibly user friendly and even the novice video editor, will not have trouble navigating the various brilliant editing features.

15. Hype Text

The Hype Text app lives up to its name, because it hypes up and adds life to the dullest videos.This app is sought-after for the phenomenal text animation features. With this free app, users are able to design animated text and one of a kind captions for Vine videos. You do not have to possess professional editing expertise to enjoy using this app. This app is easy to use. The unique captions and animated text are not limited to prerecorded videos. If you feel inspired by the amazing animated text features, you are able to record new videos; or bring to life old drab photos from your picture gallery with the assistance of the impressive Hype Text app.

16. VLLO

Pimping your Vine video is not easy but it can be if you download the VLLO app. Editing your video takes a lot less energy with the free VLLO editing app.This app has tons of features to choose from: 70 awesome sound effects, slo-mo, voice-over capability, animation, stickers,caption, text, you can add your own soundtrack, enhance any mundane background, or use any of the amazing 20+ plus video filters, to make a Vine video that kicks you know what! VLLO saves all the editing you do in the app as a draft,until you decide to post your work of art. Posting your videos edited with VLLO to your social media is possible without exiting the app.

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