10 Best Vibration Apps For Massage For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Vibration Apps For Massage For Android & iOS.

10 Best Vibration Apps For Massage For Android & iOS

1. Vibrating Massager FREE

2. Massager Vibration App: for women & girls

🌺Are you looking for a vibration app or a vibration massage simulator? Do you have trouble sleeping? This vibration and sleep aid app is for you! This is a simulated vibrating app. It uses the phone’s vibration function to simulate a massage machine. You can also relax and sleep with natural sounds, meditation sounds, white noise and much more. You will enjoy this app when listen the thunderstorm sound, gentle rain sound, calming beach or customize the sounds as you like! It is very simple, easy to use with nice user interface. 💘 Some of the great features: – Vibrating with 4 modes – Free sleep app with nature sounds and white noise – The relaxing sound player with timer can work as sleep helper app – High quality soothing sounds – Simple, easy and beautiful design – Timer – so the app turns off automatically – Works offline (No internet connection needed) You can enjoy with many relaxing sounds: ★ Rain on window ★ Rain on roof ★ Rain in forest ★ Thunder sound ★ Bird singing ★ Croaking frog ★ Cicada singing ★ Stream sound ★ Wind sound ★ Ocean wave sound And more… 👉Note: – The strength of the vibration depends on your phone hardware – Adjust the volume to suit your preferences – Vibration app massager use for relaxing only 🎁 Hope you enjoy vibration app massager. We thank you for reviews or comments. Share with your friends this vibrate app if you like this app.

3. iMassage U Vibrating Massager

4. iVibe: Best Vibrator Massage

5. Body Massager – Extreme Vibration

Users can experience an intense massage in multiple vibrational settings. All vibrations are generated from the vibrator in your phone, turning your mobile device into a personal massager. With Body Massager Vibrator you can choose your own vibration from three built-in vibrator setting. It’s the perfect massage vibrator for relaxing, soothing yourself to sleep and massaging your body or neck. Vibration has been proven to help relieve stress. Body Massager Vibrator can help you: ★ Treat cellulite and wrinkles. ★ Stimulate hair growth ★ Relieve stress ★ Calm sore muscles ★ Strengthen and Tone Muscles. ★ Builds Stronger Bones. ★ Improves Flexibility, Balance and Coordination. ★ Raises Metabolism and Boosts Fat Burning Potential. ★ Stimulates Production of Helpful Hormones. Different vibrator settings: 1) Constant vibration 2) Fast and light pulses 3) Medium pulses 4) More powerful massage 5) Deep massage This massager application can also work in the background or while your screen is turned off. Download Body Massager Vibrator today and enjoy a powerful and strong vibrating sensation from your mobile device. NOTE: Vibration intensity depends on the strength of the vibrator in your phone. If you are not satisfied with vibration strength try using Body Massager Vibrator on a different device.

6. Body Massage Vibration

Have you ever thought of using your Android device’s vibration for Body Massage? This app makes use of vibration of device and generates different kinds of body massage vibrations. Also, it makes animation according to vibration mode! Total 9 different vibration modes are supported: 1. Continuous High Vibration Massage 2. Medium Delay Vibration Massage 3. High Delay Vibration Massage 4. Light Massage – I 5. Light Massage – II 6. Deep Massage 7. Fast to Slow Massage 8. Slow to Fast Massage 9. Crazy Massage Simple, yet effective! ***** You can purchase ad-free version of this app from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.akashpatel.adp.bmvbpro ***** If you have any query or suggestion or problem regarding app, feel free to contact us at adp4infotech4@gmail.com

7. Extreme vibration app

Want to relax and calm down? It was a hard day? You need to calm the baby and you are looking for a vibration app for baby? There are a lot of vibrate apps on Google Play but after installation you will understand why this massager is the best. This is an mobile vibrate app that does not just vibrate phone – this is real vibrating massage app for an ordinary evening to brighten up any evening, rest and relax. Vibration app for girls Android opportunities: ★ best vibrating app ★ 4 auto modes ★ Set your interval level ★ Extreme vibration is a very simple app for massage! ★ Optimized for any android version and display resolution ★ Low battery consumption ★ Easy to handle ★ Completely free ★ Works offline The application has nice sounds that you can customize to your needs for maximum relaxation. We have collected all the sounds for your maximum enjoyment of vibrate app. This vibrator will be the way to maximum relaxation and satisfaction. Make massage and relax with Extreme Vibration App – Vibrating Massage & Relax! If you like vibrations, the Extreme vibration App is the perfect choice for you. Extreme Vibration App – Vibrating Massage & Relax Simulated is and will be completely free in future, so please understand that we are using ads 🙂 Please enjoy this Extreme Vibration App – Vibrating Massage & Relax and have much fun. vibrate is now easy and fun – just for relaxing.. We thank you for reviews/comments, Share with your friends this app and help us to improve your experience!

8. Best Vibrator PRO

Have you ever wanted a personal masseur? Well, now you can turn your phone into a professional massaging device with this easy-to-use app! No more worries about aching back. This app does it all! Tutorial: Just launch the app, tap the switch, put the phone on your desired area and relax! 🙂 Features: – Almost unlimited vibration modes. You can set your own pace! – Vibrates in background while using other apps – Vibrates while screen is off – Set vibration length – Set pauses between vibrations – Can mask app as a Simple Calculator for extra privacy If you’ve found any bugs, please contact us on developer’s e-mail!

9. Vibes – Massage Vibration app

Top vibration app with background mode support! 🧘🏼‍♀️ – Multiple vibration modes! Request more in comments 🙂 – Works perfect in background mode: use it along with music player! – Works perfect with locked screen! – App is totally free! – Vibration intensity depends on your device – Share our app with friends and rate it! Disclaimer: Don’t use it as a replacement of real massage. Using app for a long period can affect device and cause battery drain. Use it wisely!

10. MeVibe

Transform your device into a free handheld personal massager. Featuring 7 different vibrating functions identical to those used in high-end commercial devices and based on research and feedback by a team of (incredibly relaxed) beta testers, you can be sure that MeVibe will get the job done first time, every time.