10 Best Tumblr Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Tumblr Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Tumblr Apps For Android & iOS

1. Downloader for Tumblr

Tumbload lets you download photos/videos from Tumblr quickly and easily. Any media on tumblr can be download by share link. Just browse to any media (photo or video) in tumblr app, and then tap share, select Tumbload app from the list of apps. Tumbload will now load the media and you can easily download it to your phone and watch it offline. Multiple media from Tumblr If a post on Tumblr is having multiple pictures or videos, then you will be able to select the media on Tumbload and then download one or all with a single tap. The media is saved in your root path in folder ’Tumbload’ For any bug issues or updates, please email us: appfry@gmail.com

2. Sassy Wallpapers Tumblr – Best Sassy Wallpapers

3. Tumbletail free for Tumblr

Features: * Thumbnail display like Mega-Editor. * Easy Reblog or Like. * Tag search. * Display other user’s likes if available. * Follow or Unfollow. * Multi-account. * Passcode lock. Full version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.cathand.android.tumbletail * No ads. * Save photos to Dropbox.

4. TumblPager for Tumblr

TumblPager paginates the posts in any Tumblr sites, however not all posts are supported. This app was developed to address the inconvenience of endless scrolling present in the official Tumblr app. Current supported Tumblr posts: -Gif -Image -URL Link -Video Posts not supported: -Plain text posts -Any other unmentioned Please note that this app is still under BETA so bugs may occur. WARNING: It is recommended to run this app in a WiFi environment as huge amounts of data may be downloaded depending on the Tumblr sites visited.

5. Feedly – Smarter News Reader

Your central place to organize, read, and share the information you need to stay ahead of the next big trend in your industry. Every day, millions of professionals and passionate learners use Feedly on their phones and tablets to follow the blogs, magazines, and other sources that matter to them. With Feedly, you can easily organize all your publications, blogs, YouTube channels, and more in one place and consume and share more efficiently. No more zig zagging. All the content comes to you in one place, in a clean and easy-to-read format. People use Feedly to read blogs, learn new topics, and track keywords, brands and companies. Faster access to lots of different sources of news and information means that you can more easily keep up with important trends in your industry and build up expertise on the topics you really care about. Because Feedly is connect to more than 40 million feeds, you can really go deep and find the niche content that is specific to your work or passion – this is a big difference from alternatives that feel very shallow and random in the content that is available. From tech to business, design to marketing, media and beyond, Feedly helps you discover great feeds that you can organize in your feedly and read in one place. Because it is powered by RSS, Feedly is an open system: you can add any RSS feed and read it wherever you go. Just enter the URL of that feed in the search bar or search for it by name. Feedly offers useful integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, IFTTT, and Zapier so that you can easily share stories with your networks and teammates. We believe in speed and simplicity. We spent a lot of time making sure Feedly is the best free reader available on the Android phones and tablets. The app loads fast and offers a simple and clean reading experience. The best way to start is to search for a blog, magazine or newspaper you like to read and add it to your Feedly. If you are looking for inspiration, you can open the search panel and browse some of our popular topics. We help you discover the best blogs for tech, business, food, marketing, entrepreneurship, design, baking, photography and more. Our mission is to deliver in one place all the knowledge and inspiration you need to keep ahead. Happy reading! [We are hello@feedly.com and @feedly if you need support or want to report a bug]

6. Tumblrunning for Free – Tumblr

Simple and fast tumblr client. This application specializes in dashboard view. This provides comfortable operations, such as paging by volume key, reblog by double tap. You can take advantage of the following features. -view of the dashboard (Over 250 available) -reblog, delete post -like unlike -save image -adding to the queue list -support for multiple blogs There is a donation version which has extra functions. Contact: Email or Twitter https://twitter.com/tumblrunning Have a nice reblog!

7. Neon Tumblr Wallpaper

These Neon Tumblr Wallpaper will fit your rugged style perfectly! Offer high quality mobile wallpapers that you can use to easily personalize your mobile phone. – All wallpapers is available for free. – The app works offline. No need to download wallpaper. – You can preview the image on your device first – All wallpapers in full HD quality – Customize the wallpaper to fit your screen – Full support for both phones in portrait and landscape modes – Lockscreen/homescreen/avatar wallpapers, satisfy all your needs – You don’t need internet connection to use the app – App is Free to use – App is Offline Mode Neon Sign Tumblr Wallpaper Neon Sign Tumblr Tumblr Wallpaper Neon Love Wallpaper Neon Signs Iphone Lockscreen Wallpaper Wallpaper For Your Phone Neon Lockscreen Neon Tumblr Light Neon Wallpaper Wallpaper Tumblr Love Wallpaper This app contains a collection of the best free Neon Tumblr Wallpaper and Backgrounds for your smartphone. All our wallpapers have been personally selected so you can personalize your device. Please leave us ratings, reviews and let us know what you think about it. Your feedback will play big role in app improvement and future updates.

8. Wallpaper Tumblr 4k

9. Tablean: Tumblr Client Lite

Tablean is a little Tumblr Client App. It is quick, lite and clean and help people browse Tumblr photos, videos and other posts smoothly. Features: 1. No AD and clean UI 2. Preview posts in grid 3. List posts by type (all/photo/video/…) 4. Preview video, play Tumblr./YouTube Video 5. Rotate photo, play GIF 6. Full screen photo pinch to zoom 7. Gesture control (pull to refresh, fling to dismiss, click to play) 8. Control grid columns, photo quality 9. Save photos to external storage by double click in detail window

10. InstaSize

Instasize is the photo and video toolkit for social content creators. Download today and experience premium filters, borders, and adjustments to create scroll stopping content. Edit images on the go transforming them from unedited pics to Instagram ready posts in seconds. The days of switching back and forth between multiple apps to achieve one final edit are DONE. More editing tools in one place means quicker editing, leaving YOU more time to focus on -> your next photo upload, engaging with followers, and building your presence! You don’t need to be a big time influencer to create big time edits, anyone at any skill level can add a personal + professional touch to the photos they post online. NATURALLY ENHANCING FILTERS FOR PICTURES: With over 80 photographer inspired filters, you’re bound to find a filter that fits the aesthetic you’re looking for. Bring a crisp HD look to any photo, regardless of what you used to shoot it. Maintain a cohesive feel across ALL of you social platforms. Exclusive filters released monthly to all premium members. EDITING ADJUSTMENTS: Custom editing made easy – adjust sharpness, brightness, exposure, contrast, and much more. If you’re looking to finely adjust details within your photos, we can help you do that. COLLAGE MAKER: Instantly combine multiple photos into one with our easy to use collage maker. Choose from a plethora of photo layouts, move images around, add patterned backgrounds, text, etc. – your creative potential is endless. Truly make memories come to life by creating one of a kind collages for friends and family. PRO FONTS & TEXT EDITOR: Add text to your photos, choose from over 30 unique fonts. Our text editor is easy to manipulate, will allow you to choose from a plethora of colors and sizes, and will help you add a personal, yet professional, touch. Exclusive fonts available for premium subscribers. BORDERS: Instantly resize images to fit perfectly on Instagram. Keep the traditional white Instasize border, or use one of our 25+ themed border packs to add a personal touch to any social media post. Choose from fun patterns like GLITTER, MARBLE, HOLIDAYS, and COLORS RESIZE + FREE CROP: Instantly resize your image to fit on any social platform. INSTASIZE PREMIUM: Unlock your creative potential with Instasize Premium. An upgrade to Instasize premium will instantly unlock exclusive filters, fonts, and editing tools that are updated MONTHLY. Yes you read that correctly, we give you new features monthly when you’re a premium subscriber. Experience the best photo editing tools that have been made specifically for content creators. GET FEATURED: If you’re using Instasize to edit your content, we want to feature you! Follow and tag us on Instagram for an opportunity for more exposure: @instasize.official Terms of use: http://instasize.com/terms Privacy Policy: http://instasize.com/privacy