10 Best Traffic Alert Apps For The USA (Android & iOS)

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Here are the 10 Best Traffic Alert Apps For The USA (Android & iOS).

10 Best Traffic Alert Apps For The USA (Android & iOS)

1. Mauritius Traffic Alert

No one likes to be stuck in traffic, just like no one likes to be surprised by some unforeseen road hazard. With Traffic Alert, you will be notified whenever a new alert pops up so you can plan ahead what route to take. Free yourself of the stress of having to anticipate all these inconveniences with Traffic Alert and enjoy the ride. Features: Receive notifications of new alerts as soon as they are posted. Post alerts so that other users can be warned. Differentiate between different types of alerts like speed gun, police control, breath test and traffic jam. Specific details for each alert. View a map of Mauritius with all the posted alerts so you know exactly where they are.

2. Traffic Reports

Traffic Spotter is the premier resource for providing interactive, real-time traffic flow and incidents combined with weather information for travelers across the world. Driving is not only about beating the traffic – beating the weather is just as important. Whether you are preparing for your daily commute or about to head out on a road trip, Traffic Spotter gives you the most complete report of current traffic, road, and weather conditions at your current location as well as at your destination. In this application, you will gain access to features such as: -International Traffic Flow and Incidents: Avoid heavy traffic congestion by knowing where the slowest parts of your route are. Community spotters provide incident reports that can help you avoid dangerous road and weather conditions such as accidents, pot holes, ponding roads, and more. If you travel during off-peak hours, non-community traffic providers also report various incidents including road closures, road construction, and miscellaneous events. -Community traffic spotters: Traffic Spotter is a community driven resource. You can become a spotter and help other travelers plan their route around traffic or dangerous conditions you have encountered. If you spot an event such as an accident or heavy traffic, you can report it for other travelers to see. If you encounter an event that has already been spotted, or has expired, you can confirm or dismiss that event. -Driving Forecast: Traffic Spotter provides a driving conditions forecast based on weather that may be occurring within the next three hours in your area. -Road Conditions: Traffic Spotter provides a Road Conditions feature, which allows you to find which roads are likely to be icy, foggy, snowy, windy, or ponding approximately within the next three hours. Road Conditions currently covers the United States of America. -Weather Radar: Know if severe weather will impact your travel. Weather Radar lets you know where rain or snow storms may be looming in your vicinity. Weather Radar currently covers the United States of America including Hawaii. -Weather Station: Weather Station allows you to get the current temperature, visibility, wind speeds, and more for the location you are viewing. Weather Station is always on the lookout for active weather alerts as well. If any alerts are issued, you will be able to get a detailed description about the alerts and their impact area. Weather Station reports are available world-wide. Weather alerts are currently available for the United States of America. Traffic Spotter is also available on the web. Visit our website at http://www.trafficspotter.com for a live map overview of traffic flow, incidents, airport delays, weather, and more. “Get there, safely”

3. Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

Toujours savoir ce qui se passe sur la route avec Waze. Même si vous connaissez le chemin, Waze vous informe en temps réel de la circulation, des travaux, de la police, des accidents et plus. Si la circulation est mauvaise sur votre itinéraire, Waze le modifiera pour vous faire gagner du temps. Pourquoi Waze ? ◦ Savoir ce qui arrive : alertes sur la circulation, la police, les dangers et plus sur votre trajet ◦ S’y rendre plus rapidement : recalcul automatique de l’itinéraire pour éviter le trafic et vous faire gagner du temps ◦ Lecteur audio de Waze – Écouter musiques, podcasts et autre … dans Waze ◦ Savoir quand vous arrivez – l’ETA « estimation de l’heure d’arrivé » est basée sur les données du trafic en temps réel ◦ Dépensez moins pour le carburant : trouvez le carburant le moins cher sur votre trajet ◦ Conduisez avec Android Auto : utilisez Waze sur l’écran de la voiture ◦ Trouvez toujours votre chemin : choisissez parmi une variété de voix pour vous guider quand vous conduisez Soyez prêt, conduisez avec Waze !

4. INRIX Traffic Maps & GPS

INRIX Traffic Traffic, road conditions, alerts and drive times What’s new: Enhanced alerts for dangerous slowdowns, road weather conditions and alerts about accidents, construction and hazards ahead on your route Description: Always know what’s happening on the road ahead, so you can arrive at your destination safely and on-time. INRIX Traffic gives you live traffic information including congestion, road conditions, construction, accidents and more, all in real-time. Key Features: Live traffic and routing to avoid congestion and other delays Safety alerts to protect you from sudden slowdowns and weather-related road conditions up ahead Incident reports to inform you of construction, accidents, hazards, events, lane closures and closed roads as well as notifications when roads re-open Ability to report incidents to help other drivers Calendar integration and smart alerts that notify when you need to leave to get to appointments on time Available parking near your favorite places – on-street spaces, park and rides, lots and garages No advertisements Follow Us! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inrixtraffic Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/inrix Web: http://www.inrix.com/mobile-apps Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

5. Calgary Traffic Alerts

Calgary Traffic Information – Traffic Cameras (NEW) – Notification Alerts For Traffic Incidents – Construction Closure/Detours – Parking Lots – Amenities (Off Leash Dog Parks, Pools, Arenas, etc…) * This application is a DEMO for the Proof of Concept, as outlined in the author’s blog found in this link: http://ericpanorel.net/2014/03/23/el-cheapo-notification-system-using-windows-azure-notification-hub-and-google-cloud-messaging/ . This application utilizes the free-tier grade of services provided by third-party organizations mentioned in the blog post. Some features may be disabled in the future due to: – Costs incurred from the services provided by third-party services used by this application, when it exceeds the free-tier usage limits – The third-party services may be discontinued Please read the terms and conditions carefully.

6. GPS Navigation & Live Traffic Alerts

How much it is interesting that you get an app that respond on your voice call a voice gps allocator app that will leads you towards any direction with complete voice guidance. With its vocieplay option you get voice command on your journey on every turn along updated google maps. This Voice GPS Navigation With Share Track a voice navigation app that will allow you to get the directions across any place all over the world. Voice GPS Navigation With Share Track a free offline GPS Navigation app for your trips and long journey. With this gps voice navigation makes your trip planning easy. Main Features Of GPS Navigation & Live Traffic Alerts Navigation: Get navgition through wise map across any location from all over the world along famous places with fine route with the help of shortest route map. Voice: A perfect voice route teller app with route allocator just booked a ride with GPS app its voice driving app activated and it will leads you towards your destination with proper voice guideline. Offline Support: App support offline maps as well just get this travel navigation nwea map app upload map at once then app will make a clear path towards your destination without internet. Live Traffic Information: Make a ridewithgps voicemap app get traffic alert along live traffic jam areas view on your handheld route finder driving in gps offline device. GPS Location: Share your gps location with your family and friends and get in touch during your journey with this global live earth map app along 3d street view gps navigation system Driving & Walking: This gps waypoints navigator offline map is helpful for both drivers and pedestrians. Navigation share track you can share your location any one in your contact. Get this android map an android phone map app voice navigation with offline maps makes your driving fantastic nd relax. Voice navigation driving direction map instructions are easy to follow so you will always come to your desire destination in time. Extra Features Of Voice GPS Navigation & Live Traffic Alerts • Global map direction teller • Route locator gprs navigators • GPS navigation free • Global live earth map • Street view map campaigner map of • Worldmap with live street view gps • Travel maps • Odometer speedometer • Odometer for car • GPS waypoints navigator • Offline map • Terminal map with gps map cam • GPS live street map • Business route planner • Route mapper • Navigation with live map GPS Navigation & Live Traffic Alerts a maps guide app. Install this useful info deliver app that will allocate all the routes that leads you towards your destination point and heighlight the shortest path among them. Smart compass with compass altimeter is in this map app providing you turn by turn guideline on every location during travelling. App having driving google maps link mappe free of cost just upload at once then they provides all the functionalities as real google map. Staus bar compus on top of this vociemap live gps to guide its user smoothly. You can also track by gps ms navigation goes to know the location of anyone in your contact with this real time turn-by-turn map & gps navigation mapsme. Get this gps route finder & voice navigation with live map route planner to make your trip unique. Alert your self with all the traffic routes shortest path and famous places with this maape ar route finder app along shortest map.

7. Prang – Report Car Incidents & Avoid Traffic

How can Prang help you? Road Traffic Accidents • Report Accidents or road congestion issues • Create Car Incident Reports • Share Accident Reports with your Insurer Cars • Find out when your car MOT and tax is due • Set reminders for your insurance, MOT and tax Garages • Find nearby garages and auto centres • Have a look at what services offered by garages • Get Repair quotes for incident damage The fight against potholes • Letting motorists know where potholes are • Keeping local authorities updated on new potholes. Use Prang to find out where potholes and help us to keep the local councils in the loop Most Common Incidents Reported on Prang • Potholes • Road closures • Slow Moving Traffic

8. BEAM Traffic Alert

Community based application, that lets other drivers warn each other of traffic incidents. Traffic jams, police control and many other alert.

9. Drive – GPS, Maps, Traffic & Navigation

10. Salik – Navigation & Traffic Alerts

Salik The application gives you a unique experience while driving Helps to avoid congestion as a result of listening to the experiences of other participants in the real time Record your voice to everyone to warn them of the congestion and listen to their recordings as well You can ask for voice assistance in cases of Accident ,Robbery, Harassment, Depression, etc. hearing a song with the acceleration of the driving speed to alert you to not to exceed the speed in a creative way. travel faster and stay away from road traffic ,real time update traffic status,turn on the GPS and enjoy driving. Download it now and enjoy a new driving experience Why use Salik? • Use Salik to send and receive traffic congestion directly from nearby application users where you can send pictures and voice messages to the alarm with the length of the congestion path to avoid. • Say goodbye to traffic congestion by reviewing audio and visual reports of traffic congestion near you. • There is no need to worry about the roads in your path. Just select the destination and the places of congestion will appear on your routes to reach this destination. • Enjoy the experience of the musical roads and the lanes you have to follow depending on the current speed. • Receive notifications for the stops and SOS near you that allow you to review them when using the application. • The possibility of sharing images of congestion on the map and images taken on social networking sites. • Ask for help from users near you through SOS in cases of (accidents, theft, depression, harassment or anything else that you can describe), to get help as soon as possible.