Best 12 Toddler Apps For Android And iOS iPhone

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I’m always amazed when I am out in public and I see a toddler playing on a smartphone or tablet just tapping away at the screen.

Technology advancements in the past ten years have made life a little easier on parents.

Children are occupied and satisfied for extended periods of time when they are playing games on a tablet and this allows us, parents, to do get dinner made, clean up a little, sit down, relax and breathe.

Our parents didn’t have such luxuries and as parents, we need to make the most out of all the time that we get with our children because they grow up too fast.

So, if our children are going to have multiple hours of screen time every day, we should try and make sure they are learning something while they are being occupied.

Let take a look at what we think are some of the top apps for kids. Some of the apps are free while some of the others you will have to pay for.

You will notice that most of the free apps will have what’s called in-app purchase which means they will solicit you to purchase things through the app for more access to the actual game.

Best 12 Toddler Apps For Android And iOS iPhone

1. Starfall

This app is great for kids and recommended for children ages three and up. It teaches kids about the letters of the alphabet which will lead them into being a better reader.

With audio and visual effects that are captivating it’s sure to keep your children’s attention and have them working on their alphabet for hours.

This learning app will help them build a foundation for better reading in the future. It’s compatible with Android and IOS.

2. Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer

This game is based on the kids cartoon Sago Mini Forest Flyer. Simply put the object of this game is to move the fish around on the screen which is great for kids hand eye coordination. Recommended for ages five and under with a cost of $5.99.

One thing that I would like to point out about this game is there are no in app purchases so you will never pop up ads while playing this game. You can play it on Android and IOS.

3. 123 Numbers

Recommend for ages eight and under this app, that was developed by parents, teaches your kids numbers by tracing, matching and fill in the blank methods. With vibrant colors and sound it creatively pulls your child in to learn while playing a game.

It has customizable game options so the parents will know exactly what their child is learning. It features no third party advertising and no in app purchases. This app is compatible with Android and IOS.

4. Animal Pop

This game is great for kids five and under and will help your child learn animals, the sound that they make, and letters. They can choose which animal they want to be and then they start popping the objects that fall.

It’s very user friendly and easy for children to operate once you show them a couple of times.
It’s a progressive game which means it will start off slow but the more your child plays the harder and faster it will get.

This game is sure to keep your child entertained for hours. You can download this game on Android and IOS.

5. Toca Boca Band

Music is a wonderful outlet for children to express themselves in a positive way and this app will get your child interested in music at a very young age.

Recommend for ages two through nine, they will be able to choose a funky character and rotate them into a music compilation that harmonizes.

You can even make a character do a solo that you create by placing the character on the star located on the stage.

Sit back and watch your toddler enjoy this game and if you’re up to it you can play along with them. This app does cost $3.99 but once you purchase it there are no more in app purchases or advertisements and it’s only available on IOS.

6. Toddler Sing and Play

This free app, which is available on Android and IOS, teaches your kids nursery rhymes and songs with music.

The songs will be interactive so that it keeps their attention. Each song teaches your kids to a certain task while they sing.

For example, your child will have to put all the toys away while they sing the song you are My Sunshine.
It will have them singing all the nursey rhymes that we grew up singing when we were kids.

Don’t be surprised if you hear your toddler singing all the time. It does have in app purchases so there will be advertisements that pop up while your children are playing the game.

7. Endless Alphabet

This app was the runner up in 2013 for best app of the year and it is the App Store Editor’s choice. It teaches kids new words and builds their vocabulary while they are having fun and playing the game.

It also teaches them the meanings of words and has 3D touch on certain models of IPhones.
It comes free with seven word puzzles and one in app purchase will unlock the rest or you can purchase the app for $8.99.

Recommended for ages eight and under and it’s available on IOS and Android.

8. Jigsaw Puzzle

Developed by the App Family for IOS and Android this game teaches kids about puzzles and how to solve them. They will be able to put the puzzle together piece by piece and when completed they will be able to see what they were able to build.

This game helps children develop analytical and problem solving skills that will help them in their adult life. The app is free but it does have in app purchases which means that it will have advertisements. It’s notable that this app has puzzles for adults too.

9. Numbers Quiz

Created only for IOS, with a price tag of $1.99, this app teaches kids all about numbers. It will allow them to use their finger to trace and draw the numbers that appear on the screen.

This game will give your child a fun test to see if they are retaining information and learning from the game.

This game also uses flashcards which are great for helping children learn. If your child is having problems with a specific number you can easily enable teacher mode so and set it to where they work on specific numbers for a period of time.

10. Dirty Farm

This app is recommended for kid’s ages four and up and was created for Android and IOS users by MagisterApp. Your child will be prompted to create their own virtual animal or animals and then they will have the responsibility of caring for the animal’s needs.

The will have to collect eggs, wash the pig and even operate the tractor to work the land. This gets five stars from me because this game is fun but plants the seeds of responsibility into your kid’s brain in a fun way. The app itself is free but it does have in app purchases.

11. Eli Explorer

This app is the winner of The Best App Award in 2014 European Game Based Learning Competition and it also is the winner of The Parents Choice Award in 2015.

Your child will guide Eli, the main character of the game, around a magical forest to find treasure and surprises.

It feature more than twenty interactive animations and has no levels and no rules.
This is every child’s dream to be able to play something with no rules.

You can also play this app in ten different languages. This is an IOS game only and it cost $1.99 for you to purchase it.

12. Homer

Designed and developed for kid’s ages two through eight it’s available on Android and IOS devices. It uses the phonics approach to teach your how to read or help them improve their reading. They do offer a free version but it’s very limited to what it offers.

This is probably the most expensive app on our list today but if you can afford the $79.99 charge then it’s well worth the money. Just don’t forget that they will automatically renew your subscription if you don’t cancel it on your own.

When your kids are running around and won’t sit still try letting them play one of these games and give them a thrill.

You can turn their frown upside down as they put together a puzzle of a princess wearing a crown. Here we will tell you about all the best toddler games and by the end of the week you will know all of their names!

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