10 Best Time Tracking Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Time Tracking Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Time Tracking Apps For Android & iOS

1. Smarter Time

Update: in addition to Windows and Mac computer clients, we have now added a Linux client for our open software users! Boost your time management. Strike the right work-life balance. Control your phone time, improve your focus and your productivity. Effective time tracking is the best way to get your productivity, your focus and your happiness back. Smarter Time tracks your time around the clock, and adapts to your personal goals and needs. We all lack time. Knowing ourselves isn’t easy and time management doesn’t come naturally to us. Bad time management leads to stress, burnout and bad work-life balance! Smarter Time is an automatic time tracker for all your time management needs. It’s a productivity app. It’s a phone time control and focus implement. It’s a self-improvement tool. It’s your new personal assistant. How it works: 1. Our learning brain guesses where you are and what you do. 2. It creates a detailed time log of all your activities, whether you’re reading, sleeping, showering or watching TV. 3. You get precise analytics of your time use; a comprehensive, automatic time tracker at your fingertips. Some of the ways you can use Smarter Time: ★ A time log of your daily schedule. ★ A phone time control tool to keep your focus in check. ★ Big picture analytics to properly understand your time use. ★ A productivity app to track the distractions that eat away at your focus. ★ A goal setter to build better habits. ★ A self-improvement tool to achieve proper work-life balance. ★ A time manager for your personal and professional projects. ★ A sleep tracker to make sure you always get the rest you need. ★ A time tracker to get back in touch with yourself. It’s smarter time tracking and smarter time management for a smarter life! Our privacy promise Your privacy is very important to us. By default, all your data is kept on your phone, not on our servers, and if you don’t activate the save/restore feature, it will never leave your device. Your time is the most private thing you have, and we intend for it to stand that way! — Lite version features — – Automatic time tracking of all activities – Comprehensive minute-level time log – Detailed habit learning – Place detection – Movements and physical activity recording – Google calendar integration – Phone time control – Time spent on computer – Thorough analytics – Weekly reports – Goals – Map view — Plus version features — Everything in the Lite version, Plus: – Detailed computer usage – Room detection – Custom category and activity classification – Data save and restore – Unlimited assistant usage — Known issues — – Some Android 5.0 LG and Samsung phones do not give access to app usage stats – Some phones (mostly Samsung, Huawei and Honor, Xiaomi) may kill the app frequently. You can add Smarter Time to a list of protected apps to keep the automatic time tracking working in the background. — Help us improve — We’re very keen on hearing from our users, and always ready to take their feedback on board! If you have anything you want to tell us, or any question you’d like to ask us, about automatic time tracking, time management or work-life balance in general, please drop us a line at hello@smartertime.com

2. Hours Keeper

Hours Keeper is a well designed application that you can use to easily track your hours worked and calculate your earnings. Hours Keeper allows to record your daily working hours for each client, including your overtime and break time. After earnings been calculated, you can generate PDF invoices to sent to your clients and track all the billings and the payments. Our Hours Keeper is one of the best tools to track down all the hours you have worked. Once you use the app you will want nothing else to make your hours and earnings tracking easier. KEY FEATURES – Well designed, easy to use, intuitive interface. – Realtime hours/earning tracking for multiple clients. – Weekly and monthly timesheet. – PDF invoices to send to customers. – Earnings reports. – Calendar to map your daily earning for each month. – Billing and payment tracking. – Configurable overtime and break time for time tracking. – Export data as CSV. – Sync data between all your devices. – Passcode protection. Permissions Used in Hours Keeper 1. Storage: Hours Keeper needs this permission to store exported files in your phone. And when you choose to upload a photo from Gallery, Hours Keeper needs this permission to read photos. 2. Camera: Hours Keeper needs this permission to take photos when you choose to upload a photo via camera. 3. Phone: Hours Keeper needs this permission to make a call when you choose to contact the client directly within app. 4. Contacts: Hours Keeper needs this permission to read contacts in your device when you choose to import a contact as client. This free version is an ad-supported version, you’re free to add 2 clients and generate 2 invoices, we also offer an ad-free version with no function restrictions(available as in-app purchase). If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to hourskeeper.a@bluetgs.com , and you will get the response with solutions in a short time.

3. Boosted – Productivity & Time Tracker

Achieve more by improving your productivity with the Boosted – Time & Productivity Tracker app. Organize your activities, track the time you spend on them, and get insights about how you use your time by viewing intuitive statistics. Features ★ Time tracking for your activities with a single click ★ Organize your projects into smaller tasks ★ View the daily and weekly amount of time you spend on a project ★ View your most productive days for a project ★ View a history of your activities in a chronological timeline ★ Quickly check your total daily time for a project from the notification ★ View all of your tracked activities in a calendar ★ View detailed reports of all your tracked time ★ Backup and restore your data to Google Drive Take control of your time and productivity by installing the Boosted – Time Time & Productivity app for FREE! Boosted – Time Tracker & Productivity app does not store any of your personal data.

4. Time Tracker – Timesheet

Gleeo Time Tracker is a simple and easy to use time recording tool, optimized for your touch-screen device. Track time with minimal effort, easily switch between projects and tasks, or access on-the-fly statistics to see your recorded times at a glance. Features 👍 Create Projects and assign Tasks to them. 👍 Enter unique details for each time entry. 👍 Record multiple tasks at the same time. 👍 Alternatively enter time ranges manually. 👍 Edit existing data in the animated timeline. 👍 Organize your entries by high-level domains, projects, and individual tasks. 👍 Turn each domain on or off to easily organize and view different kinds of activities. 👍 on-the-fly reports for a fast overview. 👍 Optional backup to local memory and to Google drive. 👍 Export and import data in CSV format, and analyze your data using your favorite spreadsheet program (such as Excel, Google Sheets, or LibreOffice). 👍 Full Featured and Completely Ad Free! Extended Services ⭐ Sync&Team™ The Sync&Team monthly subscription service offers professional end-to-end encrypted synchronization between Android devices, team time recording, web-based data management, and much more. More infos: https://gleeo.com/index.php/en/guide-web-app-en ⭐ Automagic Premium For time recording with the Gleeo Time Tracker app, Automagic opens a wide range of features. You get a lot of triggers to start and stop recording (GPS, Geofence, Netzwork, NFC, Time, Phone Calls, …). With Automagic you create reminders, make periodic backups to your SD card, and much more. More infos: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.gridvision.ppam.androidautomagic Reviews http://androidbooth.com/best-time-tracking-timesheet-apps-android/

5. ATracker – Daily Task and Time Tracking

Introducing ATracker – Managing your time, beautifully. ATracker is a time tracking app that is very easy to use and requires minimal setup. It supports: one tap to start / stop time tracking; bar or pie charts showing where your time went; fully customizable user interface; categorize tasks with tags; data export; sync data between multiple devices; It’s a fresh way to organize your day… within a few taps. SCOPE ATracker is a clean and minimalistic way to track: – Different tasks and projects at work – School studies and projects – Exercises – Socializing – Homemaking tasks – Baby or child daily activities – Hobby projects – or any activity people want to track and control FEATURES – Start and stop tracking a task by just one tap. – Overview of today’s time spending on the Today tab. – Complete activity log. Show activities on any given date. Add missed or modify existing activity. – Customization of activities with hundreds of icons to choose from. You can also color code the activities. – Able to keep notes for each task entry. – Statistics in bar charts and pie charts. – Group tasks by tags and allow user to filter tasks by tag on Today tab, as well as aggregate the data by tag in reporting. – Activity timer does not stop even when the application is not running, or your mobile is in sleep mode. – Set alarm for activities. Alarm will sound even when the app is not running. – Gesture support – Full customization of UI with more skins and allow user to use own image as background. PRO FEATURES (One time cost) – No Ads. – Unlimited tasks – Data export. WEB SUBSCRIPTION With web subscription, ATracker supports sync across multiple devices. It also provides web access to ATracker services besides the app. This add-on is optional. With subscription, user can add unlimited numeric and drop down tags as well. Life is precious and so is your Time. So, stop wasting your time and get organized NOW. — If you enjoy using our productivity tool, please leave us a rating and review to show your support for us!

6. SelfM

Spending only a few minutes a day on logging your working hours, study time, or just free time you will get daily, weekly and monthly statistics in the form of diagrams and graphs. Using this data you’ll be able to control and manage your time effectively. This tool helps to concentrate on work, reduce waste time, and improve the productivity. This simple task will change your life more than you expect. The Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, states that, only 20% of our work produce 80% of the result, while the rest of the time we waste on ineffective work. Regardless of how organized we are, there are just 24 hours in a day, which are not restored, however could be managed. So we have to manage ourselves. SelfM Time tracker is a quick and FREE way to perform the main task instead of you. Setup it once, add your activities and go ahead. Each unlock points out the activity you have spent your time on. Apply goals and alerts features, review your progress with record logs and statistics, increase your productivity. You can use SelfM Time Tracker as a routine schedule organizer, productivity habit tool, timetable planner, daily task reminder, student calendar, daily time manager or daily planner. The permissions we request of your phone are designed to make this tracking possible. SelfM Time Tracker is optimized for not influencing on system performance and battery consumption of your phone Application features: • Direct control from lock screen • A productivity app for tracking the distractions that eat away your focus • Easy and intuitive interface, track you activities without effort • Many statistics, graphs and pie charts • Reports in CSV formats • A huge number of icons for activity types • Simple and easy to use timer • Meaningful weekly/monthly charts and stats • Unlimited activities • Unlimited categories • Customizable names, colors and icons • Customize grid view for lock screen • Big picture analytics to properly understand your time use • A self-improvement tool to achieve proper work-life balance • A time manager for your personal and professional projects • A sleep tracker to make sure you always get the rest you need • Personal assistant • Best support 🙂 There is more to love Edit Activity • Drag and drop the activity to change the order • Select activity for editing • Add new activity New Activity • Add new activity, choose an appropriate color and icon for it • Add some limits and goals for your activity, if you need it • Choose the type of your activity, if it’s missing, create it yourself from here Edit Grid • Customize your display view of the application Track activity from Lock Screen • Choose your activity for a specific period, to select multiple activities press and hold it • Split your spent time between activities Statistics • Check your tracked activities from statistics and analyze your productivity • Select one or more activities to remove them • Select an activity from list, edit it if you need Settings • Lock Screen Tracking – Simply “Switch ON” and track your activities easily from your Lock Screen • Tracking Frequency – Set the frequency of appearing tracking screen • Tracking Period – If you need a specific tracking frequency or time of application to appear, just set it from here • Background Tracking – “Switch ON” and track time between current and last usage of application Feedback Thank you for choosing us. If you have certain remarks on time tracking, time management or work-life balance in general, please feel free to contact us. Your support is crucial and highly desired. If you like us and predict a great potential, please give a nice review. It will help a lot! Meanwhile, your notice of any disagreement or objection will be greatly appreciated and will serve a source of further improvement. Email: info.selfm@gmail.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/self.m.time.tracker

7. Jiffy – Time tracker

Feeling drained? Always exhausted? Does it seem like you are always working but just don’t know where the time goes? Jiffy to the rescue! A lightning fast time tracker that increases productivity by quickly generating time sheets. Powerful visuals highlight what matters to you for easy access to the most relevant information. Reduce procrastination and maximize the value of your time. The magic lies in clear and simple work tracking, freeing up time to be spent with loved ones. The first step to freedom from the constraints of time is with the Jiffy advantage. Being aware of when and how time is spent is the first step in achieving freedom from the clock. Stop the seconds from slipping away by actualizing these moments into productively tracked time. Have you ever been curious about how much time you actually spend working outside of work hours? Struggling to find a work life balance without sacrificing career or quality time? Moments add up quickly over time. To realize maximum potential, every second counts. Living a balanced life means finding time for work and pleasure. One of the chief causes of overworking is not knowing how much time is actually spent on work tasks during supposed down-time. Don’t let those moments go to waste. Save those hard-earned moments by preserving them with Jiffy. By recording all time worked, guiltless tracking keeps employers happy and lets you know when it’s time to shift focus to leisure. You work hard and time with family is well earned. Jiffy lets you prove that efficiency, for unimpeachable leisure time. Maintain a healthy work-life balance without sacrificing either. Make every second count towards your goals- both for career and family. Efficiency is Jiffy’s focus. Stay competitive in the workplace. Keep your employer happy. Improve your lifestyle and enhance the precious moments you spend with your family. Time is fleeting, make the most of it. Download Jiffy and start saving time now! Jiffy is a freemium app that offers in-app purchases. It is a “try before you buy” model, where all the features in the app are available to test out, the only limitation is that the history is limited to 4 weeks. Your data older than 4 weeks is stored, it’s just not visible until you’ve purchased the Unlimited history & Projects extension.

8. TimeTrack – Personal Tracker

Track your time with single touch in timetrack.io! Spending only a few minutes a day on this app you will get daily, weekly and monthly statistics in the form of diagrams and graphs. Using this data you’ll be able to control and manage your time. timetrack.io is the right solution for everyone: – business people with an intensive daily routine; – sportsmen who value every minute of their day; – freelancers; – everyone who is interested in what activities they spend their day on and those who want to control and optimize their time. Application features: – easy and intuitive interface – goals – pause/resume activities – groups – pomodoro – simultaneous activities (enable them in Settings) – many statistics available in form of graphs and pie charts – reports in different formats (CSV and HTML) – a huge number of icons for activity types – the best support 🙂

9. Time Recording – Timesheet App

Manage your time sheet. Basic functionality: • Check in & out • Task assignment • Daily & detailed notes • Overview of day, week, month • Reports in Excel or HTML format • Google Drive, Dropbox and OwnCloud integration for reports, backup & restore • Google Calendar Sync (one way only) Highly configurable, many additional features: • Date and time formats • Calendar options (first day of week and month, bi-weekly reporting) • Hourly rates, paid overtime • Daily, weekly and monthly target time • Home screen widgets to display running day total, with optional “punch” action • Status bar notification when checked in • Tasker/Locale plugin support • Public services for integration into other apps • Light and dark theme • Android Wear Smartwatch integration (see our Plugins) • Check-In and Check-Out using NFC Tags (see our Plugins) • Multi device sync Other remarks: • Smallest tracking unit is one minute • No parallel tracking or overlapping entries supported • List of app permissions with explanation see here: https://goo.gl/iqCHbO • This app is Android only, other versions are neither available nor planned

10. Swipetimes – Time Tracker

Swipetimes is a powerful yet very simple project based time tracker. It will effortlessly let you measure your working time or any other activities you want to monitor. It offers an absolutely great user experience and makes time tracking straightforward and really enjoyable. It’s the ideal app to measure your work time. It’s the ideal app for freelancers who need to measure their project times. It’s the ideal app for students who need to measure their learning time. It’s the ideal app for anyone who wants to track the time dimension of hers / his activities. Swipetimes supports punch in / punch out tracking as well as writing down your hours at the end of the day. It will generate accurate time sheets and statistics out of your logged times/work log. Through WIFI-based automation rules, time tracking can run even without using the app. After linking WIFIs to your projects, the tracker will start when your phone connects to the WIFI and stop when it disconnects. Another way of automating tracking is through the use of NFC tags. Distances can also be tracked by using the GPS functions the app offers. KEY FEATURES Track the time you spend with your projects and tasks. Enhance your records with tags and notes. Define time goals for you projects and be informed when you reach them. Define goals for your weekly work time and let the app manage the time account for you. You will know exactly what your current overtime is and how it evolved over time. Powerful reports will give you an exact overview of your logged time. Use filters to focus on specific projects in your statistics. Export to various formats like excel, json, xml and pdf. Use automated or manual backups to keep your data safe. Choose between cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox or store those backups on your SD card. Optional (unidirectional) synchronisation with Google Calendar will write down all logged records in a calendar you may share with your boss, your customers or whomever you want. A widget with stopwatch-like functions. Pomodoro like alarms will remind you that you should take a break or start doing something useful. Interact with the app through a status bar notification. ENJOY!!!