10 Best Tape Measure Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Tape Measure Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Tape Measure Apps For Android & iOS

1. Tape Measure – Measure with your phone

2. EasyMeasure – Measure with your Camera

EasyMeasure shows you the distance to objects seen through the camera lens of your Android device. All without a tape ruler, just by installing EasyMeasure on your phone. Simply aim your camera to an object in your surroundings, and EasyMeasure displays the distance towards that object on top of the camera image. With its amazing 3D camera overlay grid, using EasyMeasure is very intuitive and easy! Find out how far it is towards that boat at the other side of the lake. Measure how tall buildings are. Use the app as a golf-aid. Measure your friend’s height. The possibilities are endless! How does it work? EasyMeasure uses the height of the camera lens and its tilt angle to calculate the distance to the object. Simple trigonometry based on geometric triangles, but much more accurate than other approaches, like sonar and acoustics based methods. A comprehensive animated tutorial on how to use EasyMeasure is included. Features -User friendly interface with 3D engine -Measures distance like a tape ruler. Can be updated to measure the height and width of objects! -Share your results by email, Facebook or Twitter! -Includes the possibility to calibrate your device for most accurate results! -Displays accuracy of measurement -Make a picture of the image with the distance and store it in the photo album for later use. -Supports Metric and Imperial units (meters, inches, foot, yards). -Animated tutorial to explain the measurement procedure. -“Dynamic Photos”: Analyze and adapt measurements after photo is taken (Upgraded version)! -Switch on flashlight for measurements in the dark -Slick icon and user friendly interface NOTE: Measurements taken with EasyMeasure are not as accurate as measurements taken with standard tools like a tape ruler. Do not use EasyMeasure for construction or other uses where inaccurate measurements could cause personal injury or property damage.

3. Ruler by NixGame

Ruler app includes the following functions:unit converter (mm to inches, centimeters to inches), calculation of the length, straight line, calculation of area, defining the thread pitch, caliper, ruler online, etc. Ruler (tape measure) – is beautiful, functional and easy to use tool on every smartphone or tablet. Screen ruler has inflicted strokes (scale), multiple units of length (centimeter, meter, inch) used to measure the distance. Electronic ruler Features: – accuracy of measurement; – easy to use; – stylish design; – simple calibration; – set the units: cm, mm, inch; – measurement of the length (with hold function) either side of the device; – graph paper, vertical and horizontal line; – measurement in 4 modes: point, line, plane, level; – translated to 15 Languages. Tap the screen to start using the best multi-touch measuring system and find size of all curious objects around you.

4. Ruler App – Measure length in inches + centimeters

Ruler app for your phone and tablet. Measure everything with a beautiful on-screen ruler. Choose between inches and centimeters. Tap the screen to start using the best multi-touch measuring system and find the size of all curious objects around you. And all this for free. • Fast and responsive interface with beautiful modern design that looks great both on phone and tablet • Imperial (inch) and Metric (centimeter / millimeter) units • Very simple so everyone can use it – touch the screen and move the left and right handles with your fingers • Smart history for your latest measurements • Copy current length to clipboard and paste it in another app • Multi-touch caliper tool functionality • It is a handy tape measure, always in your pocket • Calibrate the app if units are inaccurate. Grab a real ruler and follow instructions in Settings menu • Learn more and send feedback on http://ruler.mobi

5. Ruler App – Camera Tape Measure

ARCore Ruler app – Powerful tape measure tool, which takes advantages of the use of Augmented Reality. Please note that AR Ruler app works only on ARCore-supported devices. Check device compatibility: https://developers.google.com/ar/discover/ AR Ruler app uses augmented reality technology (AR) to tape measure the real world with your smartphone’s camera. Target aim on the detected plane and start to use ar tape measure tool: 1) Line – allows to tape measure linear sizes in cm, m, ft, yd, apply mm ruler or inch ruler. 2) Distance meter – allows to tape measure distance from device camera to a fixed point on the detected 3D plane. 3) Angle – allows to tape measure corners on 3D planes. 4) Area and Perimeter. 5) Volume – allows to tape measure size of 3D objects. 6) Path – allows to calculate the length of the path. 7) Height – allows to tape measure height relative to the recognized surface. Photo Ruler app is designed to accurately tape measure the size of any object by either taking a picture of it or to measure it on the screen. Photo Ruler app allows you to measure things just as conveniently and precisely as with a traditional mm ruler or tape measure tool. Ruler app is ALSO AVAILABLE FOR IPHONE: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photo-ruler-measure-and-label/id1020133524?mt=8 How to use Ruler app: Photo Ruler app: Firstly, please ensure that the object you wish to tape measure and the object of known length (Base Item) are in the same picture. There is a predefined list of Base Items in the ruler app settings, including Debit/credit card and Quarter. Select the one you have. Use the Base Item which is closest in size to the object you wish to tape measure using Ruler app. Secondly, ensure that the Base Item and the object you wish to tape measure using Ruler app are in the same plane and the ruler app camera is (or was) parallel to them. This is necessary to avoid image distortions caused by the ruler app camera perspective. Align the Blue arrows against the Base item and Green arrows against the object you want to tape measure. The length of the measured object is shown on the Ruler app screen. Ordinary mm ruler app: Use screen as a traditional mm ruler app. You can tape measure size of a small object by placing it on the device’s screen and adjusting line limiters against the object. If you see that mm ruler app scale is visually stretched/ shrunken, you can reset mm ruler app calibration manually. On-screen mm ruler app can be calibrated using different Base Items, including Debit/credit card or coin. Choose between Imperial (inches) and Metric mm ruler (centimeters). Accuracy of mm ruler app: Given that you have accurately aligned markers, you will receive a measure that is as precise as when using a traditional mm ruler app or tape measure tool.

6. AirMeasure – AR Tape Measure & Ruler

Measure anything around you instantly with your phone! Use the power of augmented reality on your device to size up anything. It’s a virtual ruler in your pocket, simply point, shoot, measure. How big is that table? will that couch fit in my bedroom? Answer these questions and more with Air Measure! Never be caught without a ruler or tape measure again! AirMeasure beta for ARCore ( formerly “AR Measure” ) Note: AirMeasure requires an ARCore supported device. For a list of supported devices, see: https://developers.google.com/ar/discover/supported-devices

7. Moasure – the smart tape measure

Please NOTE: Moasure is not compatible with all smartphones, once installed the Moasure App will check your smartphone’s sensors and confirm. Convenient and easy to use, Moasure is a 300m/1000ft tape measure, ruler, protractor and a goniometer (angle measurer) – all in one simple app. Simply move your phone from one point to another point and Moasure displays the distance or height difference between the two points, or the angle between them. There’s no tape, no string, no laser beam or camera images. Instead Moasure uses the same technology found in space rocket guidance systems – the phone’s accelerometers and gyroscopes – to calculate precisely how far you have moved your phone. Moasure really is rocket science! Moasure can measure the length, width, and height of objects, as well as internal room dimensions and even inter-room dimensions. In fact, there’s not much that Moasure can’t measure. • Measures distances from 10cm to 300m (4” to 1000ft) quickly and easily. • The only app that retains its accuracy for distances greater than 10m/30ft, thanks to Moasure’s unique multi-step measurement mode. • 5 different measuring modes for measuring objects, spaces, height difference and angles. • Measures round obstacles as if they weren’t there – great for measuring room dimensions. • Label and save measurements for future reference, printing and sharing via SMS or email. • Displays in metric or imperial units. • Measures the angle between two lines or surfaces. • Distance accuracy typically 1% to 3%, depending on the smartphone model*. Angle accuracy better than 1 degree. (Watch the help videos for tips on achieving the best accuracy.) CONVENIENT: A simple app on your smartphone, Moasure is available whenever and wherever you need it. No Internet connection is needed, and there’s no need to hunt through a toolbox or kitchen drawer for a ruler, tape measure or a laser. You’ll never find yourself without a tape measure. EASY TO USE: You don’t need someone to hold the end of a tape measure, just move your smartphone from A to B and let Moasure do the rest. The measurement will be displayed on your screen instantly. FLEXIBLE: Moasure can measure almost anything, from the width of a tile to the length of your garden. If there’s something in the way, like a wall, just walk round it and Moasure will measure straight through it. USED BY PROFESSIONALS: Moasure is a serious measuring tool, suitable for use by professionals. It‘s ideal for estimating dimensions when quoting for jobs. (However, please don’t use Moasure when measuring to cut or drill material – it isn’t accurate enough to do that just yet.) RELIABLY ACCURATE: Moasure uses patented technology to get the most accurate and consistent results of any motion-measuring app available. The accuracy of the measurement depends on the phone model, and the time it takes to complete the measurement. A visible and audible timer indicates when the accuracy starts to deteriorate. For even greater accuracy, you can repeat the measurement a number of times and Moasure displays the average measurement. *Results are for measurements taking 2 to 3 seconds to complete, on a range of different premium Android smartphones. Measurements over a shorter period should be more accurate, whilst longer measurements will be less accurate. When using multi-step measurements, the accuracy is determined by the time period for each measuring step. Please see our website: www.moasure.com This App is also the companion App for the Moasure ONE – Learn more about the world’s first motion measuring tool here: www.moasure.com/one

8. AR Plan 3D Ruler – Camera to Plan

AR Plan 3D – Innovative measurement app, which uses augmented reality (AR) for quick room measurement. AR technology allows to lay virtual tape measure ruler on a real-world surfaces, making measurement process and 3D floor plan creation much easier and quicker. With AR Plan 3D ruler app you can: 1) Tape measure perimeter and height of the room in Metric or Imperial units (cm, m, mm ruler app, inch ruler app, feet, yard). 2) Tape measure doors and windows. 3) Automatically calculate perimeter, floor square, walls square and other values, which might be useful for construction materials quantity estimations. 4) 3D Floorplanner – Create 3D floor plan of the room with all measured dimensions. 5) Floorplanner – classic floor plan. 6) 2D Side view Floorplanner – Create side view floor plan. 7) Store floor plan measurements in a Floorplanner Archive. 8) Share floor plan measurements via email, message, social network, etc. Try AR Plan 3D ruler app now – we’d love to hear your feedback! Customer Support: Should you have any questions about AR Plan 3D ruler app or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us via developer email.

9. Smart Measure Tool Kit

Smart Measure Tool Kit is a toolkit app with 23 cool measure tools and utilities like ruler, spirit level, distance meter, speedometer, magnetic field meter (teslameter), seismometer, metronome and more. Toolkit list: Ruler: Ruler size can be calibrated; Spirit level: Check surface level. Spirit level can be calibrated; Speedometer; Distance meter: Measure distance and height of different objects. Distance meter can be calibrated; Protractor: Measure the slope and angle of any object. Protractor can be calibrated; Speed gun: Measure speed of moving objects; Unit and currency converter; Compass; Location (map); Stopwatch; Magnetic field meter (teslameter); Seismometer: Observe real time seismometer data, based on Richter scale; Luminosity meter: Measure the environmental luminosity (Lux); Color meter; Heart rate: Measure your heart rate with a camera and observe a real time pulse chart; Sound meter; Pitch tuner; Metronome; Thermometer; Drag Racing; Battery tester; Accelerometer. The app supports all device brands (Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, Toshiba and others). However, not all models have the appropriate sensors to support all of the measuring utilities. It is tested mostly on Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, Lenovo and Toshiba. Free app with ads.

10. CamToPlan – AR tape measure

Measure anything with CamToPlan! Horizontally and vertically! Length, distance, area of any surface… Measure everything with this virtual ruler and tape measure thanks to augmented reality and ARCore. Measuring a length is now easier than with a laser meter or any other measure tool. You draw your measurement lines in 3D thanks to the camera directly on the video of your phone or tablet. You export your plans in PNG or DXF. CamToPlan is the AR measuring app that brings your measures from cam…to…plan ! For personal or professional use, always measure like a pro. Thanks to Virtual Reality (VR), you can measure floors, dimensions of walls, windows, doors or a whole home in a few seconds. No more tape measure or ruler needed! This app has infinite applications for everybody: – Personal use: the length measure app for the handyman who loves DIY ! – Real estate professionals (real estate agent, interior design decorator or designer, architect, topographer, energy adviser…): this app will help you make a floorplan of a house, apartment, a specific room of a flat. – Construction workers can use it to quickly measure jobs : concreter, tile layer, carpet fitter, painter, drywall guy, plasterer, builder, carpenter, electrician, plumber, slater… – For gardener, landscaper, swimming pool builders and maintenance, digger, earth-moving, navvy: this app also works outside – Cost estimation professionals: this length measure app can make pricing estimates, it will be a great assistant for quantity surveyor, price studies technician, economist… – Building industry: foreman, site manager or engineer can drop their tape measure and ruler to perform a quick measurement check How does this measuring app work? It relies on ARCore by Google. Machine learning algorithms combine the device sensors data (accelerometer, gyroscope…) with odometry which analyses in real time the video of the camera and relies on visual details of images, in order to scan the environment and find the position and rotation angle of the device. Please note: – you can measure in metric (meters, centimeters) or imperial units (feet, inches) – the app measures distances horizontally (= on the ground) and vertically! – no need to remove the furniture from the room for measurements. The application determines the intersection between the floor and the target, even if it is hidden. – The application may have difficulty with some types of tiles. The accuracy is not guaranteed. – you can move while performing measurements to get closer to your target point, for maximum precision, even if it is not visible and calculated by extrapolation. Terms of use: http://misc.tasmanic.com/camtoplanpolicy.html Privacy policy: http://misc.tasmanic.com/androidctpprivacypolicy.html