10 Best Symptom Checker Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Symptom Checker Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Symptom Checker Apps For Android & iOS

1. Symptomate

What concerns you about your health today? Check your symptoms and find out what could be causing them. It’s fast, free and anonymous. Symptomate is the most advanced symptom checker that uses artificial intelligence to evaluate your symptoms. Developed and validated by doctors, Symptomate knows more than 800 conditions and will help you to check your state of health instantly. HOW IT WORKS 1. Enter symptoms Symptomate will ask you to enter basic information about yourself and your symptoms. 2. Answer a few questions Symptomate will start looking for the cause of your symptoms. It will ask you a few carefully selected follow-up questions. 3. Done! Check your results Symptomate will analyze all your answers using advanced artificial intelligence technology. As a result you will receive information on the following: • how serious your symptoms are • possible causes of your symptoms • actions to take • suggested lab tests THE APP AT A GLANCE • AI-powered symptom checker • Learns and evolves every day • Verified by physicians and data scientists (10,000+ hours of review) • 3M+ assessments performed • 800+ conditions and 1,500+ symptoms in the database • Available in many languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Polish and Slovak • No login required • … and more! 1,500+ SYMPTOMS Ask Symptomate about: • Feeling weak, tired or sick • Headache • Abdominal pain • Shortness of breath • Fever, sore throat, cough • Dizziness • Weight loss • Bloating • Back pain • Diarrhea • Chest pain • Dermatological changes, rash • … and many more FEEDBACK Have you noticed a problem or simply have a suggestion? Drop us a line at support@infermedica.com. We look forward to hearing from you! LEGAL NOTICE • The Checkup is not a diagnosis. It is for informational purposes and is not a qualified medical opinion. • Do not use in emergencies. In case of a health emergency, call your local emergency number immediately. • Your data is safe. The information you provide is anonymous and not shared with anyone. Read more in our Terms and Conditions (https://symptomate.com/site/terms-of-service/) and Privacy Policy (https://symptomate.com/site/privacy-policy/).

2. WebMD: Check Symptoms, Find Doctors, & Rx Savings

From WebMD, the one healthcare app you need to check symptoms; learn about conditions and drugs; research treatments and diagnoses; find doctors and specialists in your area; get Rx discounts available at your local pharmacy; and set medication reminders. Key Features: • Symptom Checker – Choose your symptoms, learn about potential conditions or issues, and lookup treatment and care options. • Doctor Directory – Find the closest doctors and specialists based on your current location or search by city, state or zip. • WebMD Rx – We partner with major pharmacy chains to find the lowest prescription drug prices, which often beat insurance co-pays. It’s 100% free to use. No registration required. • Medication Reminders – Never miss a dose. You’ll receive reminders when it’s time to take your medications. View daily prescription schedules and instructions, plus pill images with dosage and timing information for each drug. • Conditions – Find medically-reviewed information about conditions relevant to you and learn more about causes, treatments, and related symptoms. • Customization and Saving Functionality – Save your conditions, drugs, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and healthy living articles for secure, easy access and reference. • Drug Interaction Checker – Find and identify potentially harmful and unsafe combinations of prescription medications by entering two or more drugs in question. ABOUT WebMD WebMD Health Corp. (Nasdaq: WBMD) is the leading provider of health information services, serving consumers, physicians, healthcare professionals, employers, and health plans through our public and private online portals, mobile platforms and health-focused publications. More than 95 million unique visitors access the WebMD Health Network each month. If you are a California resident, California law may provide you with certain rights regarding our use of your personal information. For more information relevant to our users who are California residents, please review the “California Residents” section of our Privacy Policy linked on this download page or within our app. The WebMD Health Network includes WebMD Health, Medscape, MedicineNet, emedicineHealth, RxList, theheart.org, drugs.com and Medscape Education. SOURCE WebMD Health Corp. WebMD. Better Information. Better Health. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on the WebMD mobile application.

3. Your.MD: Symptom Checker, Health Tracker, HIV Quiz

**Worried about Coronavirus? Get the latest information and check your risk with Your.MD** Your.MD is a digital health platform committed to helping everyone in the world find their health through self-care. Built by doctors, data scientists and digital experts, Your.MD’s aim is to help anyone, anywhere find safe and personalised information, guidance and support for their health for free. Join the millions of people that have already used Your.MD to get better and stay healthy. Your.MD is a place where anyone, anywhere can find safe and personalised information, guidance and support for their health. Here’s how it works: Symptom Checker: When something is wrong and you’re not sure if you need to see a doctor or not. Health A-Z: When you want to research a single trusted source of health information that is easy to understand, written by qualified doctors (NHS and Your.MD writers and medical team). OneStop Health™ Marketplace: The first global marketplace of trusted health service providers and products to enable you to get better faster (personalised to our users needs). Journal: A means to document, track and check my health over time. Health Plans: Specific ‘condition-based’ actionable programs that help you manage your entire journey to better health. No matter your concern, we can help you find information about a variety of health conditions that you can care for yourself including: • Common cold • Restless legs syndrome • Throat irritation • Influenza / Flu • Sprains and strains • Hay fever • Conjunctivitis • Thrush • Food poisoning • Headaches • Bronchitis • Teeth grinding • Constipation • Chilblains Your.MD is classified as a Class I medical device registered with the MHRA and is CE accredited, which means that our services comply with European Union Medical Device Regulation. To ensure your data is safe with us, we have acquired the ePrivacy seal of compliance. (*) IMPORTANT NOTICE Your health is important to us, so before you start we need to make sure you understand how the service can help you. If you are generally healthy and don’t suffer from any chronic or rare medical conditions, we can help with identifying less serious conditions that you can manage yourself and we can guide you in whether or not you should see a doctor. Your.MD can provide safe information about specific conditions to help you decide on the next steps. Your.MD can’t consider all the information a doctor can, and is not able to identify all conditions or symptoms. We may not always understand the information you give us. You should act on the suggested next steps if you think it’s appropriate for you to do so. Always visit a doctor if you’re in doubt, or if your symptoms get worse or don’t improve. If your situation is serious, always call the emergency services. Your.MD is not liable for any of your decisions, acts or omissions you make. Your.MD cannot be used for information about babies, children aged 15 and younger, pregnant women, people on immunosuppressive treatment, and people with complex or long-term conditions. For more information read Your.MD Terms of Service, section “Our liability and disclaimer of warranties”.

4. Ada – your health companion

Manage your health with Ada, your health companion. Ada can help you, your family, and your friends analyze symptoms and receive personal health assessments. Developed by doctors and scientists, Ada knows thousands of symptoms and conditions. **A recently added condition, COVID-19 – the disease caused by the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) – which can now be assessed with Ada.** How does Ada help you? 1. You tell Ada what’s bothering you. 2. You then answer some simple, personalized questions. 3. Ada starts to assess what could be wrong. 4. Ada then provides relevant information about your health. What can you expect from Ada? – Privacy and secure data – we respect your privacy and apply the strictest data regulations to protect your information – Option to share your assessment – you can easily share information about your health and activity with your doctor – Personalized information – you get guidance that’s specific to your unique health profile What can you tell Ada? There are no wrong questions. Here are some common symptoms: – Fever – Loss of appetite – Headache – Abdominal pain and tenderness – Nausea – Fatigue – Vomiting – Dizziness – Cough Common conditions: – Common cold – Influenza infection – Viral sinusitis – Diabetes – Tension headache – Migraine – Irritable bowel syndrome – Anxiety disorder – Acute panic attack – Depression – Chlamydia – Gonorrhea – Herpes Common categories: – Skin conditions, such as rashes, acne, insect bites – Pregnancy concerns – Children’s health – Sleeping problems – Indigestion issues, such as vomiting, diarrhea – Eye infections Disclaimer The Ada Health App is a Class I medical device in the European Union. Registration in other markets is pending. Improving Ada is a constant goal of ours, which is why your feedback is so important to us. If you have any, please get in touch at hello@ada.com

5. K Health | Symptoms, Doctors

K Health provides digital primary care for less. We use smart technology to bring you quality medical care at a fraction of the price. The internet doesn’t understand who you are or your medical history, and seeing a doctor can be expensive and inconvenient. But with K Health, you get smarter health information for free and can chat with an expert doctor in minutes, all for less than a copay. Turn to K Health anytime you don’t feel well to understand your symptoms, chat with a doctor, get a prescription, or manage any other primary healthcare need you may have. Worried about Coronavirus? Use K’s free risk assessment to understand any symptoms you may be experiencing and connect with a doctor for less than a co-pay. HOW IT WORKS First, understand what’s most likely wrong for free. Chat with K to learn how doctors diagnosed and treated thousands of people like you with similar symptoms. Rather than worrying and waiting, get immediate answers you can trust. Next, chat with an expert doctor to discuss treatment options (no insurance needed). They’ll review your case, advise the best treatment plan, and prescribe medication or lab tests if necessary. Come back to K Health as your symptoms evolve, or when you have new questions in the future. Your medical history will be saved in one easy to review place and you can get continuous care over time from great doctors. WHY YOU CAN TRUST K We never sell, rent, or share your personal health information. K is both HIPAA + GDPR compliant, meaning it is both secure and private. K was built by hundreds of expert doctors and scientists. K’s information is based on millions of real medical cases, not on rules written by a small handful of people. K helps thousands of people live healthier lives every day — see our 10,000+ 5-star ratings in the App Stores! Talk to K and our expert doctors about: Coronavirus Cold & flu symptoms Back pain & neck pain Headaches Abdominal pain Chest pain Rashes Fatigue Stress Bladder infections Insomnia Anxiety & depression Hundreds of other health symptoms and medical conditions You speak, we listen! Your feedback helps us improve K. Support: feedback@khealth.ai Learn more at http://khealth.ai

6. mySymptoms Food Diary & Symptom Tracker

Record, track, and analyze your food, mood, and symptoms to gain insights into your digestive health. mySymptoms makes logging a food and symptom diary easy – remembering your favorite foods and providing customizable symptoms. The diary analysis reveals any patterns that emerge between your diet and symptoms. Print a PDF (Android 4.4 or above) / web report of your diary/journal. DIARY / JOURNAL • Record food, drink, medication, stress, exercise, environmental factors, and other activities and notes • Record any symptoms you experience (including intensity, duration, and notes) • Record your energy, sleep quality, and bowel movements (using Bristol scale) • View and modify your diary entries • Create and modify your own symptoms • Export your food diary as a PDF (Android 4.4 or above), CSV, or Web report for printing or sharing INSIGHTS • Discover any patterns between your diet and symptoms • View suspect foods, trends, and correlations between food and symptoms • Configurable analysis ORGANIZER • Add or modify your own drinks, foods, medications, exercises, and other activities • Add or modify meals with your own ingredients • Add or modify detailed ingredients to any item – food, drink or medication HOW TO USE • Simply begin by tracking your meals along with any symptoms you experience • Over time, the more you track, the more the analysis algorithms have to work with to provide any insights mySymptoms is used by sufferers of: • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) • IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) • Food intolerance and sensitivities such as dairy, gluten, lactose • Acid reflux • Crohn’s disease • Celiac disease • SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) • Ulcerative colitis • Migraines & cluster headaches • Eczema • Bloating, heartburn, and many other digestive conditions mySymptoms is also useful for recording a FODMAP diet. Please note that the analysis algorithms use statistical methods to identify suspect foods/items and do not understand your diet or specific health circumstances. The information provided by this app is not medical advice. Always consult a doctor if you have any concerns about your health. Always consult a licensed health professional prior to modifying your diet. GO PREMIUM • Advanced analysis including ingredients and food groups (where provided) • Detailed results for each item includes more specific information, a histogram and trend chart • Review events a food or symptom appears in • No adverts mySymptoms also provides a list of common symptoms for food intolerance, IBS, IBD and Crohn’s, but you can add extra symptoms as required. Terms: http://mysymptoms.net/terms NOTE: mySymptoms Food Diary currently supports portrait orientation only. SUPPORT If you experience any issues with mySymptoms, then please contact our support team – we will do our utmost to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thanks! support@skygazerlabs.com MORE INFORMATION Web: www.mysymptoms.net Twitter: twitter.com/mysymptoms Facebook: fb.me/mySymptoms Enquiries: hello@mysymptoms.net

7. Common Symptom Guide

The Common Symptom Guide is the most trusted and easy-to-use reference for quickly and accurately evaluating and treating patients based on presenting symptoms. ***This is a fully functional 1-day trial version*** The Guide includes lists of pertinent questions, physical findings, and differential diagnosis for more than 100 of the most common adult and pediatric symptoms so you can instantly diagnose and treat the complaint. Turn to Common Symptom Guide for important guidelines on:  • Patient and family history  • Physical examination  • Diagnostic considerations  • Medications  • Evidence-based medicine references  • Up-to-date medical information  • Many references to key websites  • Additional information on the author’s website “This is a book of lists to help inexperienced healthcare providers hone their skill at progressing from symptoms to a differential diagnosis to treatment decisions. This is a necessary step in a student’s development and this book goes a long way in assisting in this process. 3 Stars.” – Doody’s Review Service NEW! Lookup words in any other Android app with the Tap to Translate feature, and do it in style with any of the four colorful new themes. Also includes advanced search and language tools that have become the staple of quality language apps from MobiSystems, Inc. SEARCH TOOLS – effortlessly find words thanks to a clear, functional, and easy-to-use interface. Designed to provide the most comprehensive search experience the dictionary combines several search tools to match or suggest what you are looking for, including:  • Search autocomplete helps find words quickly by displaying predictions as you type  • Keyword lookup allows you to search within compound words and phrases  • Looking for a specific word but don’t know how it’s spelled? We’ve got you covered with our automatic ‘Fuzzy filter’ to correct word spelling, as well as ‘Wild card’ (‘*’ or ‘?’) to replace a letter or entire parts of a word  • Camera search looks up words in the camera viewfinder and displays results  • Use our Voice search when you don’t know how an entry is spelled  • NEW! Tap to Translate entries in other apps  • Share word definitions via installed apps on your device LEARNING TOOLS – engaging features that help you further enhance your vocabulary.  • Designed to give you the freedom to structure your studies the way you see fit the ‘Favorites’ option allows you to create custom folders with lists of words from the vast library of entries  • ‘Recent’ list to easily review looked-up words  • ‘Word of the day’ section to expand your vocabulary daily  • Home screen widget provides random words at a glance Get MORE by purchasing the full version:  • Permanently unlock the complete features list  • Offline mode – look up words without an internet connection  • Premium Support – Get expedited support for any app-related issues  • Ad-free

8. Updoc: Health diary

Doctor asked for your symptoms but you can’t exactly remember what they are or how they have evolved? Are you feeling unwell and want to keep a detailed history of your symptoms? Do you need to track your daily medication and relevant exams? You never have to worry again, we got you covered! Download Updoc and keep all your health information in one place: – Track your symptoms, measurements, medication and examinations – Define your own logs – Add photos of symptoms or exam results – Check your progress through graphs – Export and share your logs with family and doctors – Automatic backup on the cloud so you never lose your data – Sync across different devices and platforms Also available on Updoc Pro with an annual subscription: – Create multiple profiles for family members Keeping a diary of your health has never been easier. Updoc: your health, every day!

9. Diagnosis Medical App

Diagnosis Medical App is a unique project that combines medicine with computer-generated artificial intelligence designed by professional doctors from several US American university hospitals. In the context of a simulated conversation between doctor and patient you receive questions that you can answer individually. The aim is to find a suspected diagnosis based on your given answers about your symptoms and to provide you with individual information which you will need for a possible meeting with your real doctor. Diagnosis Medical App will help you understand how your doctor analyzes your symptoms. This interactive app is designed for people with no medical expertise. How does this app work? Diagnosis Medical App is driven by advanced artificial intelligence that synchronizes your symptoms with the largest existing medical data base that includes more than 1500 combinations of symptoms. Diagnosis Medical App complies with the latest scientific standards and receives updates regularly so that we can ensure that this app meets the highest medical standards. Try out this app to learn more about your health problems! FEATURES: ✔ Designed by professional doctors from several US American university hospitals ✔ Evaluation of your given information with the aim to find a suspected diagnosis ✔ Simulated interview between doctor and patient ✔ Individual questions and individual answers that fit to your symptoms ✔ Advanced artificial intelligence ✔ Largest existing medical data base with more than 1500 combinations of symptoms ✔ Risk assessment for several diseases that you may develop in future ✔ Medical advice as a preparation for your next meeting with your doctor Diagnosis Medical App does not replace a consultation with a doctor! This app should not be treated as doctor’s advice or a final diagnosis. It is meant to be used as an additional help for your meeting with a doctor.

10. Caidr | Symptom Checker & Healthcare Guide at Hand

Caidr is an innovative digital healthcare app developed by healthcare professionals in the UK and can save you a trip to the NHS GP by diagnosing common medical ailments and advising solutions from self-care to Pharmacist visit or Doctor referral. Help save the health service time and money by seeing your AI Dr first. Benefits + Solutions to common ailments at your fingertips + Easier access to professional healthcare advice + Quick access to information – no need to wait and take a day off for a GP appointment + Convenience – always in your pocket for emergencies + Available worldwide and in multiple languages How it Works Caidr enables the assessments of medical ailments in the form of a user-friendly smartphone app, by asking users to respond to a series of questions related to their symptoms, then producing a diagnosis or giving advice based on the answers selected. Where appropriate, Caidr will provide users with assistance and advice on self-management of their symptoms, with clear referrals to a doctor when necessary. Caidr’s backbone is our in-house developed, cutting-edge, patent-pending software algorithms. These enable the app to assess the severity of symptoms, offer users self-care advice, state when referral to a pharmacist/doctor is needed, and as well as other innovative digital healthcare solutions. Medical Disclaimer Users are reminded to seek a doctor’s advice in addition to using this app, and before making any medical decisions. Users are reminded that the advice given by this app does not replace the opinion of a medical professional and need to seek the advice of a pharmacist or doctor in addition to using the app before making any final decisions. If in any doubt, please consult a pharmacist or doctor in addition to using this app, and before making any medical decisions