10 Best Stickers Maker Apps For Whatsapp & Telegram

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Here are the 10 Best Stickers Maker Apps For Whatsapp & Telegram.

10 Best Stickers Maker Apps For Whatsapp & Telegram

1. LINE Creators Studio

LINE Creators Studio is an official LINE app that lets you easily create stickers from photographs for free. Take pictures of pets, friends’ funny faces, or smiling kids and turn them into LINE stickers! These personalized stickers are a great way to add some fun to your chats with friends and family. – Stickers must be submitted for review before they can be sold. – Please note that stickers submitted for sale through this app will not receive revenue shares. What can you do with LINE Creators Studio? • Easily create your own LINE stickers and use them for free. • Write a message on your photos and turn them into stickers. • Use filters to transform your photos and illustrations however you like. • Use the canvas to create your own illustrations. • Submit your stickers for review and place them on sale from your smartphone. LINE Creators Studio Official Site https://creator.line.me/en/studio/ For troubleshooting and other questions, please contact us by filling out the form from the link below. https://contact.line.me/categoryId/11816

2. Diwali Stickers For WhatsApp ( WAStickerApps )

Disclaimer – StickoText acts as a third Party WAStickerApps to support adding stickers to WhatsApp. This is not anyway related or associated with WhatsApp. Now create any sticker For WhatsApp and WAStickerApps, using any image, add any text in any language. Below are the main features + Animated Stickers For WhatsApp : Animated Stickers Support has been added for WhatsApp. + GIF Maker : Search any GIF and add any text on the GIF to create Custom GIF Stickers + Sticker Maker: Create any sticker whatever you can think of using text, images ( from camera / Gallery ), emoticons (emoji), Memes (Funny Faces) etc. & share through any of your favourite social networking chat application. + Handmade Pencil Stickers : Create Free Hand Stickers using pencil tool and write anything in your own language and convert it into stickers. + Text Stickers : Create unlimited text stickers by typing in your own language with different colors and fonts. Using other WAStickersApps you cannot add text to stickers but with this app you can easily write whatever you want:-) + Personal Stickers: Convert your transparent background png image to stickers and add text to your personal stickers. + Create unlimited stickers packs : You can create unlimited sticker pack with various types of stickers created by your own. (WAStickerApp Third Party Sticker Packs for whatsapp) + Any language Support: As you can create text stickers in your own language so text stickers can be create in any language like Spanish, German, Brazilian (Portuguese), Indonesian, Russian, Arabic and all others. + Indian Desi Hindi Stickers : You can create Desi Hindi stickers in all Indian languages like Odia, Bangla, Kanada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Hindi etc. + Happy Birthday / Happy Anniversary Stickers : Write Text on Birthday Buddy Picture and decorate it with Birthday Balloons, Birthday Candles, Birthday Caps Gift, Cakes and various emojis to create Birthday Stickers/ Birthday Cards etc. You can even create birthday photo frames and Birthday Greeting Cards using this application. + Love Stickers / Love Emojis/ Love Memes / Valentine’s Day Stickers and Emojis : A range of Love stickers and emojis are available as below Hug Stickers, Kiss Stickers, Love Couples Stickers, Propose Stickers, Flirt Stickers, Stickers for Chocolate Day , Rose Day, Teddy Day, Gift Day and much more. + Dynamic Emojis : Create unlimited dynamic Emojis for various categories. + Unlimited Memes : Memes stickers/ Emojis are available for each category like love, Sad, Happy, Angry, Like, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year 2019 etc. +Photo Collage : Very easy to make beautiful collage using drag and drop of multiple images from camera and gallery. Lot of Photo frames are available for Love, Birthday, Happy New Year 2019 , Merry Christmas etc. +Ready Made Sticker Packs: If you do not want to create stickers or emoji pack your own that a range of ready Made HD Sticker/ Emoji pack are available and ready to use. Almost for all categories stickers pack are available. + Choti Diwali Stickers For WAStickerApps, Happy Diwali Stickers For WAStickerApps, Subh Deepawali Stickers for WAStickerApps, Happy Bhai Dooj Stickers, Happy Goverdhan Stickers for WAStickerApps added. + Halloween Stickers For WaStickerApps Added + Christmas 2020 Stickers For WAStickerApps, Happy New Year 2020 Stickers for WAStickerApps will be added. StickoText is a single app with all the functionality you are looking for creating Personal stickers packs or use ready made sticker pack used as Third Party WAStickerApps. So Please download and enjoy StickoText. This is fully WAStickerApps Compatible so you can easily add Stickers from This Third Party StickoText to Your Whatsapp.

3. Sticker Maker Studio

Create your own sticker packs from WhatsApp. You can use memes, or your own photos, any photo from your phone will work, Make Sticker packs for pet, your girlfriend, your family, your friends in 4 easy steps. 1. Select name for your pack 2. Add the stickers to the pack, cut them with your finger. 3. Publish the Sticker pack 4. ENJOY! Please note: If you can’t add the stickers to WhatsApp, it means you haven’t received the latest update. You can wait for the update to come via google play, or update via the website of WhatsApp. This is experimental, so let me know what you think and what I should change.

4. Stickery – Sticker maker for WhatsApp and Telegram

The best app to create and edit your custom stickers has arrived. Use Stickery, formerly Sticker Maker 22: Studio, to make stickers for WhatsApp and Telegram and share them with your friends. Use your own photo or a downloaded image to create your own memes. Explore and download the sticker packs made by artists around the world. You can even find them on their social networks and thank them for making those awesome images. Follow the steps to generate your sticker pack. 1. Create a new sticker pack. 2. Add the photos through the camera or gallery. 3. Edit your sticker using your finger or select a shape for your sticker. 4. Customize your sticker choosing its border. 5. When you have your stickers created, export the pack to WhatsApp and Telegram. 6. Share your newly created pack with your best stickers with your friends. For any question or feedback you can get in touch at hello@bocadil.com.

5. Sticker Studio – Sticker Maker for WhatsApp

Sticker Studio is the best app to create personal WhatsApp and Gboard stickers. Easily cut out the part of an image you would like make a sticker of and share them with your friends. Features: ✔ Create unlimited sticker packs for WhatsApp and Gboard ✔ Use your camera to capture photos or select from your library ✔ Draw the outline of the sticker with your finger ✔ Add text and drawings to your stickers ✔ Scale stickers to the perfect size ✔ Add stickers to WhatsApp ✔ Add stickers to Gboard and use them everywhere ✔ Cut out fixed shapes ✔ Combine stickers for the ultimate laugh

6. Sticker.ly – Sticker Maker & WhatsApp Status Video

Discover millions of funny WhatsApp stickers and create your own stickers. – Explore millions of funny stickers and use them in your chats and status – Create stickers from your photos with new Auto Cut technology – Easily export your stickers to WhatsApp (WAStickerApps) – Share your sticker packs with friends through custom links Here’s how to create sticker pack for WhatsApp. 1. Name your sticker pack. 2. Select photos and cut out stickers from your photos 3. Add captions to give your stickers more character. 4. Export your stickers to WhatsApp and send them to friends. Stay up to date with Sticker.ly! – Official website: http://www.sticker.ly – Official Facebook page: https://facebook.com/stickerly.official – Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/stickerly.official Image segmentation technology by NALBI Inc. * Are you looking for funny WhatsApp stickers and video status? Try this Sticker.ly app – Sticker Maker & Video Status for WhatApp – including more than 500,000 sticker packs and thousands of video status! TV Shows & Movies, Celebrities & Models, Animals, Sports, Anime, Funny memes, Beautiful illustrations & Graphics, Lyrics, Quotes, Typo, Emojis and so on! * Create WhatsApp Stickers with Sticker.ly – Sticker Maker & Video Status for WhatsApp! Sticker.ly is free sticker maker for WhatsApp that can easily turn your photos into stickers. We are super smart and clean sticker maker app for WhatsApp. * Customize your stickers with WhatsApp Sticker Maker! Sticker.ly is all-in-one sticker maker to customize stickers for WhatsApp. You can adjust the position, size and angle of your sticker. You can also add captions on each sticker. With this WhatsApp sticker maker, you can create unlimited custom stickers for WhatsApp.

7. Graphic Design- Sticker Maker & Logo Design

Graphic Design is the easiest sticker maker and logo design app to create sticker and to create a logo. If you are a graphic designer, look no more as this app has everything you need as a logo maker, emoji maker and even an icon maker. Even if you are a amateur designer, this app is simple for anyone to use. Simply download the app and start making your own vector art now! So here’s what to expect in the graphic design app: Create Sticker -the most advanced sticker maker tools are all in the app. flip, rotate, duplicate all the different elements to create the most unique sticker Logo Design -the app contains tons of logo design elements to make a logo in just a few clicks Icon Maker – always wanted to easily create an icon while on the go. now you have it. simply drag and drop the different elements to create your own icon Emoji Maker – emoji is trending right now and you don’t want to miss out. want an emoji maker that create unique and funny emoji. graphic design app has it. And here are some functionalities in the app that makes it a logo maker: 500+ graphical elements – mix, match and combine all the sticker maker elements to create stickers and logo easily Add text -logo creator tools are not complete without 100+ fonts to play with. choose the most suitable font for your art Filters for emoji maker – add some color correction to your emoji Save and share – save and share the work and let people know you found an icon maker app So what are you waiting for? Download the app now and start creating label, icon and many different things!

8. StickersApp: Create and Share Stickers & Memes

Try the new feature to send the sticker/meme directly (via WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) and easily send larger images! Touch and hold the sticker you want to send to open the context menu and choose “Share” from the menu (or press the “Share” button from the sticker detail). Main features Easily create your own WhatsApp stickers from your photos or images. Create your own memes by adding texts. Decorate your sticker by composing images, texts and stickers. Import sticker packs from all third-party apps installed on the device. Browse all your stickers in one single view. Organize your stickers by copying them or moving them between different packs. Add your own, custom sticker packs to WhatsApp. Send your stickers across to your contacts and friends. Export to file and share your sticker packs. Import sticker packs from files previously exported or shared by your friends. Additional features The app also works with GBWA and GBWA3. You can make your stickers by freely composing one or more images, texts or stickers. Each layer can be moved, resized or rotated using touch gestures. Each image can be cropped by tracing the outline and you can set the color and size of the border or delete it. The freehand drawing can be performed with several distinct touches and it is possible to rotate, zoom and move the image and then continue with the outline drawing. A circle with an enlarged view facilitates the creation of the cutline. An undo button allows you to delete the last outline point. You can change the color of the texts (fill and stroke). You can add shadows to texts by setting the color (even with transparency), the position and the amount of blur. Each layer can be brought forward or in the foreground or backward or in the background or it can be removed. The final size of the sticker is optimal, always with a 16-pixel margin. You can also send the sticker image (or meme) by sharing the sticker directly (via WhatsApp, Instagram, …). In this case, any transparent part will be cut out, a white background will be applied and the image will be sent with the resolution up to 1024 x 1024 pixels. iOS version available on the App Store: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1466606314. Enjoying StickersApp? Would you like to leave a rating here? Thank you!

9. YourMoji – Custom Emojis, GIFs

10. PicsArt Photo Editor + Collage

PicsArt is your go-to, all-in-one photo and video editor on mobile. Access impressive photo effects, drawing tools, image editor, collage maker, sticker maker, camera, photo filters, video editor, free image library, face editor with face swap, beautify tools, and more! Unleash your creativity with the 14th most downloaded app worldwide in 2019 with over 700 million downloads to date. Start with your picture or one from our network and give it a crop, cut out, or grid. PicsArt is home to the hugely popular sketch effect, glitch effect, vintage filters, aesthetic stickers, and more. AND it’s FREE! Show off your awesome pictures on Instagram with #picsart and you might be featured! PHOTO EDITOR Thousands of amazing tools for cropping, stretching, and cloning. A full library of artistic photo filters (including HDR), frames, backgrounds, and borders. Use brush mode for fine-tuning and make double exposures using layers with adjustable transparency. 100+ fonts make it easy to add text to pictures and create memes. VIDEO EDITOR Some of our coolest photo features are now enabled for video. Bring your unique story to life by adding fun filters and stickers, then adjusting the size for social media. No professional experience required! REPLAY Cut your editing time in half. Replay allows you to view editing steps (from start to finish) and easily apply them to your own image with just one tap per step. Each step is customizable to your liking. The PicsArt community adds hundreds of new Replays a day and recently added Replays are available to use at any time. REMIX AND FREE-TO-EDIT IMAGES PicsArt was the first to allow image remixing on mobile! Start with any photo with the #freetoedit hashtag, add a personal touch by editing it your way, then share back to the PicsArt community. SKETCH Take any selfie and create a sketch that looks hand drawn. The Sketch effect automatically detects the outline of your portrait and does the work for you. Change the background and line color to your liking. Five Sketch effects available. PICSART GOLD Go Gold! PicsArt’s Gold subscription gives you access to THOUSANDS OF PREMIUM STICKERS, FONTS, FRAMES, COLLAGES, AND MASKS! We’re adding NEW EXCLUSIVE content all the time. All of this with an ad-free editing experience. Get over $3,000 worth of content for a nominal monthly or annual subscription fee. Start your PicsArt Gold membership with a free trial. Limit one free trial per Google Play account. Once the trial is over, you’ll be charged a nominal subscription fee. Your Gold subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. If your subscription is subject to any promotional discount, the discount will expire upon the end of the current period and you’ll be charged the standard rate upon renewal. Go to your Google Play to manage your membership and to turn auto-renew off. Your Google Play will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. Read more about our terms and conditions here: https://picsart.com/terms-and-conditions FREE STICKERS & STICKER MAKER PicsArt’s Cutout Tool lets you create and share custom Stickers out of any picture. 5 million+ free user-made Stickers and clipart are already available in-app. Add Stickers to pictures (30+ Stickers per edit), remix others’ images and share. MAGIC EFFECTS PicsArt’s Magic Effects give your photos a complete makeover in just one click. Choose from a handful of amazing designs like Galaxy, Rainbow, Flora, and White Ice. COLLAGE MAKER AND GRIDS PicsArt’s collage maker provides 100+ free, easy-to-use templates. Make grid-style, templated, or freestyle collages. DRAWING PicsArt Draw includes customizable brushes, layers, and professional drawing tools. CHALLENGES PicsArt’s Challenges are fun and easy! New challenges, added daily, are a great way to find inspiration. About Ads: https://picsart.com/privacy-policy#interest-base