10 Best Speed Dialing Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Speed Dialing Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Speed Dialing Apps For Android & iOS

1. Speed Dial – Smart T9 Dialer

Speed Dial Free is an excellent app for easy and rapid call, email and message to your speed dial contacts . Its the best way to quickly communicate with your frequently used contacts. It can be used in emergency situations for quick call and SMS. Features: ▶▶ Speed Dial page For instant call, User can add speed dial contacts by tapping on speed dial empty cell. The default action is tap to call the contact and long press for SMS which can also be changed from the setting options (message via whatsapp, audio / video call via whatsapp, call reminder, email , share contact ) .There are total ten pages and user can assign names to each page.USSD and MMI codes can be saved and dialed from Speed Dial page and Dial pad. ▶▶ Groups – Group SMS and Group Email User can now set up maximum of ten groups (for ex. Family, Business, Friends). Each Speed Dial group can have unlimited numbers of contacts. User can send group message / email to all the members in very fast and convenient way by using the inbuilt templates. User can also add quick group with default message/mail options. ▶▶ Speed Dial widget – Contact Widget Notification Widget supports direct calling. Widget will give user an ease to call directly to the added contacts. Just tap to call the contact without having to open the Speed dial app. It will also display the contact picture and user can add as many Speed dial contacts to the quick dial widget as they want. ▶▶ Voice Command – Voice Calling and Dialing Long Press on Speed Dial Free logo on Speed dial home page for voice command dial, speak name to instantly call. ▶▶ Call Reminders User can long press on the speed dial contacts to set multiple call reminders with customized notes. This will remind user on specific time along with the note. User can keep it “one time” or can repeat the reminders daily, weekly, yearly. ▶▶ T9 Dial pad – Fast dialer search T9 Dial-pad will be use to call any number from the Speed Dial App. It includes search facility which searches your contacts by name and number in smart T9 fashion. It can also be used in left handed or right handed mode. ▶▶ T9 Dial Add-ons User can select scan QR code on the T9 Dial-pad or can set chat via What’s-App , Audio or Video call via What’s-App as a quick access option. Scan QR option will allow user to scan QR code from gallery as well as from camera. It will make a call if it is a Call QR code, send SMS if it is a SMS QR code, browse user to the valid link if it is Link QR code or it will show data. ▶▶ A complete Phone book A refreshing phone book to easily add new contacts and edit information like photo, email and phone numbers. Easy inline icons to SMS and Call. ▶▶ Customize Speed Dial Screen Customize your own Speed Dial Screen using custom background with Blur & Tint facility. Change Speed dial icon shape with Round, Square & Rounded Square. Also user can opt for black or white theme. Single click and long click action can also be customize from the main setting page. ▶▶ Backup your Contact User can take Contact backup of all or desired contacts from the phonebook section and can share or transfer backup files. ▶▶ SpeedMoji User can now add SpeedMoji to any contacts. SpeedMojis are good replacement for any photo. User can make their Speed dial page interesting by adding SpeedMoji. ▶▶ Speed Dial Watch App Speed Dial Watch App lets you call, message and email instantly from Android Smart Watch. The watch app page will display Speed dial contacts.Tap any contact to call, message and email through android wearable watch. ▶▶ Native Speed Dial Now user can add Speed Dial contacts on long press of digits 1-9 of Smart Dial pad. To set Speed Dial contacts, click on Native Speed Dial icon on right top corner and add any contact on desired digit. Long press on digit to call. ▶▶ Dark Mode Supports dark mode which reduces sleep disruption , uses less phone battery!!

2. Speed Dial Widget

Have an elderly family member or a young child that has trouble using a phone? Are you tired of searching through your contacts or recent calls to find someone you want to message, call, or video call? Then Speed dial app is for you. Speed dial widget is the best way to get in touch with your favorites with just one touch. You can Message, Call and Video call etc. Straight from your home screen. *It’s very useful for Elders* Elders or Users with bad eyesight. can easily identify Contact with Photo and Call it. *Key Features* 1) Just one tap and do Actions : Phone Call , SMS , WhatsApp message, WhatsApp Call , Skype call, Facebook messenger, Google Duo Video call. 2) Choose what to do on single or double tap on contact like Call or Message etc. Or you can choose specific action for each contact. 3) You call & message to all your selected contacts from home screen using app widget. 4) Categories your contacts into groups like Family, Business, Friends etc 5) You can add each group widget into home screen 6) Change shape of Contact List photo’s. 7) Choose app colour theme or your choice. 8) Dual SIM Support 9) Dial pad 10) Backup and Restore app data and many more…. For Redmi, Please do following setting to make the app widget working. Go to Settings–Apps– Manage apps– select “Speed Dial Widget” — here 1. Allow other permissions – Allow all options here. Please remove and again add the app widget from home screen. It will surely fix the issue.

3. Speed Dial Widget

4. Speed Dial

– Multiple SIM support – Unlimited contacts in each group. – Custom columns. – Google drive backup. – Home screen widgets. – Swipe/Fling between the groups. – Languages: Deutsch (German) English (English) Español (Spanish) Français (French) Italiano (Italian) Magyar (Hungarian) Polski (Polish) Português (Portuguese) Română (Romanian) Türkçe (Turkish) ру́сский (Russian) Ελληνικά (Greek) עברית (Hebrew) العربية (Arabic) 日本語 (Japanese) – Contacts, Dial Pad and Call Log. – Rename groups, select groups to show, group button height. – Contact label on image, label text and frame height. – App start on phone start up. – On touch select option or call or write SMS. – Contact effects, which can be customized by user. – Rounded frame and image corners. – Change added and empty contact image size. – Manual order of the contacts in the group. *And many many other options*

5. Speed Dial Lite

Looking for a fancy and simple picture dialer app? With SpeedDial you can choose up to 120 of your contacts and access them with just a single click. Define what happens on short or long click. Choose between instant call, sending a text message or just viewing the contact. Use the animated grouping feature for friends, famliy or co-workers. The easiest and best looking speed dialer you can get! *** Notice *** Please read the FAQ below if you have further questions. If you have problems please contact me first instead of giving a bad rating. If you consider to buy the full version of SpeedDial, please try the free version first! Android 3.x (Honeycomb) is not officially supported but may work. *** Features *** – 120 contact shortcuts (full version only) – 4 animated contact groups (full version only) – Swipe/Fling through the groups (full version only) – Customizable click actions – Fullscreen mode – Different layouts (small, medium, large) – Portrait and landscape support – Multiple contact phone number support – Quick and simple dialer – Open phone’s call log, contacts and dialer – Mediascanner *** FAQ *** Q: How can I add a new shortcut from my phone’s contact list? A: Long click the ‘plus icon’ on the main screen. The contact picker will come up to choose a contact. Q: Something is not working properly. What can I do? A: If the FAQ does not help, contact me using the ‘Feedback’ function in “Settings” view or ‘Contact Developer’ in the Android Market. I will try to support you as soon as possible. If you like this app, please rate it! Q: What is the difference between the full and the lite version? A: The lite version has the same features like the full version, except that it is limited to 12 shortcuts and that it does not have the grouping functionality. NO Ads! So please install the lite version first and check if it is running properly on your device! Q: My contacts do not have caller pictures. Can I nevertheless use SpeedDial? A: Yes, you can. But having caller pictures is the whole purpose of SpeedDial. If no picture is available, the Android logo and the name of the contact will be displayed. Q: Settings: What are the ‘Shortcuts Group’ sliders for? A: Define the number of visible shortcuts. If you have a set of shortcuts and reduce the number of buttons, the shortcuts will not be deleted, only hidden. After increasing the shortcut count, the shortcuts will be visible again. If the count is set to ‘0’, the view will be skipped if you cycle through your groups. Q: Settings: Functionality of ‘Short/Long Click Action’? A: If you have set up your contact shortcuts, two main actions can be performed. A short or a long click. By default a short click calls the number stored in the shortcut and a long click opens the context menu to start different actions like call number, send text message, view the contact, send a WhatsApp message, show the contact’s address in Google Maps, send Email and also replace, remove or move a shortcut. Short and long click actions can be overwritten with other actions. Please note, if you change the ‘Long Click Action’, the context menu will not be available anymore. Instead you can use ‘Actions’ from the main menu. Q: What is the ‘Actions’ menu item? A: Lets you quickly replace, move, rename or remove a shortcut. Q: What does the Media scanner do? A: Use the integrated media scanner to scan for files on your phone without unplugging the SD Card. E.g. if you cannot see new pictures in the picture gallery. *** About Permissions *** – Read Contacts: For adding a new contact and read the phone number – Call Phone: For calling a number using the phone’s dialer app

6. Speed ​​Dial

This is a fast dial-up program: – SmartInit can automatically setup shortcut for most frequent contact person – You can set each number to dial-up shortcut – You can set image as dial-up shortcut – When create shortcut for Contact, the contact image will be used if it exists. – In context menu you can send SMS to the contact – In context menu you can manual change/set name and phone number ( Ads Free Version just released , you can buy it here: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.xuecs.SpeedDialPro ) First time use click the number to select a Contact, then next time when you click on the number will dial to that Contact. Or you can long click on the number to select a image for the button or set contact. In the app menu you can batch assign Contact to numbers. v 1.0.28 Feature: Send SMS v 1.0.30 Feature: manual set Name and Number in context menu v 1.0.34 Now you can enable or disable the notification icon in About Page. v 1.0.35 Fix the crash issues when select some contact. Fix the crash issues when your phone is in vibrate mode. v 1.0.36 Now you can a number from contacts with multiple numbers. v 1.0.37 Fix one crash issues in setup page. v 1.0.39 Fix half text bug in Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus v 1.0.40 Add two options on About Page: * Go home after call end * Close app after call end v 1.0.41 * fix a bug in v 1.0.39 row height change every time v 1.0.42 * make long name better V 1.0.43 * localize about page text * minor change font size

7. QuickDial

With QuickDial you are allowed to choose 36 of your contacts/apps/bookmarks to get really quick access to. Just one single tap and it dials for you. !The missing picture dial app! Check the settings page you will find many customization options. From different designs to the way how QuickDial should behave. – 6 designs + theme creator – fancy speed dialer – suppress the annoying call log after you hang up Hint: – You find the theme creator under Settings->Design->Custom – Combine QuickDial with BigDialer, both have the same Theme creator on board letting you create your own designed speed dial app. The best speed dialer you can get. “A thing of beauty” ———————-

8. Truecaller

9. GoDial – Speed Dial/Call, Group Text, Group Email

10. Speed Dial

Simple and very useful app for those who always struggling to dial contact number. Speed Dial can be useful in case of emergency letting you make call instantly without having search for contacts. Features Images are automatically added for your favorite contacts if available in contact. Touch to call Unlimited no of contacts Swipe to Left will delete Speed Dial Contact Swipe to Right will Edit Speed Dial Contact for Privacy Policy For SpeedDial app, we are not collecting any user data, The Contact (Read) and Phone(Call) permissions using only for using App itself and not collecting any user data.