10 Best Space Strategy Games For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Space Strategy Games For Android & iOS.

10 Best Space Strategy Games For Android & iOS

1. Nova Storm: Stellar Empires

☆A mind blowing online multiplayer sci-fi space strategy game designed for everyone who who want to become galaxy hero!☆ ☆Protect your base by shooting and battling the alien fleets in Stellar Empires: Nova Storm, a stellar strategy MMORPG and base building war game. Build your empire with other players from around the globe and plan an attack with your own space fleet! Develop your stellar empire and befriend empire allies to combat both aliens and human enemies. Do you have what it takes to claim the strongest Stellar Empire?☆ Stellar Empires: Nova Storm Features: ✔ Simple Design: Every thing in the game is easy to understand and control. ✔ Realistic Battles: Build your space military base, develop your spacecraft and assemble a mighty space fleet; Capture planets, and plunder resources as your power grows with your ambitions, conquests and killings. ✔ Easy Play: Get Credits from Event easily. ✔ Forge Alliances: You can forge your own alliance or join another alliance; solid cooperations bring benefits for everyone. ✔ Global Server: Players around the world gather here and play as your friends or foes, presenting you with an extraordinary experience transcending the boundaries of cultures and languages. ✔ Multiple Gameplay Styles: The game provides a variety of types of space battles such as PVPs, Alliance Wars, Throne Wars, Space Boss Battles and Alien Invasions, etc. Fight your way to victory! ✔ Master Your Space Strategy: Develop new space technology and perfect your strategy! Find the best way to strike down your opponent in this top-notch mobile MMO sci-fi space strategy game! HOW TO PLAY You will save a struggling human base from alien attack and become its new Commander. Develop your stellar base, upgrade your buildings and research technology. Train a powerful stellar fleet of warships and plunder resources from other players, or collect resources found in the space. Join an alliance for protection, assistance and to engage in massive PVP stellar battles. Buy gift packs or complete tasks to earn items and rewards. Circumstances in battles and in-game tasks can change quickly, so items will be incredibly helpful to your survival! ☆An epic space war is waiting for you beyond the galaxy, Stellar Emperor!☆ ————————————————- Language Support: English, Russian, German, Turkish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malay, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. Follow us on Facebook to get news and updates: https://www.facebook.com/ValkyrieGameStudio/ Are you having problems? Send an email to support@valkyrie-studio.com to contact us, or contact the Customer Service staff by tapping the Feedback button on start screen.

2. Galaxy Wars: Empire

In the search of resources, humanity was forced to search galaxies throughout the universe to find an exoplanet capable of supporting human life. After traveling through hundreds of star systems and with little fuel remaining, humanity finally found a suitable planet, Planet Eden. Humanity sent its elite forces – Marine Warriors – to scout and colonize Eden. But what was thought to be a perfect place had a hidden secret. An advanced alien civilization, known as The Ancients, initially colonized Eden. The Ancients created a biological weapon called The Swarm – a powerful weapon of mass destruction. During an interstellar conflict, the Ancients lost control over the Swarm and abandoned the planet, leaving the hidden danger behind on Planet Eden. Any warning signs were thought to be only legends, and humanity rushed to colonize the planet. When the Swarm finally emerged, their devastating attack destroyed or stranded most of the Marine Warriors. What appeared to be a promising and prosperous planet became a dangerous battleground. With no other options, humanity must battle the Swarm for control of Eden to build a new home for our species. Humanity awaits a hero who can lead them to rebuild our once-prosperous civilization. Are you that Legendary Commander? Are you smart and determined enough to be spearhead of the humankind? Are you ready? Come be that hero! Join the conflict!   * “Galaxy Wars” is a massive multi-player SLG and PvP online game where players battle on an alien exoplanet. As a Commander, you must defend your base from the Swarm, ally with other human forces and build your own empire. Only strong Commanders can survive on this ruthless planet.   Game Features * Battle, chat and interact with players from around the world. Galaxy Wars provides real-time translation. You will meet players from around the globe and enjoy barrier-free communication with them. * Recruit your own team of officers. These elite warriors enhance your production and combat power. You can capture enemy officers and even shock or execute them. Their fate is in your hands. * Join or build a star alliance and recruit and fight alongside players from around the world. Lead your powerful alliance to defeat enemies and plunder resources! * Exciting PvP battle system. Will you engage in alliance warfare, fight to rule the Eden, or fight for yourself? Join the conflict and test your strategies! * Use futuristic weapons and abilities including laser cannons, energy weapons, battle mechs, base jumps and even ancient science and technology.   How to Play You will save a struggling human base from a Swarm attack and become and become its new Commander. Develop your base, upgrade your buildings and research technology. Train a powerful fleet of warships and plunder resources from other players, or collect resources found on the planet. Join an alliance for protection, assistance and to engage in massive PVP battles. Buy gift packs or complete tasks to earn items and rewards. Circumstances in battles and in-game tasks can change quickly, so items will be incredibly helpful to your survival!   ——————————————————————————————————————————————————-   Language Support: English, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Korean,Thai,Indonesian,Turkish,Arabic. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Galaxy-Wars-449701381905343/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/GalaxyWars1 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/galaxywars1/ Customer Service:CS@im30.net


4. Hades’ Star

Leave your mark among millions of players in a persistent galaxy that constantly grows and evolves. Hades’ Star is a unique online space strategy game. You are in control of a growing Empire, starting with a single planet in your own corner of space. Over time, you’ll expand to own multiple outposts, command a formidable fleet, research advanced technology, participate in diverse missions and manage relationships with other players in the game. FEATURES: • Colonize numerous planets and watch them grow from lifeless rocks to central hubs of activity. • Optimize trade routes, mine resources, explore new space and defend against the indigenous, mysterious alien space race • Build combat, mining and trade ships and customize them with powerful modules • Establish diplomatic relations with other players and dictate your rules for economic and military cooperation • Work with other players in dangerous Red Stars and retrieve resources before the star goes Supernova • Compete for rewards in the intense, rapidly collapsing Blue stars • Organize with other players in Corporations and participate in highly strategic White Star missions • Play and grow at your own pace: Nobody will unfairly steal your resources while you are offline SUPPORT If you have any problem in the game, please contact us at support@hadesstar.com, or use the in-game “Contact Support” option. PRIVACY POLICY http://hadesstar.com/privacy_policy.html TERMS OF SERVICE http://hadesstar.com/terms_of_service.html Hades’ Star uses Emoji provided by http://emojione.com

5. Galaxy Reavers-Space RTS

Pocketgamer –”Galaxy Reavers is a spectacular looking strategy space-sim” FEATURES >>> PICK UP AND PLAY >> COMBAT MODES >> INFINITE CUSTOMIZATION >> MIGHTY WARSHIPS >> IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE <<< 3D battles with detailed warship graphics will make you feel like a true galactic fleet commander! Best 3D Space si-fi games of 2017! EVE on mobile! Download Galaxy Reavers and join the fight in this 3D RTS game! Need more updates or support for this grand strategy game? Connect with us! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/galaxyreavers Twitter: https://twitter.com/GalaxyReavers Game Page: http://www.galaxyreaversapp.com/ Customer Service: galaxyreavers@gmail.com

6. AQ First Contact

Command your fleets, capture enemy player sectors and conquer the galaxy in this deep, real-time strategy game. Form a corporation with other players and declare war to take the galaxy for your own, fight off alien XENO invasions and create an unbeatable fleet. REAL-TIME PvP: Fight your enemies at war with real-time battles in space. GAME EVENTS: Battle in weekly events for top prizes. SOLO MISSIONS: Go your own way and complete missions or achievements on your own. CORPORATIONS: Create or join a corporation and crush your enemies. CHAT: Chat in real-time with players from around the world using auto-translated chat. Fight pirate factions like the Red Sun or the deadly Night Ravens or go pirate yourself and come up against powerful security forces. Research, craft and loot new equipment from the pirate fleets or other players in real time PvP, PvE and Co-op. Explore wormholes, asteroid fields, gas clouds, nebulae, and debris fields. Ships can be upgraded with new weapons, fittings, riggings and power cells allowing you to customize your fleet for each battle. Dispatch drone fleets to harvest resources while you are away. Compete in galaxy-wide events to earn legendary equipment. Join a Corporation to build stations and claim a region of space for your allies. A single universe puts you together with all your friends no matter what device you are using. ✔️ Find, loot and craft ship equipment. ✔️ Cross-platform play. ✔️ Real-time battles with up to 3v3 players. ✔️ Build stations and defend them from rivals. ✔️ Build and customize a huge fleet of ships. ✔️ Fight in a single persistent universe. ✔️ Join a Corporation and battle for control of sectors. ✔️ Real time PvE and PvP battles, solo and group play. Terms of Use https://www.sevenpointred.com/terms Privacy Policy https://www.sevenpointred.com/privacy

7. Celestial Fleet

Celestial Fleet is a powerful tactics battle game directing the fleet as admiral of the Space Fleet!  It corresponds to online multiplayer · single play.  Organize the fleet with the acquired Space Battleship to build a formation.  A space fleet battle of innovative system combining real time and turn system will be unfolded.    [Features of Celestial Fleet] Selection of play powers from two camps of different galactic empire and Galactic Federation respectively. A grand space war will be set in the galaxy! Various Space Battleships (Star Warships) appeared! We will organize the fleet and build a formation to carry out a space fleet battle. Battle is all reproduced with beautiful 3D graphics! Despite the genre of strategy game (RTS) simulation game (SLG), the battle develops very quickly and crisply. It is possible to play in one hand for neglect time etc commuting to work or commuting. We can also respond to online matches and enjoy the world wide world war with world rivals. Please win the galaxy’s champion as Commander (commander) by winning rivals all over the world on the front of the galaxy. There is also a free of mission mode that can be captured by one person. A large mobility fortress stiff enough to appear in the final mission (final mission for each level) also appears! [About Appearance Space Battleship] Hundreds of Space Battleships (Star Ship) appeared. Based on a cruiser, the strategy / tactics range widely by separately using various ships and warships such as torpedo ships, large battleships, supply ship, etc. It is possible to customize and nurture battleships in various ways, and there are also elements like role playing (RPG). Many battleships have motifs of myths / legendary weapons, fighters, goddesses, heroes. Futures and things that have motifs of real battleships such as Yamato (Yamato) are also scheduled to appear, There are a variety of weapons and equipment such as beams, torpedoes and missiles. Please organize your own strongest fleet (deck). [Game Background] The era of the Galaxy Senki (Galaxy Saga), which has been over a thousand years since the human race left the earth and entered space. The galaxy had become an alternative era in which the Empire and the Commonweight divide. Celestial Fleet is a game that depicts a single era of such a chronicle (chronicle) in the universe. ● Recommended for this type · Simulation, strategy, war · game seems to be difficult without time but those who want to play SLG with the theme of the universe. Celestial fleet can be played immediately and one mission will be over in a few minutes. You can play even during commuting time! · Those who like shooting games such as the SF mechanism gigantic stage set in the universe · galaxy. · Fans who set the stage in the near future, games that shoot with gun games and weapons like guns, military games etc. · Those who like tanks (tanks), helicopters, armored weapons, fighter games etc. · If you like games of robot and mechanical system. · Battle ship Yamato, Navy Battle · Navy · Sengoku Game etc. who likes. Basic game This is a game application you can enjoy free of charge.


*Global Server 21, now open! Available in 118 Countries! Events, events, events!!* Clash with rivals in powerful cosmic spaceship battles, manage futuristic resources and build planetary facilities on countless worlds! Bid to become the absolute galactic imperator in this epic, sci-fi real-time strategy multiplayer saga. Download ASTROKINGS to experience one of the best MMO space games on a universal scale! Immerse yourself in the game story written by New York Times bestselling sci-fi authors Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff of the Illuminae Files series, who won numerous awards such as the esteemed Aurealis Award for Best Science Fiction novel in 2015 and 2016! STORY The Nebula Imperium is no more – the emperor is dead. An untold number of worlds that served as the second cradle of mankind now lie in ruins. The unfathomable alien invaders -the Crux- and vile pirates are razing civilizations to the ground. In midst of the chaos, various factions forge federations to vie for supremacy and dominance. It is time for you to rewrite history and carve your throne in the stars! FEATURES ★ Revitalize your planet! – Construct and upgrade buildings and rebuild your planet in ruins – Recruit galactic heroes to set planetary policies, harvest resources and lead your fleets to victory and conquest – Vanquish space pirates and galactic criminals to gain spoils of war – Mine and trade space resources to build up your space colony and spaceships ★ Crush your rivals in all-out space fleet battles! – Battle against alien fleets, space pirates, and enemy squads – Build legendary spaceships including cruisers, interceptors and motherships to amass powerful fleets to wage war – Research weapons and technologies to strengthen your nation’s power and prestige – Join or lead a galactic federation with players around the world to battle against alien spaceships, and aspire to become the defender of humanity ★ 4X MMO space war! – Defeat hordes of enemy forces with your allies in massive MMO clashes – Gain state-of-the-art equipment and arms through your federation and dominate your foes – Battle and conquer enemies to secure precious resources in a space strategy game of cosmic scale! – Command using your nation’s strongest leaders and lead your fleet to MMO battle domination – Customize your fleet with dozens of spaceships to suit your space war strategy ★ Decide a national policy! – Create a national policy for your planet with each side providing specific benefits – Choose a policy of despotism and build up your space empire – Take the path of liberalism to create a powerful scientific society – Enforce your national policies to reap the benefits of your decisions ★ Form Powerful Alliances! – Create a planetary embassy and join a galactic federation – Conquer the galaxy with your friends or with new allies – Build a fleet with your allies to battle space pirates and hostile alien forces – Coordinate strategic war against enemy planets in rally attacks ★ Immersive, cinematic 3D graphics never before seen on mobile! – Space war, planetary battles and PvP action with beautiful HD graphics – Incredible galaxies to explore with stunning PC-quality visuals – Fast-paced MMO PvP spaceship battles rendered in beautiful 3D > Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/playastrokings > Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/playastrokings > Homepage: www.playastrokings.com > Customer Service: https://astrokings.freshdesk.com/en/support/home NOTE: ASTROKINGS is a completely free-to-play space strategy game – however, you can purchase some game items using real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please select password protection for purchases in your Google Play Store app. Internet connection is also required. Wi-Fi connection is recommended.

9. Over Space: Alliance Wars

# # # Continue the journey of Galactic Phantasy Prelude yet with a whole new experience From the creators of the award-winning Galactic Phantasy franchise, Over Space is a brand new massively multiplayer online space role playing & strategy game. While serving as a continuation of the Galactic Phantasy Universe, Over Space has been completely designed from scratch and features a whole new story and multiplayer gameplay system. # # # Form an alliance, Rule Over Space The Alliance Wars are on! Space battles are no longer just about space. Explore every one of the planets in the Over Space Universe thoroughly. Uncover new resources and battle against new foes with ground units like the Armoroids, Bots and Drones. Super-extend space troops into their newly designed Ex-edition counterparts. Create your unique battleship extensions. Some say nobody has what it takes to rule over space. Maybe they just haven’t found the right allies. # # # Experience large-scale fleet-vs-fleet space battles featuring 100+ spacecrafts Gone are the days you live your life in the cockpit engaging in dogfight combats like those in Galactic Phantasy Prelude and other space action games. Now is the time to step up as Commander-in-Chief, look at the big picture, plan for your fleet formation and design your very own tactics to beat your enemies in enormous-scale space battles. In the world of Over Space it is not uncommon to get involved in massive space encounters featuring over 100 spaceships, a scale not usually seen on mobile games. # # # Create your own fleet formations and tactics Good reflexes might be what counts most in one-on-one space combats, but you certainly need a little more than that when it comes to massive fleet to fleet space battles. Design your very own fleet formation that suits your style. Get the best out of the armory your Tank Frigates offer, send in some agile Speeder Destroyers here and there to roam around and distract the enemy spacecrafts, or rely on the long attack range of your Ranger Cruisers. Mix and match among different spaceship classes. Align them into columns, squares, wedges, echelons, or even cluster groups to create your very own formation. # # # Battle against fleets from real players online and offline Who says you’re alone in space? Put your best tactics to the test and see how they fare against fellow fleet commanders. It’s no longer just about the raw power of the battleships. You might as well outclass your opponents with your unique formation and superior tactics. In fact, in Over Space you get even better rewarded when you deploy a relatively weaker fleet to defeat a stronger opponent by means of some outstanding strategies and tactics. # # # Unlimited ship / crew combinations, endless tactical possibilities Corvettes and Frigates are good. Destroyers and Cruisers are better. Yet nothing beats your own customized battleships with your self-created unique extension modules. Your tactical options don’t just stop there though. As you scout around and recruit some great talents they provide you with further opportunities to customize the way your battleships perform. Taking into account your very own taste and play style, it could be more of an art than a science to put them altogether and work out the one perfect setup for you, out of all those virtually unlimited possibilities. # # # Game Features – Form an alliance & rule over space – Explore the planets & engage in ground battles with your allies – Massive space battles featuring 100+ spaceships, a scale not usually seen on mobile games – Create your own fleet formations & tactics – Battle against fleets from real players online and offline – Unlimited ship / crew combinations, endless tactical possibilities with various upgrade paths & customizations – Ever-changing game world with dynamic planet environments – Massively multiplayer online space strategy (RPG + SLG) game Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/overspace.gp2

10. Star Conflict Heroes

***THE BEST SPACE ACTION RPG*** ***ASSEMBLE YOUR FLEET AND FIGHT OTHER PLAYERS*** Command and expand a fleet of spacecraft in Star Conflict Heroes, the sci-fi action RPG! Explore a vast, story-rich universe, acquire new starships and upgrade their unique abilities. Battle pirates, aliens and players in thrilling real-time tactical combat! COMMAND AN UNDEFEATABLE ARMADA Assemble a fleet of more than fifty distinct starships and upgrade them using blueprints, adding rare modules and loot seized in battle. MASTER A UNIQUE COMBAT SYSTEM Control your ships in exciting real-time 4v4 Sci-Fi combat that stays true to the traditions of the genre, allowing you to actively target the enemy with your ship’s special abilities. DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES Fight rogue pirates, aliens and powerful bosses in Campaign, Portal, Pirate Battles and Boss game modes that demand new tactics for each battle. CLANS AND CLAN WARS Unite with friends, compete with other clans and take part in special events. COMPETE AGAINST OTHER PLAYERS Defeat opposing fleets in PvP Arena battles, gain fame in the leaderboards and participate in tournaments to win prizes! DISCOVER A VAST UNIVERSE Immerse yourself in a galactic journey to defend humanity in the stellar wars that followed the inexplicable arrival of a mysterious alien threat. EXPERIENCE ASTONISHING VISUALS Enjoy spectacular 3D graphics, stunning ship animations and special effects as well as captivating sounds and music. Your fleet awaits, Commander! Ready your ships, prime your weapons and join the battle that will shape the future of our universe. We are counting on you!