10 Best Soundboard Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Soundboard Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Soundboard Apps For Android & iOS

1. Dank Meme Soundboard ™

Over 300+ dankest meme sounds! Know DA WAE, with Ugandan Knuckles, Classic PRO MLG sounds, airhorn and MANY MORE! 😂 Set your favorite sounds as your ringtone, alarm or notification sound! 🔊 GET THAT LOUD (sound), high quality audio for the dankest meme experiences 💯 Open to feedback, suggestions for sounds, so hit that feedback button! ✨ Always up to date with the newest sounds! 💬 Can’t find what you need? Send a request so we can give you the best ringtone made from meme music ⚡Works offline, whenever wherever! OOF! ❗Discover new meme ringtone download this funny soundboard! 😂 Press sounds as many times as you like, pressing buttons does not make ads appear 😂 📱In app option for you to use the free ringtone! 🌟 Don’t forget to rate! It helps us keep the memes flowing! 🌟 Thanks for checking us out! We hope you guys enjoy using this app to get Free ringtones!

2. 100’s of Buttons & Sounds for Jokes and Pranks

Enjoy 100’s of premium quality sounds for free! With ringtones, notifications & widgets, it’s the best soundboard ever! Prank your friends, play funny gags & share laughs with your buddies. Featuring loud, annoying and hilarious sfx in a variety of loops, multi-touch buttons and more! With such a wide assortment of buttons available, this app will keep you and your friends entertained for hours!! Update: Bigger buttons in app and widgets, location permissions removed, accidental scrolling bug fixed (for the DJ 🙂 and more buttons have been added! Features: – Over 400 buttons (and growing)…that’s right OVER 400 – The first Android soundboard featuring loops and multi-touch capabilities – Easily navigate through each page by swiping your finger vertically across the screen – Annoying sounds, DJ sounds, gag sounds and so much more – Play pranks on all of your friends Sounds Include: Joke Drum, Wah Wah, In Yo Face, Wolf Howl, That was Easy, Gong, Jep Question, OMG, Woo Gah, Surprise, Evil Laugh, Mi Scusi, Over 9000, Chainsaw, Awkward, Access Granted, Access Denied, Camera Snap, Boo, Game Over, You Got Pwned, Ka Ching, Peace Out, Tennis Scream, and MUCH MORE!!! Please make sure your Mute button is off and the volume is up to ensure proper functionality of this application. Any questions, comments or suggestions can be sent to: Support@Toneaphone.com Be sure to follow us on the web, and check for updates on the following sites: www.Toneaphone.com www.Twitter.com/Toneaphone www.Facebook.com/Toneaphone

3. Soundboard for Vine Free – The Best Sounds of Vine

4. Instant Buttons: The Best Soundboard

Instant Buttons is an original soundboard, it’s a unique collection of sounds. This application will offer to you many funny and quickly sounds that you might use anytime. Now better than ever! Discover new sounds every day, record and share your own buttons with everyone, search new sounds through categories, languages and tags. There’s a button for everyone, Instant Buttons includes all the sounds needed for a fun moment. And if that’s not enough, Instant Buttons has the possibility to add any sound as a Widget to your phone, to keep it handy wherever you want. Besides, you can set any sound as ringtone, notification or alarm, choose your favorites sounds, customize them, repeat a sound in a loop or share them with other apps and people.

5. Meme Soundboard 2019

6. Memesound (Meme Soundboard)

7. Animals Soundboard

Animals Soundboard contains more than 120 sounds of different animals so you can listen to them at any time, without a data connection! Want to show your child the sounds of animals? Maybe play with your pets? Or maybe you’re just searching for some animal sounds? Whatever the reason you have, you will get a nice collection of many sounds: cats, dogs, sheep, macaws, bees, canaries, chickens, cougars, crows, elephants, pigs, goats, hawks, horses, lions, tigers, mosquitoes, vultures, foxes, wolves, turkeys, and many more! Apart from playing them, you can also do the following: • Define a set of sounds as favorites, so you can access them quickly. • Define them as notification, phone, alarm or contact ringtones. • Send them through WhatsApp, e-mail or MMS. • Add sounds as widgets on the desktop. • Play random sounds. • Use the Prank Mode. The sound will play when you (or another person or pet) move your phone. Permissions explanation: • Photos/Media/Files: to be able to set ringtones • Contacts: to be able to set ringtones for specific contacts (we don’t do anything more with your contacts!) • In-app purchases: if you wish, you can donate to the project and remove the ads

8. Soundboard Studio Lite

9. Custom Soundboard – Create unique soundboards

This app makes it easy for you to create your own unique soundboards. Here are some of the app’s main features: – You can create as many soundboards as you want. – Sounds can either be added from files or from URLs. (Just keep in mind that direct links to sounds work best and that YouTube URLs won’t work, more on that below.) – Sounds can be customized a lot: – You can add thumbnails and colors to sounds – You can choose when the sound should start and stop, down to the millisecond – Sounds can be faded in and out – Sounds can be played back simultaneously, allowing you to layer sounds if you want – Custom Soundboard can also backup your soundboards to files to make sure you don’t lose them. – You can share soundboards with others. YouTube URL disclaimer: The original plan was to make you able to enter a URL to a YouTube video and then have the sound of that video downloaded, making you able to use it just like any other sound. The problem is that I can’t implement this download functionality because the Google / YouTube policies and guidelines don’t allow me to do so. Thanks for downloading the app! In case Custom Soundboard doesn’t work properly please report the bug(s) by sending me an email or by writing a review. All reviews will be read, feedback is always appreciated 🙂

10. Halloween Soundboard App

This is a soundboard application featuring Halloween themed and other scary sound effects. Tap on a sound to play or long-press for more options. Open the slideout menu for more features.