5 Best sewing apps for Android & iOS

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Here are the 5 Best sewing apps for Android & iOS.

5 Best sewing apps for Android & iOS

1. Sewing step by step

“Sewing step by step-Sewing patterns” Free courses of sewing lessons step by step. Tailoring is a beautiful activity, where all people should have at least a basic notion of how to learn to sew. Learn to sew to make some simple repair of a garment or a button. Sewing is a way to get money and there are many people who are dedicated to this professionally, improving their techniques every day. Easy tailoring of all kinds of clothes. If you have never sewn before, this step-by-step sewing lessons app will help you. Sewing lessons for beginners. Learn to sew with the simplest projects of easy sewing patterns. Sewing materials and needles by hand, sewing and sewing patterns for free. Sewing lessons by hand and machine for beginners, from scratch. Online sewing course for beginners and online sewing techniques easy to learn. This app with sewing courses step by step is focused mainly for beginners and those who consider themselves self-taught. With the sewing course of this app, starting in the world of tailoring will be very easy to learn how to sew. This sewing course explains, step by step, all the guidelines that must be followed to perform the tasks of cutting and confectioning correctly and with ease. From how to make patterns and take measurements, to how to make all the parts of a dress, a trouser and a shirt, all in a simple way and with spectacular results. You will also learn how to take measurements for beginners, for any garment: – basic measures for beginners of cut and confection – Basic front stroke for beginners – Draw on fabric and cut sleeves, basic views for beginners – how to draw on fabric and cut back, basic from scratch – Draw on fabric and cut forward, basic for professionals and beginners – Basting of strokes for all types of garments, basic for beginners – cutting and making eyelets, buttons, hem, sewing sleeves, brooch and others for blouses, pants, skirts, dresses ….. – Cutting and sewing, sewing and assembling the closure, basic beginners Download and form online in cutting and tailoring, with the most complete courses in free tutorial videos.

2. Dress Measurement

3. Sew Awesome: Sewing Tracker

Sew Awesome: Sewing Tracker helps seamstresses track all of their sewing essentials. Sew Awesome is divided into three main categories: SEWING STUFF: Track your sewing essentials like: – fabrics – sewing machines – sewing machine feet – thread – sewing patterns – friends (people’s measurements) For each of the categories above, Sew Awesome allows seamstresses to store a picture of each item, along with detailed information for each category. For example, the fabrics section allows seamstresses to store a picture, along with the name, status, width, yardage, contents, type, stretch, cafe info, brand, item number, and any other notes you’d like to keep. SEWING TOOLS: Handy sewing tools like: – inches-to-yards converter – thread converter to convert between weight, denier, and tex – ruler – flashlight SEWING REFERENCE: The sewing reference section contains pages for: – General sewing terminology – Sewing machine diagrams – Sewing machine needle diagrams and types – Sewing machine needle size conversions Sew Awesome allows seamstresses to capture images either from your gallery or directly from your camera. Track all of your sewing projects in one easy place! Sew Awesome pro users can import/export data when changing devices. Please email us with additional suggestions!

4. iSewMe

5. Sew Buddy