10 Best Search Engine Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Search Engine Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Search Engine Apps For Android & iOS

1. Google Chrome

The Google app keeps you in the know about things that matter to you. Find quick answers, explore your interests, and stay up to date with Discover. The more you use the Google app, the better it gets. Search and browse: – Nearby shops and restaurants – Live sports scores and schedules – Movies times, casts, and reviews – Videos and images – News, stock information, and more – Anything you’d find on the web Get personalized updates in Discover*: – Stay in the know about topics that interest you – Start your morning with weather and top news – Get updates on sports, movies, and events – Know as soon as your favorite artists drop new albums – Get stories about your interests and hobbies – Follow interesting topics, right from Search results Unstable connection? – Google will automatically optimize results to improve loading on bad connections – If Google cannot complete a Search, you’ll get a notification with the search results once you regain connection Learn more about what the Google app can do for you: http://www.google.com/search/about *some features of Discover might not be available in all countries

2. Bing

Bing is more than just search. Bing is the only search engine that rewards you for your curiosity. Get points when you search and redeem them for gift cards at Amazon, Starbucks, and more! Corona virus: Track the real-time corona virus updates all over the world. Wallpaper: See beautiful wallpapers from around the world, only in Bing. Rewards: Get points when you search, and redeem them for gift cards at Amazon, Starbucks, and much more! Your feed: Swipe up on the home page to catch up with what’s happening in the world and get personalized updates on your feed. Reading mode: Switch on reading mode to focus on the text, distraction-free. Save money: Use the built-in barcode scanner to review products and compare prices. Entertainment & Nearby: Find what you love, from live sport updates, trending music, and recipes, to nearby deals, movie times, and gas prices. Intelligent camera search: Learn more about the world around you. Whether it’s animals, landmarks, or even fashion, searching is as simple as snapping a picture. Voice search: What’s the best way to get an answer? Ask a question. Talk to Bing and get instant results. Fast search: Get to know the world with one click. Answer your questions faster and easier. Secure Browsing: Protect your privacy. Private mode lets you browse without saving your history, cache, cookies, and personalization info. * Some features are not available in all countries.

3. AOL

From the latest headlines to fast-loading email and trending videos, AOL app brings it all together on your mobile device. Notifications around breaking news and important emails help you stay informed and connected. Stay on top of today’s top stories on a variety of topics from politics and finance to celebrity news. Plus, check your AOL Mail, send messages and access all of your AOL and phone contacts directly from the app. News  🗞 · Read or watch the latest news around politics, US and world news, sports, entertainment, finance, lifestyle and weather · Pulled from reliable sites including TechCrunch, HuffPost, Engadget, AOL Finance and AOL Sports · Never miss a story with instant breaking news push notifications · Share articles and videos via Facebook, Twitter and email Email  📫 · Fast-loading email · Manage your AOL Mail from anywhere · Access all of your AOL and phone contacts in a single location · Quickly swipe to delete, move, mark or flag emails · Tap once to empty all trash and spam · Accessibility: Enabled for switch control, physical keyboards, and alternate input devices Weather  ☀️ · Check weather in your location with a single tap · Hourly and daily forecasts · Customized notifications Video  ▶️ · Watch video clips & stream NFL games live on your phone · Choose from a variety of topics including celebrity news, animals and top stories Do you have feedback on the app? Click here to let us know: We’d love to hear from you!

4. Yahoo Search

Yahoo Search helps you find the information you need while on-the-go and get fast answers to help navigate your life. Get quick access to the latest sports scores, breaking news and what’s Trending Now. Find local restaurants, coffee shops and services around you with a moveable map showing nearby results. Search using your voice for quick access to what you need. Discover a better way to find answers with the Yahoo Search App. Features include: – Voice-to-text search – Use your voice to search quickly for answers while on-the-go. – Trending Now – Discover the most popular breaking news and searches from around the Web on your start screen. – Sports – Get the latest scores, game schedules, stats, breaking news, videos and more on your favorite teams. – Local – Discover local restaurants, coffee shops and gas stations around you. Tap the map to browse nearby locations. – Movies – Watch trailers, read reviews and find showtimes near you. – Finance – Search for the latests news on the markets and keep on top of your stocks. – Accessibility – Optimized for color contrast. – You’re in control – Clear your search history, activate safe search for your kids and manage your user settings. – Search Assistance – Get instant suggestions as you type to find information faster. – New design – Discover a sleek new swipeable experience that allows you to navigate between search results seamlessly. – Discover more – Get the best sports, finance, news and celebrity information from across Yahoo, TechCrunch, Engadget, HuffPost and AOL. *NOTE: Non-US users, you will see a slightly different experience based on your language. We are committed to building the best mobile experiences and would love to hear your feedback. Let us know your thoughts here: https://yahoo.uservoice.com/forums/193847

5. Ecosia

Features Ecosia Browser is based on Chromium and is as fast and secure. It gives you an intuitive browsing experience with everything you need: • Tabs • Private mode • History • Bookmarks • Downloads Planet over Profit Our goal is to build a greener and better world for everyone, not to maximize returns for shareholders. That’s why we’ve made a legally binding commitment to ensure that no profits can ever be taken out of the company. As part of our vision to end deforestation, we want to plant one billion new trees by 2020. Why Trees? More than 25% of the world’s population rely on forest resources for their livelihoods. By planting trees you can fight climate change, restore landscapes, protect wildlife and help people by providing nutrition, employment and education. In the long term this leads to healthier, happier and more economically stable communities. CO2 Positive We are more than just CO2 neutral. Ecosia owns and operates its own solar plant to power your searches with 100% renewable energy. In fact, thanks to the amazing trees we plant, each search actually removes around 1 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. Privacy Forests need protecting and so does your privacy. We do both: • We don’t save your searches • We don’t track the websites you visits • We don’t sell your data to advertisers • Your searches are always SSL-encrypted Transparent We know that trust has to be earned. That’s why we publish all our monthly financial reports and tree-planting receipts on our website. Learn More Find out more about our tree-planting projects, team, and mission on our website: https://info.ecosia.org/ Follow us on our Journey to 1 Billion Trees: The Ecosia Blog: https://blog.ecosia.org/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ecosia Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ecosia/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ecosia YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/EcosiaORG Download the Ecosia browser and plant trees for free, just by searching the web.

6. Qwant

The search engine that respects your privacy has a new design! Enjoy the first European search engine directly on your mobile phone. Qwant gives you a neutral access to the whole Web, the last news and social media content. We do not collect your personal data, we truly respect your privacy. No cookie, no behavorial profiling. You can browse the web without being tracked. *** Instant answers on top of your search results With Qwant Search, get the exact answers to your queries displayed instantly below the search bar. Weather forecasting or the next movie screening are all available on the top of the search results. No need to scroll anymore to find the right information. Find everything at first glance. *** The first search engine dedicated to music Be aware of the last news and releases from your favourite band instantly by using Qwant Search. To go further, Qwant Music offers an intuitive interface entirely dedicated to artists and their fans. You will never miss the live concert of the year anymore. *** The search engine for videogames Qwant Search displays the last news and information about your trendy favourite video game on the top of the search results. Qwant Games gives you the opportunity to discover exclusive content :detailed description, ratings, live Twitch videos, etc. This is the perfect place to become the games master. *** A tool respectful of your digital privacy Choosing Qwant is using a search engine that respects its users. We do not keep any track of your queries. No one is able to know what you are looking for on the Internet. Your search results are not tracked. You browse the web without filters and any targeted ads.

7. StartPage Search

THE WORLD’S MOST PRIVATE WEB SEARCH APP StartPage Search gives you convenient mobile access to StartPage.com, the world’s most private search engine. It lets you search for information privately and anonymously, from the convenience of your smartphone or other mobile device. It’s the perfect tool for iron-clad privacy protections, plus great search results. COMPLETE SEARCH PRIVACY AND ANONYMITY Other search engines capture your search terms and record the links you click on, then use tracking cookies to build a detailed profile of you and your interests. At StartPage, our zero data-collection policy and full SSL encryption is your assurance that nobody’s looking over your shoulder, no matter what you search for. We don’t collect any personal information on our users. We don’t store your IP address, we don’t capture your location, and we don’t record what you searched for. In fact, we keep no records on you at all. Nada. Zilch. Zero. OVERVIEW OF STARTPAGE SEARCH PRIVACY FEATURES – All searches are encrypted using powerful SSL encryption. That means your service provider can’t see what you search for—and neither can hackers. – Your searches are scrubbed and anonymized for privacy. – StartPage Search protects you from physical intrusion by deleting your searches and Web history after a set time delay, or the app is closed or suspended. With one tap of your Home button, your searches are gone. – StartPage Search strips out your search terms, so they can’t be seen by the websites you visit. – StartPage Search never uses tracking cookies, and rejects tracking cookies from websites you visit. – StartPage Search never records your IP address, search terms, or location. OVERVIEW OF STARTPAGE SEARCH FEATURES – Fully integrated web browser – Full web-search capability with superior result quality – Full image search – Powerful Advanced Search capabilities – Control over display settings and privacy features PRIVATE PROXY SURFING FEATURE When you need extra privacy, you’ll love our Proxy. It works by copying the web page you want to visit onto our server, so you see it through us, not them. Because you never make contact with the third-party website, they can’t infect you with cookies or malware, and they can’t see your IP address or other information. They only see us, while you stay safe and invisible behind the scenes. You can use the StartPage Proxy to access any website you find through a StartPage search. Simply click the “Proxy” link under the search result. Note: For security reasons, the Proxy restricts web forms and Javascript, and websites may not be optimized for mobile devices (since we don’t even tell them you’re on a mobile device!)

8. Swisscows Search

9. UC Browser – Video Downloader &Win Cash & Vouchers

UC Browser enables you to share hot memes and gifs to your friends group via WhatsApp. Besides, UC Browser allows you to save them to your mobile simply. UC Browser also allows you to download videos you like onto your device at lightning speed. No matter where you are, UC Browser helps you easily enjoy funny videos without internet. You can open the videos everytime you want saving internet traffic! 100% free! UC Browser enables you to search and share funny videos, status videos, trending videos, and so forth. There are also functionalities such as Fast Download, Data Saving, Ad-Block functionality, and helps you access music, video, cricket information with smooth experience. Cricket channel is hot on UC Browser now. You can visit many cricket sites to support your team, and watch cricket live stream, and check out match scores on UC Browser. ★ Variety of Stickers & Share with Friends : We added a new page channel of video status and stickers for you. There are massive stickers and popular stickers that you can share with you friends on social network. ★ Upgraded Web Browsing Experience : The most recent version uses our unique self-developed U4 engine that performs 20% improvement in web connection, standard support, video watching experience, personal information security, stability, and storage management in comparison with our last version. ★ Small Window Mode: Our small window mode enables the video window to be moved apart from the webpage, and hanged on screen top, while you expect to chat with friends, shop online or participate in other activities without video watch interruption. ★Fast Downloads: Our servers speed up and stabilize downloads. If any disconnection or interruption occurs, UC Browser can continue downloading from breakpoint. By accelerating downloading process, it saves you time for downloadable files. ★Cricket Card Feature: UC Browser adds special Cricket feature for Cricket fans. Most updated Cricket match live, scores and related information can easily be searched. ★Data Saving: UC Browser compresses data, speeds up navigation and helps you save a lot of celluar data traffic. The more you browse, the more data you can save with UC Browser. ★Ad Block: Ad block functionality blocks different forms of ads that affect your browse experience. It helps you visit webpages Ad-Free on your android devices, no more pop-up banner ads. ★Videos for all tastes: UC Browser allows you to watch movie and TV series. The menu categorizes videos in different tastes: humor, clips, girls, anime, trailers, or even war films. ★Facebook Mode: This unique feature speeds up Facebook regardless of your network condition. UC Browser always finds the way to increase your network speed. ★Night Mode: Switch to night mode on UC Browser to read more comfortably at night. About UCWeb Editor’s Choice 2018 – OPPO App Store Gold Mi Award 2018 – Xiaomi App Store Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UCBrowser Twitter: https://twitter.com/UCBrowser YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/ucwebvideo For help & feedback, please contact our help center http://url.cn/42kuL5f (open in UC).

10. Private Browsing Web Browser