10 Best Screen Recorder Apps For Android

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Here are the 10 Best Screen Recorder Apps For Android.

10 Best Screen Recorder Apps For Android

1. AZ Screen Recorder

Featured on Google Play Home Page, Android Police, Yahoo News, CNET, Android Central, Droid-Life, and more. AZ Screen Recorder is a stable, high-quality screen recorder for Android that helps you record smooth & clear screen videos. With a ton of features like screen capture, screen video recorder, video editor, live stream screen, this screen recording app provides an easy way to record screen videos such as video tutorials, video calls, game videos, live shows, and videos that can not be downloaded. Advantages: HIGH-QUALITY video: 1080p, 12Mbps, 60FPS NO recording time limit NO root needed Key features: ★ Screen recording AZ Screen Recorder provides stable and fluid screen recording. With this screen recorder, you can easily record popular mobile game videos; you can record video calls with family and friends; and you can also record live shows from Periscope, Bigo Live or Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitch… Screen Video Recorder with internal sound From Android 10, this free screen recorder will support recording internal audio. If you want to record gameplay, video tutorial with internal audio, this powerful screen recorder with audio is the best choice for you. Game Recorder in FULL HD This game recorder supports the recording game screen in high quality: 1080p, 60FPS, 12Mbps. Many resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates are available for you. Screen Recorder with Facecam By using this Screen Recorder with Facecam, your face and emotions can be recorded in a small overlay window. You can freely adjust the Facecam size and drag it to any position on the screen AZ Screen Recorder provides a ton of free features: – Record internal sound (from Android 10) – Record gameplay with external sound – Pause/resume screen recording – Enable front camera (Facecam) – GIF maker: A GIF recorder help you record the screen as GIF – Control screen recording through floating window or notification bar – Shake the device to stop recording the screen – Draw on the screen while recording gameplay – Transfer recorded videos, and screenshots to your computer through Wifi ★ Video Editor After recording device screen, you can edit your videos with these editing functions: – Convert video to GIF – Trim video – Remove middle part of video – Merge videos: Combine multiple videos into one – Add background music to video – Add subtitles to video – Extract image from video – Crop video – Rotate video – Compress video – Edit audio ★ Livestream With the screen broadcast function of the AZ Screen Recorder, you can stream your screen to Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, and more. You can stream gameplay to show your skills or stream films, TV shows, and sports events. AZ Screen Recorder provides the following features to help you livestream easily: – Several broadcast resolution settings, stream with the high quality you want – Facecam while live streaming ★ Screenshots and Image Editing AZ Screen Recorder is more than a screen video recorder. It can also capture screenshots and edit images. You can take a screenshot easily with one click, use in-app image editing tools to stitch/crop images, and share your screenshots with your friends. Some top editing features can be listed below: – Stitch images: Auto detect and combine several images into one – Crop images: Remove unwanted parts – Blur image: pixelate areas you don’t want to show – Add text, and draw on image… Thanks for downloading AZ Screen Recorder. If you have any feedback, bug reports, suggestions, or you can help with the translations, please contact us at az.screen.recorder@gmail.com Subscribe to our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClv3w8p-lJJYkCieeYeigbg Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/az.screen.recorder * Disclaimer: This app is not associated with Tik Tok, Periscope, Bigo Live, Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, or any other social media platforms.

2. Rec.

*** ROOT REQUIRED (for Android 4.4 only) *** If your device is running Android 4.4, Rec. requires your device to be rooted in order to do its magic. Rec. will work seamlessly, without root, on Android 5.0+ however. Please read the FAQs below for more important information. Rec. is a beautiful screen recording app, providing untethered, flexible and fully configurable screen recording capabilities for your Android device; neatly packaged into an intuitive user interface. Rec. (Pro) highlights include: ▪ No need to be tied to your computer while recording. ▪ Longer screen recording, with Audio – record for up to 1 hour. ▪ Audio recording via the mic. ▪ A beautiful user interface – no more messing with the command line/terminal. ▪ Save your favourite configurations as Presets. ▪ Automatically show screen touches for the duration of your recording. ▪ Customisable countdown timer so that you can get your screen recording set-up perfectly. ▪ Shake your device, or simply switch your screen off, to stop your recording early. FAQs: * Why can’t I install Rec. on my device? Your phone/tablet must be running Android 4.4 or above. * Why do I need root? If you are on Android 5.0, or above, then you no longer need root and can ignore this question (and the next one)! However, if you are running Android 4.4, then your device must be rooted in order for Rec. to function correctly/at all. * How do I root my device? Unfortunately the process differs for every Android device, and so there is no universal rooting solution – however CF-Auto-Root is a good place to start. Otherwise, please search for a root guide for your particular device using Google. * Can Rec. record audio? Yes! Audio is recorded via the mic. * Why is the recording laggy and slow on my Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/Note/…? This seems to be an issue with Exynos-based devices not playing nicely with the native screenrecord function, so there’s not a lot I can do about it right now (I also don’t have access to any Samsung devices). Sorry! * Does Rec. work with Intel x86 based devices? It should work fine for devices running Android 5.0+, but probably not for devices running Android 4.4. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to any x86 devices to test on, but if you do try it, please let me know how you get on. * Are there any other known issues? Enabling the Audio option may cause the recording to fail on the LG G2 (on Android 4.4 only). I will attempt to resolve this as soon as I have access to an LG G2 device to test with. * Can you add translations for my language? Go here: https://www.getlocalization.com/rec/ Top Tips: 1. Disable notifications in your Superuser app to prevent the notifications from appearing in the beginning of your recordings. 2. Switch the Size width/height values to flip the recording orientation. 3. Tap the Size label to get your device’s native resolution. Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not have the time or resources to test the app on every device/ROM combinations, so your mileage may vary.

3. ilos Screen Recorder

4. Shou

5. One Shot Screen Recorder

6. Screen Record (for KitKat+)

7. FREE screen recorder NO ROOT

8. Telecine

9. AirShou Screen Recorder

10. Screen Recorder for KitKat