5 Best random workout generator apps for Android & iOS

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Here are the 5 Best random workout generator apps for Android & iOS.

5 Best random workout generator apps for Android & iOS

1. Exerprise – Workout Generator

Exerprise is the best workout app you will ever use. Choose your muscle groups, equipment options, time intervals, and workout length and get a full workout randomly generated for you based off your customized settings! You do not even have to customize your workout. Just by clicking the generate your workout button, a random workout will be created for you. One button, it is that simple if you want it to be! It is all time based to fit your availability. The workouts are customized to fit your accessibility! The exercises are randomly generated so your workouts will never be the same. Unless you want them to be, and in that case you can save your workouts! Whether you work out at home or at the gym, Exerprise will generate an optimal workout for you. Over 500 exercises that are proven to be effective are in our database! A workout timer along with a video of how to perform the exercise is on screen to help you with form and stay on track. No need to pay a lot of money for a personal trainer when we can do it for you! Muscle Group Options: Chest Back Traps Shoulders Triceps Biceps Forearms Legs Calves Glutes/Hips Lower Abs Middle Abs Upper Abs Obliques Cardio Equipment Availability Options: Bodyweight Dumbbell Barbell Resistance Band Kettlebell Time Interval Options: You choose how long you want to perform each exercise and how long of a rest between each exercise. This feature can be randomized as well! Workout Length Options: You can set your workout from as short as 4 minutes and as long as 2 hours! Exerprise will revolutionize the way you exercise. No more excuses, no more wasted time, just results!

2. Random Workout Generator

Cross training is a great way to stay in shape and build functional fitness. Use Random Workout Generator to build well-balanced, cross training workouts that employ weights, cardio and kettlebells. Been doing the same leg workout for 6 months? Need help planning your workouts and don’t have your own personal trainer? Create your very own weight, kettlebell or cardio workout plan with the Random Workout Generator app! HOW IT WORKS: – CHOOSE WORKOUT TYPE: Tell the app whether you want a cardio, weight lifting or kettlebell workout. Alternatively click “Surprise Me” for a random choice among the three. – SELECT YOUR EQUIPMENT: Tell the app what equipment you have available for your workout (barbells, dumbbells, dip bars, chin up bar, leg press machine etc.) – TIME: Tell the app how much time you have for your workout. – SELECT BODY PART: For weight lifting workouts, select among upper body, lower body and full body workouts. – SELECT SETS PER WORKOUT: For weight lifting workouts, set the number of sets to be completed of each exercise. – START: The random workout generator will build you a customized and well-balanced weight training, kettlebell or cardio routine in seconds. FEATURES: – SAVE WORKOUTS: Name and save each random workout you complete (arm workout, leg workout, rowing, girya, cardio plan etc.) so that you can repeat it later, – WORKOUT TRACKER/LOG: log the weight used, reps achieved, and even the estimate of calories burned for each set of each exercise in every workout – 100 WEIGHT EXCERSISES: including all the basics like barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press, barbell squat, military press, barbell curls and so much more. – 69 Arm and Upper Body Exercises: 10 Bicep Exercises, 11 Tricep Exercises, 13 Pressing Movements (such as Bench Press), 26 Shoulder and Trapezius Exercises, 9 Back Exercises – 12 Leg Exercises for the Quadriceps and Hamstrings – 16 Core Exercises including Twisting Abdominal Crunch and Alternating Knee Lifts – 11 KETTLEBELL EXCERSISES: including kettlebell swings, windmills, turkish get-ups and more! – 9 CARDIO OPTIONS: get your cardio training from running, cycling, rowing and more – BALANCED WORKOUTS: our random workout generating algorithm makes sure that the exercises are balanced with an even distribution across the major upper and lower body functional movements so you get the most out of your cross training workouts – EDIT YOUR WORKOUTS ON THE FLY: Delete and add exercises as you go. – CREATE YOUR OWN EXERCISES: specify the name, type (weights, cardio, kettlebell), body part targeted (chest, arms, abs etc) and the equipment required. WHY? Consistency is the key to making continual progress in fitness. Whether your goal is to loose weight or build muscle, putting in good work at the gym on a regular basis is critical to your success. That’s why this app allows you to keep track of the weight lifted and reps achieved for each set of each exercise and why it is easy for you to return to any of the workouts you have completed and do them again. But let’s face it, most of us can’t afford a personal trainer and we all get in a fitness rut from time to time. Blindly following a workout routine you found in a magazine for months on end can lead to burn-out, plateaus in progress, or even worse, muscle imbalances and overuse injuries. The workout routine builder in this app is based on a simple process of balancing exercises from apposing muscle groups (e.g. biceps vs. triceps, hamstrings vs. quads) in a way that matches the amount of time you have to workout. Furthermore, experts have stated that the key to continual muscle growth and strength gains is muscle confusion (AKA cross training). Keep your muscles guessing and build well-rounded strength with a variety of upper or lower body exercises at each workout. Create strength building and fat burning cross training workouts with ease!

3. SmartWOD Workout Generator

SmartWOD Workout Generator provides you random functional fitness workouts – based on the equipment you have available. Simply select the equipment, click on the “GO” button and browse through the workouts. Start the WOD (“workout of the day”) and track your time directly within the app. As simple as that! Working out while travelling and no barbell or no box in sight? No problem! SmartWOD Workout Generator will only use the equipment you have to generate a workout for you. This is what you get: – WOD collection with more than 5000 workouts (more being added all the time!) – Open workouts – Benchmark WODs – Bodyweight and gymnastics movements – Travel friendly workouts – Generator for AMRAP workouts – Generator for EMOM workouts – Generator for FOR TIME workouts – Generator for TABATA workouts – Chipper style workouts – Simple navigation & easy to use app – Integrated timer for all the WOD types – Integrated round counter for AMRAP and FOR TIME – Integrated workout log – Possibility to manage skills to get workouts based on your abilities Have fun sweating with SmartWOD!

4. Workout Creator

Workout Creator is a multi-functional fitness app that acts as a workout generator, tracker, and timer. Create workouts randomly or manually from its database of exercises (which you can customize to your liking!). Use Workout Creator at home, at the gym, or wherever you choose! Workout Creator is for those that know what they want out of a workout. Once your workout is created and started, the app will countdown the time (or reps) to perform each exercise and display what equipment (if any) is needed for the current exercise. Each exercise in your workout is followed by a rest time prior to the next exercise starting up. Make the app your own by adding all the exercises you enjoy and workout the way you want to! NEW Features: *Added the ability to add rounds/circuits of a created workout. This way if you want to do several circuits of a few different exercises you can just choose how many circuits you’d like to do rather than punch in each circuit manually. *Interstitial (popup) ads removed! Just the banner ad at the top remains, no more interruptions! KEY Features: *Core functionality works completely offline, no need for WiFi or Data usage! *Random Workout Generation – Simply choose the areas of the body you would like to workout, the equipment you would like to use, and the duration (or amount of sets) you want your workout to be and Workout Creator will randomly select exercises from its database that match your chosen criteria. *Manual Workout Creation – Have particular exercises you want to do? No problem! Just search through the database of exercises and select the ones you want. Searching is made easy with a search bar and filtering options to help you quickly find the exercise(s) you want in your workout. *Basic interval timer *Frequently updated ‘Exercise Packs’! I’ll be often adding ‘packs’ (all free!) of exercises that feature various equipment (or body weight) that you can add to your exercise database, saving you a bit of time over individually adding exercises yourself. *Customize, Customize, Customize! – I started creating this Application for personal use and the thing I wanted more than anything else was the ability to alter and customize my workouts as much as possible so that they could meet my needs based on my current workout goals. Workout Creator allows you to add/remove exercises to/from its database, change the lengths of time associated with each exercise, add new body focus areas, new equipment, and more! From TRX to Battle Ropes, Kettlebells, Stability Balls, Jump Rope… you name it, you can add it! Discovered a new exercise recently? Add it too! Make the app yours by adding the exercises you want, and removing the ones you don’t. *Ideal for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Circuit, Tabata, and CrossFit style workouts – Each exercise in the Workout Creator database includes a default time (or reps if you prefer) in which to perform the exercise and a rest time afterwords. After creating and starting your workout these times are displayed on your device allowing you to track just how long to conduct the exercise, and how long to rest afterwards. Audible beeps (and Vibration, if preferred) will also countdown when there are 5-seconds remaining so you don’t have to keep your eyes on the screen and can focus on performing the exercise. UPCOMING Features: *Automatic Rep Tracker – I’ve begun working on this by utilizing the phone’s accelerometer and collecting the data during a rep of a particular exercise and then making sure data from later reps match. If I can get this to work accurately enough then I’ll add it! *More Stats! *More Exercises! *Give me some ideas! Have any thoughts on how to make the app better? Let me know! KuamApps@gmail.com

5. Sworkit Fitness & Workout

Finally, a fitness system that understands your pain, frustration, and schedule. With Sworkit, the feeling of being too busy, too intimidated, or too unmotivated will be a thing of the past. You can live your best life, once and for all. Who says you can’t get and stay in shape? Make 2020 the year you finally take control. You don’t have to live in the gym to be fit. You can get in amazing shape with our at-home and on-the-go workout system. Millions agree and have used Sworkit to live healthier lives. It’s your turn! IS THIS LEGIT? We’ve delivered almost 100 million workouts to people just like you and we were rated #1 by a collegiate study assessing fitness apps for safety, the ability to help people progress in their fitness levels, the effectiveness of the workouts, and other science-y guidelines set by the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). Not to mention, we’re well suited for everyone from beginners to athletes. WHY SWORKIT FITNESS? Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, improve your flexibility, or level-up your endurance, Sworkit is here for you. Our algorithm gives you the workout you need in the time you have. 5 minutes? We have your perfect workout. 45 minutes? We have your perfect workout. No equipment? We have your perfect workout. Resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells? You get the idea. WHO IS THIS APP MADE FOR? The Sworkit Fitness system is for people new to fitness, who want to supplement their current fitness habits, or who are just too busy to make it to the gym – whether you’re a new mom getting back in shape, a dad no longer digging that “dad-bod”, a traveler needing fitness on the road, or a busy professional who just needs an easy way to get in great shape. WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS? We offer a unique library of kids’ workouts, perfect for any young ones in your life, whether you are a teacher, parent, or coach. Kids Content is 100% free and does not require a subscription. WHAT CAN SWORKIT DO FOR ME? • Get “Leaner,” “Fitter,” or “Stronger,” with one of our 6-week programs designed for beginner through advanced levels. Weight loss, HIIT, Tabata, cardio, strength, yoga, and Pilates workouts are all here! • Find or even create your perfect routine. Over 800 body weight and small equipment exercises and 400+ workouts make it possible for you to find or create the perfect workout. • Working with a Physical Therapist? We’ve got exercises ready for you. • 1-on-1 assistance from certified personal trainers directly from our app GOOGLE FIT INTEGRATION Sync your Sworkit workouts to Google Fit. You can allow Sworkit to save workouts and calories burned. MYFITNESSPAL & STRAVA INTEGRATIONS Sync your workouts to MyFitnessPal and Strava for enhanced connectivity and utility. SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS Sworkit is free to download and all Kids content is 100% free. All other workouts require an active subscription. Customers may choose a free 7-day trial period to evaluate the product. Sworkit offers monthly and yearly subscriptions to provide you with unlimited access to Sworkit Fitness while you maintain an active subscription. Payment will be charged to your Google Play upon completion of your trial period if offered, or at confirmation of purchase if not. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at either the monthly or annual rate. You can manage your subscription by visiting the Google Play Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. Join the Sworkit Movement Facebook: https://facebook.com/sworkit Instagram: @Sworkit Twitter: @Sworkit Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/Sworkit