Top 10 Random Number Generator Apps For Android And iOS

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Here are the Top 10 Random Number Generator Apps For Android And iOS.

Top 10 Random Number Generator Apps For Android And iOS

1. Random

Random is an ideal app for getting random numbers, letters, for all types of gambling, for dice games, for questions (yes or no), a coin flip (heads or tails). Generate a new random number simply by tapping the randomize button. For those who want a bit of additional exercise, shaking your device will also result in a new random response. Features: – Random Number Generator (from a range 0 – 999999999) – Random Letter Generator – Dice Roller (roll up to 4 regular dices in one go) – YES or NO – Coin Flipper – Random Card Generator – Rock-Paper-Scissors – Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock

2. Pretty Random

Note we have migrated all updates to our new app Pretty Random 2 this update includes history and functional shake to randomize found here A simple random number generator that is not only a beautiful ux experience but is pretty with its rotating gradients. Use it as a picker, dice, gambling, lotto, lottery and all other fun exciting things.

3. Lottery Number Generator

Given a minimum, maximum, how many numbers are in each group, and number of groups to generate, the app generates groups of numbers with the specified constraints.

4. Certified True Randomizers

All randomness wasn’t created equal. This official RANDOM.ORG app offers certified true randomness, generated with atmospheric noise and independently approved by several testing labs. (See sample certificate in the screenshots.) – Coin Flipper with 100 different coins from Ancient Rome to 27 modern currencies – Dice Roller to roll up to six regular dice in one go – Card Shuffler to shuffle playing cards and draw them one at a time – Lotto Quick Pick with more than 170 lotteries from all around the world – Integer Generator to generate true random numbers in configurable intervals – List Randomizer to create and randomize your own lists of items Note: This is not a gambling app. The app does not simulate any games, it simply allows you to roll dice, shuffle cards, etc — using certified true randomness. All randomizers are free to use and the app contains no advertising. If you like it, you can buy us coffee from the Settings screen — much appreciated 🙂 RANDOM.ORG was founded in 1998 and generates certified true randomness from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random numbers typically used in computer programs. Our mission is the generate the highest quality true randomness and make it available to the world in useful forms.

5. Dice Roller

Dice Roller is a virtual roller to play any game that need to use the dice. Have you need a dice but you can’t find it? Yes, this application is to change your dice. This application is just like your missing dice. This application can roll 1 dice, 2 dice, or 3 dice.

6. Random Number Generator

Ever have trouble making choices? Not anymore with RNG. RNG is a random number generator that allows you to randomly select numbers, pick choices out of a list, and roll a dice. It has been shown that it is extremely difficult for humans to make random decisions. So hard in fact, that a randomizer should be used in order to prevent bias and achieve true randomness. This application is backed by an RNG that enables it to generate random numbers. The random picker allows you to add choices to a list, and the application will use its internal random number generator to select one of the choices. Features – Random number generator (RNG) – generate random numbers in a custom range – Random picker – add custom data to a list to randomly select people, food, or restaurants. – Dice roll – simulate a dice roll at the press of a button Start using RNG as your random number generator today!

7. Choose For Me

If you’ve ever experienced a difficult time to make a choice, for example, what to eat for lunch, you should try this APP. When you cannot decide which one to choose, use this APP to create a list and make a random draw from the list. Features: + Help you make a choice, save your time + One click to make your choice + Reusable lists, create once and use forever + Make as many lists as you want + Make as many options as you want + Super easy to use + Clean and simple user-interface

8. Randomizer

Do you want to randomize anything and everything? Then this is the app for you. Select between predefined elements for randomizing such as a random number generator or create your own list of items to randomize between. Combine up to 3 elements in any way you like, to solve all your problems. Are you looking to watch a movie and eat some sweets but can’t decide what to watch and what to eat. Or are you looking to create a meal plan for the following week. Randomizer is here to help you. You never have to make another decision. Features: • Select a random number between a min and max value • Select a random date between a min and max value • Select a random color • Select a random value from your own custom lists • Combine up to 3 random elements • Generate random groups from a list of values • Decide if you want to allow repeated values or if you want a new unique value every time

9. Random

Allows Random number generation: – Set Min and Max value – Set the quantity of random numbers generated. – Allow/Don’t Allow repetition – Copy output to clipboard Allows generating random Lotto picks: – Lotto games available: Australia Powerball Austria Lotto Bonoloto California SuperLotto Canada Lotto 6/49 El Gordo Euro Jackot Euro Millions Finland Lotto Florida Lotto France Lotto Hoosier Lotto Illinois Lotto La Primitiva Lebanese Lotto Mega Millions Mega Sena New York Lotto Norway Lotto Poland Lotto PowerBall SuperEnaLotto Sweden Lotto UK Lotto – Copy output to clipboard Allows generating random Dice rolls: From 1 dice up to 20 dices

10. Counter

Counter is an open source tally counter for Android. It makes counting easier. You can have multiple counters with their own names and values. Values can be changed using volume buttons. No ads. No unnecessary permissions required. Enjoy! 😉 This is an open source application. So if you want to fix a bug or propose a new feature, you can write some code yourself and submit a patch. Source code is hosted on GitHub at This was my first Android application. The goal was to make something useful and easy to build. If you want to help with translation, go to Thank you!