10 Best Radar Gun Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Radar Gun Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Radar Gun Apps For Android & iOS

1. Speed Gun App

Speed Gun is a tool in extended set of the Smart Tools collection . This speedometer(velocimeter) measures the speed of a moving object by touching. Usage is simple: Input the shortest distance to a target. Measure the shortest distance in advance with a rangefinder (e.g. Smart Distance, Smart Measure, Google Maps). Then, touch your screen following the target. If the result is not accurate, you can calibrate your device with [Speed Calibration] option. * Do you want ad-free version? download [Smart Distance Pro]. For more information, watch YouTube and visit the blog. Thank you.

2. Ball Speed Radar Gun App

****************************************************************************************************** All you have to do is to : – (1) Record a video. Make sure camera is steady and not shaking/moving while recording. (2) Play the video (using open video button) (3) Pause when ball is just released out of hand (in the air) (4) Click the “Find Speed” button and see the magic THE FREE VERSION ALLOWS ONLY UP TO 75 MPH SPEED MEASUREMENT. BUY PRO VERSION FOR HIGHER SPEED MEASUREMENTS. ***************************************************************************************************** For accurate speed measurement, make sure that: –> The phone is relatively stationary (not shaking too much). –> The camera is calibrated properly before measuring the speed. –> The appropriate ball color is selected, else the app will not be able to track. –> You should pause the video at the point where ball has been released and is in the air (not in hands). ************************************************************************************************** Measures baseball pitch speed, cricket bowling speed, tennis serve speed etc using your phone. It detects the ball automatically from the video (based on its color) and calculates the speed. This is the most accurate and legit radar gun app to measure the speed of a moving object. This app can measure the instantaneous speed of a ball/object using your phone. Just record a video of the moving ball/object from the side view. Play the video and pause it where you want to know the speed. One click will give you the instantaneous speed (not average) and full analysis of your bowling/pitching/serving/smashing/punting action. You can select the color of the object you want to track and the app measures its speed. One can use it for baseball, cricket, volleyball, tennis, basketball, soccer, hockey, golf etc. You got the idea, any ball game basically. You can create impressive time action sequence with a single click. Feel free to send your action images to me. Good images may be posted on the app store and app’s social network page. You can play or save slow motion action sequence video and share it with friends. In order to create good action sequence images, make sure the camera is steady and not shaking while recording the video. *************************************************************************************** Camera calibration method: –> Point the phone camera at a person standing at the base or at the crease or location where you want to measure the speed. –> Freeze the preview frame. –> Align/drag the two red lines to head and feet of the person standing at the base. –> Enter the person’s correct height. This way the app understands the pixel distance on phone screen vs the real world distance. **************************************************************************************** The default setting is to detect a green tennis ball. If you want to detect other ball colors, you need to either pick the color from the predefined colors list or scan the ball with the camera and save the color. The free version has watermark on the action images created by the app. Radar gun, pitch speed, measure speed

3. Real Speed Gun App

4. Radar Gun App

5. Sports Speed Gun App

6. Simple Speed Gun App

7. Radarbot Speed Gun App

8. Pocket Speed Gun App

9. Athla Velocity App

10. Baseball Radar Gun High Heat App