5 Best Pole Dance apps for Android & iOS

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Here are the 5 Best Pole Dance apps for Android & iOS.

5 Best Pole Dance apps for Android & iOS

1. Pole Dance Lessons by Veena

– The top pole dance curriculum available, now in your pocket – Veena has taught more students, through her online curriculum, than any other pole dance teacher – Brought to you by the largest pole dance community in the world – Veena’s safety first approach and knowledge of body mechanics keeps you poling Introducing the ultimate pole dance app. Pole Dance Lessons by Veena is the only application that puts the top rated pole dance lessons in your pocket. With Pole Dance Lessons by Veena your creativity can run wild while you find fun, fitness and sexiness in your daily workouts. Come fly with us!!!

2. PDC Pole Dance Syllabus

Internationally recognised Pole Dance Syllabus. 336 moves. 6 difficulty levels. The Pole Dance Community (PDC) was set up in 2009. Its mission was to create a membership system allowing professional pole instructors to self-regulate the new and growing industry. One of its first tasks was to catalogue the pole moves and unify their names. At that time, there were many names for each move and this caused general confusion, especially at competitions or when students visited other studios. To achieve consensus on the names, a steering committee was formed comprising eight experienced instructors from across the globe who discussed hundreds of video examples. With over 350 subscribing instructors, the names used in the PDC syllabus are now recognised by more polers than any other naming system and continue to be adopted by more and more studios worldwide. Along with agreeing the names, the pole moves were also graded into difficulty levels. This was necessary for both competition organisers – the PDC Syllabus is used at many competitions to define category levels – and as the basis for the PDC pole dancer grading scheme, the Advancement and Accreditation Program (AAP). Over the years, it became evident that the older syllabus was becoming too large for practical use and in risk of expanding to infinity with the inclusion of pole transitions and endless variations on basic moves. Therefore, a major overhaul of the syllabus was made in 2016 with the creation of the PDC ‘Core Moves’ Syllabus. Our steering committee worked over many months to sift through the existing syllabus and define the actual core moves – the moves that matter – drawing on their many years of experience as professional pole instructors. Now, with the new PDC Core Moves Syllabus, rather than a never ending list of variations and combinations, you have a considered and structured base of core moves, categorised by difficulty and named by the widest consensus within the global pole community. Easy to use, this app has just three simple but powerful functions. 1 With this app, you can view the entire PDC Core Moves Syllabus, sorted alphabetically and categorised by difficulty. Each move is displayed as a clear, dedicated video. The app saves the entire syllabus to your device so that once installed it can be viewed anywhere, any time without needing a network signal or using your download allowance. 2 Mark your favourites as you view them so you can find them quickly next time you use the app. 3 PDC Grading. Track your progress and compare your skills to the official PDC grading scheme. The app automatically display the equivalent star level (rank) based on the moves you have mastered.

3. Pole Guide

Over 1,200 moves, and counting! Pole Guide is the #1 most comprehensive collection of pole moves. Search for moves by category or by name, save your favourites, and share with the world! Each move is clearly illustrated and named according to international standards. Users may also share images of themselves performing moves to help provide more in-depth resources. The must-have app for any serious pole enthusiast looking to expand their repertoire

4. Pole Dancing Fitness

5. Pole Power Pole Dance App

A free app made by pole dancers, for the pole community. Find nearby pole schools wherever you are in the world. This is a brand-new app, but we are adding new content and schools all the time, so keep checking back regularly for updates. • Discover the nearest pole venues wherever you are in the world. From huge Berlin converted warehouses, to beachside Caribbean pole schools, you’ll find something new near you! Convenient information and directions will take you straight there. • Be guided through over 35 excellent warmups, stretches, and conditioning exercises from pole teachers from around Europe, with videos and tips. • Training exercises and videos work without a wifi or data connection. • Venue finder includes aerial and stretching, for something different. COMING SOON: • Counts your repetitions and warmup times, so you can plan your training and stay super-motivated! • Audio signals tell you when to do a repetition. • Search for studios to train in, anywhere in the world! Useful for planning your pole holidays! … This isn’t an app for learning tricks: you should learn these safely from a pole instructor. Read the Terms and Conditions carefully before using the app – stay safe and sensible! See you on the pole! the Pole Power crew.