5 Best Polaroid Frame Apps for Android & iOS

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Here are the 5 Best Polaroid Frame Apps for Android & iOS.

5 Best Polaroid Frame Apps for Android & iOS

1. InstaLab – The Instant Photo Editor

Snap, Share or Print! Feel the nostalgia and get the best Instant Photo with InstaLab app! Take or import a photo and get the Instant one! Share it or transform it into a print with our Instalab Print Service. It´s easy, fast and very cool! INSTALAB EDITOR Take or import a photo from your smartphone and personalize it, just like you want! • Different Format Borders • Vintage and Colorful Textures • Exclusive and aged Filters • Handwritten Fonts • Photo Adjustment tools • Photo Gallery INSTALAB PRINT SERVICE Offering high-quality retro format printing. Unique and totally personalized prints, like never before! Choose your instant photos, confirm your order and get your prints home! The perfect gift and instant memory! 🙂 1) Select the ones you would like to print and make sure they look great! 2) Add the shipping information. 3) Choose your desired payment method. 4) That’s it! Your order will be shipped within 2-5 business days. Make your photos look so much better and get the best instant experience! DOWNLOAD now and enjoy it!

2. PolyCam-Vintage Filters Cam, Aesthetic Leak Effect

Now even without the fuji instant printer, we are still able to take a series of nostalgic photos. If only you got PolyCam on your mobile, you would understand how powerful it is and enjoy the fun of making retro instax photos! PolyCam has provided an imitation of the Instax retro film cam. If connected to a printer, this app acts as real polaroid does. It can bring out good quality photographs. Therefore, PolyCam Features: 📺 25+ retro vintage camera filters; 📺 30+ free light leak effect overlay, film burn & grain texture effect; 📺 Unique picture frames which imitate the instax paper; 📺 Perfect imaging effect of retro camera lens; 📺 Flexible adjustment on size, ratio, HSL and details; 📺 Precious editing for VHS glitch, skin retouch and vignetting effect. In order to salute the old fuji instax camera, we spare no effort to develop PolyCam, this retro style photo maker. We believe the exquisite photo frames, film filters, distinctive leak effects, all will bring you both vintage & novel experience! In future, we might improve a camcorder with the similar style. How to make photos look vintage? PolyCam is the best solution: 80’s photo filter, film burn effect, rainbow and overlay light leaks. Then you will become a real influencer of retro photos on instagram. Welcome to share your feelings about our frames, filters and effects. Tell us your favorite and popular patterns and styles. Your positive rating is always our target! If any question, feel free to contact us: somebeautyfb@gmail.com

3. Polaroid Originals

4. StoryLab – insta story art maker for Instagram

If a story unfolds or if someone unfolds it, it is told to someone else. Let’s unfold your story! Story Lab is an instagram stories editor and a design kit that helps you create beautiful ig collage layouts for Instagram story. Unique insta story and post will be made with templates, or can be made on an empty canva and you can customize it with insta filter and overlay, text, stickers, brush. Using StoryLab, it is super easy to design amazing Instagram stories, insta posts and even ig highlight cover icons and tezza logo for Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat. All you have to do is to select a color story or feed template, or just pick an empty canva of white background editing it with a little storychic to make it your own, and then choose photos or videos from your camera roll. You can edit it with filter and overlay, text, stickers and tezza features. Stretch out one finger to customize your amazing Insta chroma stories, Instagram posts, and storyboost right now! Use the easy editing tool to be a dazzle instagram editor and highlight cover icon and logo maker in IG, Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat! Highlight resources: Templates – Over 300 customizable collage and layout templates. Try to be an insta story artist! – 9:16 story/status & 1:1 post templates. – Different styles of frames, including mojo, Film, Polaroid, Japanese Nichi, Wreaths etc. – Use a color story templates to made your storyboost to be an IG story art. – Use the post templates to mix photos or design your own insta layout and collage art. – Support both photos and videos 😀 Background – Dozens of high-quality background image, including Landscape, Marble, Starry sky or Mojito texture. – Choose background to create your highlight cover icons. – Change the background color to match your photo and video. Texts – Type and tell your instories with over 50 awesome fonts of handwriting. – Made texts in Instagram storyluxe and highlight cover icon more decent with tools like spacing and aligning features. – Be an ins writer in high quality with chroma, watercolor, glitter and mouve writing texture. Stickers – Decorate your insta nichi stories with beautiful stickers. – Choose from over 300 stickers, covering styles of Retro, Brush, Stamp and mojo to create unique instagram story and highlight cover! – Photo cut out tool enables you to create custom stickers and highlight cover icon and combine them with fashion ins tezza stickers. – Update more ins stickers of new trends and different styles constantly. Filters – Save a color story with over 100 stunning lightroom and VSCO presets for photos and videos. – Natural lightleak overlay filters to add mojo to your insta story. – More fx effects will be updated, including tezza, glitch, VHS, prequel-like retro effects. Brushes – Use two new brushes and over 100 textures to made the tezza Kirakira. – More brush functions are waiting for Instagram artists and ins editors to unlock. Download StoryLab to create story and post collage as you like. You will be surprised by how easy it is to design aesthetic insta stories and feed for your Instagram. StoryLab – the best IG story maker for both videos and pictures.

5. MolyCam – Retro Effects Camera