5 Best Pipe fitter apps for Android & iOS

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Here are the 5 Best Pipe fitter apps for Android & iOS.

5 Best Pipe fitter apps for Android & iOS

1. Pipe Fitter Calculator

Get all our apps in one here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.odesk.calculator&hl=en Calculate Offsets, Rolling Offsets, Advanced Rolling Offsets, Offset with 90/45 Fittings, Flange 2-Hole Fitup, Custom Fittings and more. Generates in seconds: Complete app design with “New” portrait layout Pipe Offset – 8 options in 1 Rolling Offset – 9 options in 1 Reducing Tee Offset – 8 Options in 1 Back 2 Back Odd Angle Fitting Calculation 90 to Odd Angle Fitting Calculation Tech Data for: All Fitting Sizes Imperial, Metric, DIN 2-Hole Flange Alignment Back 2 Back Fitting Data Thank you all for your Support and your feedback is absolutely awesome. And always appreciated. I tweak these apps to be as simple and intuitive as possible. Everyone can message me at easypipefitter@gmail.com with any question regarding all the pipe tools available if you would like assistance in seeing how powerful these tools can be. And I will answer you very quickly, in most cases within a few minutes of you sending a message. Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/PipeFitterCalculatorApp “Available for the Android and Iphone” Pocket Pipe Organizer will run all of your pipe apps from one interface. CLICK LINK to Download http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pocket.pipe.organizer – Input Feet/Inches/Fraction – Input Centimeters/Millimeters – Convert Imperial to Metric – Convert Metric to Imperial – Input Root Gap – Calculate “long radius”, “short radius” and “3 Radius” fittings – Determines Cut Length of Pipe to build spool piece – Generates Values to cut any angle fitting out of a 90 – Generates Pipe Length and True Cut Length of Pipe – Generates values to roll Flange in the Bench for proper two-hole fit-up in the field. – Rolling Offsets Using 45 fittings – Rolling Offset with Any Angle – Rolling Offset Exiting Pipe Vertical – Rolling Offset Exiting Pipe Left horizontal *** Immediate Fitter Support Beyond what’s in the app*** *** New to fitting Pipe use the in-app feedback screen*** Also included is prompt customer service. You have a question, a comment, an issue or even a suggestion I am readily available. This is app is designed as a tool to improve your value in the workplace. Feedback is important (see contact details below) since This apps supports almost 1000 devices… if you see something occur please contact me with the feedback screen and I will contact you. I continually update when needed so everyone can use this app. Thank you. Other Apps: Lateral Pipe Calculator http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.geomitry.trigonomitry Socket Pipe Calculator http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=socket.pipe.calculator Pipe Support Calculator http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pipe.support.calculator Mitered Pipe Calculator http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pipe.calculator.miter Pipe Fitter Calc (FREE) http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.odesk.calculator Pocket Pipe Organizer (FREE) http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pocket.pipe.organizer Your feedback is always welcome on this app, as we are always improving its functionality. if for any reason your device has an issue on install or functionality please let us know. We will fix it. We want everyone to be able to utilize this tool at work to improve their productivity and value as a pipefitter/Fabricator. http://www.pipefittercalculator.com/lmf/contact Contact us either by: Phone: 207-200-1556 Text: 207-200-1556 email:easypipefitter@gmail.com Web: www.pipefittercalculator.com (our webpage has a comment form. Enter your info and comments there as well as request to receive updates on existing and new products to improve your workflow) Please note we make no claim or responsibility in the values generated and the user takes sole responsibility when using this application. Thank you.

2. easy Pipe fitter

With easy Pipe fitter, you can quickly and easily calculate the most common pipe offsets. From pipelayer for pipelayers

3. Plumb-bob

3D Measurement App / Plumb-bob is a laser level, a tape measure and a protractor, bundled together in the same app. Thanks to 3D Measurement App / Plumb-bob, you can verify vertical and horizontal alignments, measure distances and measure angles. This app is made for everyone, and can be particularely useful for interior designers, architects, and DIY enthusiasts. 3D Measurement App / Plumb-bob is an augmented reality (AR) app which displays a virtual frame on top of the camera image. This frame remains vertical regardless of the orientation of your device. The frame dimensions are displayed in real time. There are multiple frame shapes that are suitable for a variety of mesurement use cases: – height and width measurement, – vertical or horizontal surface measurement, – cubic or cylindrical volume measurement (paid version only), – slope angle measurement with respect to the vertical, – centering measurement, – checking proportions by increasing the number of frame columns or rows. When you take a picture, you can move the frame around, to measure any object which is visible on the screen. A magnifying glass allows you to make precise measurements. When you’re done with your measurements, you can save your work as a 3D scene in the app library. Then, you can later reopen it and measure other parts of the 3D scene. You can also save your work as a standard picture in the phone gallery. This can be handy if you want to share your measurements inside an email, of if you want to insert your measurements in a document. Another option is to send the 3D scene to another device running 3D Measurement App / Plumb-bob. The recipient of the 3D scene will be able to manipulate it on his own device, and measure any other part of the picture. The app contains an online tutorial to give you the main advices to get started. Do not hesitate to send an email with your feedback, questions or requests for new features. 3D Measurement App / Plumb-bob is free but contains ads. If you find that this is annoying, there is a paid version which does not contain ads. And for a small price, you will also get extra features. Millions of android users have been using this app. Give it a try and see by yourself how handy it could be. Happy measure with 3D Measurement App / Plumb-bob!

4. Plumbing Systems Design Tables

Created by the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE), the Plumbing Engineering & Design Tables App offers in one convenient place all of the equations, pipe sizing data, and background information that you need to successfully complete plumbing system design and installation projects on a daily basis. The app includes applicable data and information from the major plumbing codes and standards used throughout the U.S., including the International Plumbing Code (IPC), Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), and National Standard Plumbing Code. The information contained in this app was taken from a 2,500-page handbook, making it the most comprehensive plumbing system sizing tool available. Instead of lugging around a book or typing information into an Excel spreadsheet, the Plumbing Engineering & Design Tables App provides all of the data you need at your fingertips. The app’s interactive design tables allow you to choose the appropriate pipe material and other design criteria, and the sizing data appears instantly in either SI or English units. You can quickly and conveniently calculate pipe flow rates and velocities, friction loss, pressure loss, and stack flow rates. The design tables cover all of the formulas and equations commonly used in plumbing system design projects, including: · Manning’s equation · Hazen-Williams formula · Darcy-Weisbach formula · Bernoulli equation · Boyle’s law · Joukowsky’s formula · Colebrook formula · Spitzglass formula · Hunter’s curve In the design tables, the available piping material options include: · ABS · Cast iron · PVC · CPVC · PEX · Polyethylene (PE) · Stainless steel · Copper Data for numerous types of plumbing systems is included, including: · Domestic hot and cold water distribution systems · Natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas systems · Venting systems · Building drainage systems · Storm drainage systems · Vacuum systems In addition to pipe sizing data, the app also provides: · Drainage fixture unit (DFU) values for the major model plumbing codes · Typical resistance coefficients for valves and fittings · Water supply fixture units (WSFU) · Surface roughness coefficient (C) values for various types of pipe · Typical hot water temperatures for plumbing fixtures and equipment · Building occupant demographic classifications · Hot water demand per fixture for various types of buildings · Gallons (liters) of water per hour per fixture · scfm to acfm conversions · Basic vacuum pressure measurements · Conversions from torr to various vacuum pressure units · IP and SI pressure conversions · Barometric pressures corresponding to altitude · Factors for flow rate reduction due to altitude · Physical and combustion properties of commonly available fuel gases · Average physical properties of natural gas and propane · Approximate gas demand for common appliances · Specific gravity of a variety of gases · Fractions, decimal equivalents, and millimeter equivalents · Temperature equivalencies The full version of the Plumbing Engineering & Design Tables App is available only to members of ASPE. However, numerous features are unlocked for nonmembers to use. We invite you to explore these features and then visit ASPE.org to join and take advantage of all of the career benefits ASPE has to offer. The pipe sizing data you need to design and install plumbing system projects

5. Plumbing Formulator