5 Best photo contests apps for Android & iOS

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Here are the 5 Best photo contests apps for Android & iOS.

5 Best photo contests apps for Android & iOS

1. GuruShots

Love taking photos? Join daily photo challenges, get instant feedback, improve your photography & get rewarded. Join for Free! GuruShots, The first-of-its-kind photo app for photographers of all levels, reinvents the way people interact with their photos, making it more fun, exciting and rewarding. + It’s fun, social and helps improve photography skills. + Enjoy daily themed photo challenges. + Get Instant Feedback on your pictures from over 5 billion Monthly Votes. + See how you rank compared to others in Real-time. + Win amazing prizes; Over $600K in prizes. + Gain massive exposure: Get featured in magazines, online and in international photo exhibitions! + FREE to join & easy to get started. Ready to show off your creative images? Download our photo app now and join a community of millions around the world who are already hooked! NEW PHOTO CHALLENGES EVERY DAY Whether you like taking photos with a DSLR camera or your Mobile phone, share photos in our themed photo competitions, from “Black and White” to “Beards”, capture fresh pictures or dust off shots you already have. INSTANT FEEDBACK With instant photos feedback from over 5 billion monthly votes, GuruShots photographers gain affirmation and inspiration on their photography that even surprises themselves with their creativity and progress. REAL-TIME RANKING The power of the crowd rates pictures instantly; our photography app enables members to see which photos rank highest, compare their photographs to others, and follow their ranking in real-time. HAVE AMAZING FUN WITH YOUR PHOTOS Get ready for the most exciting photography app! Compete in daily photo challenges and work your way up from Newbie to Guru status by receiving peer votes, points, and achievements. Swap your photographs to see which one works best; use Boosts, Fills and Keys to receive maximum exposure. IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS Experiment with your photos and find out which of them are WOW. Discover what’s popular, get fresh ideas and receive awesome insights. As you level up in the photo game, you will find yourself improving your photography skills, too. MAKE YOUR PHOTOS MORE MEANINGFUL Gain massive exposure for your photos and earn badges that demonstrate your achievements. Get meaningful recognition and appreciation for your creative photography by being featured in magazines and online – and even in international photo exhibitions! APPEAR IN AN INTERNATIONAL PHOTO EXHIBITIONS From New York to Singapore, London to Cape Town, and beyond. About 5,000 GuruShots photographers are recognized each month, with tens of thousands already exhibited. Now, you have the opportunity to get recognized, submit your photos to one of our photo contests for the chance to showcase your work in international photo exhibitions and connect with like-minded photographers. WIN AMAZING PRIZES Top GuruShots community members have the chance to snag prizes, from in-game power-ups to photography gear and gift cards. Members cast over 5 billion monthly votes in 500+ photo contests, winning $600k+ in prizes. Tap into a fast-growing community of millions of creative people like you who simply love taking pictures! ANYONE CAN JOIN Suitable for anyone who’s passionate about photography at any level from Mobile Photographers to DSLR Photographers. Download the World’s #1 photography app now and play for FREE!

2. ViewBug

Join the photography community, photo editor and photo-sharing app that fosters collaboration and rewards creativity! Just getting started with photography? Already an experienced photographer? Participate in photography competitions and challenges, get instant creative feedback from other photographers and improve your art! With the ViewBug photography app, you can also make your pics look great thanks to the powerful tools in our picture editor. 20 EXCITING PHOTO CONTESTS EACH MONTH 🏆📅 Showcase your art with 20 new photography contests every month, judged by world-renowned professional photographers, and sponsored by top brands. With the ViewBug photo app, submit your photos to photography contests across many inspiring categories and get discovered and awarded. WIN AMAZING PRIZES 🥇📷 Photo competitions are fun, but they are even better when you can win big! Compete with other members of the ViewBug photo community and win amazing prizes. Here are some of the cameras and prizes won for recent photography competitions: Canon 5D MK III and Nikon D5300 cameras, DJI Spark drone, Leica Camera, Samsung 4K Smart TV, DJI Osmo, etc. Feedback, tips, and prizes… Now, THIS is photo sharing with a purpose, and you won’t find something like that in other photography apps! By sharing your best photos you can be featured, get published, and win the gear that will make you stand out and help you take your photography art to the next level. FREE PHOTO EDITING TOOLS 🛠️ 📷 Photography editing to make your best photos “pop” even more is easy. Use our powerful photo editor and photo enhancer: + Advanced photo presets + Exclusive photo filters that you’ll find only in our picture editor + Basic picture editing tools like Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation + Exposure, Tint or Clarity to fine-tune when editing photos With the free photo editing features, you can get creative with photo filters and photo effects…And show your art in its best light! GROW YOUR CRAFT WITH PHOTO CHALLENGES Each peer photo challenge is created by a fellow photographer with a creative spark. Join a challenge, dive in and share photos to display your creativity! Not only do you get feedback from your peers after sharing photos, but you can also get recognition and rewards as well. FIND AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHY INSPIRATION Browse more than 25 million submitted photos for some on-the-go inspiration and discover some of the best photos around the world. Follow photographers and get personalized recommendations to become a better photographer yourself. Get social and like or comment on their photography art, discover new photo styles and vote to award your favorite shots! GET INSIGHTFUL PHOTO TIPS AND TUTORIALS Discover photo techniques and photography tips from peers and thought leaders in the community so you can improve as a photographer. Whether you want to edit photos like a pro, take better portraits or master lighting techniques, get social and learn from the best on ViewBug. TIME TO IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS You probably already have the pics you need on your phone to get started: upload some of your travel photos, a still life photo or one you took of a photo model. Or find a photo spot and take a new photograph! We are photography enthusiasts and are in love with this visual art form. Our mission is simple: We want to offer the best tools to empower photographers worldwide. The ViewBug photography community even has a marketplace allowing you to license and sell photos. Privacy Policy: https://www.viewbug.com/privacy-policy Terms of use: https://www.viewbug.com/terms Support: https://help.viewbug.com Tell us what you think: feedback@viewbug.com

3. ClickChack

A revolutionary change and exclusive app for mobile photography. Upload and share pictures with your friends and showcase your talent to the world. With Photoria, you can: 1. Upload and share your photographs for your followers to admire. 2. Get inspired by pictures uploaded worldwide and encourage others by liking and commenting on their uploaded pictures. 3. Be a part of the never ending craze for photography. The app implements a technology that allows the user to upload mobile photographs only and filters out computer generated images. Dive into the world of photography with Photoria.

4. Viral Vote

Shoot to play with Viral Vote, THE photo competition app where everyone has a chance to win. Viral Vote is a free photo competition with real cash prizes! Shoot to play and join the race for votes from anywhere in the world. Pick a competition, upload your photo and share your entry to grow your votes. Compete in exciting daily competitions and be inspired by creative photos from across the globe and connect with fellow photographers. Entry is easy and free. Simply shoot, upload and share. Viral Vote’s ranking system is based on votes, so join the race by posting your best pics to grow your fan base. Then build your profile by following other photographers who inspire you. Play the game to win! Boost your winning chances even more by playing the Lucky Loser and Lucky Liker games – just by playing, hitting the like button and inviting others to join. Shoot to play, vote to win.


Join a creative revolution alongside 3.5 million other photography lovers! Agora is a digital channel where people create, vote and curate the best pictures taken worldwide. Be inspired by incredible visual stories from photographers all over the world thanks to the photo finder, connect with international talent and be blown away by the best photography content available online. Participate in the first digital democratic system in the world of photography by voting for your favorite photographs in breathtaking weekly contests. Agora is a photography app like you’ve never experienced before! Breakaway from other social networks that sell your photos and leave you with less than you deserve for your photos. On Agora you can’t sell images but through entering our weekly photo challenges you can win cash prizes from $1,000 to $25,000 and features in the world’s most-read newspapers and magazines. Power to the people! EXPLORE THE WORLD THROUGH CAPTIVATING PHOTOGRAPHY * Follow inspiring photographers from more than 193 countries and experience the world through their eyes. * Sit back and enjoy the show! There are thousands of fascinating visual stories for you to discover on Agora. Search photos with the image finder and experience quality content like you’ve never seen before! JOIN WEEKLY PHOTO CONTESTS, MAKE MONEY, AND ACHIEVE GLOBAL EXPOSURE * What does #Love, #Freedom or #Friendship mean to you? Agora gives you the tools to bring universal topics to life through your own photo camera and share your unique point of view with the world. * Enter the world’s biggest photo competition for free and submit your best shots for a chance to earn money. Whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer, your best photo could be voted as the World’s Best Photo of the Year and win you from $1,000 to $25,000 in cash prizes and other life-changing experiences! * Get featured in the most renowned newspapers and magazines worldwide along with Agora’s Hall of Fame by reaching the Top 50 and Top 5 finals of the weekly competitions. * Gain visibility and increase your chances of making the Top 50 final earning stars and connecting with inspiring photographers alike. PARTICIPATE IN A GLOBAL DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM * Have your say in the results of the weekly contests: every day, the power is in your hands to choose which photos should make it to the next voting rounds. * Cast your vote for the images and captions that resonate with you the most and help these points of view be heard worldwide. * Watch as Humanity decides who becomes the winner. Which of the Top 50 and Top 5 photographers will have your vote to become Agora’s next Hero? You will win stars if your vote is shared by the majority. Game on! Download agora now! Have feedback? We would love to hear from you at hello@agoraimages.com Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agoraimages Find us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/agoraimages/ Pin us on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.es/agoraimages/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/agoraimages