10 Best Photo Booth Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Photo Booth Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Photo Booth Apps For Android & iOS

1. Photobooth mini

Photobooth mini will allow you to take funny pictures for printing and sharing. Some details : – Full screen preview adapted to the distance of the face in a real cabin (if you zoom with the volume buttons: the chosen distance is kept) – Timer – Taking 4 pictures (sometimes 5 for more fun) – Drying photos with a nice blowing sound – Video Message The application is designed to be used during a party with your friends: – It always remains active – It is within the reach of all – The application can work for days (and even longer), saving as many photos as you want. – Your friends can print, share and email photos directly from the app. – To fix the memories, you can add a line of text, as well as the date – The application is very widely configurable (replacement of the background images to adapt it to your cabin, configuration of the timer, …) – If your guests want to email their photos and you do not have an internet network at your event place: do not worry, the application keeps track of all your guests’ e-mail requests, It finds the network: it sends all your emails. If you want to create your photo booth, please note that Photobooth mini is compatible with the photo booth described here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17LdR5OCbwz5e5LONtJVxVl8l5aWy0WBj Do not hesitate to contact me to send me your ideas of improvements, I answer everybody! Thank you. http://fb.me/photobothmini mohamed.toure.obs@gmail.com

2. Photo Booth Connected

3. LOL Photobooth

Introducing LOLSnap, a new and exciting way to snap your event. Contact us to arrange LOLSnap for your event and make your event snapped and memorable! Also we now accept all events throughout Indonesia so inquire us for more details. Do you have photos printed by our LOLBooth machine? Use this app to scan the QR code on your photo and download them to your device. Your photos will also be automatically generated into a GIF video that can be uploaded into social media. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and tag us at #thatshowwelol

4. SLR Booth Pro

SLR Booth Pro is the ultimate Photo Booth app for your DSLR & Android device **Check if your camera is supported: http://www.slrbooth.com/devices and please note that not all cameras are supported by SLR Booth Pro** **Connection Issues? Look here first! https://www.slrbooth.com/connection-issues** PROFESSIONAL IMAGE QUALITY IN A PHOTO BOOTH Attach your compatible Canon or Nikon DSLR camera to the USB-otg port on your Android device, and enjoy professional image quality not available from your device’s front-facing camera Chroma-key background replacement. Photo trigger via touch, bluetooth remote, or USB foot pedal. CUSTOM TEMPLATES Templates help your guests to remember the fun of your event. SLR Booth Pro allows you to create and upload your templates easily – no configuration files or coordinate specification required with our place holder auto-detection. LIVE PREVIEW SCREEN YOUR USERS WILL LOVE Everyone will be ready for the shot so they will look their best (or silliest!). Adjustable countdown allows you to customize your events. Kiosk mode available. PHOTO SHARING FEATURES and ONLINE GALLERIES Share individual photos via text, Facebook, Twitter, and email right from the app. Send photos to guest phones while they are using the app (via QR code or SMS, even without SIM cards). Automatic uploads to hosted, password-protected online galleries! EASY PRINTING Print to AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, or FTP enabled printers. DEVICE COMPATIBILITY For list of supported cameras: http://www.slrbooth.com/setup/slr-booth-supported-cameras/ Compatible with phones, tablets, all-in-ones, and TV boxes. RESPONSIVE and HELPFUL CUSTOMER SUPPORT If you have any issues with the app, reach out to us first! We pride ourselves on providing excellent, personal customer service and we will work with you to find a solution. We are available at info@slrbooth.com and will get back to you right away. CLEAR DOCUMENTATION and HELP We are always working to improve www.slrbooth.com to provide users with easy-to-use documentation and helpful hints for Photo Booth setup. If you have ideas for things you’d like to see, send us a note at info@slrbooth.com.

5. Effect Booth

Get fun live camera effects on your phone! It’s like a mirror, but funnier! Effect Booth has 16 great photo effects which you can see LIVE on your screen before taking the photo. If you have a front facing camera, it functions like a mirror that makes you look funny / like a zombie. Available effects: – Pinch, Fat warp, Wobble / Twirl – Fish eye, Black & White, Color rotate, Auto contrast, Light Tunnel – Mirror horizontally & vertically, zoom, kaleidoscope – Xray vision, Thermal vision, Zoom blur & Lomo After taking the photo you can apply additional effects like vignette or rounded corners. Also you can add a caption, and send it to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or via email. Your friends will love it!

6. Photo Booth

Photo Booth is a photo booth application for social events, compatible with Print Box, our Raspberry PI-based printing solution. In just 3 simple steps the Photo Booth application allows you to setup a photo booth with different format options: mode of use (automatic kiosk, semi automatic or photographer), filters (color, sepia or B&W) and template (1 photo, vertical strip with 2 to 4 photos or a panel of 4 photos) as well as event information (texts and logo or decorative banner). The maximum potential of the application is obtained when used with our Print Box device, based on Raspberry Pi, which allows automatic printing of photos captured by Photo Booth. Additionally, it includes specific compatibility with DNP RX1 and DNP RX1HS printers, allowing automatic 2×6″ cut, depending on the selected template and media. More information about our photo booth solutions at www.innvas.com

7. funEvent photo booth

Turn your tablet or Android device into a powerful PHOTO BOOTH! You can test the App with the event name: PORTRAIT. The fun Event photo booth App shares images, GIFs, videos slow motion and boomerangs via WhatsApp, text message/SMS, e-mail, print and upload them to TV screens for live slide show. Earn money entertaining weddings and corporate events with your mobile or tablet! The funEvent photo booth App is revolutionizing the event industry: corporate events, sports events, festivals, concerts, weddings… Using our online control panel (https://www.funeventapp.com/app/eventos/login.php) you customize your Photo Booth. Enter your event name and you are ready to go. It is that simple! The demo version lets you test the App funEvent with ALL its features; however all the photos will INCLUDE a WATERMARK. If you are happy with these features, you can proceed to pay on the control panel, for a ONE event plan or ONE MONTH plan and the watermark will dissapear. Enter your event name and you are ready to go. It is that simple! Advantages of funEvent Photobooth App: – Print and share photos at events – The FIRST photo booth App for sharing photos via WhatsApp – Landscape and portrait orientation – Custom photo branding: overlays, green screen backgrounds… – Custom App branding: company logo and screen wallpaper – Wireless printing: set up multiple stations, using one single printer – Social media sharing: WhatsApp, SMS, e-mail, TV screens, online Gallery – Real time slideshow on TV screens – Data capture: powerful data collection with 2 editable fields – Custom disclaimer text and link to your full terms and conditions – A “thank you customizable e-mail” automatically sent to the guests – Drop Box integration, animated overlays, screen saver… – Digital props – Webcam feature (you need an Android device with USB OTG) To print the photos, a file (which you will receive upon registering) must be installed on a windows laptop with internet access; photos are printed on the spot, size 4 x 6″ or strips.

8. Selfie Booth – Selfie Photo Booth Editor

9. Selfie Photo Booth

◆◆◆◆◆ Selfie Photo Booth ◆◆◆◆◆ ◆ Checkout Collection of Selfie Photo Booth and check how you look in Different Magical & Creative Effects. ◆ Selfie Photo Booth sets your photo in another photo frame with some creative Arts. ◆ Make your photos beautiful fun with artistic Selfie Photo Booth. ◆ Easily making your photo more stunning than other photo frames. ◆ Numbers photo in photo frames with different shape and style to make your photos in Different mobile phones… Just apply the theme that you like. ◆ More than 25 Different frames. ◆ Add Text on the photo to make it cooler. ◆ Select Stylish font face as you want. ◆ Select Text color from RGB color picker. ◆ Change Text Styles like Bold, in Italic and underline. ◆ Auto blur background with uploaded photos. ◆ Add different types of Selfie Photo Booth Editor and check by urself, you could find a proper Selfie Photo Booth style which suits to your photo. ◆ You can also select any one Selfie Photo Booth which you like to add your photo and drag and you can also change the size of that Selfie Photo Booth with finger touch. ◆ Make Beautiful memories with your Friends, Family & Loved one. ◆ Select a photo from Gallery and Camera to choose a photo. ◆ Timely updates and adding more and more frames to have fun. ◆ Very easy to use single click app functionality. ◆ Save the pic in your phone gallery! ◆ Share Edited Selfie Photo Booth photos with friends and family on social apps like Whatsapp, Twitter, G+, Facebook, hike, Line, WeChat and many others. ◆ Share app with a friend to check out how they look like in this cool Selfie Photo Booth.

10. Be Fabulous PHOTO BOOTH

Are you in a mood for some selfies? Yes? Get ready, strike a pose and press START to have some fun! Be Fabulous PHOTO BOOTH will take 4 images in 4 different colors one after another. Screen flash will flash in 4 different colors. Final result will be amazing photo collage. When done share your image with your friends on social media to show everyone how fabulous you really are! Be Fabulous PHOTO BOOTH app was inspired by famous Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe Prints. Be Fabulous just like Marilyn Monroe was. Pop Art movement is back! Be Fabulous PHOTO BOOTH uses front facing selfie cam and colorful screen flashes when taking pictures. Previously taken photo collages can be found in your phone’s gallery. Play with taking photos in different light conditions, also try taking photos at night or in dark places for specially fabulous pop art results. You are a very important person and you can let everyone know of your importance by Becoming a VIP. Become a VIP adds “VIP” tag to image and removes all advertisements. Always remember: You are Fabulous! ► Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gammaplay/ ► Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GammaPlay