5 Best people counter apps for Android and iOS

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Here are the 5 Best people counter apps for Android and iOS.

5 Best people counter apps for Android and iOS

1. People Counter

It is useful when entering people into shops, theaters, museums, grounds and much more places. Features: – Simple user interface – Can count with volume up & down buttons also – Can save counters and view anytime – Can delete saved counters – Can decrease count – One click clear count – One click copy count – One click save count

2. People Counter +

People Counter + is an essential application that operates as a tally counter when people enter venues such as discos, exhibitions, shops, theatres, museums, cinemas, travel, etc. You will know at all times if you have surpassed expected numbers of people that are inside at the time or have been at some point. You can also count any object. It is extremely easy to use, it has been made with the buttons + on the left or on the back depending on if the user is either left or right handed. As we have not forgotten the left handed users It can be used either with the right or left hand or else the buttons can be easily placed on a different order by the choice of the service user. The buttons can be light if used in places where not much light is available. The counter can be started from 0 It Keeps the number and configurations made for the next time you use it so that it is ready to continue The configurations are ready in the menu of your smartphone

3. Hypno Counter

This can be used for doing math, like adding or subtracting one from a number. If you wanted you could count birds that you see, or even keep track of your DogSpotting points, but you’d have to add each of them one by one and won’t be able to know why you have them. You could count your steps like all those other fancy step counters but this one doesn’t invade your privacy. If you want to take steps without counting them, feel free to step away without counting them. How many step counters do that?

4. Retail Customer Counter – Free

5. Smart People Counter

The Smart People Counter App enables you to read out the count values registered by the Smart People Counter. Like a normal display People Counter from SDI the count values are visible on the display. In and Out going people are counted and shown on the display, using this App the values can be shown on your Smartphone. For more Sensor Based Solutions please visit our Website www.sdinternational.nl *This App is an early preview for the Smart People Counter from Sensor Development International.