10 Best Palm Reading Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Palm Reading Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Palm Reading Apps For Android & iOS

1. Basirly

Fortune-telling with real Psychic Readers reading your Coffee Cup, Palm, Face, Tarot Cards, Dreams, and Love! Have you ever wondered what the future might hold for you? What will happen tomorrow, the next year or in the years to come? Do you want to know when you will meet your true love? Download Basirly and get divination through your Coffee Cup Reading, Palm Reading, Face Reading, Love, Emotional, and Spiritual Consultation, Tarot Cards Reading, Interpretation of Dreams, and Daily Horoscopes. All you have to do is send your request (voice or text) and even take a picture of your cup of coffee, your face or your palm using Basirly mobile app and send it to one of our gifted Psychic Readers. You will receive your reply privately within hours. Wherever you may be, you can get your readings in just one tap! Application features: – Coffee Cup Reading – Palm Reading – Face Reading – Tarot Cards Reading – Love Counseling – Spiritual Counseling – Dream Interpretation – Daily Horoscopes Download the free Basirly app now! Note: This application was developed for the purpose of recreation and entertainment, and is not associated with any decisions you take.

2. PalmHD

PalmistryHD is the ultimate fortunetelling app that will reveal your future. Just take a photo of your palm and see detailed personal results about your love life, success, career, money, health and happiness in just 2 minutes. **SEE YOUR FUTURE PREDICTION NOW** WILL YOU: – struggle with loneliness, or find a loving partner and enjoy a happy marriage, surrounded by friends? – live a long, healthy life, free from unwelcome illness? – make the right career choices, leading to success over failure? – find yourself burdened by debt, or live in wealth and luxury? Get the answers now with PalmistryHD! HOW IT WORKS: 1. Take a photo of your palm 2. Your palm will be automatically analysed by our powerful biometric algorithm 3. See your palm reading instantly PALM LINES BEING ANALYSED: – Life line; indicates general well-being, physical health, major life changes – Heart line; indicates your emotional stability and romantic relationships – Head line; represents intellect, learning style, communication style – Fate line; indicates how much of your life is affected by circumstances beyond your control TOPICS COVERED: – Love and Relationships – Fitness and Health – Success and Happiness – Career and Money FEATURES: – Instant palm reading – Daily horoscopes for all zodiac signs – Zodiac compatibility – Biorhythms ABOUT PALMISTRY – PALM READING Palm reading is also known as palmistry and reveals individual personality and character traits through the study of the shape, size and lines of the hands and fingers. There are two different branches in this ancient science. The first one is Chiromancy which deals with the lines on the palm and the second is Chirognomy which deals with the shape of the hands, the color, shape and texture of the palm, fingers and thumb. DAILY HOROSCOPE Know what astrology and the planets have in store for you today. Check the daily horoscope for your zodiac instantly with PalmistryHD and Daily Horoscope. ZODIAC COMPATIBILITY Discover your Love, Passion and Financial Compatibility with any zodiac sign! Find out which Zodiac sign is your best match and see how you score instantly. Features • Love, passion & financial compatibility based on your zodiac sign • A complete and unique analysis for each zodiac sign combination • Compatibility description and score (in percentage) • Share your compatibility with others via WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Air signs : Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces This app provides a compatibility test based on the zodiac signs for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. BIORHYTHMS Whether you are aware of it or not, humans operate on a delicate biorhythm of various cycles, from the physical, intellectual, emotional, to even the spiritual. Derived from the Greek words bios (life) and rhythmos (regularly occurring movement or motion), biorhythms can be thought of as the body’s holistic mathematical system that can predict, or when studied, consciously control certain aspects of one’s life such as high performance, creativity, and emotional receptivity. Use the biorhythms calculator to determine your most fortunate days (lucky days) when your psychophysical activity is high! Privacy Policy: https://stellarpalmistry.com/privacy/ Terms of Service: https://stellarpalmistry.com/terms-of-service/ THIS SERVICE IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. YOU MUST BE OF LEGAL AGE (I.E., AGE OF MAJORITY IN ACCORDANCE TO THE LAW IN YOUR JURISDICTION – IN MOST CASES 18) TO USE THIS SITE AND/OR ANY SERVICE RELATED TO THE SITE. HOWEVER, THIS INFORMATION SHOULD NOT BE USED IN PLACE OF ANY RECOMMENDATIONS BY MEDICAL, LEGAL, OR FINANCIAL PROFESSIONALS OR OTHER PROFESSIONAL COUNSELORS. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO EVALUATE ANY INFORMATION, OPINION, ADVICE OR OTHER CONTENT AVAILABLE THROUGH PALMISTRYHD.

3. Kasamba

Kasamba – the leading online LIVE PSYCHIC READING provider. Get a 3 Minute trial for every chat with each new, genuine, and real psychic medium. Simply download the app, choose from our best psychics, enter your payment info, and enjoy your free psychic chat (charges only apply if you wish to continue). Feeling lost? Need relationship or love life advice? Considering a career change? Interested in an insightful reading with a tarot reader, love psychic reader, or astrologer? Over 3 million clients trust Kasamba for quality insights & guidance from the world’s best psychic advisors. Get tarot readings, palm readings, love advice, mediums, fortune telling, astrology, crystals, angels, zodiac sign compatibility, zodiac readings, dream interpretation, clairvoyants, spiritual readings & more. Psychic Reading – 3 Minute trial: Find the best gifted online psychic, tarot, astrology, or fortune teller advisor for you with an unlimited trial of 3 minutes with each new advisor you try. Finding your best match is key to getting clarity & answers. Ask an ocean worth of questions by connecting to our community of experienced, professional psychic readers- like an expert dream interpreter, palmistry expert, fortune teller, spiritual coaching professional, empathic intuitive, angel guidance specialist and tarot reading expert. Also, get genuine advice on any of your burning questions such as your love life, soulmate, future, specific relationship, romance, family matters, and career paths. One Step Ahead: Providing your payment info allows you to enjoy your online psychic reading with your advisor, uninterrupted – you only pay if you choose to continue. Get Answers to Your Pressing Questions: Our online spiritual connections & predictions reveal life secrets & insights into your future. Like a life coach, our experts connect to your questions, goals, dreams, zodiac sign, & destiny to guide you to a brighter future. Stuck in a vast ocean of worries? Get the life, career, or love life coaching you are looking for from a real psychic- instantly, privately, and anonymously. Why Kasamba? ✓ Clear Answers from Real Psychics – Gifted psychic readers & tarot reading experts from around the world are available to help you find love & happiness with live psychic guidance. ✓ Earned Reputation for Client Satisfaction – Almost 20 years of experience, 3 million clients and 94% high ratings from people just like you. ✓ 24/7 Real-Time Availability – Global network of online psychics with expertise in dozens of categories such as tarot readings. Our psychic readers are available to offer insights, advice, & guidance whenever you need them. ✓ Best Psychic Match Guarantee – Try different advisors & find your genuine psychic match to start a valuable relationship with a 3 minute chat trial with each new advisor. ✓ Anonymous & Private – 100% confidential! Your personal details & payment information is safe & secure and never shared with psychics. ✓ Variety of Psychic Mediums – Get in touch with a real psychic. Choose from love psychics, astrologers, palm readers, clairvoyants, rune readers, tarot card readers, fortune tellers, past life readers, pet psychics, aura readers, & soo much more. ✓ My Readings – Access & review past sessions to refresh your memory or check to see if what the psychic advisor said was accurate. ✓ My Messages – Message your advisor between readings. ✓ Free Horoscopes – Based on the signs of the zodiac, read your free monthly, weekly, or daily horoscope today. Kasamba, est. in 1999, is a leading provider of online live psychic & tarot services. With expert advisors available 24/7, it’s the world’s largest & most popular platform for live psychic advice. Download the Kasamba app today to start a live psychic chat session & find your path to true love and happiness.

4. Fortunescope

Live future reading based on the hand scan. Love horoscope, finance and business, health horoscope by professional palm readers. Individual future horoscope 2020. Yearly, weekly and daily forecast. PALM READER Hand reading or palmistry is the most realiable way to predict future. Experienced palm readers read hand lines and based on them, they can make daily horoscopes or annual horoscope and fortune telling. Let our palm reading app read hands with a scan and you’ll get proven results in just a few minutes. Get all benefits from our live palm reader, the most realible future teller! How so? Every palm is individual so with the palm reading app you get personalized results. ZODIAC READING Zodiac horoscope helps discover what stars hold for you. Our astrology app creates daily horoscope, weekly and annual horoscope for all zodiac signs – aries horoscope, scorpio horoscope, gemini horoscope, virgo horoscope and many more. Want to get your horoscope today? Based on the location of the sun, stars and planets, a personal fortune teller will make accurate future predictions for your zodiac sign. DAILY FUTURE TELLER for LOVE, FINANCE, BUSINESS, HEALTH Future horoscope for all life areas. Our fortune teller app creates personal daily forecast: love horoscope, health horoscope, sex horoscope, finance horoscopes and business horoscopes. – daily love horoscope – single horoscopes and couples horoscopes – love compatibility horoscopes: compatibility check – zodiac compatibility (compatibility test for zodiac signs) – sexual compatibility – name compatibility – numerology horoscope: numerology calculator predicts the luckiest days for finance and business activities, potential days to meet soulmate, buy a car or house, make deals. – health horoscope: when to take care of your health – finance horoscopes: best time to attract money – business horoscopes: best time for business affairs Astrology palm reading app for all zodiac signs! Read daily horoscope for: ♈- Aries horoscope ♉- Taurus horoscope ♊- Gemini horoscope ♋- Cancer horoscope ♌- Leo horoscope ♍- Virgo horoscope ♎- Libra horoscope ♏- Scorpio horoscope ♐- Sagittarius horoscope ♑- Capricorn horoscope ♒- Aquarius horoscope ♓- Pisces horoscope MAYAN CALENDAR (MAYAN ASTROLOGY APP) + DRUID ASTROLOGY APP Mayan calendar lets you learn your Mayan sign and and see what the ancients had to say about your traits. Druid horoscope is for those who are intrigued by fortune telling and mystical powers. Why FortuneScope? Future reading and fortune telling comes in many ways – palm reader who read hands; zodiac reading with daily zodiac horoscopes; tarot reader with daily tarot card reading; numerology horoscopes. Live palm reader has proven its accuracy. Palm reading is made with a special hand scan that read hand lines. Them our palm scanner analyze the info and send it to our fortune teller and palm reader expert who creates astrology palm predictions and makes future reading. Hand reading, or palmistry, is an accurate way to create your love horoscope or health horoscope based on hand lines. In our app you can get free palm reading or get a daily reader and receive palm reading predictions every day. If you prefer astrology future telling and zodiac reading, you can get daily forecast for all horoscope zodiac signs in our fortune teller app. Together with daily horoscopes (or annual horoscope 2020, etc. if you choose) you can all check horoscope compatibility and love compatibility, and discover what the future will bring in all areas of your life. This is what health horoscope, finance and business horoscopes are for. We’re constanly working on improving our service. More palm readers join our fortune telling team daily and hand reading has become our main specialization. But we also love to incorporate new things. Tarot card reading is also planned to be added so that our users can consult both a professional palm reader, zodiac horoscope maker and tarot reader.

5. Palm Reading

Have you ever wondered what a gifted Palm reader can reveal? What about your love line, career line, fate line, and children? All these mysterious aspects are waiting to be explored. Get a hand reading with the help of a professional palm reader via our Palm reading life line app. Our app makes use of your mobile device’s camera to take a detailed picture of your palm and send it directly to our palm readers for a full analysis. Here’s how: 1. Take a photo of your palm 2. Sift through hundreds of professional palm readers and find the one for you! 3. Send your photo and ask them to “Read My Palm!” 4. Enjoy free 3 minutes on your first chat and gain full clarity about your future! Palm reading is a powerful way to learn about everything from your love life to your financial life, from your physical health to your spiritual health. A palm reader can even reveal your destiny! And along the way you’ll learn about possibilities around luck, fame, travel, and career. Why Choose A Hand Reading? Hand reading is a powerful way to learn about details in your life. From your love life to your family life, from your physical health to your spiritual well being. A palm reader can even unravel deep insights you may have never thought about before! And along the way you’ll learn about possibilities around luck, fame, travel, and career opportunities. As you can see, palm reading is broad and all-encompassing. You can find psychics in medium apps like keen, California psychics, bitwine, oranum and purple ocean, but our psychic app gives you the option for a hand reading! Also known as “Palmistry,” it can grant you deep and meaningful insight into your past, present, and future! Our hand readers or palm readers take it a step further and help you understand your natural personality traits so you can make the most of your strengths and be prepared for your challenges. Our great App Features – Personal Palm Reader Match Choose your own palm reader by checking out their reviews and real-life testimonials. We have hundreds of gifted hand readers available to guide you. – Chat With Live Palm Readers Text your palm reader and initiate a reading whenever you’d like. – 100% Secure & Confidential Our platform is 100% secure and your details will always remain confidential – Saved Transcripts Of Every Chat You have the opportunity to read back on every chat you’ve had. – 3 Free Minutes Enjoy 3 free minutes on us every time you chat to a new advisor ( first chat) – Palm Readers From All Walks Of Life We have palm readers from around the world. You can enjoy an online palm reading from hand readers from different cultures and countries. Why Choose Us? For over 20 years we have been committed to providing quality online psychic hand readings via live chat and email to help you attain a life full of love and happiness. Along side with the big platforms of psychics- like bitwine, keen, California psychics, purple ocean and oranum. Millions of happy clients and 5-star ratings and reviews is a testament to the fact that we only hire the best psychics – Even our new psychics are seasoned professionals who meet strict quality guidelines. Ask A Professional Palm reader! It’s time to ask a real hand reader about your future and what your love life will be like! Trying to decipher your own fate is hard, especially when so many feelings and emotions are involved. Getting the help of a top-rated palm reader cuts out all the emotions and gives you the opportunity to get unbiased, divine information. That’s why getting an online palm reading will help you in your efforts to find the truth about a love interest, partner, or lost love. Download our Palm reading app and enjoy a professional hand reading!

6. Alpha Horoscope

7. Scan Your Future

★ Listed as top app in the Lifestyle category ★ Listed as top trending app and top 10 free apps ★ Listed as top 10 free app on iPhone ★ Listed as top Lifestyle app on Windows Phone Market Place Your favorite app ‘Palm Reader’ is now also available for Tablets. Did a sage from India record your entire life thousand years ago? Your hand is a map reflecting your personality, your past, and your personal potential. Palm reader is designed to give you instant access to the ancient art of palmistry. Just look at your hand for insightful and beautiful prediction of your life pattern. Using Palm Reader you will be glad to discover that, how easily you will able to give amazing character readings, and tell the fortune of your friends –simply and mysteriously from their hands. Reviews: ★★★★★ Very good- “I have a good life and I’m in love how do they know”- Playstore ★★★★★ Excellent application- “Fun to read and evaluate” – Google Play ★★★★★ Amazing app..must download – “Love to read all info and its correct..that’s amazing app..everyone should have this” – Google Play It’s easy to learn and fun to do! You’ll learn how to interpret the length of the palm and fingers, the hand types, thumbs, marks on the fingers, the lines, fingernails, the mounts, and timing in the palm. Palm Reader is the most simple and easy app for palmistry and astrology. We would love to hear from you so we can continue to create better experience for you.

8. How to Read Palms

We will introduce you a popular and easy method for learn how to Read Palms. According to a document relics of the ancient Greeks it turns out you can see the future! Features and characteristics : – A Beginners Guide to Reading Palms – Lines of palmistry: Significance of the mounts in basic palm reading – Example Using A Palm Reading Diagram – Love in the palm of your hand: palmistry basics – How to Read Your Right Hand: How to Do a Palm Reading Palm Reading (listen to the audio) – What Does a Triangle on Your Palm Mean? – What Your Hands Color Say About Your Health & Fate: Hand Palm Color Meanings – Fingernail Shape and Personality: What does the shape of fingernail show? – Chiromancy: Palmistry Palm Reading-Is This A Form Of Fortune Telling (listen to the audio) You must know how these lines work in reading the palm lines. This practice has existed since Biblical times!

9. Palm Reader Insights

Reveal the life story written on your palm! Your palm lines contain a story about your personality, your traits and perceptions. Our palm reading app — Palm Reading Insights — will help you reveal your hidden story. Palm Reading Insights reads your palm to find and analyse your Heart Line, Life Line, Head Line, Fate Line and all the palm mounts. Get a free and personalised reading of your palm based on the ancient palm reading rules. Getting a personalised palm reading is easy once you’re inside the app: 1. Take a photo of your palm area. This photo is stored only on your phone. 2. Trace the palm lines on the photo of your palm. 3. Get a personalised palm reading. When preparing a palm reading, Palm Reading Insights applies the rules of the book ‘The Laws of Scientific Palm Reading’ by looking at your: – Heart Line – Life Line – Head Line – Fate Line – Mounts of: Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo (Sun), Mercury, Venus, Luna (Moon) and Mars Palm Reading Insights analyses how each of your lines interacts with other lines and mounts, how your psychic energy flows along them. From this analysis, Palmistry Reading Insights writes a complete reading of your palm and provide you with a free short palm reading. If you wish you can reveal the full palm reading for a small fee. *** The app is designed for entertainment purposes only.

10. LIVE Palmistry & Horoscope

LIVE Palmistry & Horoscope is a powerful astrological tool that helps you look into the future right now! All you need is to take photos of your palms and get extended results on many aspects of your life. You have many questions and unresolved life situations. It’s difficult to make right decisions about things that are very important for you. LIVE Palmistry & Horoscope is the only astrological app that provides answers to so many questions you have in stock. Our experts will be happy to read your palm lines and provide detailed and personal reading results. You only need to make photos of both left and right palms, get an expert assigned to you, wait for some time and get notified when the reading is done. Along with professional palm reading, the app gives you Daily Horoscope forecasts in multiple aspects of your every day life. And that’s not it. You can check your daily Biorhythmic trends. FEATURES: – PALM READING (lines, things that matter, value of the life time and many more) – DAILY HOROSCOPE (health, emotional, personal, professional, travel and luck) – BIORHYTHMS (physical, emotional, intellectual and average value) It’s easy to be prepared for your future! The app contains the following subscription options: – Free trial subscription is automatically renewed unless cancelled 24 hours before the renewal – Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication – Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase Privacy Policy: http://www.devroqapps.com/privacy.html Terms of Service: http://www.devroqapps.com/terms.html * The app cannot guarantee 100% accurate data, consider using it for entertainment purposes.