Best Android App For Making New Friends


MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People
MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People
Price: Free+

This application allows you to meet people based on your personal interests. To do this, locate people near your location and give you the possibility to start a conversation. To get started in MeetMe you will have to complete a kind of form.

The objective, logically, is for the server to do an intelligent sweep and show you people with a profile similar to yours , which is what it is about. The app has an option to register directly through your Facebook account.MeetMe has several tabs. One where the profiles of your future friends are shown (Know).

There is another to talk personally with the person you choose (Chat). There is also a Feed tab. This is perhaps the most interesting part of the application. In it, events are added to which you can sign up and join all those who decide to go. Imagine that there is a concert coming soon, you can find yourself interested by encouraging them to sign up for a show.

But there is more. another of the options offered by Meetme are games, another way to socialize. From within the games you also have the option to send messages, or even add profiles that have caught your attention to start a conversation in the chat room.

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Best Android App For Daily Routine

1. Shopping list

Shopping list
Shopping list
Developer: Fivefly
Price: Free

This sector is one of the most prolific of the engineering of the ‘apps’. Myshopi  is one of the most intuitive. Divide the products by categories (fruits, vegetables, meats, fish …), accompany them with images to make them more recognizable and allow entering the prices to calculate the total amount of the purchase.

Others, such as  Out of Milk , allow us to make a list with the products we have in the pantry and calculate what we are missing. And for the most strict diets there is  FatSecret , which indicates the nutritional and caloric content of the products purchased.

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What Is The Best Battery Indicator App For Android


Developer: Braintrapp
Price: Free+

This Android app we like especially because it helps to determine the battery status of our Android smartphone. And not only tells you the status of your battery, but also gives you advice on whether the charger you’re using is good or bad for your smartphone.

This is very important, because if you charge your mobile with what you should not, you could damage it. You can know:Battery status. This is very important because with the use it is wearing down. And the fewer amps your battery has, the more damaged it will be, but this will be told by the application.Load speedalert (in case the mobile is receiving a higher voltage than it should).

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Best Contact Backup App For Android


Helium - App Sync and Backup
Helium - App Sync and Backup

General Description: This is one of the most robust apps with a large number of functions. Those who are looking for an advanced application that could bring huge benefits should opt for this application.

You do not need to root your device to make a backup. With the premium version you can even backup contacts in cloud services, such as Dropbox and more.

Pros The free version is full of several functions.Bring a variety of advanced features..The paid version does not have ads..You can store your backup in the cloud.Cons:The free version is full of ads.t could take time to get used to the application.

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What Is The Best Free Movie Download App For Android

1.Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video
Price: Free+

Prime Video is the service to watch series and movies from Amazon. As of December 14, 2016, it is free for Amazon Premium members .In Prime Video you can download the series and movies to see them offline . It is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, Fire tablets and also has an application for Smart TV for  LG and Samsung.

You can also watch movies and series directly from the Prime Video website .Apart from a good catalog of new movies you can see very good series like the winner of a Golden Globe, Mozart in the Jungle ; or the also transparent , the winner of a gold balloon, an Emmy and a BAFTA. 

All the series and movies of Prime Video are dubbed into Spanish and if you prefer you can see them in English with subtitles in Spanish. Prime Video is available at no additional cost to Amazon Premium members in Spain , Belgium, Canada, France, India and Italy. In the other countries where it will cost  $ 2.99 (€ 2.99) per month for the first 6 months.

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Best Music App For Offline Listening Android

1.Google Play Music

Google Play Music
Google Play Music
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

This application developed by Google is installed by default from the Android version 4 and offers multiple features at the level of customization, playback and song compatibility.

Its interface is simple and offers the possibility of creating smart playlists and one of its main advantages is that all music will be stored online, so we should not worry about space on the device.

Some of its main characteristics are:We can add up to 50,000 songs to the Google Play Music collection.When you buy songs in the application they will be loaded automatically.

We will have instant access to the Google Play library and there we can save the best songs for offline playback.

Allows synchronization with platforms such as Google DriveIt offers the possibility of adding Widgets in the home screen of the device.

When we access the application we will have the opportunity to load the music from different locations. When playing a song we will have different editing options for the respective song.

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Best 2 Way Radio App For Iphone

1.A Walkie-Talkie apps: Zello

Zello Walkie Talkie
Zello Walkie Talkie
Developer: Zello
Price: Free

Zello allows us to turn our Android device into an old-style walkie-talkie, allowing us to  press to talk (PTT), thus being able to talk with contacts in private or on public channels (up to 1000 users).
For this, it will transmit high quality voice in real time, being able to see the status of the contacts at any time, the history of voice messages or even notifications with new communications. In addition, it is free and compatible with iPhone and PC.

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Best Ac Remote App For Android

1. FamiSafe Parental Control for Android

FamiSafe is an application that can turn your phone into an Android remote control device. It has a set of wonderful features that allow you to control, monitor and set a reminder on your PC, Android phones, multimedia centers etc. This versatile application can be used to control and keep track of what your children are watching, how long the device is working and also block applications and channels that you do not want your family to be exposed to.


  • Track what’s happening on Android phones
  • Set minute hand
  • Block applications

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