Top 16 Best Games Like Episode For Android And iOS

The game Episodes lets you choose a character and go through various story lines. The awesome thing about it is the fact that you have a few different choices to choose from and the story line can be altered depending on what you choose.

Every bundle of choices will have a few that are free and they’ll also have a few that require diamonds to select.

You can either earn these diamonds or buy them. Most of the time, these diamond options are higher quality and make the story even better.

There are always people out there looking for games like Episodes and this is a list that’s been put together to show you and talk about 16 other games that are similar and just as fun!

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Top 16 Stud Finder Apps For Android And iOS

While most people who work in construction have actual stud finder tools, other people who don’t work in this field don’t usually have these tools.

Even with that being the case, there might be a few times when these people are doing some work to their homes and they need to be able to find the studs in the wall. Not only is this much safer, but finding the studs will help ensure that you can do the work in the areas you want.

With that being said, keep reading to take a look at 16 of the top stud finding apps that can be used right on your phone!

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Top 8 Night Vision Apps For Android And iOS

There are many reasons why someone might want a night vision apps. This could be anything from wanting to be able to see things clearly in the dark to trying to hunt for ghosts. The good thing is that there are quite a few apps out there that would work well for these purposes.

The biggest thing you have to watch for is whether or not the app is fake. Some apps will say that they use real night vision, but it’s either just a filter to make it look different or it puts random pre-generated photos in.

This is especially true with apps that are advertised as ghost hunting.Keep in mind, most of these apps are available on both the Google Store and the Apple Store, but some of them are only available on one or the other.

With that being the case, make sure you check out the link for the app to see if it’s compatible with your phone. If need be, you might be able to find an app that is similar to the one that you’re interested in.

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Top 12 Hidden Camera Detector Apps For Android And iOS

Today, there is much concern that we are being watched out in public. By this, we mean that there are others with hidden cameras watching our every move. Are you concerned when you go out?

If so, you are not alone. Thre are many hidden cameras used for abuse. These app creators invented them for the safety of those who use them. They are not supposed to be to spy on others. Read on to discover 12 hidden camera detectors that work with both Android and iOS.

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Best 12 Toddler Apps For Android And iOS iPhone

I’m always amazed when I am out in public and I see a toddler playing on a smartphone or tablet just tapping away at the screen.

Technology advancements in the past ten years have made life a little easier on parents.

Children are occupied and satisfied for extended periods of time when they are playing games on a tablet and this allows us, parents, to do get dinner made, clean up a little, sit down, relax and breathe.

Our parents didn’t have such luxuries and as parents, we need to make the most out of all the time that we get with our children because they grow up too fast.

So, if our children are going to have multiple hours of screen time every day, we should try and make sure they are learning something while they are being occupied.

Let take a look at what we think are some of the top apps for kids. Some of the apps are free while some of the others you will have to pay for.

You will notice that most of the free apps will have what’s called in-app purchase which means they will solicit you to purchase things through the app for more access to the actual game.

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