10 Best Optical Illusion Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Optical Illusion Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Optical Illusion Apps For Android & iOS

1. Optical Illusions!

An optical illusion (also called a visual illusion) is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. This SIMPLE Application is a collection containing 98 different optical illusions with complete descriptions about each optical perception. Watch and read them and be amazed. Note: Ad supported! Features ******** – 98 different optical illusions – Social share: Facebook, email. – Description of each illusion. Touch (scroll) the text to read complete description. – Simple and intuitive user interface. How To ****** Enjoy watching the optical illusions by pressing a specific item in the list. This will open a new view that displays the entire optical illusion with its description. To navigate back press the “back” button at top left corner.

2. Optical Illusions: Illusion, Pictures, Magic

This application is the best collection of the optical illusions. Explore the optical illusion pictures (more than 150+) and have fun with them. ‘Optical Illusions’ is a collection and it is completely FREE! You can find illusion pictures by the following categories : ☆ Face Illusions, ☆ Cool Illusions, ☆ Eye Illusions, ☆ Animal Illusions, ☆ Color Illusions, ☆ Color Blindness, ☆ Disappering, ☆ Objects Illusions, ☆ Line Illusions, ☆ Visual Illusions, ☆ Art Illusions In every category you can find a lot of illusion pictures with detailed description. Can you solve the mechanisms behind them? Install our app now and let see 🙂 Tease your brain and have fun with your optical illusions collection. Information about optical illusions and optical perception ( How vision works ) : An optical illusion (also called a visual illusion) is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. Visual perception is the ability to interpret the surrounding environment by processing information that is contained in visible light. The resulting perception is also known as eyesight, sight, or vision. The human visual system analyzes the interactions between visible electromagnetic waves and the objects in our environment, extracts information about the world from them, and makes visual perception possible. Visual perception is considered a dynamic process that goes far beyond simply replicating the visual information provided by the retina. To perceive is to create a figure or shape that does not necessarily appear as such in the real world but that we can represent mentally so that we can recognize it under various conditions. Hence, by studying the way that the brain fills in missing or ambiguous visual information, we can learn a lot about the way that we perceive the world.

3. Optical Illusions Game

4. Monument Valley

In Monument Valley you will manipulate impossible architecture and guide a silent princess through a stunningly beautiful world. Monument Valley is a surreal exploration through fantastical architecture and impossible geometry. Guide the silent princess Ida through mysterious monuments, uncovering hidden paths, unfolding optical illusions and outsmarting the enigmatic Crow People. Ida’s Dream now available. Forgotten Shores: Eight new chapters of adventure and illusion available now as a separate purchase. ======= “One of the very finest hours, and the value of such a thing is incalculable” – Kotaku “Brilliant design… stayed with me like a dream I didn’t want to forget… 9/10” – Polygon “Monument Valley stuns with its serenity… each screen is a work of art” – Huffington Post “Almost impossibly gorgeous… a feast for your senses… 5/5” – Touch Arcade ======= BEAUTIFUL Inspired by minimalist 3D design, optical illusions and palaces and temples from around the world, every monument is a unique, hand-crafted world to explore. EASY TO USE Twist and drag to reshape the world and help Ida to explore. Designed to be easy for everyone to pick up, enjoy and complete. SOUND Audio reacts to your manipulation of the world to provide a surreal and beautiful soundscape. Best experienced with headphones. CLOUD SAVE Synchronize your game across all your devices. TABLET SUPPORT Monument Valley is optimised for both tablets and phones.

5. Bizarro – Optical illusion brain game

6. Illusions of the brain

Optical illusions: when your brain can’t believe your eyes! The best collection of optical illusions with explanations for each of them. Amazing images subdivided by scientific categories and with the explanation of the mechanisms behind them. Discover how your brain is fooled by the sight of these amazing images! Play with your friends, try to beat your brain! And now you can share the images with your friends. The categories currently present are: * Motion and psychedelic illusions * Geometric illusions * Hidden images * Troxler’s fading * Color illusions * Ambiguous illusions * Paradox illusions * Autostereograms * Illusory contours * Afterimages Optical Illusions (also called Visual Illusions) can use color, light and patterns to create images that can be deceptive or misleading to our brains. The information gathered by the eye is processed by the brain, creating a perception that in reality, does not match the true image. Perception refers to the interpretation of what we take in through our eyes. Optical illusions occur because our brain is trying to interpret what we see and make sense of the world around us. Optical illusions simply trick our brains into seeing things which may or may not be real. Illusions are constantly updated. Interesting news in the coming release.

7. Amazing Optical Illusion

Optical illusions spiral is a fun game which can produce optical illusions. The illusions shall make you see the objects around you deformed in different shapes, depending on the illusion. Your friends and family shall also be amused once they try the app. *** Disclaimer: Don’t use this app if you are sensible to stroboscopic images. Don’t allow other people using the app if you are not sure about their stroboscopic images sensitiveness. *** How to use Select one illusion then get ready and keep your mobile device (phone or tablet) about 25 cm in front of your eyes.Once the spiral visual effect starts its movement a counter shall show on the center of the screen the time remaining you should keep looking at the screen of your mobile device. 30 seconds is an amount of time which we have tested and works fine on the majority of devices we have used during the test time. During those 30 seconds you can focus on different ways on the screen, any way you focus your eyes on it shall be fine to achieve the goal expected after the counter reaches zero. Once the time is over, then look at some object around you in a middle distance, then you should be able of seeing the optical illusion effects. In case you haven’t achieved seeing the effects, you can answer how was the result of your try in the game, and extra tips shall be given in such a case. We hope you enjoy the app. Keep in mind our disclaimer about stroboscopic images sensitiveness. We appreciate any feedback that helps us improve the app. Your ideas are welcome. Ratings, reviews, and emails are welcome too.

8. Optical Illusions – Images That Will Tease Your Brain

9. Eye Illusions and Tricks Free