5 Best noise canceling apps for Android & iOS

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Here are the 5 Best noise canceling apps for Android & iOS.

5 Best noise canceling apps for Android & iOS

1. UrbanDenoiser

Do you feel discomfort of the ambient noise when your favorite music plays in your headphones? Do you have to take out the headset or switch off the sound in order to hear what you were asked about? UrbanDenoiser player solves these problems in no time. UrbanDenoiser Player is a convenient and beautiful music player, with a noise reduction mode, unique mode of sound improvement (based on your hearing test), mode which allows you to hear surrounding sounds without stopping the music and a volume booster, bass booster mode . And all of it is totally free! FEATURES: – Forget the noise: noise compensation mode with automatic volume adjustment and frequency masking – nothing will keep you from enjoying your favourite music. – Hear the important things: «Surrounding sound» mode for listening to media content and hearing the world around you. – Natural sound: patented «natural sound restoring» algorithm for personalized sound processing according to your unique hearing profile. – Volume amplifier, volume Booster: music amplifier restores natural hearing perception of the sound of music. – Bass booster: powerful sound amplification, equalizer with different settings. – Combine modes: combine processing modes – «Surrounding sound + Natural sound», «Denoiser + Natural sound» to suit the exact situation. – Test your hearing: get the high quality of sound perfectly adapted to your hearing abilities. Listen with pleasure! CONTACT US: If you encounter any problems, or have any questions, please contact us at: info@urbandenoiser.com For latest news, please visit our websites: http://urbandenoiser.com http://itforyou.pro

2. Parrot Zik

Use the Parrot Zik application to easily modify the configuration and settings of your Parrot Zik headset (2.0 and 3). (Support for Android Wear) (Not compatible with the first-generation Parrot Zik) Use your Parrot Zik application to customise all the features of your headset: – Adjustment of noise reduction – Presence sensor around the neck – Automatic Bluetooth connection – Maximum down-time before automatic shut-out – Choice of language for vocal announcement of caller – Colour of the application theme – Travel mode (to disable Bluetooth waves and save on the battery) Artist audio presets With Parrot Zik, you can customise audio playback. Parrot offers artists a chance to create and share their own audio Presets. Users can thus download these Presets and experience music the way the artists intended. Producer Mode You can use Producer Mode to create your own Audio Presets and share them with the Parrot Zik community. Recreate unique acoustics using the 5-band parametric Parrot Pro equalizer combined with sound spatialisation. Smart Audio Tuning The Parrot Zik application uses tags in your music files and selects the best presets automatically. Graphic equalizer Use the graphic equalizer to intuitively and quickly adjust your headset’s audio playback. Simply point at the musical style best adapted to your taste. Parrot “Concert Hall Effect” Parrot Zik 2.0 and 3 have powerful processors capable of recreating the acoustics of various concert halls. Use the Parrot Zik application to choose a venue and achieve a lounge or concert hall effect. World map of noise (New!) Get an instant view of the noisiest places on the planet. The world map of noise is produced thanks to the participation of consenting Parrot Zik 2.0 & 3.0 owners.* *Parrot does not save any vocal data, only the ambient noise level (dB) is shared, provided the user consents. Automatic adaptive noise reduction Multiple integrated microphones sense exterior noise and cancel it out using the anti-noise waves the headphones send back. This helps to achieve optimum sound quality all the time. Several options are available in the application, to ensure unique listening comfort. – Noise reduction: for insulation from exterior noise during telephone conversations and while listening to music – Street mode: to enjoy the sensation of not wearing a headset, to remain alert in the street. Exterior sound is reinjected into the earbuds.

3. Denoiser – AI Cleans Your Recordings From Noise

4. Noise Wall – Block Noise

Block out the noise with your own noise! Noisy neighbours can make many people’s homes feel uninhabitable. This app can help you to cover this noises and keep your focus in your studies, work or sleep better. IMPORTANT Use headphones or external speakers to produce low noise frequencies. With this app you can easily generate four types of noises: White Noise – 20Hz to 20.000Hz – All the frequencies in same level; Pink Noise – 20Hz to 20.000 (More bass sound than white noise, because is formed by a algorithm with decrease in volume level when increasing frequency); Red Noise – 250Hz – 500Hz . Sounds like a airplane cabin, train or car interior; Brown Noise – 50Hz – 250Hz; Sounds like thunder, distant plane or rocket; The sounds are produced in real time, they are not pre-recorded sounds. This enables to play them without interruption, without loops. The goal is to create a wall of sound that cover other noises that may be bothering you, allowing study, sleep or simply relax without being disturbed by external noises. These continuous sounds also help to calm fussy babies or crying. The sounds were synthesized with libpd library (Pure Data for Android). We hope this application is useful for you to have more quiet and productive moments in any environment. For best result please use headphones. Some Android manufacturers have custom audio settings and that may interfere in the sound result (Samsung SAPA). Also some users and OS have enabled battery save options to avoid background services like we use to keep the sound working on your app even with the screen off. Main features: – Block distractions; ; – Helps you sleep; – Concentration to study, increases focus; – Relaxing Sounds; – Block Noise; – Create a private ambience; – Relaxes and reduces stress; – Helps to calm fussy and crying babies; – Sleep timer with slow audio fade-out; – It will provide continuous sounds, no loops; – Works offline; – Runs in background while using other apps or when the screen is locked, just press the “Home” button; – Installs to SD or Phone; – This app won’t drain your battery; For keep the app running in background, just press button “home”.

5. Neutralizer

Neutralizer is an equalizer made for sound restoration in mind, contrary to many other products that offer ready made profiles for sound distortion. Everybody is different and everybody’s hearing is different. You have to test your hearing on devices that take active part in sound reproduction in order to be sure that any adjustments you make will work for you. We offer simple to use interface that needs very little explanations. It is self explanatory. And it is elegant. Why Neutralizer? If you would like to improve your listening experience on a mobile device, you would mostly come into conclusion that you need a better hardware. Although in most situations it might be true you don’t always know why. This is because of so many parameters you have to take into account like: the digital to analog conversion, the signal frequency range, the amplification path, the speakers (or headphones) frequency response, the psychoacoustics and so on. You can measure each of the parameters, but to measure them all you only have one device—your ears. One way to improve your hearing ability is to use sound enhancers like equalizers. Most of them distort sound quality but if you use it wisely, you can minimize the deficiencies of your acoustic tract. The key word here is “wisely”. In order to do it wisely you have to make some tests to discover the problem. And that’s what Neutralizer does. It tests your hearing ability in key frequency ranges and adapts the system equalizer to take it into account. As simple as that. Current limitations: the sad fact is that Neutralizer will not work for everybody. There are mobile devices not compatible with our solution that don’t allow third party apps to control system equalizer. We are working towards a solution to satisfy everybody, but for the time being your mileage may vary. It is, what it is. Please don’t give us bad rating because of this. We told you so.