Top 8 Night Vision Apps For Android And iOS

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There are many reasons why someone might want a night vision apps. This could be anything from wanting to be able to see things clearly in the dark to trying to hunt for ghosts. The good thing is that there are quite a few apps out there that would work well for these purposes.

The biggest thing you have to watch for is whether or not the app is fake. Some apps will say that they use real night vision, but it’s either just a filter to make it look different or it puts random pre-generated photos in.

This is especially true with apps that are advertised as ghost hunting.Keep in mind, most of these apps are available on both the Google Store and the Apple Store, but some of them are only available on one or the other.

With that being the case, make sure you check out the link for the app to see if it’s compatible with your phone. If need be, you might be able to find an app that is similar to the one that you’re interested in.

Top 8 Night Vision Apps For Android And iOS

1. Night Vision Flashlight

The first night vision app is called Night Vision Flashlight. It’s available on both app stores and has some pretty good features. Some of these features are: brightness control, color control and the ability to add extra effects on your photos.

The interface of the app is really good and pretty much anyone can easily use the app. If you want to use it in live time, you can turn on the app and point the camera where you’re walking to see whether or not there’s something in your way. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to navigate in complete darkness!You can download through googleplay and appstore

2. illumes

This app, illumes, is only available Android devices. It lets you take videos and pictures in the dark and see everything clearly. It can also be used as an app to take selfies and you can add various kinds of effects, such as cartoon.

You can choose from 4 different colors for your photos, which are: red, green, warm or natural. Using this app means you’ll get clear pictures in the dark without having to use the flash on your camera. This will make you have better pictures because the flash won’t reflect off anything and leave imperfections on the photo..You can download through  google play

3. Night Mode Camera

Another app that’s only available on Android devices is called Night Mode Camera. This particular app has quite a few great benefits. For starters, it uses an AI option that can help you take fantastic photos at 1080p.

It also has other processing features that will let you see photos pretty clearly. The app itself has very high quality algorithms that are used to help ensure you can see the photos you take! This is different from other apps because they don’t use algorithms that are as in-depth or high quality.You can download through google play

4. Night Eyes Lite

The Night Eyes Lite app will let you take photos and videos in real time. It’s set up so you don’t have to use the flash on your camera to get these pictures. It has the ability to take photos with both the back and front camera, as well as giving you options to use different colored options, such as: green, red, black and white and sepia. It also has the ability to let you take photos in both landscape and portrait mode, as well as letting you zoom from 1-10!

The great thing is that it’s extremely easy to use and the interface is very responsive. You can start taking pictures immediately and not have to worry about having to do a bunch of trial and error.You can download through appstore

5. NightVision Light

Available on both play stores, the NightVision Light app is created by Vixen. When you use the app, it will turn your screen red and you’ll go into observation mode. It can help you see clearly at night without requiring you to use any type of light source. While the light on the screen is red, it can be adjusted to brighter or dimmer to get the clearest picture possible.

Regardless of the location you’re at, you should be able to get some pretty good photos. It’s always a good idea to take multiple shots of the same thing, but most of them should come out clear..You can download through google play store or app store

6. Night Camera Lite

Night Camera Lite is only available for those using an iOS device, but it’s a great app. It has a very easy to use interface, so everyone can use it. It also takes clear photos at night without using any outside light source. Some of the features you can use inside the app are: light enhancement for residual light, real time histograms and 6x live zoom.

While the zoom might not be great in pitch dark, it’ll work well if you can kind of make out what you’re photographing. It’s especially helpful if you’re a short distance away because you don’t have to get up close and personal..You can download through app store

7. Night Vision Thermal Camera

The Night Vision Thermal Camera is available on both the Apple and Google stores. It has a few different options, including: thermal vision, UV vision and night vision. It doesn’t need any outside light source to work and you’ll be able to see photos at night pretty clearly. Sometimes, you might see things that you can’t see with your eyes!

This app is great for those that are trying to hunt ghosts. All of the modes are great for finding spirits and you might catch stuff that you can’t actually see with your eyes!.You can download through google play store and app store

8. ELRO Color Night Vision IP Cam

The ELRO Color Night Vision IP Cam is available for Android and Apple users. The difference with this app is that you have to actually have an IP camera hooked up to it. Once you do, you’ll be able to remotely watch your camera without being in the same room. This is great for those that are leaving at night and want to keep an eye on things. It also has the option to record and save photos for later.You can download through google play store and app store

As you can see, there are quite a few great night vision apps for both Android and Apple users. They all have some pretty nice features and the majority of them are free to use! Remember, make sure you pay attention to which game store it’s available on, so you know whether or not you can get them for your phone!

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