10 Best Multiplayer Horror Games For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Multiplayer Horror Games For Android & iOS.

10 Best Multiplayer Horror Games For Android & iOS

1. Horrorfield

Online team-based action horror. Play with others in real time. Who will get caught and sacrificed by the angry butcher, and who will escape and stay alive? It’s all up to you. 🏃Join the camp of 7 different survivors, each with their own unique role and set of abilities: BASKETBALL PLAYER can run away from the maniac faster than the other players DOCTOR heals himself and other players ENGINEER can fix generators around the asylum and crafts items more quickly THIEF has high stealth and dexterity MERCENARY is a brave soldier with high morale SCIENTIST can upgrade military equipment and spread his aura of wisdom to the other survivors POLICE OFFICER can catch the murderer The survivors’ goal is to join forces, develop a team strategy and escape the eerie base where the psychopath reigns. You will hide, help each other, use and combine different skills and items. Play in an enclosed space full of deadly traps and secret hiding places. Time is never on the survivors’ side, repair the generators as quickly as possible to unlock the exit. You won’t have a chance to build a shelter, and you won’t have seven nights—or even five nights—to survive. Damned maniac with an axe is awakening, so creepy online hide-and-seek game seek is about to begin! Try to stay alive and avoid a scary death! A team-based war for survival in a haunted house is waiting for its heroes! Explore an abandoned asylum full of terrifying mantraps and secret hiding places like in the most amazing survivals. Repair all the generators in the area to turn on the power and escape from the terrible place of detention. Make sure you don’t scream with fright — your screams will attract the butcher. So do not be afraid of the dark monsters and stay alive as long as possible. 🔪Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of being a cause of nightmare and inspire the darkest fear, like a real Friday killer? 13 is your favorite number? Jumpscare games with spooky gameplay is your favorite game genre? Then take the side of a bloodthirsty disgusting psychopath with the saw. You can play as 4 different psychos, each with a unique set of skills and a trademark hunting style: BUTCHER breaks the generators to prevent his prey from escaping CULTIST is a damned monster who has escaped from the mental hospital and yearns to sacrifice the survivors GHOST can pass through walls like a true poltergeist and terrify its victims BEAST hungry werewolf monster that can turns into a bloodthirsty wolf The psycho’s goal is very simple — search the desolate shelter, bewilder every victim hiding in the dark labyrinth and commit murder. Matches pit one psycho against four survivors, but the killer is strong and almost invincible. Prove that you are crazy, psychotic butcher just like the legendary maniac Jason! Arrange an apocalypse in the desolate ark of survivals just like in a classic crazy horror slasher! Let the evil awaken within you and force your victims to suffer in agony! GAME FEATURES: – Maniac mode allows you to independently develop a strategy for hunting your victims – Survivor mode allows players to cooperatively escape from bloody killer – Authentic character leveling and unique skills – Unique crafting system – create and upgrade items at workshops and smithies – High-detailed locations with the atmosphere of post-apocalypse and creepy game – Coming soon: clans, quests, and leaderboards 💀 Horrorfield – multiplayer agony horror game that will awake the goosebumps even among true fans of horror movies. This just might be the most terrifying horror adventure of your life! Four victims versus one psycho. Capture all the survivors while playing as the killer or seek the ark for survivors and escape the crazy maniac. Choose your side. A bloody online hide and seek game begins! Just try to survive at all costs and outlast neverending nightmare.

2. Slender Man Hide & Seek Multiplayer Free

If you lack adrenaline and adventure, if you want to try a new online game with horror elements, then our Slenderman Hide & Seek is waiting for you! Slenderman App Features By downloading our new scary application, you will get a online hide and seek game in multiplayer mode with friends, other users of the application in mode 3 vs 1. How to play Slenderman Hide & Seek? It’s simple: one of you takes on the role of Slender, and the other three players play the role of normal students who are so desperate to escape from him. All that can help you stay safe is the destruction of Slender dolls. Find them and do not leave them a living place! You will find them in chests scattered around locations. Do it faster than Slender catches you! Slenderman Hide & Seek multiplayer game benefits Ready or not, Slender is already following you! Our 4-player online horror multiplayer simultaneously has the following advantages: cool and scary atmospheric locations that will keep you energized throughout the hide and seek game; terrifying sounds and an appropriate musical range that will maintain a mood of horror; exciting scary plot: you will have to find Slender’s chests in the most interesting and unexpected places, which will not let you get bored; the ability to choose a player: be a Slender and hunt for your friends or desperately run away from him as a defenseless student; keep hiding, watch your every step, look where you are going and be careful – your neighbor Slender hears your every step. Are you ready to run away? After all, you are already next! Our app is not about any funny stories and your fun cool time with friends, this case is only about a terrifying survival on more than 2 player or 3, an atmosphere of fear and your desperate attempts to avoid a terrible fate. Do your best to escape from good killer! Hello, it is one from TOP 10 scary games of 2020!

3. The Mantrap

4. Slendytubbies: Android Edition

12/12/12 was the date the original Slendytubbies game was released. It has been 3 years since. And so, without further ado, we present to you Slendytubbies: Anniversary Edition! A ‘HD’ remake of the original Slendytubbies game to celebrate 3 years of slendy horror! Notice that this port has been optimised to be playable on android devices. For the reason the game will look graphically different from the desktop version. Featuring the ability to switch between classic graphics and the new remastered HD graphics ingame. Slendytubbies Anniversary Edition includes both Singleplayer and Multiplayer. We released this game as our way of saying a big thank you to everyone who has supported us up to this point with game development. You have changed our lives and I hope we can continue to make great quality indie games for you to enjoy!

5. Dead plague: Zombie Outbreak

Is it Last Day on Earth? Not yet, this is a FREE MMORPG zombie shooter survival and strategy game, where all survivors are driven by one target: stay alive and survive as long as you can in this post apocalypse game and shoot walking dead zombies. There is no place left for friendship, love and compassion. A deadly plague virus pandemic has turned the world into a dead zone full of unkilled zombies. You can trust only yourself in this post apocalyptic game infected with walking dead zombies. A few months ago, the secret Research Center leaked a lethal virus “DEAD PLAGUE”. The warm tropical environment spread the virus rapidly, turning people into enraged zombie mutants. An organization named “BIOCORP” stood out to prevent the virus from spreading. You have been assigned into their strike team to work in the dangerous infected areas to collect DNA samples and reveal the mystery behind the outbreak. There is hope that a cure can be made. Act quickly and decisively to defend mankind from a killer virus spreading across in this survival and action packed top down 3D shooter! Features: • Male and female characters (each with a unique skills). • The game can be completed in a single- or multi-player campaign with unique quests, missions and battles with Zombie BOSSES. • Up to 4 players in the online co-op mode! Play with your friends! • Story driven single player campaign with unique quests and missions. • Vast arsenal of powerful weapons and character skills to help you stay alive. • Additional battle equipment: mines, frag and stun grenades, adrenaline shot. • Different types of zombies, with varied behaviors and abilities. • Realistic lighting and dynamic weather environment effects. • Twin Stick Shooter controls optimized for phones and tablets. • Tough BOSS battles designed to push you to the limit. • Translated into English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian. • No additional downloads after installing the game! Annihilate the walking dead to save humanity from the zombie apocalypse in this awesome top down zombie shooter! Here is the promo code for a free reward: XXXYYZZZ Like us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/GameSpire Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GameSpire_org

6. Identity V

Identity V: 1 vs 4 Asymmetrical Horror Mobile Game Fear Always Springs from the Unknown. Game Introduction: Join the Thrilling Party! Welcome to Identity V, the first asymmetrical horror mobile game developed by NetEase. With a gothic art style, mysterious storylines and exciting 1vs4 gameplay, Identity V will bring you a breathtaking experience. Key Features: Intensive 1vs4 Asymmetrical Combats: Four Survivors: run from the ruthless hunter, cooperate with teammates, decode cipher machines, open the gate and escape; One Hunter: familiar yourself with all of your killing powers. Be ready to catch and torture your preys. Gothic Visual Style: Travel back to the Victorian era and have a taste of its unique style. Compelling Background Settings: You will first enter the game as a detective, who receives a mysterious letter inviting him to investigate an abandoned manor and search for a missing girl. And as you get closer and closer to the truth, you find something horrifying… Randomized Map Adjustments: Within every new game, map would be altered accordingly. You will never know what’s to expect. Select & Play Distinct Characters: Multiple characters to choose from, customized characters to fit your own personal strategy and get the final victory! Are you ready for it? More Informations: Website: idv.163.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/IdentityV Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/identityVofficial/ Twitter: www.twitter.com/GameIdentityV YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/IdentityV Discord: www.discord.gg/identityv

7. Hellraiser 3D Multiplayer

Fight with evil in excellent zombie shooter with multiplayer Hellraiser 3D. You will find lot of new missions and jobs, buy and upgrade your weapons. Gather your team of friends around the world and compete in real time, all you have to do is only desire and the Internet. Use the bonuses in the game, and earn money for killing zombies, and then spend them in the shop. Follow the development of the game in social networks and get bonuses for active participation in the development of the game. Fight zombies in an interesting missions, among which you will clean hospitals and secret bunkers Soviet times, to provide cover for medical personnel and survivors of unsuccessful fighting commandos. Save the daughter of an army General and get the reward. Explodes military warehouses, and help civil to evacuate from the affected station. Otstrelival infected mutants from a helicopter and save the townspeople from living in their city of horror. Visit the old castle and help our military to perform tasks. Various graphics settings will allow you to play on different devices both in performance and size. The game is translated into several different languages, which will help you to feel more confident. Choose your native language, and not feel problems with the translation(the number of languages will be added with future updates of the game). Great multiplayer, which includes currently eight different gaming locations absolutely sharp as management and performance, it will allow you to challenge your friends in real-time against each other. Gain money and buy the most powerful weapons in order to become a storm multiplayer. This and more awaits you in our new game, which absorbed the best from all the previous games. Stay with us and watch the news, the number of gaming locations, constantly will grow, and with it will be corrected various errors that you will help us to find. Thank you for being with us!

8. Bigfoot Monster Hunter

Bigfoot Hunt Simulator Online is multiplayer FPS horror survival where you and your friend play as a brave monster hunter who look for a mysterious monster beast deep in the northern forest! You have heard the rumors that a lot of people got lost in the scary forest and later found dead. A lot of people who went on finding bigfoot just disappeared. Knowing that this adventure might be very dangerous you prepared for it. In your war arsenal you got small spy cameras, bear traps, hunting rifle, flashlight and all the stuff that might be useful on the hunt. Your quest is pretty simple – track and hunt down the monstrous beast. But be careful or the Bigfoot is going to tear you apart! Why you’ll love this beast & monster hunter simulator: ✪ Online hunting simulator ✪ Lots of different hunt devices ✪ Cool scary mystery atmosphere ✪ Wild hunt on deers and other animals ✪ Huge map ✪ Easy controls You have to act really smart while tracking giant yeti. This monster have already killed a lot of people and it may be your last day on earth as well. Always remember that in any moment a hunter may become a prey. Place traps, set up cameras to look around and always be ready for an attack from behind. This thing is clever and already knows your weak sides. Cooperate and bring down deadly beast. Bigfoot Hunt Simulator Online is a brand new experience for you! Invite your friend and play together in coop mode. Step it up into the brawl with wild beast! Its not a problem if you don’t have friends, you can still play in cooperation mode by finding a random player. Download the game absolutely for free for now! Play the state of survival and get your prey! Good luck!

9. Murderer online

Using various geographic features, a murderer can feel the excitement of finding and killing a beauty who tries to hide or run away. A fugitive can experience the extreme tension and thrill of escaping and hiding from the murderer, as well as the horror and fear of not knowing when you will be killed. [Key Features] – In RUMBLE MODE, you can have a face-to-face contest to choose the strongest murderer. – Over 10 murderer characters with strong personalities offered. – Various situations created through crawling, jumping, and many other functions. – View-Jacking function to check the location and movement of a murderer by stealing his/her eyes. – With the transparency function, you can temporarily avoid a murderer’s eyes. – Through the heart color that gradually turns red, you can predict the distance between you and a murderer. – By accumulating the number of killing and points, you can upgrade the murderer’s skills. ※ Note 1. You can feel the murderer’s heartbeat sound more clearly if you wear headphones. 2. You cannot recover the game once it is deleted. You can find more information at… Facebook : www.facebook.com/bloodedgame

10. Friday Night Multiplayer

In Friday Night Multiplayer we can play both controlling the survivors and controlling the murderer, two very different experiences that will completely change the way in which we will have to face. Controlling the murderer our mission will be very simple: we must end the lives of all survivors before they manage to escape the level. The role of the survivors will be much more complicated since we will not have anything other than our ability to hide on the stage to survive. Collaboration will be essential to emerge victorious from the deadly situation in which we find ourselves and from which we can escape in four different ways: calling the police, fixing an abandoned car, killing the murderer or opening the door of the enclosure in the that we are trapped. To unlock each of these options we must meet a series of requirements in order. With each victory we will win coins that we can invest in unlocking new skins for both survivors and murderers. Right now there are not too many players roaming the servers, so it will be crucial to play with a group of friends to enjoy the true Friday Night Multiplayer experience.