10 Best Mouth Talking Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Mouth Talking Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Mouth Talking Apps For Android & iOS

1. Face Changer Video by Scoompa

Face Changer Video lets you easily change and animate faces in photos by adding funny animated objects on top of the picture. The people in the photo can move and talk. It’s easy to create funny animated photos: Select a mouth Record yourself and change the voice to one of the funny voices. Add animated objects Anything from popping eyes to a hammer and an animated bump on the head. Touch ups smudge the image to make faces skinnier or fatter, add text, and much more Share the video you’ve created with friends. Tablet support

2. Photo that talks

Photo talks detects people’s faces on a photo and automatically generates speech bubbles with text for the detected people. You can also manually add, edit, delete or rotate bubbles. If you wish you can enter your own text or place talk clouds with text on any photo, even without faces. Create comics or a meme from your photos! What you’ll get ♥ Many pre-written texts, dialogs in different languages: English, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Malay, Slovene, German and French ♥ Visual effects and fonts for the speech bubbles ♥ Picture bubbles ♥ Customizable unique photo frames and filters ♥ Stickers ♥ Rotate speech bubbles in any way ♥ Flip the text ♥ Enlarge the photo with your fingers to edit the small details

3. Lipsmash – Make Photos Talk

4. Funny Movie Maker – FMM

5. Talking Pets – Make your Cats and Dogs Speak

6. iFunFace – Talking Photos, eCards and Funny Videos

7. Prankster Mouth Off

Choose a mouth and hold your android device in front of your mouth as shown in screenshot and talk, shout, laugh, scream or sing to get the mouth of your choice animate in time with the sounds you make. Very useful for pranks in dark places or in classrooms. Specially designed to afraid children just in fun. Usage is very simple just select a mouth of your choice out of the collection of 16 awesome. Then hold the device in front of your mouth facing your friend and just start talking. To go back on selection screen just press device back button or tap on the screen. Moreover dragging on selection screen help you to select mouth more quickly. If you enjoy playing pranks with Prankster Mouth Off, take a moment to rate us. Thank you for your support.

8. Watch Ya Mouth Mouthguard game™

Watch Ya’ Mouth – Official is the AUTHENTIC, HILARIOUS, FUN and COMPETITIVE party game in which teams of players, hampered by mouthguards (aka cheek retractors), attempt to read and interpret phrases. Take your mouth guard challenge to the next level with this fun app. Comes with many free expansion packs and others available for in-app purchase, totaling over 2500 phrases! Many of the phrases were submitted through the Community Card Program by Watch Ya’ Mouth players from around the world. You can submit phrases right in the app! Features: 1. Fast, intuitive game play 2. Automatic countdown timer 3. Automatic Score Keeping 4. Visual and Audible indicators 5. Two to four Teams with virtually unlimited Players 6. Submit your own phrase So add a pack of our FDA and CE-Certified mouthpieces and play Watch Ya’ Mouth any time, anywhere now that you can get the game in the palm of your hand. Also compatible with Hasbro’s Speak Out (R) game.

9. Talking Face Bot

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10. Talking Photos – Picture

Make your photos come alive! With this magical app, make the friends, family, cats, dogs, famous paintings in your photos album come to life! – What can Talking Photos do? • Let your photos come alive, unfreeze what was once locked forever! • Make your photo character sing, complain, laugh, seductive or just be plain weird! • Create fun animations from any photo and share with your friends! • Change stickers and memes into brainwashing Talking Photos! – Feedback & Support • E-mail: support@avatarworks.com • Twitter: @meingapp • Instagram: @meing_app • Facebook Page: @meingapp • Youtube Channel: Meing • Website: en.meing.ai