10 Best Missed Call Alert Apps (Android & iOS)

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Here are the 10 Best Missed Call Alert Apps (Android & iOS).

10 Best Missed Call Alert Apps (Android & iOS)

1. Missed Call Alert

Android 9/10 full support !! [Basic service] The first missed call notification will be activated after the “Alert interval” time specified by user from the time when the screen of the smartphone is automatically turned off after the incoming call has been terminated However, if the user presses the power button to force the screen lock after receiving a call, the notification is automatically stopped and no longer works. If missed call notification is not working, you will see on the upper banner why the app did not work when you run the application. * Unread text message (SMS / MMS) notifications work the same way as the missed call notification above. [Additional service – User message alert] If the app notification message displayed on the top of the phone contains a user defined string, it provides a notification function. For example, you can turn on notifications when your child contains a string you specify in an SMS or SNS app. E.g. user defined string: ‘###’, message received on SMS or SNS app: ‘### phone’ = > notification action) [Additional service – Find my phone] If the app notification message displayed on the top of the phone contains a user defined string, it provides a notification function. For example, if you forget where you put your phone, you can use another phone to send an SMS or SNS message that contains a string you define, so your phone will ring loudly [Additional service – Collect Call (Free call for caller)] Caller free call service using SMS or SNS messages. For example, if you copy the code generated by the app and send it as an SMS or SNS message to the other party, the call will ring on the other party’s phone. When the other party picks up the call, the other party’s phone actually dials and connects. In this case, the app must also be installed on the other party’s phone. It is useful when your young children call to you [Support Translation] https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fXNCHrER7phw8vZju1mGF7E2DXIm8F9s02HepF7DuqQ

2. Missed call reminder, Flash on call

Missed call and SMS / MMS reminder with profiles. Useful on phones without an LED indicator. Features: ★ Support profiles. ★ Remind by: sound, vibration, turning screen on, camera flash (not all devices are supported), LED indicator. ★ Remind about: missed call, unread sms and mms messages. ★ Notifications for third-party apps (only in Premium version). ★ Content filter (only in Premium version). ★ Night mode. ★ Customizable notification schedule: order of notifications, repeat interval and repeats count. ★ You can set different reminders for missed calls and unread messages. ★ Option to disable sound when you set your phone in silent mode. ★ Option to ignore accidental (short) calls. ★ Does not disturb during a call. ★ Widgets. ★ Flash on call. ★ Plugin for Tasker / Locale. ★ And more … And: ★ No ads. ★ Safe (no Internet permission, no Root access). ★ Compact size. ★ Low memory consumption. Languages supported: 30 You can add/update translation here http://goo.gl/W0QHv Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): http://ProfReminder.com/faq Support forum: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=38143514

3. Missed call & SMS notification

Missed call & SMS notification app provides an elegant way to show SMS/text messages and missed calls in a popup. This app is very handy in the following scenarios. – If you want to be on top of your text messages or missed call while at work, or in cinema or in a very important meeting where you have very little time to act. The user can answer text messages / missed call directly from the popup window. – In a situation where you can’t reach or touch your phone, for instance, if you are driving a car and your phone is attached to the phone holder. This app can provide notification over the locked screen (even if the screen is off). – Or in a situation where you are browsing the internet or playing games and you received a new text message. Now you don’t have to close whatever you are doing to view or action on a new text message. This app will display a new text message on top of “everything” on your phone and will provide you with options to act on them. You can act on text messages directly from that window without exiting your game or internet session. Concerned about text message contents being displayed over the locked screen (when the phone is locked)? Don’t worry. This app provides the ability to securely place text message contents behind your security lock. In that case, you will have to unlock your phone to view the text message content. Other features that you will like to know • See notifications over the locked screen or behind the secured locked screen. • Repeated Notifications • Quiet time settings • Different themes to choose from • Add important missed calls and SMS’s in the calendar to action it later. • Different font styles to choose from • Quick and easy ways to dismiss notifications. • Easy dismiss the notification by pressing volume down key on your device Problems using this app? See troubleshooting guide at link:https://sites.google.com/view/bluedroidyapps/home ** Support – If you have a question or a special request, just send an email to bluedroidyapps@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please support us by buying the premium version if you find this app useful. Thanks.

4. Call Reminder – For Call & SMS

5. Missed Call Alert

Send Sms alerts to callers who give a miss call to your phone. User can set time at specific time and also start and stop this service any time Never miss an important calls with Missed Call Alert, this application is going to help you to keep track of all the important calls. Missed call Alert Keeps record of all Miss Calls and rejected calls which are left without reply. e.g. tracking of missed calls for which you haven’t call back. It also keeps tracking of your dialled calls which are unsuccessful or rejected. E.g. tracking of dialled calls which are not responded / rejected by called party. It provides you missed call reminder by giving missed call notification in notification bar.(you can disable it from settings) When you will opening the app for the first time after installation it may take few min to populate all alerts. Second time onward it won’t take much time. NOTE —- This Application will consume the sms and You will charge by your service provider

6. Flash alert for all notification -Sms alert flash

7. Missed Notifications Reminder

Unfortunately Android doesn’t have default integrated functionality to notify user periodically about missing calls/messages/other notifications via sound (only LED is blinking). This opensource tool allows to monitor notifications from any applications which are important for You (including missed calls, messangers, SMS, etc) and perform sound reminder periodically Just launch app, allow it to receive notification events, select reminder interval and important applications. That’s it. If there are any unhandled notifications from thet selected apps in the statusbar, app will notify You periodically with the notification sound you choose. IMPORTANT: if app doesn’t work please try to find solution for your phone here https://dontkillmyapp.com The battery is used only if there are missed notifications which requires periodical reminder. App wakes phone to perform sound notification and then sleep again. The app uses minimum set of required permissions. Android 4.0-4.2 support is experimental such as these OS versions doesn’t have a 100% working method to monitor notification removal. XIAOMI users should enable application autostart explicitly in the security settings Huawei users should disable battery automanagement for the Missed Notifications Reminder app: in the Battery > App Launch -> Manage All Automatically – – > uncheck MNR app Source code is available at github: https://github.com/httpdispatch/MissedNotificationsReminder Big thanks to all contributors: Sergiy Byelozyorov (https://github.com/rryk) for limit reminder repeats feature naofum (https://github.com/naofum) for Japanese translation Gerasim Panteleev for bulgarian translation Heimen Stoffels (https://github.com/Vistaus) for Dutch translation

8. Call Alert

9. Call Reminder – Call Scheduler

10. Flash Blink Alert for all notification, call, SMS

Flash Alert Blink – Magic Flash 3 (new 2020) – flash blink on call, flash blink on notification & flash blink on sms application for Android. Magic Flash 3 (new 2020): Flash Alerts & Flash Notification blinks flash led on call, blink flash on sms & blink flash on notifications. Magic Flash 3 now works better, intelligently, and impressively control and adjust more personal settings with super flashlight, flashy alert, flashy call. 📣 MAIN FEATURES ON MAGIC FLASH 3 (NEW 2020) APPLICATION: ★ Blinks flash on notification for all notification of any app that you want (Magic Flash 3 – Flash Alert on notification). ★ Flash blinks when you receive incoming call, flash call (Magic Flash 3 – Flash Alert on call. ★ Flash blinks when you receive message, sms (Magic Flash 3 – Flash Alert on SMS). ★ Custom speed of the blinking flash when phone is ringing. ★ Choose any app on device that you want flash to blink when it has notification. ★ Blinking flashlight when phone have incoming notification. ★ Use the test function, you can turn on SOS flash blinks when you need this. ★ Use the test function and change flash blink speed, you can turn on DJ light for party or festival. ★ Set up how many times you want to blink when notification comes. ★ Show important information of battery when charging. ★ Call Assistant displaying after you missed or hang up a call. ★ Magic Flash 3 has new light design follow material design, so beautiful. ★ Easy to use. 📣 Advanced Feature on Magic Flash 3 (new 2020): ★ Allow to customize speed of flash light blinking, easily to adjust speed of light to blink, blink frequency to be slow or fast. ★ Custom speed flash alerts on sms alert on notification. ★ Save battery with battery threshold, if battery percentage is below threshold, no flash blinking. ★ You can set up the time interval to not disturb you when you sleep or do something important. ★App compatible with most types of Android phones including all types like Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, HTC, Vivo, ZTE, Alcate (TCT) … 📣 How to enable Magic Flash 3 (new 2020) on android ★Just give the app all the permission asked when you open the app, please read our privacy to be more clear about these permission, we guaranty to protect your personal information. 📣 Other Benefits ★If you enjoy listening to music with headphone through your android device, just put device in silent mode, the music will not be disturbed when having call or notification but the flash will blink to alert you. ★ Find your phone easier when flash blinking. ★ Battery save mode : No flash when battery is low. ★ Smart charge & call assistant: display important information on battery, call and quick action to the missed call. 📣RATE AND SHARE 
If it helpful with you, Please give us 5 star rates. This is new app so it may have some errors, please be kindly to inform us via: ulsan.koreatech@gmail.com, we are working hard to improve Magic Flash 3 (new 2020). Thank you for your supporting! Other names of the application: Magic Flash Alerts 3, Magic Flash Notifications 3, Flash Alerts on call & sms 3, Flash Call 3 , Flashy Alert 3 (new 2020).