Top 15 Best Microphone Apps For Android And iOS iPhone

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With different microphone apps popping every other day, it is crucial to know the best ones that you can use if you are to avoid suffering any inconveniences.

Below is a list of the best fifteen Microphone apps you can use for both Android and iOS:

Top 15 Best Microphone Apps For Android And iOS iPhone

#1. Extra Mic

The ultra-low latency technology used in the Extra Mic is what makes it the perfect microphone app for android users.

It also comes with volume control, which allows you to either reduce or increase the volume depending on how you’re feeling at any given moment.

The application is used for a plethora of activities which may include outdoor performances, music performances, and presentation.

Moreover, the fact that it very even makes it more of a better option compared to the standard music application being offered on the market at a fee.

#2. Microphone by VonBruno

The Microphone by VonBruno is a free microphone an explicitly developed for iOS users out there.

Besides being free, the microphone app comes with a plethora of advantages among them, wireless Bluetooth and airplay steaming.

These two features will allow your iPhone to work without any need of an external microphone, which is quite impressive.

You can turn your iPhone into a live microphone by plugging it into a stereo system.

Controlling the volume on this app has also been simplified as you can do so by swiping up or down – depending on whether you want to increase or reduce the volume, respectively.

If this application tickles your fancy, feel free to download it from iTunes for absolutely free.

#3. AirMic

There are many reasons why most iOS users find the AirMic microphone application very comfortable for their use.

First things first, it is quite easy to download from iTunes as long as they have a good internet connection.

Despite being offered at a price; the price tag is quite affordable, so there aren’t any complaints about that.

There are different options as well, depending on whatever floats your boat as well as whatever you are willing to pay.

The application also comes with a volume feature which allows you to control the volume with ease. You can also connect it to a pc speaker through your iPhone or iPad or MacBook.

#4. Wireless Mic

Wireless Mic is yet another microphone application that Android users can have the chance to use without having to worry about monthly or annual payments.

Besides the fact that it is free, it also comes with a plethora of features that can make your recording life a tad easier.

One such feature that makes it unique is the ability to turn your device into a wireless mic.

The latter has made the app very popular among journalist as it has an extra feature which can also accommodate the client mic by connecting it to the server.

The users are also treated to a few audio effects that doe a long way in making the audio even more crispy.

#5. MicSwap

All iOS users can enjoy a smooth and crisp recording sessions courtesy of the MicSwap microphone app. With a single app, you can turn your one microphone into 17 other studio microphones which are quite amazing.

This incredible fantastic app will also allow you to change the sound of audios that you already recorded before getting the app.

Importing or audio is also made more natural courtesy of this app and guess what, it can be done for absolutely free!

The live monitoring options will also allow the application to swap microphones even when they are in turned in different modes.

#6. WO Mic

WO Mic app, which can be used by both the Android and iOS users, comes with many scintillating features that you don’t want to miss out on.

One such feature is capturing your voice from your smartphone and transmitting it live to your PC. Moreover, to achieve this incredible feat, all you need is a good Wi-Fi connection, and you’re good to go.

The app will also allow you to start a voice chat with anyone for free courtesy of audio 48000 sampling rate, which comes at 16 bits per sample.

The app itself is quite straightforward. However, if you are finding any difficulties doing so, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about since there is always ad support ready to help whenever and wherever they can.

#7. Pro Microphone

There is a good reason why the pro microphone app is popular among both Android and iOS fans. First and foremost, it is quite easy to use.

There are different variations of the same app, which not only appeals to different personalities but to different moods as well.

There are also features in pro microphone that will amplify your voice in case you sound a bit low.

The sound effects will also be at your service if you need to sound in a certain way and that’s why the app is excellent for budding singers.

You can either download it from the PlayStore (if you are an android user) or iTunes (if you have an Apple gadget).

#8. Megaphone

The app gets its name because of its ability to amplify your voice to the desired levels, allowing your iPhone to act as your microphone.

There are different forms of the app with the most basic form being offered for free. The most basic type of the app is excellent for starting, but if you want to advance, then you have for the payable options.

The app is only available for iOS users only and is great for parties or rallies when you are on a budget.

The application itself is quite easy to download, install as well as operate without your having to worry much about looking for manual or something.

The app will also come with an instruction manual intended to make your life much more comfortable.

#9. EZ Mic

EZ Mic is yet another scintillating app that both iOS and Android users can get to enjoy. What makes the app special is the fact that you can import your vocals for free and with ease.

The app is also popularly used for games since it comes with sound effects that will allow you to change your voice and pretty much have as much fun with your friends and family as you can.

The app works perfectly well as an external microphone for either iOS or Windows 7,8, and 10.

#10. EZ Voice

Developed by the favorite IK Multimedia, the EZ Voice app can be used by both iOS as well as Android users.

Apart from its impressive ability to replace your vocals with those of any song, the app will allow you to utilize its pro effects to ensure that your vocals come out as crispy as they could.

Recording on your smartphone is free as far as the app is concerned, meaning you can get it downloaded and installed as soon as you wish, which is quite incredible.

#11. Live Microphone

Explicitly developed for Android users, the Live Microphone app can turn your standard Android phone into a working megaphone.

It also comes with voice recognition options that you can gladly use whenever you are speaking with a stranger. Another incredible feature of the app is its simplicity.

Even the most clueless of Android users can find their way around the app without any issues at all. The recording is crisp, which makes it the perfect app for taking voice notes for later use/reference.

Last but not least, the app has an amplification option, which allows you to get the right volume.

#12. nVoq

iOS users can enjoy a plethora of amazing features that the nVoq microphone app has to offer, which will include turning their iPhone into wireless microphones.

It also acts as a speech recognition app, which makes it easy for you to use it as a notepad as it makes note dictation easy.

Users can also use it to transcribe voice to text and vice versa, which can be fun and convenient when you don’t feel like writing or speaking, respectively.

You will have the option of getting the free version or get a subscription if you want to enjoy many more scintillating features.

#13. M*Modal Mobile Microphone

This app will make it easy for any Android and iOS users to convert their handset devices into working microphones in a few simple steps.

Using the app, you can easily connect an AUX cable to a speaker and use it as a performance microphone. The quality of the voice will shock you, especially if you are a first time user.

You’ll also have the chance to change your voice as well as utilize the echo after a set period.

There are also many unique features that you can use in your quest to having as much fun as you can, using this rather impressive microphone app.

#14. Microphone by Wonder Grace

Explicitly developed for android user, the microphone by wonder grace comes with a mono/stereo features which will give you a whole new experience.

You can also make use of the amplifier feature to get whatever volume and boom you want out of it without having any issues at all.

You can also change the pitch of your voice notes using the easy-to-use equalizer that has its adjustments.

You will also get to enjoy the widget support whenever you need any form of assistance, which is quite excellent.

#15. Karaoke Microphone

The karaoke microphone is also another application that you might want to check out before making your final decision as to which one you ought to go for.

Being the incredible microphone simulator that it is, you can always count on the karaoke microphone application to bring your singing into life thanks to its considerably powerful, in-built speakers.

The app is also easy to use, meaning anyone with an android phone which looks to have a good time can download and install it within minutes.

Thanks to its design, you can get to learn even the most difficult songs within a short while. It is also another free application that Android users can download and install without any restrictions.


Out of all the above-listed microphone apps since there is no particular order as far as which is the best is concerned. Its all about personal preferences.

After trying all of them, you might find that the EZ Mic app, for example, is way better than the Megaphone app.

Another user might end up choosing the Megaphone App over the EZ Mic app. However, as long as you’ve selected your app from any that is listed above, then you are surely on the safe side.

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