5 Best megaphone apps for Android & iOS

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Here are the 5 Best megaphone apps for Android & iOS.

5 Best megaphone apps for Android & iOS

1. Megaphone (Microphone)

2. Easy Microphone – Your Microphone and Megaphone

Easy Microphone is an awesome tool for rehearsal or singing exercises, for concerts or karaoke parties. It can transform your device into an instant Microphone /speaker/amplifier/mic/Megaphone, making your voice louder! Features: *Simply plug your android device into a stereo system or amplified speakers *Support wireless connection by bluetooth *Swipe up or down to switch on or off. *You will feel like holding a real voice tube with the simulation design *Great for speeches at parties or speeches Widely Used with this Microphone: *Used for announcing information. It can used in many places, such as subway/school/church/airport… *Used for entertainment. Use it as microphone and have a singing exercise. You will enjoy the feel just like in a karaoke hall *Used for working. You can utilize it to make your sound heard in a speech or a meeting. Come and download the Easy Microphone!

3. Microphone Live

4. Megaphone Free

5. Megaphone: Voice Amplifier