5 Best medical records apps for emergency cases

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Here are the 5 Best medical records apps for emergency cases.

5 Best medical records apps for emergency cases

1. ICE – In Case of Emergency – Medical Contact Card

ICE – In Case of Emergency – Medical Contact Card is a very useful app and can even prove to be a lifesaver in an emergency situation. Using this app, you can store emergency contacts and other essential information which can help save your life if you were to be in an unfortunate accident. Using ICE- In Case of Emergency – Medical Contact card, you can create your medical contact card directly on your phone which will be available on the screen without the need to unlock the phone. With the personal details that will be available on the emergency contacts card including medical conditions, blood group, emergency contact number, etc, you will be able to receive the assistance that you may need in an emergency situation. Besides this basic information, you also have the option to add additional information such as allergies, medicine, and disease. With ICE App, the first time responders will easily have access to all the information they will need to provide you with medical emergency help and also to call your loved ones. The app also includes a ‘secret’ section which will be encrypted with a passcode so that only a loved one who has the passcode may have access to the information inside it. The screen will display a message directing the responders to contact the person with the passcode. Other details like your vaccine history, physician contact and insurance may also be stored in the app and may come in handy when receiving medical emergency help. How will responders access the information? The responders will be redirected to the emergency medical ID or information stored in the app when they tap the notification bar on the lock screen of your phone. How to show Notification/Floating icon over locked screen? Under More tab, you will see Notification / Lock Screen feature and clicking on that you can enable or disable the each feature from lock screen. You must provide some permission to allow this. Notification is by default. Which languages are supported? The Medical ID ICE App currently offers support for 6 languages: English, Italian, German, Dutch, French and Polish but will include more upon request from the users. How can the premium version be unlocked? Go to the ‘More’ tab on ICE Emergency app and tap ‘upgrade to premium’. You will just need to pay USD $8 to receive access to unlimited features on the ICE – In Case of Emergency. What does the premium version offer? Among the unlimited features that you have access to with the premium version of ICE Emergency app, here are the most notable ones: ● You can store a 30-second voice recording which will appear on the profile page. This feature will be an additional asset if you were in need of medical emergency help. ● By clicking on the ‘App lock’ option, you can enable or disable the app lock. This will restrict the user from editing the information unless he or she has the pin or provides fingerprint verification. ● You can also back up the medical contact card from the ICE Emergency app into your computer or on Google drive. The information may also be restored onto the Medical ID ICE App from these locations. Keeping yourself fully prepared for an emergency situation or accidents never hurts. The sooner you have your digital medical contact card ready, the better. So what are you waiting for? It will barely take a minute to find ICE – In case of emergency App on play store and install it on your phone. ========= SAY HELLO ========= Feel free to comment or email(techxonia@gmail.com) in case you have any queries or suggestions. Your support will help us improve the app and serve you better.

2. Medical ID Record

3. Doctor At Work (Plus)

Doctor At Work (Plus) is a patient electronic medical record, patient appointment tracker, biller, Rx printer, and sales/income report generator. How can this app help you? – It can document the history of examination, diagnosis, and treatment of a patient. – It can manage patient appointments. – It can help you on billing and tracking sales. – It can ensure confidentiality of records through PIN lock 5 reasons you will love this app – Good organization of patient information and medical history. – Compile medical notes of almost any type to patient record (text, audio, video, image, pdf, word, etc) – Less typing through available or custom templates – Put your logo and business header on printouts – Easy to understand screens You are free to create unlimited patients, appointments, invoices, and notes. Install it now. We provide good support if you encounter any issues.

4. Emergency Contact Data

5. Emergency Medical Form

When lives are on the line, every second counts. The Emergency Medical Form (EMF) makes it easier for first responders to get the vital information they need from you in a medical emergency. It does this by requesting your responses to the most commonly asked emergency medical questions in advance and storing this information safely with our app. Designed for both public and first responder use, EMF is a must-have emergency tool for individuals, families, senior citizens and first responders. For Individuals and Community Use : Easy To Use Our clear-cut, user-friendly app makes it easy for individuals to sign up and answer the important questions typically asked by first responders in emergency situations. EMF also allows you to upload attachments in one simple click; add your latest EKG’s, healthcare records, paper forms and more. Streamlines Important Medical Information Keep your information safely in one place while still providing easy access in case of medical emergencies. EMF allows you the ability to store your medical information, making it available to first responders in your area, so you’re always one step ahead. Add Your Family Organize your family’s medical information with the ability to upload unlimited forms to your profile. Highly recommended for senior citizens and assisted living facilities and communities. Safety & Privacy EMF uses safety and security measures which keeps your medical information protected. Printable Forms Print your form for access even without a mobile phone, internet access and for emergency responders who don’t have the app. For Agencies and First Responders: Custom built This version of EMF is only available to first responders and emergency agencies such as fire departments and ambulance services and allows you to modify based on their department needs. Agencies or first responders must first register and upon verification, will have access to our extensive database of patient information. EMF is used to minimize the time spent on scene, improve the quality of care provided and in patient care reporting. Easily Search & Access Patients EMF EMF reduces the time first responders spend asking life-saving questions. They can access their patient’s EMF either before or while on the scene. Seamless Forward Functions Once first responders have access to EMF, they can forward medical forms with their patient information across the emergency response network. This allows first responders to be steps ahead and prepared with their patients information. NOTE: Health care providers, first responders or agencies need to use the first responder version of this app. Each first responder or healthcare provider must submit the required credentials or an agency can register with EMF before they can download and use the app. Please share the EMF app with your friends and family to spread the benefits of emergency preparedness with the ones you love. Our app is constantly updated to provide you with the highest level of safety, privacy, and preparedness. If you experience a bug or problem when using our app, please contact us so we can quickly resolve the issue. We’d be very grateful if you can leave a rating and review to support our continued development.