5 Best Mafia game apps for Android & iOS

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Here are the 5 Best Mafia game apps for Android & iOS.

5 Best Mafia game apps for Android & iOS

1. Mafia City

2. Mafia Empire: City of Crime

BECOME THE LEADER OF YOUR OWN MAFIA The battle over the city has begun, become the greatest Mafia Boss of all time in this action-packed multiplayer realtime strategy game. In Mafia Empire you are the boss that takes care of the power and growth of your mafia. You plan and decide which criminal missions your mafia members conduct. You have to act strategically and adapt to the different situations in the city. Attack other players or ally with them, raid banks and police stations or fight against the dominating gang Los Malos – it’s your choice! The strategic depth of Mafia Empire will fascinate you! LET YOUR DISTRICT GROW: As your influence in the city increases over time, so will your district. FORM A SYNDICATE: Find friends, get help from other players, trade with them and form the most powerful syndicate in the city. ALLY OR FIGHT: In this multiplayer game it is your decision whether you collaborate with other players in a syndicate or fight them as your foes. LEGENDARY MAFIOSI: Recruit legendary mafiosi that existed in real life! They they can support you in your mission. MANAGE YOUR MAFIA: Your guys need cash, drugs and ammo. Get resources from dubious sources to recruit new members, install defence works, and upgrade your district. REGULARLY EVENTS: Prove yourself in regular events to acquire even more resources so your influence in the city can grow even faster.

3. Mafia Fake Family

Game features: – Adventure 3D game. Crazy Gangster Shooter – The game is available for free download. – Open game space with RPG elements – Gangster disassembly in poor areas – Reflection of the time after World War II – A choice of guns from an ordinary pistol to a powerful machine gun – Story twists implemented in an exciting gameplay – Buying your own property – You can play without the Internet and Wi-Fi – Dangerous street racing in a civil stream – Vintage retro cars – Shootout and chase The plot of the game: After leaving the liberty ahead of time, Bob decides to tie up with a criminal past and start a new life that is in no way connected with the mafia. But fate has other plans for it. And so, getting involved in the adventure, which was to be his last illegal business, Bob is in the midst of a mafia showdown. His lawyer and friend Luke, who dragged Joe out of prison as much as 15 years ahead of time, finds himself on sight in the clan of Salavani. They accuse Luke of stealing a million dollars, but are willing to forgive him for this amount if he pulls their head out of prison. Luke is on the verge of life and death and asks Bob to help him with this difficult task. Bob is torn between a friendly debt and a desire to start an honest life. How will the life of the main character, you will learn, passing his way. PS: Thank you, dear users, for your comments and suggestions. For us it is very important! We do everything for you to enjoy and enjoy the game. Facebook – https://goo.gl/bKKGW2 VK – https://goo.gl/6C89N6 Instagram – https://goo.gl/T9XE8D

4. City Mafia Gods

Start the journey of crime in City Mafia Gods realistic 3D action dual fight adventure game. Survive the high security operation against crime in the city game. Be prepared to fight & attack your rival mafia underworld gangs and police officers. Plan extreme mobster escape missions in City Mafia Gods game. Explore the age of gangs in City Mafia Gods game for your fun crime career, sneak and theft the vehicles to rule city. Use the real war fight weapons for your crime fun. Be the best fighting mafia member in the city, become the most popular mafia gangster to complete all survival missions. 
 Play as brave new mafia agent thrilling adventure against police chase for a greater cause to plan a great threat for the city before the police squad catches you in mafia fighting games. Live an action packed mafia life gang war in a stealth mode like a mafia legends in City Mafia Gods game. Experience the street mafia rivals crimes, gun shooting against city police and mafia groups, Fight like the strong mafia boss in town, play as a real mafia gangster and become the ultimate mafia attack hero in the City Mafia Gods to accomplish the criminal survival missions in this mafia games. 

City Mafia Gods Game Features : Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics Assault Rifle shooting and baton fighting Smooth and intuitive controls of a real don
Easy, fun to play and Interesting Game Play
Amazing 3D City & downtown street Environment Thrilling and challenging Car Driving simulator Missions

5. Mafia Mystery