10 Best Intuition Trainer Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Intuition Trainer Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Intuition Trainer Apps For Android & iOS

1. ESP Trainer

Practice and master your ESP and intuition with 5 mode trainer. Begin with easy and progress to more advanced. Instructions: Goal is to predict what tile is right one. If you guess correctly, tile goes green and you get audio-visual reward. “Reset” button is for restart the current session. “Pass” is for skip current guessing of a tile. You have limited tries in one session. At the end you get your score in percent. Modes: – Duality – Trinity – Remote Viewer – Manifestor – Wizard Your intention to guess correctly will increase your ESP sense. If you are not sure where is hidden element you can pass it to when you feel its right. Practicing with this tool will increase your intuition.

2. INTU — Intuition Trainer

3. Extra Sense – intuition trainer

Check and train your intuition with this simple meditative games. 9 games in current version. They are made so that you can play them during, watching videos, listening music or an audio book. They are endless and meditative. The complexity in them grows gradually depending on the sensitivity. The goal of the games is to test and feel the sixth sense, at which moments the sensitivity improves, to train. Test yourself, try to stop the thoughts and play without logic. Good luck! The game is developing, new games and modes are being developed. news – esense.me

4. Real Superpowers

5. Magic Intuition

Have you ever thought, why some people don`t board an air plane, that is about to crash? How do successful businessmen feel the market trends? Do you think you have to be a psychic for that? Every day everyone of us is faced with myriad of choices that affect our lives. How can we make the best choice possible? We can spend hours thinking and analysing, but we don`t always have time, for instance, in Forex real time trading, and surely a human mind is not able to foresee everything. It is better to listen to our intuition, which is within each of us, we just forgot its voice. Magic Intuition – an application that helps you improving your sixth sense, and to learn to make beneficial choices in different areas of life: business, professional orientation, private life, significant purchases, etc. Why this App? * Absolutely no advertisement * Easy, fast, optimized * Different games with different levels of complexity * Convenient statistics * Table of personal and global records * Pleasant sound themes * Vibration mode available * Diverse motivation system, including coins, laziness progress bar etc. Additionally for Pro version: * Dice game – one of the most ancient fortune games * Space game – save your team on a spaceship, finding the planets, suitable for life * Zener cards – this tool from early 1930-s tests the extrasensory perseption * Soccer betting – game of chance with no risk for your wallet * Reminders for convenient training schedule creation * Backup for securing & easy transfer of your data * The mode of the real Forex exchange rate, with 9 pairs of currencies Questions? https://olekdia.groups.io/g/magicintuition/topics Facebook https://facebook.com/OlekdiaMagicIntuition

6. Intuition training. Corridors of intuition

I have long been engaged in the development of intuition and tried similar games and simulators for intuition. But every time I had questions: “How does this program work? Is she honest enough?”. Virtual methods of intuition development I preferred real: tossing a coin or guessing the suit in the classic deck of cards. But since “tossing a coin” is not always appropriate, and carrying a deck of cards is not the best option, I decided to write my game for the development of intuition. She had to meet all my ideas about the work of intuition. The development of intuition is a fascinating but long process that requires perseverance. Read the literature, learn different approaches, but most importantly – try to apply intuition in everyday life. I wish You perseverance and perseverance once again, because when You learn to trust your intuition, rely on luck You already to anything.

7. Intuition Trainer

Guess which of the two is a coin chests

8. Intuition – train, measure, compare

Apps to train your intuition. Choose a picture you can tune, try to reveal it after cover. Always two opposing images. Your score (always the maximum achieved in a given game) can be written in the World Leaderboard, compare your intuition with others and be inspired by their performance. Images are free or you can buy them, or just see the ad for a new image.

9. Are You Psychic

Are you psychic? Find out! Test and develop your intuitive abilities with interactive Zener cards – the same test used in formal university trials. Featuring: – five different decks to test your affinities – interactive focus exercises developed by psychologists – a personal Guide who will provide Insights – analytical tips to boost your results – online multiplayer mode to test your skills with users all over the world! (beta) – a Global Leaderboard to track your performance against others – engaging and beautiful 3D graphics – calming music to improve focus – visual and haptic reward systems – personal progress and score tracking This app is designed and maintained entirely by volunteers who are passionate about making the world a more intuitive and connected place. If you encounter an issue please get in touch and give us a chance to fix it. Have an idea for an improvement or a feature you’d like to see? Email us or get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

10. Increase Your Intuition

Three Powerful Ways To Increase Your Intuition Psychology defines an intuition to be nothing more than connecting, within a context, a range of information that the unconscious mind absorbs every minute. Neuro linguistic programming expert Malti Bhojwani says that our unconscious mind observes and stores every ounce of data, and when needed, it picks up relevant information and presents it to us. This is the reason why we have hunches that are mostly right. The needed information has been along with us, in the subconscious mind. Acting like a signal, intuition tells us whether to do something or not, allows us to feel when something is not right, and pulls us in a direction where we end up being in the right place at the right time. What may seem a coincidence is likely a right calculation from our intuition. And surprisingly, they come in a manner that we don’t expect. The good news is the more we exercise our intuition, the more we expand our consciousness. Inside this guide you’ll learn three powrful ways to ways to increase your intuition Plus you get a Youtube Video How to Activate your Third Eye Plus a free guide how to Manifest Success, Love and wealth