10 Best Infrared Camera Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Infrared Camera Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Infrared Camera Apps For Android & iOS

1. Thermal Camera Fx

Best thermal camera effect app out there just do not go on our words try it to believe it . Thermal Camera fx allows you to save photos from camera ,record videos and apply effects on photos from gallery. Effects can be changed while recording is in progress thus providing a more effective video as output. Disclaimer: Thermal Camera does not detect any infra-red or have any short of heat sensing this is a Camera effect app which simulates a thermal vision camera /Infrared heat sensing camera ,and Thermal Camera’s sole purpose is to generate cool photos and videos with effects. Thermal Camera Fx is a shader effect ,it only cosmetically change your camera feed . it is not a real Thermal Vision ,you can not see in infrared spectrum using you android camera but can simulate it. The effects sensitivity can be adjusted on the fly,(Even volume rocker can be used for this) Features: -Real time Effects for video ,pictures and device image – Save images quickly by a single touch of a button or hardware camera button – Supports auto focus (Use on screen Focus button) – Supports camera flash – Supports front camera – Support hardware camera button (can be configured to shoot image or video) – Supports volume rocker for on screen zoom or effect (can be configured from setting) – Multiple thermal camera profiles/effects sets – App can be installed to SD Saved images and videos are stored inside camera folder “DCIM/ILThermaCamera” App Tested this on following devices: -Nexus 6p – Samsung Galaxy A5 – Sony Xperia M4Aqua – Sony Xperia E3 – Sony Xperia M – Htc desire 820s – Asus PhonePad7 Pro version in app purchase unlock Best and high setting for recording ,use it for recording 720 p or 480 p videos . Supported video resolutions for recording (1280×720) 720p Best , (854×480) 480p High, (640×360) 360p Medium, and (426×240) 240p Low. The effect on device photos are saved in same resolution as the original photos . Inside Setting Menu ——————————————————————————————————————————————————- -Direct quit,Ui Sound ,Camera sound etc can be switched off . -Preference for hardware key can be set. -Ad-Free operation can be unlocked from in app purchase. -Pro effects like 720 p video and 2 still camera effects (Inverse classic,Neo thermal) can be be unlocked for free too , check option inside app for detail. -If you have any issues with this app, don’t hesitate to email us ,You can send a mail to us using subscribe button inside app free unlock button. Try this new thermal camera app for beautiful and cool heat signature /heat sensing type of looks . For any queries ,grievance ,suggestion etc. shoot an email to “inductionlabs1@gmail.com” or use the subscribe mail button inside setting /unlock for free with 325 pt. We will try to solve that asap.. Multiple thermal effect simulation shoot video with all of them and get some premium effects for shooting photos for a nominal prize via in app purchase

2. Seek Thermal

**Featured as Best Product of the Year by Popular Science and This Old House **Featured Best of the Best New Products by Field & Stream **Featured in more than 500 Global press articles this year Seek Thermal is the best way to experience and visualize thermal energy while on the go, at work, indoors, or in the outdoors. With this free app and a Seek thermal imaging camera, you can quickly and accurately detect, inspect, measure, and visualize thermal energy from your smartphone and tablet. With the official Seek App, you can easily: • Turn your phone into predator vision with connect & detect convenience • Capture and easily share, store or document thermal photos & videos • Take spot temperatures and thermal images detailing the entire scene • Accurately inspect, diagnose, and assess the source quickly • Safely examine any object in daylight or total darkness, including through obscurants like fog, smoke and light brush • Easily navigate between multiple viewing modes and color palettes – ensuring multiple options to gain the best thermal image • Use with your smartphone and tablet Seek lets you get more done, faster and ensure productivity. Some advanced features are not available to entry-level Compact and CompactXR models like Span & Level and Emissivity.

3. thermal camera prank

This app is a realtime thermal camera effect that simulates a infrared camera. Have fun with the Thermal Camera. Prank your friends and tell them your phone can detect heat !! The quality of the images depends of your mobile photographic camera (lens,objetive, CCD, resolution, ISO sensibility…) DISCLAIMER This app is only a simulation of thermal camera and it will not detect a real temperature. Android phones don’t have built-in infrared light sensor or thermal sensor, so they are unable to detect what is hot and what is cold.

4. Thermal Night Vision Camera Effect Simulated

Thermal Night Vision Camera Effect simulates a Thermal Vision using Image processing Color Filter on each Camera Frame. Begin with the Start Button to launch the Camera View. Enable Flashlight by pressing the Light Button or disable by pressing again. Push the Thermal Night Vision Device Button to switch to Thermal Vision. Colorify the Live Camera Preview with Thermal Night Vision Filter Effect seeing your Pets or other things with the impressive Color Effect. The Image Processing Filter works as follows: Bright Sections of each Camera Frame get colored up like Heat as well as Dark Sections like Cold which gets calculated on each Pixel. Really thank you for good ratings and useful comments of functionality you want to have in future. Thermal Night Vision Camera App will be improved with Recording Video and Taking Photo Functionality soon, so please be patient and have much fun with current working Thermal Night Vision Effect.

5. Thermal Camera HD Effect Simulator

6. Night Vision Flashlight Thermo

Night Vision Thermal Camera AR is a Flashlight Torch in Augmented Reality you can enable Chromatic Filter for Thermal Vision / Thermo Vision. Push the button in the top right corner to enable the Thermal Vision Filter to see in the Night. Touch the Flashlight Button to turn on the Flashlight. Never let your display flash your eyes with Augmented Torch which lets you look through your display with the Camera View. Be like a Splinter and turn on your Thermal Vision with the Augmented Flashlight Torch Night Vision app.

7. Night Camera (Photo & Video)

Fast and Simple app for taking bright images and videos. While your photo flesh is unable to light the exotic beauty of nature, or moon and stars high in the skies, or beautiful sea waves, or flowers at night: Night Mode Camera is ready to do that at the lowest luminosity without any additional appliances. With low light support during the photo/video recording, you can dynamically change camera sensitivity to achieve the best result as well as set any 1-8x zoom simultaneous to the recording due to the professional development. The app not only allows you to keep and organize your own library but as well to share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and basically everywhere, where you would prefer.

8. Night Vision simulator

Would you like to see better in the dark? Night vision simulator can help you with this! Night vision simulator enhances the capabilities of a camera phone, so that you are able to take better pictures in the dark. The application contains a real COMPASS!! Night vision simulator will provide you with a lot of fun and is totally free . App Features: – Compass – Flashlight – Zooming – Dimming and brightening the image – Picture taking capability – Camera rotation capability by 180 degrees – Quick access to picture gallery – Colour image change capability Remember, this application does not provide the full capabilities of a real night vision device. It improves the quality of what you can see in the dark and is meant to be used for fun. The final result depends on the camera quality on your phone. In case of any problems with the effect of Night Vision simulator, instead of giving us the negative opinion, please send us an e-mail and review briefly the problem. It will help us to solve it in the next updates of app. Night Vision simulator is free but contains ads inside app. Revenue from advertising will help us to create new attractive wallpapers and applications. All permissions are required only for advertising and are supported by trusted vendors.

9. Night Vision Cam

a night vision camera. turn your android device into a color night vision device with picture and video camera and zoom. -real time display -control brightness -control gain -control zoom -control shuttertime -supports multi-threading -supports 4 color modes (green,red,blue and full color) -auto take picture interval timer -record video -auto gain -VR Mode (use with google cardboard , open dive or other Virtual Reality glasses) hold your device very steady. fast device recommended.ad-supported. with most devices you can also use an ir-illuminator to see at complete darkness or use nightvisioncam to test your ir remote controls. please mail problems, errors or questions, i cannot answer to comments. videos and pics will be saved into folder “NightVisionCam” on your Memory Card. to select video mode, press menu button and select mode.

10. Night Vision Camera Phone Joke

Night Vision Camera Phone Joke Night Vision Camera Phone Joke – This is a game application simulator joke, where you can look through your phone’s camera at night and see everything! This is the thermal imager only increases the sensitivity to light of this, it becomes easier to see at night! Use Night Vision simulator for fun at home or on the street! Spy on your friends at night or walk down the street, that would be so good to see! Play at home in the special forces in the dark! For a more realistic effect using the camera! Try it yourself and advise your friends and family! Attention! This is only a simulator night vision, it does not bear any harm! Thank you for playing our games and applications, leave your comments and we will make our game even better for you!