10 Best Home Painting Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Home Painting Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Home Painting Apps For Android & iOS

1. Project Color™ The Home Depot

2. House Painter Free Demo

Paint photos of your house as though you were painting for real! It works on any photo. As you move your finger about, it really paints the house and looks REAL. Featured on TV3 in New Zealand as an innovative app for interior decorators. * Paint ANY photo. Indoors or outdoors. In ANY colour. Even if you have unusual coloured walls already. * One-touch painting! Tap a wall/ceiling with the magic wand, and it paints by itself! Then put your phone in front of colour-charts, and see your house change colour on the screen IN REAL TIME. * Magic assisted-painting! Paint a surface by hand, and it automatically won’t paint whats next to it! Paint your wall, without hitting the TV or plants or door frames etc. * No difficult settings – just snap a photo and paint what you see. Its all automatic. * Professional-grade realism: Unlike competitors, House Painter really is capable of painting the full gamut of colours: solid-black to solid-white, while looking realistic. * Change colours instantly without waiting or re-painting. * Over 16 million colours, with amazing ways to explore them * Match colours from objects in your photos * Automatically works out all paint colour codes. Pick colours in all kinds of ways including typing paint codes. * Manages photos, and different versions of paintings (good for professionals) * Supports multiple paint-charts including RAL Design, British Standard, Resene and Dulux. * Send paintings and ‘paints used’ charts to friends * Point your camera at interesting colours and preview your room change IN REAL TIME. * Designed to be VERY easy to use right from the start, with next to no controls. Its all automatic! * Built-in help system, with step-by-step guides. Featured on TV3’s ‘Tech Bytes’ show in New Zealand. It is the most sophisticated & realistic virtual house painting app in existence, while also being the most simple to use. Everything is automatic because behind the scenes it uses artificial intelligence typically used for robots to see their world. Note: Advertising-supported and limited to 5 photos. Purchase the full version to: * Set colour to whatever is in front of the camera in REAL TIME * Send ‘paints used’ charts along with your painted rooms * Browser other rooms while painting & match their colours instantly * Unlimited photos and paintings * No adverts * Enable/disable paint charts * Unlimited undo Note: While House Painter looks real, its just a simulation – the paint can look a little different in real life. Use good photos with decent lighting for best results. Most photos work just fine.

3. Paint My Wall – Room Painting

4. Wall Color Selection – BEST

Wall Color Selection App is very Useful For Painters, Interior Designers, Wall Paint Tester and Wall Painting Art… Choosing Room color ,Paint Tester, Color combination and matching right color for your room wall, wall color selection has variety of tools and smart paint bucket make it easy to change the wall color. use the color picker for changing the wall color such as (red , blue , Orange , green , black ) color based on your color choice. wall color selection app is very useful for ( Interior designers , Painters , Shop owner , personal home made and Engineers) app for paint Wall . We can change ( fluorescent , Led , Ceiling ) Lamp , ( Teak , Steel , Iron )Window and Wall Ideas. Make a Concept home with this app for color choosing App available all over world atlas such as (Thanjavur, Tiruchirappalli, Toowoomba, Tiruvarur, West, Dharmapuri, Melbourne, Perth, Algeirs, Lusaka, Coimbatore, Chengdu, Erode, Launda, Khartoum, Krishnagiri, Melbourne, Cape towm, Lagos, Accra, Johannesburd,Nairoba, Argentina, Namakkal, The ,Kinshasa, Nilgiris, Salem, Cairo,Tiruppur, South, Dindigul, Kanyakumari, Kota bharu,Bermuda Triangle. Gaungzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Harbin, Hong Kong, Chongqing, Nanjing, Suzhou, Madurai, Kuala lampur, Ipoh, Jinan, Qingdao, Dubai, Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Foshan, Dongguan, Hangzhuo, Ramanathapuram, Sivagangai, Taiping, Theni, Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli, Virudhunagar,Zhengzhou,United States, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Russia ,Australia ,Madagascar, Brazil, Thailand, London, Paris, Rome, Japan , Srilanka , Singapore , Germany , Island River SeaMap, RiverMap, ForestMap, Iceland,Amster Dam, ,Heidelberg, Leipzig, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Austin, New Delhi,Tirupathi, Vijayawada, Fes, Dallas, Houstan, Bonn, Erfurt, Essen, Duisberg, Potsdam, Fussen,Hanover Central, Sydney,Ariyalur, Gold coast, Karur, Adelaide, Nagapattinam, Perambalur, Pudukkottai, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Prague, Barcelona, Dublin, Milan, London) Berlin, Munich, Newyork City, Chicago, SanFrancisco, Los Angeles, Vatican City, Las vegas, San Jos, Memphis, Virginia Beach, Jaipur, Mumbai, Chennai,Philadelphia, San Diego, Frankfrut, Cologn, Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Dammam, Hofof, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Nuremburg, Bengaluru, Vadodara, Pune ,Ahmedabad, Kochi, Chandigarh, Kumasi, Hyderabad, Kolkata North, Chennai, Cuddalore, Kanchipuram, Tiruvallur, Tiruvannamalai, Vellore, Viluppuram) Home Interiors For painting Wall. very useful for Interior Painting. for Room , Hall , Kitchen , painting color Selection paint mix of colors paint colours painting ,painting ideas , acrylic paint , kitchen paint colors , exterior paint colors ,interior paint colors , bedroom paint colors , exterior house colors , paint color schemes house paint colors decorating choices. Home Interior Paint Designs Perfect with Wall color Selection Your Favourite color matching home perfect Visual App to get your Immaculate house You Can Change Floor( Tiles, Granites , Wooden Floor ) by your Wish color and Models Make your Dream Home With full of your Favouritee own Color With Wall Painter Testing and Color Selection App… Picture Perfect For Beautiful Paint Color Selection . Modern Interior Works and Designs A useful House Interior Painting Ideas for you.

5. TapPainter

6. 200 Room Painting Ideas

The colors you love to wear, to have around you, reflect your personality and tastes. Whether you want to paint your room to look contemporary or classic, you have come to the right app. Here on 200 Room Painting Ideas you are about to see all kind of painting styles. When choosing Room Painting Ideas for your bedroom, the number of choices can seem overwhelming. There are no hard-and-fast rules, but it’s good to keep some guidelines in mind. Have you noticed how color can affect your mood? When considering bedroom paint ideas, the right bedroom paint color choice will make a huge difference in how you feel. Think about the rooms you spend time in, and how they make you feel. Do you prefer a room that is light and airy, or dark and cozy? Do you prefer solid hues on your walls, or paint with some type of pattern? Stripes, stencil patterns, sponge painting and textures can add a touch of style to any bedroom. Consider your decorating style with thelp of 200 Room Painting Ideas app. Smaller patterns lend themselves to a more traditional look, while larger patterns and geometric shapes, bold stripes and sweeps are more compatible with a contemporary look. Although there are rules on what colors are best for a bedroom, each person has their own preferences and tastes. You may be attracted to an unexpected color whose qualities you may need more of in your life. Forget the traditional rules, pick a color you love and paint your walls with the help of 200 Room Painting Ideas app.. Your living space should reflect the personality of your family, and its paint color is one important element. Find the right living room paint colors with our 200 Room Painting Ideas guide. Looking for some creative interior painting ideas? Want information on how to paint a room? Check out our 200 Room Painting Ideas guides for painting how-tos in the most frequently renovated spaces of a home. Whether you’re painting a hallway, choosing bathroom colors or repainting multiple rooms, we’re 200 Room Painting Ideas here to help with detailed information and interior painting ideas!

7. Prestige ColorPic Paint Color

8. House Painter

Take a photo and change the color of your walls with one tap! Allows you to select the initial color of the walls and the lighting used for high accuracy. Colors to be chosen by the user: – Initial: The initial color of the surface that is being painted – Lighting: The color of the light used to illuminate the surface – Paint: The paint color used to paint the surface Features: – Camera: To take photos of the wall – Gallery: Choose existing photos – Undo: Undo any actions in the app – Save: Save the painted house – Share: Share with others Please submit feedback through this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe2_jtr2GX5WtLpCOcCWov_FCy064Xi0cgyQDTOT7shJuRWEQ/viewform?usp=sf_link Note: Low ratings without reviews do not help anyone, please leave a review explaining what the issue is. It would also help greatly if you could explain and elaborate in more detail via my developer email. A big thank you for those who did this!

9. Home Paint Design

10. PaintMyPlace – Paint Your Home With Real Colors

Dump those paint swatches & sample tins for good. Fun & Easy! Virtually paint your home inside & out using real brand name paints from a huge range of manufacturers and colours. Simply capture a photo of your home & start painting today for Free! Free Features • Capture or select a photo from gallery • Paint with 25 real brand name paint colors from 5 famous brands to get you started. • Quickly splash on paint with the intuitive magic fill tool. Our inbuilt AI system automatically detects objects and boundaries and magically applies colour • Fine tune the results by marking up areas to included or removed from the filled colour • Manually draw additional brush strokes with your finger • Undo any accidental brush strokes in a snap with the eraser or undo tool • Save & email yourself, your friends or painter with the re-painted property including the selected paints • Share your newly painted home fotos on Facebook & Twitter • Features intuitive help menus marked ‘?’ to assist with using the tools and ensure you have a great experience ** Unlock the App to access over 50,000 brand name paint colors from 32 of the world’s favourite brands. Automatically receive free updates including additional paint colors. ** Paint My Place is your design tool to visualize a new paint or colour scheme on your property, without lifting a paint brush, ensuring you get it right the first time. Enhance your home’s exterior and interior by splashing some color onto your roof, walls, fences, cabinetry & even furniture as well! Simply capture or upload a photo of any aspect of your property & decorate with the best paint colors in the World for instant transformation! The intuitive and responsive user interface makes Paint My Place easy & fun to use. With the latest technology & highly developed sophisticated algorithms to digitally replicate the paint colors on your walls, Paint My Place revolutionizes playing with real paint colors. Time to throw those paint swatches away & start doodling! Bring out your creativity with your next fabulous paint idea, all with the fun, innovative & easy to use Paint My Place. For additional information, videos, reviews and color inspiration visit Paint My Place, the ultimate visualizer – www.paintmyplace.mobi * Disclaimer: The paint colors presented have been produced electronically & are as accurate as possible. Paint color reproduction can vary when viewing colors on your screen. For accuracy, it is recommended to obtain a paint color card or paint sample tin to view the paint color in situ. All trademarks, product names and paint colors are the intellectual property and/or copyright of their respective owners.