5 Best geofencing apps for Android & iOS

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Here are the 5 Best geofencing apps for Android & iOS.

5 Best geofencing apps for Android & iOS

1. EgiGeoZone Geofence

EgiGeoZone is an Android Geofencing app which uses different sensors in your phone or tablet to determine your location and then to ‘trigger’ different actions when entering or leaving predefined zones that you can choose. It can trigger many actions directly, or simply display a notification on screen to do so. In other words, the app works in a similar way to apps like Tasker, which allows certain events to initiate an action on your smartphone or even a remote server. * New for developers: Now you can develop your own plugins for EgiGeoZone * * See: http://www.egigeozone.de/developer/default_en.html * Note: To configure server connections and to send e-mails in the background a some special knowledge is necessary! Before leaving a bad review, please inquire for advice in the forum. The following actions can be triggered when entering or leaving a zone: – Contact a geofencing service, such as the Geofancy module from FHEM, to control home automation devices, or call your own URLs when entering or leaving a zone. – Send a text message – Send emails – Other actions: Call ‘Tasker’ tasks Switch Wi-Fi on or off when entering/leaving Switch Sound on or off when entering/leaving Switch Bluetooth on or off when entering/leaving – Live Tracking Possible applications: – Open or close your garage door, turn on the heating or turn it down, switch lights on/off, etc. EgiGeoZone can interface with most home automation servers – Co-ordinate your car share. For example, if the driver leaves work, another person can be be automatically notified via SMS or email, allowing them to get to the meeting place on time. – When leaving the ‘Home’ Zone, Bluetooth turns on enabling your phone to pair with the hands-free in your car. When you get back home, it turns Bluetooth off again, saving on your battery. – Upon reaching work, you can have EgiGeoZone switch the sound off, and and then on again when leaving. – Presence and absence check on servers. – There are many more uses – our users are finding new uses for EgiGeoZone every day.

2. Parental Control & Kids GPS: Kaspersky SafeKids

PARENTAL CONTROLS & GPS KID-TRACKER Kaspersky Safe Kids is more than a standard parental control tool. Besides allowing you to block nasty content via Safe Search function, manage device use, block apps and find out instantly about suspicious online behavior, it also lets parents locate their kids on a map and set a safe area for them to stay in. You can even monitor the battery level on your kids’ devices so you don’t lose touch. Our child safety solution allows you to do all this and more with remote control via your own parent app, with Kaspersky Safe Kids working in two modes – kids mode and parent kit. The Free version of our parental control app lets you: – Block harmful sites and content to ensure safe search – Block bad YouTube search requests* NEW! – Manage app use and block apps you consider inappropriate – Set screen time limits – Get parental guidance from child psychologists – Install the app on your mobile in parent mode to get remote control of settings and reports The Premium version of our family safety app gives you everything in Free, plus it lets you: – Check your kids’ YouTube search history* NEW! – Track your kids on a map via kids GPS tracker – Define a safe area for them to stay in – Find out when their devices are low on battery – Manage their device use versus their schedule – Track their public Facebook activity – Get real-time notifications on what your kids world looks like – View detailed reports on their online habits Kaspersky Safe Kids is rated “Excellent” in an independent review by PC Mag, and certified as Approved Parental Control by AV-Test. This superior parental guidance app and kids GPS tracker is available for Android, as well as for Mac, Windows and more. Download our parental controls & child GPS tracker now & start protecting your kids world online and beyond. *** Getting started with Kaspersky Safe Kids is easy: 1. Install the app on your devices in Parents mode 2. Install the app on your kids’ devices in Kids mode and follow the quick setup instructions 3. Sign-in to your My Kaspersky account – ‘Kids’ tab – at my.kaspersky.com/mykids for initial setup and protection rules management. Please use one single My Kaspersky account for all your Kaspersky Safe Kids installations. * Safe Search in YouTube is compatible with browsers on your Android & other mobile devices, as well as Windows PCs. Plus it works directly inside the official YouTube app on Android phones & tablets. ** We recommend that you turn on your Global Positioning System (GPS) to increase the accuracy of your child’s location. Please note, the GPS usage increases battery power consumption. The app uses the Device Administrator permission. The app uses Accessibility services.

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4. Geo Alert: Location Reminder

Geo Alert is a reminder application in Google play where you can add location as an alarm which will notify you whenever you are near to that location or place. This is totally a geo based application that will prompt you to set reminder for your important works to do with the options of adding title, description, the place or location where you wish to get reminded. You have more facilities to add the location activity mode like entering, exiting or both. For example if you want to get alarm or activate your reminder only if you are entering to that particular place then this app will only remind you while you are entering. If you set the reminder just for exiting that location it will work the same. Don’t worry you can add reminder for both too. You have more fascinating options with this Geo alert application like adding the distance or radius. You can manually set a distance from where you wish to get reminded. This reminder will notify you exactly at the same distance you provided. To add the location as an alert you have three options to easily navigate to that place, like you can select your place by typing the location name, you can wish to set alarm by selecting any geo point from the world by tapping on a location from Google map or even your GPS could set your current position as an alarm if you wish with just a single click. Geo alert lets you choose a specific day from a week, some selected days or even everyday of the week to select when you want to get reminded, this application is the first and only battery efficient application that will consume zero battery to serve you the best exact service you want. After adding the alarm, you can easily modify them or view them from google map or list. From the list you can edit or delete them. Or you can just visit your alert that you saved as a reminder in a very details. It’s voice messaging service will speaks to you to remind your works to do so that you will never miss a geo alarm even if your mobile remains in your pocket in a busy noisy road. Geo Alert application comes with voice reminder functions.Enable your phone device voice reminder and it will read the details, or switch on popup notifications to receive a clear visual tone.Forget about the simple text notification. Example task you can perform with this application: * Are you forgetting daily about bringing the homework in class ? Then Geo Alert app is for you * Are you thinking about point out a special place to forget about ? Then Geo Alert app is for you

5. Geofency Time Tracking