Top 16 Best Games Like Episode For Android And iOS

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The game Episodes lets you choose a character and go through various story lines. The awesome thing about it is the fact that you have a few different choices to choose from and the story line can be altered depending on what you choose.

Every bundle of choices will have a few that are free and they’ll also have a few that require diamonds to select.

You can either earn these diamonds or buy them. Most of the time, these diamond options are higher quality and make the story even better.

There are always people out there looking for games like Episodes and this is a list that’s been put together to show you and talk about 16 other games that are similar and just as fun!

Top 16 Best Games Like Episode For Android And iOS

1. Chapters

Similar to a few other games on this list, Chapters has a lot of options. For starters, it has quite a few different stories and genres. You can choose stories from different categories, including: romance, fantasy and drama. Every story has a certain number of chapters you’ll have to go through in order to complete it. Some of the stories have sequels, so you can continue on with the story.

You can even choose some options to help customize your character, such as: name, hairstyle and clothing. You won’t have a ton of options, but you’ll be able to choose your favorite item out of a certain number of options given to you. Make it as elegant or as simple as you want!You can download through  google play store and app store

2. Choice of Robots

Choice of Robots is the perfect game for those looking for an awesome sci-fi/fantasy game. The story is so in-depth that it has more than 300,000 words! The story is based on the main character, which is you, and the choices they make in order to help save the world. You’ll run into many different kinds of robots throughout the game and you’ll have to teach them how to be more than just machines!

If you want, you can even create your own robot based on commands that you come up with. This means you’ll have your very own robot that you can control! It does a really great job of showcasing artificial intelligence and it has some pretty great graphics..You can download through google play store and app store

3. High School Story

This app for both Android and iOS was developed by Pixelberry studios.It’s a free and easy to use. It basically takes place in a high school and you’re one of the students. While you’re playing through the game, you can unlock and add more than 30 different characters to your school. You can also unlock exclusive stories that you can only get if you make certain choices.

You can also give your story a little drama by using apps to flirt or cheat with your crush. The awesome thing about this app is that you can add your friends and play through their stories as well. This gives you a little more fun because it’s not just your story! You can download through google play store and app store

4. Choices

Compared to most of the other games on the list, Choices is a little bit different. Instead of only going through 1 story line, there are several to choose from. You can choose anything from love stories to horror stories! It’s also pretty cool because a lot of the stories have sequels that let you keep the story going.

You can choose your gender, sex and some appearance options. Most stories have multiple chapters and you’ll have to complete them to get the entire story. Keep in mind, you don’t have to do them in order, but it can get pretty confusing if you do one of the sequels before doing the first one in the story line.You can download through google play store and app store

5. Midnight Cinderella

Available on both Android and iOS, Midnight Cinderella is a free game that let’s you go through an awesome story of love and mystery. The main character, Amy, is trying to find out what happened after her death, while her boyfriend, Aaron, is having trouble remembering anything after her death. The whole point of the game is to remind him by telling the story of their love.

With this game, though, you have to use your Geo location in order for it to work. If you don’t have this enabled, you won’t be able to actually play or progress any further through the story. It can be enabled if you go into the settings on your phone and find it.You can download through google play store and app store

6. Hollywood U

Hollywood U is an app that will let you live out your fantasies of becoming big and famous. You’ll be able to choose some of the coolest clothes from a huge selection of outfits. You can also decide your own path and choose to be a director, movie star or fashionista.

The best thing is that each career path will have a different story and your choices can alter how the story progresses or ends. With that being the case, you’ll want to play through several times to see all the different stories and endings. You might be surprised about some of the endings and you definitely don’t want to miss out on any of them!You can download through google play store and app store

7. Champion of the Gods

Champion of the Gods is an awesome game that makes you the hero. You have to save your people with all kinds of different tools for battle. With more than 200,000 words, you’ll go through an in-depth story that will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the fight. You’ll have to pay to play the game, but you’ll get a lot of great features.

Not only can you choose the sex of your character, but you can also choose their sexual orientation. Besides saving your people, you’ll also be able to check out some love interests and make some great friends! It’ll make you feel like it’s actually happen.You can download through google play store and app store

8. Amnesia

If you’re looking for a good mystery game, then Amnesia is right up your alley. You start the story with your character not remember anything and you start getting flashbacks and memories while you’re playing the game. The whole point is to get your memory back and try and and remember who you are and how your life is.

This app has the option to play for free or pay a fee to get some extra features. While the paid version will have features the free version won’t, both modes will let you get through the story and have fun. They’ll both have the same suspense and you’ll get a very similar experience for both of them.You can download through google play store and app store

9. Romance Club

Another game that’s similar to Episodes is called Romance Club. This fantasy life simulation game is available on both play stores and it has many conversations and options that can change the story line. You can choose from 6 different male characters and 3 different races. While the basic story is the same regardless of the character, you can choose to make different selections for different characters so there are a few differences in the story.

An exciting thing about this particular app is that you can get a special ending if you make certain selections. You might have to play through a few times to get the ending, but it’s definitely worth it in the end!You can download through google play store and app store

10. Choice of the Deathless

This game is a lot different than the other games on here when you look at the theme. It’s a thriller that has to do with legal aspects and necromancy. You can choose your own character and build up your own career as you play.

This game is both free and paid. You’ll be able to play the first part for free, but you’ll have to pay to continue on. It’s up to you whether or not it’s worth it, but you’ll get to continue the story and get some pretty cool bonuses and features. All-in-all it’s a game with an awesome story and some cool graphics!You can download through google play store  and appstore

11. What’s Your Story

What’s Your Story is an app that’s available on both Android and iOS. It was created by Ludia and has quickly become one of the more popular games. The great thing is that you don’t need wi-fi or internet to play, so everything can be done offline. You’ll get to choose different kinds of looks and clothing to make your character how you want it.

While this game has a free option, there’s also the option to pay for a monthly subscription. This subscription will give you bonus features that you can’t get on the free version. You’ll have to decide which one you want, but both versions are great fun and you’ll be able to read some fantastic stories.You can download through google play store and app store

12. My Candy Love

If you’re looking to create your own love story and live it out, then My Candy Love is a great option for you. It’s basically just a dating simulation game where you try dates with various characters and search for love. You’ll have many different options and characters to choose from, so you’ll be making your own decisions to create the love story you’ve been looking for!

While it’s free to use, you’ll have to register in order to play. There are many different episodes to play and each one will let you flirt with different characters. It’s based on what you selected as your personality and you’ll have many love interests to choose from, so choose wisely!You can download through google play store and app store

13. My Shelf

In the game My Shelf, you have to go through and solve mysteries. The whole point of the game is to solve all of these small mysteries to solve the bigger mystery of the missing Daisy. The small mysteries are exciting and it all leads up to a big surprise when it comes to Daisy! You’ll have to play to find out!

In addition to the actual gameplay, it gives you a couple extra options. The first is to get a daily reminder where you only play until a certain point every day. The other option is to get notifications that remind you where you left off. These are especially helpful for those that play for a little while then forget about it for a few days.You can download through google play store.

14. Destiny Ninja

Destiny Ninja was created by NTT Solmare and is a little bit different from the other games on this list. While there are specific conversations that happen between you and the other characters in each story, some of them will give you an option to choose what you want to say. They’ll give you a few choices and you’ll choose the one you want.

Keep in mind, certain choices will result in different endings, which means each story might have multiple different endings. You also have the choice of inviting people to the game and your character will be able to have conversations through messaging with those other characters. All-in-all, you’ll end up having some pretty awesome conversations and begin to love the characters! You can download through google play store.

15. City of Love: Paris

This Android and iOS app was created by Ubisoft and it lets you create your very own love story. You’ll also be able to learn more about how life is in Paris and you’ll be able to do all kinds of different activities that go with the story and show you more about life in this beautiful place.

One of the awesome features of this game is that you can write your own love stories or write about memorable moments that have happened during the game. This isn’t preset, so you can write whatever you want. You also have the option to choose from several different backgrounds and images to really make your writings stand out!You can download through google play store and app store

16. Linda Brown

If you’re looking for some good romance stories, then the Linda Brown app is a great option. While all of the stories have to do with love or suspense, you have quite a few options. The different stories will have different characters and the story lines won’t all be the same. It makes everything feel more real because the cut scenes and graphics are high quality.

You can play anytime you want and you’ll get swept up in these amazing love stories. Who knows, you might end up falling in love with the characters or you might get addicted to the stories and not want to put your phone down! You’d be surprised how well written these stories actually are!You can download through google play store and app store

All 16 of these games are extremely fun and the story lines are great. While these games are free to download and play, there are a few things that can be purchased in the app. They won’t stop you from playing the game, but they can enhance the story. With that said, though, if you loved playing Episodes and you’ve been searching for a similar game, any of the apps on this list will meet your needs! You can play to your heart’s content and take your character through many stories and lives!

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