10 Free Zombie Tower Defense Games For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Free Zombie Tower Defense Games For Android & iOS.

10 Free Zombie Tower Defense Games For Android & iOS

1. Last Shelter: Survival

Tons of Rewards, Limited Packages, Don’t wait, ACT! They’re Here….. Your Mission, Survive The war ravages The virus has spread on a global scale, and most of the humans are now zombies.In this dire time, we have to ensure our survival! “Commander, build your base, and protect the people from zombies!” Keep the humanity’s flame lit! Game content Build your city: To survive, you have to build your base You start small, but you will grow fast, you have to be strong, so you can protect more people! Properly plan your structures, the space is precious. Find or Start an alliance: the people are scattered across the world, find your friends, build an alliance, and defend yourselves from your enemies – Select Class: You can choose from one of three classes to prosper in your own way! -Combat: Train different units, and fight for your empire! Features [Last Shelter: Survival] is a Massive Multi-Player, Zombie themed strategy war game. The player will take on the role of a leader of a small Shelter where survivors have to survive a world devastated by an apocalyptic zombie outbreak. Build your base and develop your own empire. Train your troops and recruit legendary heroes. Defend your Base and attack your Enemies. Join your allies in a never-ending war for glory and fame. To survive or to turn into one of the walking dead, the choice is yours! Unique Features -World Wide War Battle enemies across the globe, lead your Empire to greatness and fight until the last man’s standing. -Realistic Graphics Everything from the units to the maps to the heroes seems very realistic and creates a complete post apocalypse experience. -Build Your Wasteland Empire Absolutely Free City Building, facilities upgrading, R&D, warrior and survivor training and powerful hero recruitment just for the sake of living a new day to conquer the new world! -Hero System Whether you like to attack your enemies from distance, defend at close quarters, or enjoy developing your base or farming, there are TONS of heroes that can help you with all that! -Strategic Gameplay One set of units just simply cannot conquer, Warriors, Shooters and Vehicles, you have to know your enemy and yourself to walk this World War Z kind of wasteland -Alliance Warfare Whether it’s going against different servers, or fighting for the title of the president at home, your alliance will always be backing you up, as long as you find the right people of course. Join us on Facebook & Twitter https://www.facebook.com/LastShelterSurvival/ https://twitter.com/LastShelterSurv”

2. Zombie Defense HNG

Today, 7 billion humans live on our planet. Over 100 billion lived and died on it in the past. What if just a tenth of them came back… for us? Description A modern hybrid of the classic RTS and modern Tower Defense. Recruit soldiers, place them on slots and let them shoot incoming waves of zombies by their own. Manually move soldiers between slots, upgrade slots and soldiers, order supplies, throw grenades and molotovs, order airstrikes and operate huge bulldozers. Perfect mix of strategy, tactics and micromanagement. Earn money on missions and spend them between missions to buy permanent technologies, upgrades, weapons ect. Features – 46 missions. – 4 difficulty modes regular, nightmare, 3 man challenge, TV challenge – 22 types of recruits. – 150 permanent upgrades between each mission. – 8 basic enemy types, from shambling creatures, to crawling horrors, to fast predators. – 2 types of giant mutant zombie bosses for extra action. – Zombie birds – Decoys – A gun rack of weapons, from trusty .38s, to deadly shotguns, to ultra-accurate sniper rifles. – High explosives to turn zombies into pink jelly. – Molotov cocktails to stop zombies with a blazing inferno. – Heavy vehicles to crush every zombie in their path. – Laser-activated turrets. – Devastating airstrikes. – Tesla towers – Supply deliveries. – Real-time soldier upgrades, recruitment and trading. – Infinite mode for hardcore players who crave endless excitement. – Special challenge modes. – High replayability allows you to complete each mission and return to it as you please, to earn more money and rise your score. – Full 3D environment, highways, towns and deserts. – leaderboards – Regular free updates with more missions and upgrades.

3. Last Hope TD – Zombie Tower Defense Games Offline

Tower Defense vs Zombies: Join the ongoing war, in an open world, against the zombie horde, scavenging raiders and other threats roaming the wasteland! Choose between the best and most powerful heroes in the world all with unique epic gear and skills! With the wide variety of weapons you can create your own perfect strategy. Enjoy a visually stunning tower defense game in full 3D! Awesome Features – Over 145 levels which will challenge your strategy. Find the reason behind the zombie invasion, take out the raider leader scavenging the land or fight in the arena for coins and glory! – 10 Special Heroes to choose between, the precious Princess, mighty Barbarian, mysterious Scout, gun crazy Mechanic, support Soldier, Mechwarrior, experimenting Scientist or the righteous Sheriff. – 12 Different turrets for your tower defense, each with a unique research tree to make them even more powerful! Pierce the zombies with arrows from an Arrow Turret, blow them to pieces with a Mortar Bombs or electrify them with a Tesla Coil. – 50+ types of enemies to encounter while exploring the wasteland. If that’s not enough, go up against 5 Boss monsters that are scattered across the map waiting to rush you! – Mighty Hero skills and Epic god skills, destroy the undead with one heavenly strike or shake the zombies by moving the earth. – Monster Tome, useful for finding your enemies weaknesses! – Many hours of tower defense gameplay including ingame Achievements with rewards and also unique rewards for completing levels and different challenges. – Three different difficulty settings: Normal, Hard & Nightmare! Challenge yourself and earn extra coins and XP by doing so! Good Luck! – Endless mode, Time to show the world who is the greatest and has the strongest hero. -Works offline. No internet connection is required to play. Experience the best Tower Defense, better than anything you’ve seen before! Download this fun free game now and get ready for some intense battlefields and epic boss battles!

4. Zombie World: Tower Defense

In 2018 an unknown plague virus infection wiped people out . Only few survivors left. During the pandemic of zombie plague infection, new plague virus carried away 80% of the population. Pandemic plague virus was turning them into hordes of the unstoppable walking dead zombies and zombie mutants. Now you have to play this tower defence game to prevent the remaining population be carried away by the virus in this zombie shooting game. Zombie World: Tower Defense: build towers and find your way to shoot zombies and survive in the dead zone in this free zombie tower defense. Unkilled walking dead zombies are everywhere! Upgrade your towers to build the unbreakable line. With your towers, you will be able to kill zombies, shoot zombies, gun zombies, fire zombies, plug zombies, smash zombies, slash zombies and gunship zombies to survive. Made not only for adults but this is one of best zombie games for kids. FEATURES: Intense gameplay in grim zombie apocalypse An arsenal of powerful weapons will help you stay alive Upgradeable towers 7 Epic Heroes with unique perks ready to destroy shoot any zombie 5 great locations Colourful graphics Easy to play & become zombie hunter Explore the vast map Make your own unbeatable army In this free zombie tower defense game your every decision matters. Zombie World: Tower Defense is a real post apocalypse zombie strategy game! Zombies everywhere Zombie world One of most fun Zombie games in Zombie Games. Enjoy this one of the zombie killing games for Android.

5. Global Defense: Zombie War

Do you like shooting zombies? If you do, you will like this TD game! The end day is coming! This is the last war between human and zombies. Cities are ruined, and human are forced to hide in their last shelters. Your mission is to build turrets along the road to protect human while kill zombies! Features: – Stunning visual effects, high-resolution images and amazing sound effects. – Different from other TD games, the zombies always appear in groups in this game! You will enjoy the pleasure to kill hundreds of zombies at an instant! – Kill zombies in over 100 cities all around the world. Each city has a unique view, and the game will offer you endless fun! – 9 different types of turrets. – A wide variety of zombies. – 2 defense modes and 3 difficulty levels. – 3 special skills: the Space Laser, the Shockwave Bomb and the B2 bomber. – The truly original weapons in the modern war and some sci-fi elements. – The tower upgrading system. – Chance to win random items after destroying zombies. – The military ranking system and 27 medals waiting for you to achieve.

6. Zombie Guard

The city is under attack! Grab a nail gun, top hat, and bring an ally because these civilians need your help. Defend against an onslaught of zombies using a personal arsenal. Upgrade your equipment and abilities. Find allies and unlock all the loot! Zombie Guard is the spiritual successor of Web game, Zombie Situation.

7. Dead Island: Survivors – Zombie Tower Defense

Dead Island, the #1 zombie gaming series, comes to mobile! Gather your band of heroes, fortify your base and face the incoming hordes together with your friends! COLLECT, BUILD, FIGHT… AND SURVIVE! Get ready for the ultimate zombie action RPG experience for smartphones and tablets – based on Deep Silver’s best-selling Dead Island series with over 15 million units sold on PC and console. Collect legendary heroes and ingenious weapons. Build cunning traps and solid barricades. Use spectacular combos and unique special moves. Do whatever you can to keep the ghastly zombie hordes at bay! FRIGHTFUL FEATURES • Enjoy action-packed gameplay mixing melee combat & trap laying! • Collect iconic heroes to face the zombies! • Build your base with cunning traps to fend off the hordes! • Explore & free beautiful, hand-made islands! — Support: http://support.dsfishlabs.com/ Privacy Policy: https://www.dsfishlabs.com/privacy_policy Terms of Service: https://www.dsfishlabs.com/terms_of_services

8. SAS: Zombie Assault 3

Update News: Awesome new map – Electronics Factory in China 5-star zombie-shooting awesomeness and co-op multiplayer! Elite SAS operatives handle the darkest missions, the worst hot zones – things we are not meant to know. Inserted without backup, either alone or as a 4 person squad, you will be sought by the walking dead, by hordes of unspeakable numbers. Your only option – paint the ground with every last one of them. From the creators of Bloons TD 5, comes the best co-op shooter on Android! Rank up 50 times and unlock awesome weapons and perks with every rank. Dozens of guns and special weapons, 17 unique maps, and hundreds of zombies on screen at a time. And that’s just single player! Play co-op multiplayer at any time with super-easy matchmaking geared to your level. Huge fun to jump into a game at the same time with friends, and doesn’t matter what device you have – Android and iOS users can seamlessly play together. Based on the ground-breaking flash game by Ninja Kiwi, but completely rebuilt and optimized for Android, SAS 3 has been battle hardened by millions of plays and undergone extensive tuning and balancing to create the best action shooter available on the Play Market! Killer Features: ★ Intense zombie-blasting action shooter gameplay! ★ Eviscerate the zombie hordes in single player or in 4 player co-op multiplayer ★ 50 Ranks to unlock, each granting access to a new weapon or perk ★ 44 devastating weapons like Auto Shotguns, Browning Machine Guns, Flamethrowers, and RPGs ★ 2 Sentry gun classes and 3 grenade types for serious room clearing ★ 17 challenging maps, each with very different hazards and kill zones ★ 12 relentless zombie types, with graphics that support hundreds on screen ★ 3 vicious game modes – Onslaught, Purge, and Apocalypse ★ Multiplayer play from (almost) anywhere in the world

9. Army vs Zombies: Tower Defense Game

– In 2100, the zombies attacked and invaded the world. – In 2101, most of the big cities in the world have been occupied. – In 2102, human falls and only one a hiding place … But we still have the most powerful army… ☆ Join the battle in the Army vs Zombies : Tower Defense Game. ☆ Build up troops, lead soldiers in the fierce battle against the zombies increase power in overtime. ☆ Army vs Zombies : Tower Defense Game brings together tactical elements such as Army building and General fighting. The gameplay combines attack and defense, unique characters, many game modes, Leaderboard Online honors the players around the world, will bring you a great Tower Defense game in Mobile. ★ Features of Army vs Zombies : Tower Defense Game: ★ • Fight in Classic mode • Brainstorm in Puzzle Mode • Challenge in Survival Mode • Build a brave and loyal army who are always with you • Many items to collect and exchange to upgrade power • Many zombies have power up in over time ★ Interesting features of Army vs Zombies : Tower Defense Game: ★ • Unique game graphics • Impressive sound effects • Opportunity to receive great rewards from opening treasures. • Leaderboard Online honors players around the world Be brave! The battle is beginning! ♥ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/armyvszombie/ ★ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6k-2ZPekyg Any feedback and review are highly appreciated. Support email: support@vmoga.com

10. SWAT and Zombies S2

– The defense game with over 11 million downloads is back with more advanced graphics and systems! – Kill or be killed! It’s one or the other! It’s the breathtaking confrontation for mankind’s survival! – Stay frosty! The tension never lets up as you move to the second half of the stage! Feel the intensity! – Join the S.W.A.T. team and kill all the zombies. You must protect Perfectville, the last remaining safe zone. – Shoot all the guns at an endless zombie horde! Use bombs too! – A new defense game that offers FPS sniper mechanics with strong addictive authentic defense elements! Go and immerse yourself in this fun game! ■ Game Features ■ – Collect Weapons: Collect around 50 different types of weapons. Improve your FPS skills with them! – Bizarre Zombies: Skateboarding, bowling, spear-wielding, fat, pink-wearing, and even dog zombies! Face all kinds of zombies! – Challenge Hell Mode! Hell Mode Stages stimulate the desire to fight, but will be tough without upgrades! If you have the skills and confidence, try it! – Challenge Infinite Mode! Eliminate endless zombies and challenge the world rankings! Save humanity with your friends. – Experience our concept of a real-time battle mode! Compete with S.W.A.T. teams around the world! Check your skills through the real-time network battle! – World Cleanup Day! Let’s clean up constantly appearing zombies! Sweep away all the zombies that have conquered the planet with players around the world! – Ultimate Weapon System: Drag your finger on the screen to target zombies with the best weapon, the sniper! – Create the Strongest S.W.A.T. Team: You can make your S.W.A.T. more and more powerful with coins and stars. ================================= Facebook : www.facebook.com/swatandzombies Google+ : https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/103174986120343233470/ Home : www.manodio.com =================================