10 Free Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps For Android

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Here are the 10 Free Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps For Android.

10 Free Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps For Android

1. Wifi Analyzer app

Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer!! Shows the Wi-Fi channels around you. Helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router. http://wifianalyzer.mobi ########## For the USB read/write permission: This permission is used to save and load snapshots(see menu in my app). ##########

2. WiFi Analyzer

Introducing a new way to analyze and optimize your WiFi, Turn you android device into WiFi Analyzer! WiFi Analyzer Recommends the best channel and place for your network. WiFi Analyzer gives you the most useful optimization information to help decrease interference and increase connection speed and stability. Features: – WiFi Optimizer for Interference Issues – Channel Analyzer for Nearby APs – Real-time data and distance calculations. – History of signal strength – Supports 2.4GHz/5GHz – View Hidden WiFis – Copy MAC address – Channel Optimizer + Much More!

3. WiFi Analyzer (open-source)

Optimize your WiFi network using WiFi Analyzer (open-source) by examining surrounding WiFi networks, measuring their signal strength as well as identifying crowded channels. Users’ privacy and security is a huge concern these days and WiFi Analyzer (open-source) is designed to use as few permissions as possible. It asks for just enough to perform the analysis. Plus, it is all open source so nothing is hidden! Most notably, this application does not require access to internet, so you can be sure it does not send any personal/device information to any other source and it does not receive any information from other sources. WiFi Analyzer is under active development by volunteers. WiFi Analyzer is free, has no-ads and does not collect any personal information. WiFi Analyzer is not a WiFi password cracking or phishing tool. Features: – Identify nearby Access Points – Graph channels signal strength – Graph Access Point signal strength over time – Analyze WiFi networks to rate channels – HT/VHT Detection – 40/80/160MHz (Requires Android OS 6+) – Access Point view complete or compact – Estimated Distance to the Access Points – Export access points details – Dark or Light theme available – Pause/Resume scanning – Available filters: WiFi band, Signal strength, Security and SSID – Vendor/OUI Database Lookup Please visit our website for more helpful information: https://vremsoftwaredevelopment.github.io/WiFiAnalyzer Features: https://vremsoftwaredevelopment.github.io/WiFiAnalyzer/#features Usage Tips: https://vremsoftwaredevelopment.github.io/WiFiAnalyzer/#usage-tips How-to: https://vremsoftwaredevelopment.github.io/WiFiAnalyzer/#how-to FAQ: https://vremsoftwaredevelopment.github.io/WiFiAnalyzer/#faq GitHub is the place to go for bug reports and code contributions: https://vremsoftwaredevelopment.github.io/WiFiAnalyzer/#feedback

4. WiFi Monitor: analyzer of WiFi networks

WiFi Monitor is a powerful tool that allows you to analyze the state of WiFi networks and track its parameters (signal strength, frequency, connection speed, etc). It is useful for setting up a wireless router, Wi-Fi usage monitoring. It can also be used as a scanner and discover devices connected to WLAN. “Connection” tab helps to track information about the connected WiFi hotspot: • name (SSID) and identifier (BSSID) • router manufacturer • connection speed • router signal strength • frequency and channel number • hotspot security options • MAC address and IP address of smartphone • subnet mask, default gateway and DNS address. “Networks” tab allows to analyze all available WiFi networks by the following parameters: type, equipment manufacturer, signal level, security protocol. Access points with the same name (SSID) are grouped together. “Channels” tab displays hotspots signal level depending on its frequencies. Routers using same frequencies provide bad quality of a Wi-Fi connection. “Strength” chart helps to compare received power levels of available WiFi hotspots and track its dynamics. The higher router signal strength, the better quality of wireless connection. “Speed” chart displays the real amount of transmitted and received data in the connected network. This will help to analyze usage of a hotspot. “Scanning” section performs search of devices in the connected network and displays its parameters. If scanner reports about foreign devices in your WLAN, block them in router settings. Collected data can be saved to log file and exported to other applications. https://signalmonitoring.com/en/wifi-monitoring-description

5. WiFi Analyzer

The most intuitive WiFi network analyzer application on the Android Market! Are you ready to discover your Wifi? Optimize wifi with the most intuitive WiFi analyzer tool on the Google Play! Increase the network performance via analyzing and monitoring your wifi network! Highlighted features: * Find who uses your Wifi! Detect all connected network devices, scan your wireless network * 2.4 and 5 GHz support * Check wifi security problems * Analyze signal strength and latency (ping) * detect crowded channels, verify DNS working * Detailed information about your network and your access point including the vendor of the Access Point, frequency, channel width, security level and DHCP info, BSSID (router MAC address). * Open router settings * Recommendation for the best channel * Check wireless networks easily on several charts * Export result * Wifi analytics * Wifi network type: WEP, WPA, WPA2 Dark or Light theme are also available Available filters: SSID, wifi band, overlapping channels This wifi tool app monitors and analyzes your network and warns you if there are problems. For beginners: easy to understand, you don’t need to be an IT expert. You can detect the problems without knowing how the RSSI, link speed work or what they mean. ♛ This is a free, ad-supported application. Donation will remove ads. You can donate by buying the WiFi Network Analyzer Pro – make a donation from the application or visit the Google Play site of WiFi Network Analyzer Pro: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pzolee.wifiinfoPro IMPORTANT for Android 6 (Marshmallow): Please enable location service (Settings>Location) or the app won’t work properly. This is not required for the app, this is a problem in android 6.0 (without it the app won’t see the networks).

6. WiFi Analyzer – WiFi Test & WiFi Scanner

WiFi Analyzer – WiFi Test & WiFi Scanner is used to Analyze and Optimize WiFi Networks by test WiFi Signal, Scanning signal strength, Crowded signal and Channel rating. WiFi Analyzer – WiFi Test & WiFi Scanner shows WiFi channels around you. WiFi Analyzer – WiFi Test & WiFi Scanner can helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router. WiFi Analyzer – WiFi Test & WiFi Scanner is powerful WiFi Protector to Detect Who is on my WiFi. WiFi Analyzer – WiFi Test & WiFi Scanner can help you Block strange devices to protect my WiFi Security. WiFi Analyzer – WiFi Test & WiFi Scanner can increase the network performance via analyzing and monitoring your WiFi network! WiFi Analyzer – WiFi Test & WiFi Scanner will provide useful information about WiFi signals around you witch supports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. WiFi Analyzer – WiFi Test & WiFi Scanner help you optimize your WiFi network by examining surrounding WiFi networks, measuring their signal strength as well as identifying crowded channels. WiFi Analyzer – WiFi Test & WiFi Scanner Features: – WiFi Channel Analyzer for Nearby APs. – WiFi Analyzer – WiFi Test & WiFi Scanner Supports 2.4GHz/5GHz. – WiFi Optimizer for WiFi Networks. – WiFi Analyzer – WiFi Test & WiFi Scanner provides you more information on WiFi channels. – WiFi Analyzer – WiFi Test & WiFi Scanner recommends the best channels. – WiFi Analyzer – WiFi Test & WiFi Scanner detects crowded channels. – WiFi Analyzer – WiFi Test & WiFi Scanner provides open Router Settings.

7. Wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer will provide useful information about wireless signals around you. Wi-Fi scanner supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wifi networks. About Wifi Analyzer app – Helps to find optimal placement for wifi receivers – Wifi Analyzer provides you information individually on wifi channels – Shows signal strength in the history graph – Wifi Analyzer recommends the best channel for new access point – Information of the channel width (20/40/80MHz – only Android 6+) – Wifi Heat Map – let you create heat map of wifi signal quality around you Features • Heat map • Channel recommendation • Wi-Fi analyzer – overview • List of available Wi-Fi networks • Signal history • Channel width detection • Wifi scanner Wifi Network Analyzer Pro without ads is available at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=info.wifianalyzer.pro Note: Android 6+ (Marshmallow) requires LOCATION permission and location enabled – the reasons explained on the official website android.com: http://developer.android.com/about/versions/marshmallow/android-6.0-changes.html#behavior-hardware-id

8. Wifi Analyser

Monitor strength of your wifi network, (and those nearby). Use to find a good location for your wifi hub. Or use to identify a channel with little overlap with neighbouring networks. Please Note: For Android 8 (Oreo) and higher, the rate at which other networks are scanned is greatly reduced and may even be stopped in the future. Therefore you may see reduced or slow performance from the Channel, Graph and List screens of the app which are used for scanning nearby networks. However the Gauge Screen should continue to work fine for monitoring your own wifi network. App has 4 screens: • Gauge – shows the signal strength of the currently connected wifi network. Also shows maximum, minimum and average values. Graph with auto-scale & speed options. • Channel – shows how the wifi networks are spread across the channels and overlap each other. • Graph – shows how the signal strength of all nearby networks vary with time. Auto-scale & speed options. Select which networks to display. • List – Contains basic information for all the detected networks: name, mac address, frequency, channel, encryption type and signal strength. Note that to scan for wifi networks, location services needs to be enabled on your device and also the app given location permission. For indication only.

9. Dr. Wifi: Speed Test, WiFi Analyzer, DNS Changer

10. IP Tools: WiFi Analyzer

IP Tools is a powerful network tools for speed up and setup networks. Helps to quickly detecting any computer network problems, ip address detection and boosting network performance. This is a must-have app for every user, IT expert and network administrator. The app combines the most popular network utilities usually found on your desktop PC. Tools will help you fix a network problem easily or optimize the network connection when you are hundreds of miles away (i.e. not at work :-)) IP Tools has a simple, intuitive interface, so you can receive within seconds full information about your network, find out internal or external IP (with “My ip” feature), SSID, BSSID, broadcast address, gateway, network mask, country, region, city, the provider’s geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude), whois and other basic information. The IP Tools app provides access to the most popular network utilities that administrators and users often use on their computers. Features: • Ping • LAN Scanner • Port Scanner • DNS Lookup • Whois – Provides information about a website and its owner • Router Setup Page • Traceroute • WiFi Analyzer • IP address with “My ip” feature • Connection Log • IP Calculator • IP & Host Converter • And much more… WiFi analyzer will help you get full and clear picture of your network state. With IP Tools, analysis and optimization are fast, easy and absolutely friendly. The app is improved continuously. Its developers allow for customer opinions and modify the product offering new, more functional and handy versions. The app’s benefits go far beyond the above list. However, even those mentioned are enough to dismiss doubts, download the IP Tools network utilities to your smartphone and assess advantages from using them right now. Warning: Permissions ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION & ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION NEEDS for WiFi network Analyzer and SSID detection. It’s Android OS requirement.