10 Free Timecard Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Free Timecard Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Free Timecard Apps For Android & iOS

1. Easy Hours Lite Timesheet Timecard

Are you a freelancer or contractor? Do you manually keep track of your timesheets? Are you tired of constantly forgetting on Friday how many hours you worked on Monday? Whether you work one job site or multiple on a given day, this app is for you. Easy Hours Lite is the new way to track time just by having your device. Free yourself. Start using Easy Hours Lite today. TIMESHEETS See how your time is spent from week to week even when the device is offline. Easy Hours summarizes your weekly activities so that you can spend your time doing instead of remembering. Whether you work Saturday to Friday or Monday to Sunday, you decide how you manage your week. We provide weekly and daily views of all time entries. DASHBOARDS Do you work multiple projects on a given day? We provide Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily and Custom summaries of your time across all jobs. With advanced filter capability, view your Dashboard your way. Now with the Job dashboard you have an efficient way to swipe through all your jobs for the current day, start / stop time, take a break, add memos and more. Whether you need the convenience of a bi-weekly dashboard or a dashboard with a 90 day interval, we’ve got you covered. Simply set a date range in the Custom dashboard and let Easy Hours do the heavy lifting. CHARTS Visualize your time with Charts. We support Pie Charts, Line Charts and Bar Charts. Want to share your Chart with someone else? We’ve got that too! TIME TRACKING Pause and restart time tracking with the tap of a button. Taking a break was never so easy. Edit times with a few taps of a button. Add new times because you accidentally left your device at home. With shortcuts for Now, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, :00, :15, :30 and :45, changing time is easy and fast. You can even split your time entry and Easy Hours will copy over any tags and memos. MEMOS Need to keep track of what you did at a particular time on a given day? Easy Hours allows you to attach notes that you can use to remind yourself. TAGS Tag your times with keywords such as “paid”, “holiday” or “lunch break”. Multiple tags can be applied to a time entry and you can re-use tags. Tags can also be applied in bulk to a set of time entries filtered by date range, jobs and/or tags. FILTERING More powerful filtering that works hand in gloves with your tags. Filter using Jobs, Tags or any combination of both. Sharing uses Filters just like you would expect too. COLORS Use colors to uniquely customize your jobs and your reports. ROUNDING Do you prefer round numbers when calculating your total hours? Personalize your timesheet to calculate your total hours exactly as you want it. CURRENCY Use a different currency to bill your clients? We provide support for most currency combinations with the exception of Federation and Galactic Credits. LANDSCAPE Unlike some of our competitors, yes we support landscape! Go on and rotate your device, we dare you! SHORTCUTS For those with compatible devices, App Shortcuts has been incorporated to make usage more fun and exciting. Use the shortcuts to jump to your Add Time, Weekly, Monthly, Custom Dashboards or Charts. SHARE TIME With the convenience of sharing by Email, CloudPrint, Drive, DropBox, Docs and more you can let anyone, including yourself, know exactly how long you have been working on a task. We even attach a CSV file to the email for convenient importing into any app. Whether you share time from your weekly, monthly, yearly or custom dashboard the export has that great look and feel you expect, too. You can even personalize your report by choosing a color theme, your Name and Organization, choosing your export format and whether to include individual time entries. We even include your memos. PERSONALIZED DAILY REMINDERS Easy Hours lets you decide if you’ve spent too much time on a task. It is smart enough to know when you should call it a day. We provide personalized reminders instead of the usual plain old notifications.

2. TSheets Time Tracker

3. Timesheet – Track Time Hours and Salary Timecard

With Timesheet, you will track your work hours, earn and expenses in the most intuitive look. Features – Clock in, Clock out – Monthly, weekly or custom period stats in the Statistics screen – Time tracking with an hourly rate – Automatically calculated salary – Templates for repetitive settings – Custom date range export to Excel sheet – Statistics and charts – Automatic cloud backup – Share via Dropbox, Email or Google Drive – Free or paid breaks – Overtimes – Extra one-time or hourly bonuses and expenses – Shift types – Notes – Visual sorting by color – Calendar widget for fast navigation through data Contact us at support@timesheetapp.co

4. atWork Timesheet, Time Tracker

5. Timesheet – Time Card – Work Hour

Employees, contractors and freelancers use Timesheet easily keep track working hours, automatically calculate salary, submit time sheet to managers or invoice to customers. This version is in-app purchase: 1. Export report in csv, html and excel 2. Unlimited creating invoice Time track • Add time record easily • Add time record by punch in, punch out and pause • Update, delete and copy time record • View time record in yearly, monthly, semimonthly, biweekly, weekly and daily • View time record by calendar • Filter time record by status, project and client • Time record status: Open, follow up, invoiced and paid • Auto overtime calculation Project • Support multiple jobs and clients • Choose clients from phone contacts • Default start time, end time and breaks • Round time to 3, 5, 6, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes • Daily/weekly overtime Expense • Register expense category, amount, date and note • Register mileage, rate, date and note • Show expense with time in report and invoice Export • Customize report fields • Report in Microsoft Excel (XML), HTML and CSV • Save report in SDCard or by Email Invoice • Create invoice in PDF • Customize invoice fields • Invoice # in letter and number • Customize tax name and rate • Partial paid Charts • Bar chart with monthly amount • Line chart with monthly amount Settings • Support your country currency (41) • Password protection • Auto default value • Configurable first day of the week, biweek and month • Support hour in decimal or hours:minutes format • Support time in 24 hour or AM/PM format • Support date in various formats Database • Auto backup database to SD card when exit the app • Manual backup database to SD card and Google Drive™ • Restore database from SD card and Google Drive™ • Email database • Clean all-time records Have an idea or feature suggestion https://worktime.uservoice.com Available languages (more coming soon) We are looking translators to help us • English, 中文, Deutsch (Johann), Español (Toni Rubio), Dansk (Lars Schilling), Nederlands (Albert Maat, Marco Split), Italiano (Massimiliano), Brazilian Portuguese (Fernando Araujo, Humberto Bruckheimer), Français (Jerome Cavallo, Jean-Marie), Bosanski (Dženana Šabeta), Norsk (Stian Pareliussen), Русский (Victor Andura), Svenska (Tommy Bruzell), Magyar (Tommy Bruzell) ※ We are greatly appreciate your help with the translation of timesheet app. ※ This version has most functions without advertising, please upgrade/purchase export and invoice features to support our improving works. ※ If you like the app, then please give us a good rating as the driving force behind our continued development. ※ Since it is not easy conversation in the market review, if you have any suggestions or questions please mail to our mailbox directly. For market reviews, please just leave your rating and cheers, thanks again. Permissions Information • INTERNET and ACCESS NETWORK STATE: Google Backup • BILLING: In-app Billing • READ CONTACTS: Adding Client from Contacts • WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE: Backup and Export to SDCard

6. TimeSheet – IS –

7. Calculate Work Hours-Timesheet

8. Timesheet Mobile™

9. Timecard

Tools to manage situations of daily attendance. ※ If you encounter an error, we will support it at any time, Up reports, etc. are greatly appreciated. We only work with to ensure ※ Galaxy S. For further trouble is expected to be restored. · Emitted from the widget, you can register the withdrawal. You can see the accumulation of data is monthly data. You can Email · monthly data. ⇒ comma-delimited format If you set the hourly wage · display monthly data, the amount paid for the current month to screen widgets Is displayed. • Time can be specified in units of revaluation. 1 minute 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes 30 minutes Once you have registered your work hours • By default, when it is reflected in the attendance register. To use the features of Gmail accounts, e-mail, please set the password. Registration has been made possible across a fire. 36-hour You only have to register in advance Pattern can reflect the pattern in the Time entry screen. There is no limit to the number of registered patterns. [Menu] ⇒ [more] ⇒ [Settings employment patterns] Hourly or daily pay can be set for each pattern Overtime · calculate the time is now midnight. Calculation method is as follows. Overtime ⇒: calculate the time beyond 8 hours Midnight hour ⇒: Calculate the time to 5:00 the next morning – 22 hours · Implemented a set closing date.   The default is the end of the month. VersionName: 1.1  Been fixed so that you can set up to 35:59 set the clock. VersionName: 1.2.0  Registration pattern was implemented. VersionName: 1.3  Overtime, night support VersionName: 1.4  Ads

10. Employee TimeCard