10 Free Nursing Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Free Nursing Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Free Nursing Apps For Android & iOS

1. Diseases Dictionary – Offline

Completely Offline & FREE medical dictionary app containing medical disorders & diseases with detailed definitions, symptoms, causes and treatment information. This medical disease hand book can act as a clinical advisor for self diagnosis and can also be used to look up symptoms, diseases and treatment. Medical diseases dictionary free download is like a FREE Doctor at home for common diseases and treatment codes. Diseases dictionary FREE – Medical App Features: – Works Offline without internet. – Detailed description of all major medical conditions and diseases. – Information regarding treatment of diseases for all medical conditions and symptoms along with medication information, medication interaction and drug side effects. – Medical reference book and thesaurus covering all medical terminologies and abbreviations. – Prescription drug info along with pill description is provided in the treatment section. – Physicians desk reference and pharmaceuticals dictionary. – A handy free pocket guide for nurses for use as an emergency guide. Who can use this free disease dictionary: Healthcare professionals, pharmaceuticals, physicians, hospital nurses, medical students, nursing professionals, pharmacy, physician assistants and for students who work in clinical practice & dispensary. DISCLAIMER: This app cannot and should not replace a pharmacist or a doctor consultation. App content is only for pocket reference & educational purposes. Consult a doctor before actual usage of any of the information in this app.

2. Epocrates

Save time in the prescribing moment. – Rx and OTC monographs: pharmacology, prescribing and safety information, adult and pediatric dosing, adverse reactions, contraindications, black box warnings, pregnancy and lactation considerations, and more – Drug interaction checker: prevent harmful interactions between up to 30 brand, generic, OTC, or alternative drugs – Pill identifier: organized by shape, color, imprint code, etc. – 600+ dosing calculators, medical equations, and tools – Formularies: drug coverage for 6,600+ U.S. insurance plans, by state – Customizable home screen with drag-and-drop simplicity Additional features in epocrates+, now just $16.99/month! – Alternative medicine monographs: dosage, interactions, etc. – Peer-reviewed disease content from the BMJ – Labs, ICD-10 codes, and more medical content Since 1998, epocrates has helped more than one million clinicians prescribe with confidence, save time, and stay focused on the patient. Rated the #1 medical app 10 years in a row by Decision Resource Group’s “Taking the Pulse.” For more information, see our Terms of Service https://www.epocrates.com/termsOfUse.do and Privacy Policy http://www.epocrates.com/privacy.

3. Medscape

Medscape is the leading online global destination for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide, offering the latest medical news and expert perspectives; point-of-care drug and disease information; and relevant professional education and CME/CE. The Medscape app is designed to provide a personalized experience so that you can easily access what you need, when you need it. What’s NEW? * Discover the latest clinical news and perspectives in your specialty with our tailored newsfeed. Receive alerts about FDA approvals, conference news, late-breaking clinical trial data, and more. * Access Reference articles, News, and CME/CE courses with our modern taskbar. * Customize your homescreen, save your favorite clinical tools, and bookmark articles you like or want to check out later. Additional Key Features: * Look up the most current prescribing and safety information on 8500+ prescription and OTC drugs, herbals, and supplements. * Check out other useful resources, including our drug interaction checker, specialty-specific calculators, pill identifier, and more. * Find essential procedures in your field with 6200+ Reference articles. * Earn free CME/CE credits and ABIM MOC points on-the-go, and monitor your progress with our built-in Activity Tracker. * Access the largest network for physicians and medical students with Consult. Use your Medscape account to access the Medscape app. Don’t have a Medscape account? You can sign up for free when you download the app—it takes only a few seconds. If you are a California resident, California law may provide you with certain rights regarding our use of your personal information. For more information relevant to our users who are California residents, please review the “California Residents” section of our Privacy Policy linked on this download page or within our app. Do you have feedback for the Medscape team? Email us at medscapemobile@webmd.net

4. MDCalc Medical Calculator

Join the 1 million+ medical professionals who use MDCalc daily to support clinical decision making at the bedside. Since 2005, MDCalc has been the leading medical reference for the most relevant, up-to-date and widely-used clinical calculators that support evidence-based patient care. Registration is free and takes <30 seconds for full, unlimited access. MDCalc clinical decision support is created exclusively by board-certified physicians for use by physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and medical students. The simple yet sleek app provides access to more than 270 easy-to-use clinical decision tools including risk scores, algorithms, equations, formulas, classifications, dosing calculators, and more. Unique features, ideal for the busy practicing clinician: • Works offline and in limited connection settings. • Fast and easy search and filter to discover new calculators. • Customizable lists for quick access to: favorites, recently used, your specialty. • Auto-syncing between the website and app. • Quick toggle between US and SI units. • Error warnings and normal values to help avoid mistakes and improper inputs. Our exclusive “MDCalc Method” for selecting tools - including in-depth appraisal and validation of evidence AND clinical relevance - results in only the highest-quality tools to help you make better decisions and be more efficient in your workflow. And our network of academic and practicing physician experts create easy-to-digest content to reinforce decision making and support training: • Insights and advice from the EBM creators (e.g. Dr. Phil Wells’ on the Wells’ Criteria). • Expert content by specialists on use cases, pearls & pitfalls, results interpretation and more. • Synopses of the evidence from the original and validation research. From iMedicalApps in 2016: “The evidence based medicine (EBM) components of the medical app are what really set MDCalc apart from its peers... The MDCalc app gives brief summaries of the critical studies concerning the medical calculator, links to the studies on PubMed as well as “pearls/pitfalls”, “next steps” and expert commentary from the authors of the calculators.” - iMedicalApps “MDCalc app, the best online medical calculator is now an app” MDCalc clinical decision tools support 35+ specialties including cardiology, critical care/ICU, emergency medicine, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, hepatology, infectious disease, internal medicine, nephrology, neurology, obstetrics, oncology, orthopedics, pediatrics, primary care, psychiatry, pulmonology, surgery, urology, and more! Here are some examples of the tools: » CHA2DS2-VASc Score for Atrial Fibrillation Stroke Risk » Creatinine Clearance (Cockcroft-Gault Equation) » Wells’ Criteria for Pulmonary Embolism » MELD Score (Model For End-Stage Liver Disease) (12 and older) » Calcium Correction for Hypoalbuminemia » SIRS, Sepsis, and Septic Shock Criteria » Fractional Excretion of Sodium (FENa) » Maintenance Fluids Calculations » Corrected QT Interval (QTc) » HAS-BLED Score for Major Bleeding Risk » CHADS2 Score for Atrial Fibrillation Stroke Risk » Child-Pugh Score for Cirrhosis Mortality » TIMI Risk Score for UA/NSTEMI » PERC Rule for Pulmonary Embolism » Wells’ Criteria for DVT » Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) » Centor Score (Modified) for Strep Pharyngitis » Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) » Glasgow Coma Scale/Score (GCS) » CURB-65 Severity Score » ABCD2 Score for TIA » Anion Gap » NIH Stroke Scale/Score (NIHSS) » HEART Score for Major Cardiac Events » GRACE ACS Risk and Mortality Calculator » ASCVD Risk Algorithm » Ottawa Ankle and Knee Rules

5. CDC Vaccine Schedules

Quick access from CDC to ACIP-recommended immunization schedules, complete with footnotes. Intended for healthcare professionals recommending and administering vaccines to infants, children, adolescents, and adults. This app is one of an expanding collection of applications from CDC on a variety of specific topics, each optimized for your mobile device. When your device is connected, content is automatically updated so you have the most up-to-date information. This tool provides: • Child and adolescent schedules, with immunization recommendations from birth through age 18 • Adult schedule, listing recommended vaccines for adults by age group and by medical conditions • Contraindications and precautions table, with footnotes applying to schedules Features include • Color coding coordinates with printed schedules • Hyperlinked vaccine name opens pop-up with dose specifics • Catch-up schedule for children 4 months through 18 years shows minimum dosing interval • Related vaccine resources and websites Automatic updates

6. MYDUTY – Nurse Calendar

It is a nurse compulsory calendar application. Vacation/Group/Personal Calendar schedule management at once!! Now forget about other things. “MYDUTY” is the prettiest. 1. You can manage your Duty. 2. You can easily share the registered Duty. 3. You can easily check the duty schedule with the exclusive widget at a short time. 4. You can manage the number of vacation days. 5. Make a group and invite your friends or teammates. You can check the schedule of the group member at once in the width. 6. A group exclusive closed notice board is provided. Enjoy a fun conversation. But, keep your manners. 7. You can access the “MYDUTY” service through email registration/login. 8. You can manage the personal calendar schedule with MYDUTY. Awesome! Now leave the daily lives of nurses to MYDUTY. “MYDUTY” will take the responsibility of nurses’ daily lives.

7. NCSBN Medication Flash Cards 2

A new and improved NCSBN Learning Extension Medication Flashcards App is now available. Please download today in the Google Play store. The old Flashcards app will soon be retired on May 15, 2017. Preparing for the NCLEX®? Discover a simpler way to master drug information as part of your NCLEX review. Study thousands of drugs grouped into manageable categories, all with common actions and effects. Quickly access interesting facts about medications that will stick with you as you prepare for the NCLEX. Key Features: •Touch and tap functionality •Flag what you don’t know •Go back through flagged items •Search by drug categories or specific drugs •Identify commonly prescribed medications •Spot high alert medications •Identify drugs that are listed in 2 or more categories Content: Flashcard content allows you to customize your NCLEX review. For each category, you’ll find… •Examples of typical drugs •Basic description and uses •Fun facts – things that are nice to know, good to know, and really important to know •Drug index with tabs to access a drug category or a specific drug Added Extras: •Easy access to our online nursing community – the go-to place for nurses preparing for the NCLEX •Set the NCLEX Countdown Timer to the date of your NCLEX exam •Access the Learning Extension’s NCLEX-Style Question of the Week Study on the go, viewing flashcards by drug, by category, or by description. Quiz yourself while you review information every nurse should know. It’s an all-in-one, super easy-to-use application!

8. Resuscitation!


The leading app for evidence-based clinical and drug information resources for point-of-care decision making. PEPID’s trusted content and workflows were developed with healthcare professionals in mind and provide streamlined functionality and access to Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credits. The PEPID for Android app also comes with the addition of hundreds of reference videos for clinical procedures and physical examinations, as well as alerts that provide timely updates on topics such as new research, drug approvals, and black box warnings. Healthcare institutions can share customized hospital protocols internally to encourage consistency and reduce fragmented care. All of these exciting new features will help improve patient outcomes and reduce errors. PEPID for Android Features Include: -Streamlined functionality and workflows -Easy search capabilities with auto-completion -Favorites, notes, and history -Access to CME credits at the point-of-care -More native features than ever before -Persistent login so you only need to log into the app once -Hundreds of medical calculators, illustrations, and dosing calculators -Robust Pill Identification Tool and Drug Database -Differential Diagnosis Generator, Drug Interactions Checker, Drug Allergy Checker, Laboratory Manual, and more

10. Nursing Central

** Unbound Medicine’s Best-Selling, All-In-One Clinical Solution for Nurses ** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Nursing Central contains everything a nurse needs at the bedside. It’s a must-have for nurses and nursing students.” -Brent Thompson, PhD, RN, West Chester University ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ABOUT NURSING CENTRAL Nursing Central helps nurses and students find detailed information on diseases, tests, drugs, and procedures. The moment a question arises you can consult the updating database of 5,000 drugs, find a definition in the dictionary with 65,000+ entries, interpret hundreds of laboratory and diagnostic tests, and consult the latest disease information. You can also search the entire MEDLINE/PubMed database or study unfamiliar topics using the exclusive study system – Grasp™, all from your mobile device Five best-selling nursing applications combine to form Nursing Central. DAVIS’S DRUG GUIDE Refer to need-to-know information on dosing, contraindications, drug interactions, and patient education for more than 5,000 medications. TABER’S MEDICAL DICTIONARY Define over 65,000 medical terms and enhance learning with images, videos, and audio pronunciations. Define terms in-text with Glimpse™ technology. DAVIS’S LABORATORY AND DIAGNOSTIC TESTS Access rationale and results for tests as well as pretest requirements, intratest procedures, and post-test patient care. DISEASES AND DISORDERS Review complete coverage of more than 250 medical conditions. Prime PubMed Connect to the full PubMed database on your mobile device. Stay up to date with your favorite medical journals, perform powerful searches, link directly to the publisher’s full text, and share articles via email or social media. Visually explore the literature using Grapherence®, a unique way to find related and relevant articles. FEATURES • Receive 1-year of drug updates • Download any new editions of included resources free for 1-year • Make quick calculations with integrated clinical, conversion, dosage, and IV calculators • Create custom notes and highlights within entries • Consult trusted disease and test information • Jump quickly between resources using Cross Links • View thousands of colorful images, figures, and videos • Learn on the go with our exclusive study system – Grasp™ • Access the full PubMed database with filters to find nursing relevant articles • Use the full-text or universal index search to quickly find what you are looking for • Bookmark important entries with “Favorites” • Get access to Nursing Central website for one year