10 Free Hurricane Tracker Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Free Hurricane Tracker Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Free Hurricane Tracker Apps For Android & iOS

1. Max Hurricane Tracker

The Max Tracker Hurricane app is powered by Max Mayfield, former director of the National Hurricane Center, Meteorologists Bryan Norcross and WPLG’s Chief Certified Meteorologist Betty Davis. This team of meteorologists brings you the latest and most accurate information on developing tropical systems to help keep you and your family safe. And the best part is it’s FREE. • Projected Hurricane Paths • Interactive Live Storm Tracker • Local Radar • Live Local 10 news storm coverage • Severe Weather Alerts • Tropical Weather Outlooks • Watches and Warnings

2. My Hurricane Tracker – Tornado Alerts & Warnings

My Hurricane Tracker gives you the most comprehensive tools for tracking tornados, cyclones, tropical storms and weather warnings available. In a beautiful interface, you won’t be overwhelmed with cluttered screens like you might with other apps. We give you exactly what you need in an easy to understand way. – Interactive tracking maps for each hurricane. – NOAA forecast map & storm satellite imagery where available! – Historic search of previous storms from 1851 (or 1949 for Pacific). – Receive weather warnings from the National Weather Service. – Push notifications for weather warnings or new storm formations! – Radar, satellite and sea temperature images automatically updated in the app! – See an outlook for the next 5 days from the NOAA. – Track specific hurricanes and receive notifications every time they are updated just by pressing the notify button! This version is ad-supported. It is similar to apps such as Hurricane Tracker, Hurricane Pro and Storm by Weather Underground.

3. Storm Radar

Storm Radar is your NOAA forecast, weather radar and hurricane tracker with severe weather alerts. Stay safe and informed through rain and severe weather using 8 hour past to future radar, live wind speed, NOAA radar and tornado updates. Get ready for storm season with live wind speed and tornado updates from The Weather Channel. Rain and floods tracker, wind speed and local temperature, our cutting-edge doppler radar technology lets you customize your HD weather map in real-time with GPS localization. Plus, get live severe weather alerts, including floods, lightning and hourly tornado updates from your NOAA storm radar and hurricane tracker. Plus, Storm will give you tornado alerts and hourly NOAA forecast in real-time (or up to 8 hours in advance) with our radar HD weather map. Storm offers you weather like you’ve never seen before. Storm Radar Maps, Tornado Alerts & Hurricane Tracker: TOP 3 FEATURES 1. GPS weather map and NOAA forecast in real time: view doppler radar imagery of severe weather patterns, including wind speed, lightning and rain. 2. Future radar maps: your weather map, storm radar and hurricane tracker predicts local temperature, risks of floods and hourly tornado trajectories up to 8 hours before the storm hits. 3. Live severe weather alerts with Storm: stay safe and track real time tornado updates and hurricane alerts from The Weather Channel. Your storm tracker keeps you in with our storm radar and hurricane alerts. • The Storm future radar tool gives you data on all impending storms. Find out wind speed, lightning, flood warnings and much more. • Weather radar maps are customizable with detailed data overlays, including local temperature and seismic activity. Get live weather alerts from The Weather Channel. • Track rain with real time precipitation updates for your area. • When lightning strikes, be aware: your hurricane tracker sends live lightning alerts for your GPS location. Chase the perfect storm with your tornado tracker, or get home before the rain starts. Storm uses cutting-edge doppler radar to help you to stay safe and informed in any weather. Find all the weathers maps you need to stay safe, and unlock and track even more maps and hourly visualisations with our ad-free version. *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life ———- THE WEATHER CHANNEL: WEB & SOCIAL MEDIA Forgot your phone? Access Future Radar and many of the top app features on the web, wherever you go. Find us on the Web: weather.com Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/theweatherchannel Follow us on Twitter: @weatherchannel PERMISSIONS In order to provide personalized local weather data, alerts, and forecasts, The Weather Channel app needs permission to access your location.

4. WJXT – Hurricane Tracker

Get the free user-friendly Hurricane app! Everything you need to prepare for and track Hurricanes from The Weather Authority and WJXT, THE Local Station. Breaking news alerts, evacuation routes, phone charging info, and live streaming video from the First Coast’s premiere Hurricane app, all at your fingertips! Immediate watches and warnings, the newest Hurricane models, and video blogs from the Weather Authority Meteorologists.

5. Wind Map: Hurricane Tracker

IMPORTANT: we are not affiliated with (earth nullschool) website, for support Please contact us at info@sp-apps.com NEW: Bookmarks: Save/load locations on the map for quick return ★ Track Live (updated every 3 hours) Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones 🌀 ★ Watch the wind currents ★ This app is excellent for Storm chasing, to prepare for surfing and water sports ★ Forecast (predict) wind and storms ★ See how hurricanes and tornadoes are formed ★ 3D earth globe maps of wind and heat ★ Share wind great images with friends ★ Wind speed and temperature ★ Help with providing Marine & aviation weather ★ Needed for hobbyists from yachting to kiteboarding ★ anemometer for the whole world ★ mesmerizing interactive map of the wind ★ animated satellite images for active storms ★ Push notifications & alerts for intensifying cyclones ★ Check out Investigate areas to be able to predict storms ★ Live feed: see what is the community is talking about and sharing ★ Map Projection: Orthographic, Equirectangular, Winkel Tripel & Waterman Butterfly ★ See the Future forecasts: go forward and backward in time (3 hours intervals) ★ See the past to check out how storms had developed ★ Get alerts when Tropical storms landfall on land ★ 3D heat Map with history & forecasts ★ Know where are the heat waves around the world and where it is freezing ★ atmospheric pressure corresponds to altitude ★ wind speed & temperature at specified height (altitude) ★ High definition HD mode for High quality screens ★ become a windguru with this windy app special thanks go to Cameron Beccario

6. WSVN Hurricane Tracker

Access the latest information on hurricanes, tropical storms, and tropical disturbances on your smartphone. The WSVN Hurricane Tracker provides you with the latest forecast cone, forecast models and information from the 7Weather team. If a storm threatens access vital information such as evacuation orders, shelter information, what’s open and close and much more. Turn on push notifications and receive alerts when a storm threatens South Florida.

7. MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar is a fast, easy-to-use, yet powerful weather app that displays animated weather radar around your current location, allowing you to quickly see what weather is coming your way. Just start the app, and your location pops up with animated live radar, with radar loop lengths of up to two hours. This basic functionality provides the quickest way to get a fast snapshot of the weather on-the-go, and it’s what has made MyRadar so successful over the years. Check your phone and get an instant assessment of the weather that will impact your day. In addition to the live radar, MyRadar has an ever-increasing list of weather and environmentally-related data layers that you can overlay on top of the map; our animated winds layer shows a breathtaking visual representation of both surface winds and winds at the jetstream level; the frontal boundaries layer shows high and low pressure systems as well as frontal boundaries themselves; the earthquakes layer is a great way to stay on top of the latest reports on seismic activity, completely customizable as to severity and time; our hurricane layer allows users to stay on top of the latest tropical storm and hurricane activity throughout the world; the aviation layer overlays AIRMETs, SIGMETs and other aviation-related data, including the ability to track flights and display their IFR flight plans and paths, and the “wildfires” layer allows users to stay abreast of the latest fire activity around the United States. In addition to the data layers, MyRadar has the ability to send weather and environmental alerts, including alerts from the National Weather Center, such as Tornado and Severe Weather alerts. A new feature introduced in this version of MyRadar includes the ability to receive alerts based off of Tropical Storm and Hurricane activity; you can configure the app to send you an alert any time a tropical storm or hurricane forms, or is upgraded or downgraded. One of the most useful features in MyRadar is the ability to provide advanced rain alerts; our patent-pending process for predicting hyper-local rainfall is the most accurate in the industry. Instead of having to check the app all the time, MyRadar will send you an alert up to an hour in advance as to when the rain will arrive at your current location, down to the minute, including details on intensity and duration. These alerts can be a life saver when you’re on-the-go and don’t always have time to check the weather – our systems will proactively do the work for you and let you know in advance before the rain hits. All of the weather and environmental data represented on MyRadar is displayed on our custom mapping system, developed in-house. This mapping system uses your devices GPU, which makes it incredibly fast and speedy. When you’re looking for quick weather information on-the-go, that makes a huge difference. The map has the standard pinch/zoom capability which allows you to smoothly zoom and pan around the United States and the rest of the world to see what the weather is like anywhere on the planet. In addition to the free features of the app, a few additional upgrades are available, including real-time hurricane tracking – great for the start of hurricane season. The hurricane tracker provides additional data above and beyond the free version, including the cone of probability for tropical storm/hurricane forecast tracks, and it also includes a detailed synopsis from the National Hurricane Center. The premium upgrades also include the professional radar pack, which allows greater detail of radar from individual stations. Users can select individual radar stations around the US, select the radar tilt angle, and also change the radar product being displayed, including base reflectivity and wind velocity – great for experienced weather buffs looks to stay on top of possible tornado formation. Don’t get caught off guard with bad weather; download MyRadar today and try it out!

8. OBX Hurricane Tracker

OBX Hurricane Tracker is an interactive mapping application for tracking hurricanes, tropical storms and tropical depressions in the Atlantic ocean with a focus on the outer banks of North Carolina. All data comes from the NHC, NOAA and NWS. Listed below are the featured layers of this application. -Global Cloud Cover -Hurricane Tracks -NHC Chance of Development -Tropical Storm Tracks -Tropical Depression Tracks -Wave Height Data -3 Hour Precipitation Data -NOAA Buoy and Ship Observation Data -GPS Location -Wave Direction -Global Surface Winds

9. Hurricane.io

It’s just a inconspicuous cloud when you start, but you will grow into a super hurricane. In this process, you have to continue to absorb the energy on Earth. But also you face other strong competitors from around the world. They want to swallow you all the time. Your energy is from air or ocean, water, cloud and heat. To kill small hurricanes will make you grow quickly. The ideal living environment for hurricanes is on the ocean. On the land will lose energy. But if you are strong enough, Nothing can stop you! It’s a live multiplayer game, If you can’t connect to the internet, the game will enter offline survival mode. Growth System: *Clouds Increase wind speed. *Red ball (heat): Increase move speed. *Green ball (struct): Increase stability, Reduce Land or Others damage to you. *Blue ball (water): Increase mass, Faster energy absorption, but will reduce speed. Symbol System: Destroy things, Accumulate power to release advanced skills. These symbols contain different skills according to the constellation and the four elements. All these skills can reduce damage. * Real world hurricanes data from JTWC & NHC, real-time tracking and forecast * Live mode, Strong competitors from around the world * Survivor mode, Online survival mode, Everyone starts with the same windspeed. * Party mode, create your own room, invite friends to play together * Offline mode

10. Local Weather Radar & Forecast

Local Weather is the one app for local breaking weather news & traffic for the world & USA. The free Local Weather app includes: > Local forecast, conditions, with satellite maps & doppler radar trackers > Hourly temperature timeline to plan your day > Hurricane & typhoon forecasts from the NOAA > Live traffic and emergency transit alert updates > Current moon phase and sun location widget > Daily weather history. > Plus, express weather news notifications for multiple geographic locations. > It’s a weather station in your hand! Download Local Weather app now for free & keep an eye on your source for weather.